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    Several years ago, a friend played Century Child for me
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    Wishmaster. When the ballads of your powermetal album are the best songs, you have a serious problem and should reconsider changing musical direction. Luckily, Tuomas did.
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    Should be Crownless. Or Bare grace Misery. They do nothing for me.

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    It depends. Changes through time.
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    Besides NW? Slayer June'11, Down November '11, Therion September '11, Iron Maiden '09
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    Cowboys From Hell/ Lemuria & Sirius B/Dawn Of the New Athens/01001011/Master Of puppets/Reign in Blood/Power of The Dragonflame/Roadrunner United
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    Besides Tuomas?? humm...Ludwig Van Beethoven/Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart/Hans Zimmer/John Williams/Howard Shore/Arjen Lucassen/Christofer Johnsson
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    Besides Nw? Therion/Opeth/Pantera/Mastodon/Iron Maiden/Rhapsody Of Fire/Trivium/Ayreon/Slayer
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    Whoever is the big musical product at the time: Justin bieber, Jonas brothers and the such/Reggeaton


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  1. Why not both? I think EFMB speaks to both. As I said before, it celebrates and romanticizes science. And believe me as an English scholar, that's how true romanticism came to be. Shelley, Byron and Wordsworth, all of them found beauty in nature and science. Sounds familiar?
  2. Leave it to NW fans to create unnecesary drama. NIghtwish are promoting Auri because two parts of Nightwish are involved in that project. Too bad you weren't in 2013, Nightwish ALSO promoted like crazy on their social networks Revamp's album "Wild Card". And just to ruin your theory, Northward's song were already written ten years ago when After Forever called it quits. Can't a freaking member of the band have a side project without everyone looking into crappy conspiracy theories? Oh, and people, as much as you want Beauty of the beast, you must also understand that a song needs to be rehearsed and especially a long song. It's not as if they can play any song you like just because of it. I don't think they've even rehearsed it.
  3. For once, we agree on somethig, hermano. Some people tend to like "pre-CC" NW more because, well, it was more organical. But what they do not realize is that, had the band had the resources they would have been all orchestra since the very beginning. Well, at least since OB, as they included violins and flutes since then and the keyboards, well, they were emulating strings, so I've never had any doubt Tuomas wanted to go full bombastic since then. So, yeah, I've said it before, if you STILL complain about the orchestral arrangements, perhaps NW was never the band for you.
  4. HOLY MOTHER OF JESUS RIDING A BIKE HONORING THE ANGEL IN THE SNOW That Dead Boy's Poem gave me chills...really it's the best version ever. Even better than the studio version. The orchestral arrangements are beautiful. I need a live professional recording of this tour, like yesterday...seriously, what was the point of releasing a "best of" if the live versions were gonna have new orchestral arrangements and were gonna sound damn great? And the drums in each of the songs we've heard...Damn, I'm sorry, but the drumming has never been so tight. Sorry, Jukka. Not sorry. The band has rarely sounded so damn well. I'm still speechless and It's just for some phone recordings. I can't imagine how it'll be once I've seen them live.
  5. Then here's the door for you. Please close it on your way out. There are plenty of crazy people over there. We don''t want them over here.
  6. Am I the only one who doesn't care at all about the tuning? I never really cared about that kind of stuff, it sounds great in my book. I don't want a live performance to sound like a carbon copy of the album version, because, well, I have the album version. If minor changes like that add to the live feeling, I don't mind. I really don't understand people who complain about backing tracks substracting from the live experience but then they complain about the songs not sounding like the live version. Please, stop complaining and enjoy. I'm really liking what we have seen so far. Edit: Someone mentioned Anette's SoW. And I agree with that. It was and still is my favorite version of the song. The song is raw power metal, and Anette gave it exactly that feeling. Instead of an opera chick, she conveyed a female Kotipelto and I LOVED that, I think it suited better the song.. Floor's version is great, but I don't feel that power metal feeling.
  7. And why would we compare it? Those are two completely different's like comparing cereal with toast. Yeah, you can eat both, you may like both, but they are definitely no the same...
  8. Hey, I'm also one of those anti-WM guys. I find it to be extremely overrated. While, as it has been said, it has some great songs (Dead Boy's Poem, Two For Tragedy and Deep Silent Complete) the rest of the album is kinda...bland. It's power metal by the numbers and playing it safe. Any guitar or keyboard solo on that album is inferior to any solo in their previous albums. And I've said it before, if you notice the songs I think are the best, those are the ballads or not so metal songs. And when that happens in your power metal album, it's time to reconsider your musical direction. Luckily Tuomas did so, and CC was a step forward in many ways, and at least for me it's my favorite album.
  9. Let me summarize and counter the most common arguments against EFMB: It sounds boring and uninspired (Been hearing/reading that argument since DPP, so I guess Tuomas been uninspired for more than ten years now) It's softer/weaker than the previous album/it's not metal (again, read above, and I didn't know an album's worth was measured in terms of how metal it is, and speaking about that, is there a metal scale? What are the units? ). The orchestra is all over the place (Read above, again been listening to that argument since ONCE. By know you should know Tuomas loves his orchestra and bombasticness) The album recycles riffs/old ideas: While I must say that yes, there are similar sounds here and there, I like to think of them as leitmotifss, or musical themes that Tuomas has used throoughout the years. Again, DPP and Imaginaerum also do that, so this enforces my idea. It's not lack of creativity, it's using a theme throughout your creations, which Nightwish has always done, mostly lyrically, but also musically, Floor sounds so bland! She's underused!: Well, if you wanted her to sing lyrically, she does that. Not in all songs, but she does that. While she doesn't belt her heart out, that's not to say she's underused. The songs did not requiere that. Troy is overused! There's too much folk!: Well, Tuomas has always liked folk music, so it's obvious that as time went by, it was gonna be abig part of his music and now that Troy is a full-time member, well, it's obvious we were going to have lots of pipes in this album. Not all of the songs have it, though. The album is too sciency/preachy, there's not much of the romantic poet we knew in the previous albums: Well, yeah, it's an album clearly influenced by Dawkins and Darwin. But there's still loads of romantic stuff, in fact, what most of the album does is try to romanticize science. And there's a fantasy song (Edema Ruh). So, if you understand the album's lyrics, it's really beautiful. And yes, I'm not saying EFMB is a masterpiece. But I do enjoy it and it's a thousand times better than many other albums. Sorry for the off-topic. Hope it helped, @Adrn_2810
  10. I think many people expect Oceanborn again after 20 years no matter if it's a side project or not and obivously, since it has nothing to do with that, it doesn't fill their expectations and they bash it. I don't know what were people expecting about this project. By the way...the it!!
  11. I'm sorry to be the bringer of bad news, but I do think it's gonna sell well. Obviously not as much as Nightwish, but I do think it's gonna be profitable. Just wait.
  12. Am I the only one who liked it? It's really nice and soothing!
  13. Fanboy me here. You guys are nuts. All of Nightwish songs are good. All except for most of Wishmater (seriously, people complain about EFMB being a rip-off of previous work, but Wishmaster rips Oceanborn to dust) Romanticide and Dead Gardens.
  14. Because Lauri has the manliest voice and looks ever.
  15. @Himiko As Magnus has stated THREE times already...most of the songs you mention that should be on disc 2, well, they appear on Highest Hopes. I do think they took that compilsation into account when choosing the tracklist.