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    Several years ago, a friend played Century Child for me
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    May 02 & 03 2008
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    A Wishmaster Vinyl signed by Tuomas.
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    Dead To The World. Works good with both singers.
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    Century Child
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    Ghost Love Score/Beauty of The Beast/While Your Lips Are Still Red
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    End Of An Era. I don't know, it just expresses so much about the concept of the album...
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    The Islander
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    End Of An Era, of course
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    Wishmaster. When the ballads of your powermetal album are the best songs, you have a serious problem and should reconsider changing musical direction. Luckily, Tuomas did.
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    Should be Crownless. Or Bare grace Misery. They do nothing for me.

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    Freak on a leash, by Korn. Original through the ages.
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    Dave Lombardo/Brann Dailor/Alex Holzwarth/Jukka Nevalainen/Jörg Michael/Every Drummer Therion has had.
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    Bruce Dickinson/Every Therion singer/Fabio Lione/Phil Anselmo/Peter Steele/Floor Jansen/ Tarja & Anette/Vile Vallo
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    Marco Hietala/Cliff Burton/Patrice Guers/Steve Harris/Every Bassist Therion has had/Lauri Porra/Henkka Seppala/Rex Brown
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    Tuomas Holopainen/Jens Johansson/Janne Wirman/Joost Van der Broek/Alex Staropolli/Emerson Burton
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    It depends. Changes through time.
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    Besides NW? Slayer June'11, Down November '11, Therion September '11, Iron Maiden '09
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    Cowboys From Hell/ Lemuria & Sirius B/Dawn Of the New Athens/01001011/Master Of puppets/Reign in Blood/Power of The Dragonflame/Roadrunner United
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    Besides Tuomas?? humm...Ludwig Van Beethoven/Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart/Hans Zimmer/John Williams/Howard Shore/Arjen Lucassen/Christofer Johnsson
  • Favourite Band/Artist?
    Besides Nw? Therion/Opeth/Pantera/Mastodon/Iron Maiden/Rhapsody Of Fire/Trivium/Ayreon/Slayer
  • Musical Dislikes (Songs, Bands etc)
    Whoever is the big musical product at the time: Justin bieber, Jonas brothers and the such/Reggeaton


  • Favourite Actor/Actress
    Hugh Jackman/Nicole Kidman/Sir Ian mcKellen
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    Nolan/Kubrick/Peter Jackson/Miyazaki/Aronofsky/Del Toro/Burton/Snyder
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    See directors. Add The Matrix and X-Men films to that
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    Friends/Trueblood/Seinfeld/South park/The Simpsons/House
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    Lord of the Rings/Star Wars/Inception
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    William Shakespeare/S.T. Coleridge/Walt Witman/Hawthorne/Tennyson/TS Eliot/Joyce/Woolf/Tolkien/Alan Moore/ Frank Miller
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    See authors. Add Harry Potter to that list.
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    X-Men/Wolverine/Batman/ Dragon Ball/ Saint Seiya/Sailor Moon/Fullmetal Alchemist

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  1. Symphoniker

    The Marco thread

    @Twister Answered you. It was a mis-atribution. It's an old song from Tarot, Marco's band. Hopefully we can hear soon any news from the album.
  2. Symphoniker

    The Marco thread

    Another fake track. Reminds me of the pre-DPP era when a track mysteriously leaked that featured Marco and a female singer, whichas was supposedly the new NW singer. It was Delain's Day for Ghosts.
  3. Symphoniker

    Nightwish Off Topic

    Yeah, I thought it meant the band itself. Perhaps Jukka returns?
  4. Symphoniker

    After Forever

    Uhhh...As far as I know, Sander gave all AF rights to Amanda Somerville. So, there was no chance of Floor going on with that name.
  5. Symphoniker

    Within Temptation II

    Having listened to the album three times, now I can give my opinnion. Ugh...don't know where to start. I liked it, it's alright, but I also think it's not the best WT has done. In fact, I think it's the worst. Mind you, this does not mean it's bad. It's that it's...just good. It's too repetitive, cliché and bland for my taste. There are of course memorable moments (Raise your banner and Supernova come to my mind) , but during the three listens there were some moments in which I realized I wasn't noticing the flow of the album, most of the songs sounded kinda the same. And then, the lyrics. WT has had some REALLY beautiful lyrics throughout their whole discography, but none of the lyrics this time made me feel anything. Still, it's not a bad album, the mixture of elements is really good, the production is quite good and Sharon's voice is wonderful. I do hope it grows on me more.
  6. Symphoniker

    The Marco thread

    Why would he be stuck with the same people? Let him work with other people, other talent. We know how he sounds with Tuomas and Emppu. It wouldn't actually be a solo album if he still plays with the same band. I think the point of releasing side projects is to explore other sounds besides your main band, so for me if he plays with new people, the better.
  7. Symphoniker

    The Old Era

    So many similar stories to mine!! I discovered NW also back in 2003, a friend of mine was really obssesed with symphonic metal ( and back then I was more of a Nu metal kind of guy) and he was really loving what was NW's latest album back then, CC. Along came Evanescence, which I started to dig a lot and my buddy told me that there were far better bands than them, and lend me an MP3 with NW's full discography up to the date (Side note: he also gave me one of WT and another one of Rhapsody (now Rhapsody of Fire/LT/FL Rhapsody) and Therion). I listened to it and I liked it but didn't get really hooked. A year later I saw Once, FWTE and End of Innocence on a record shop and bought them just out of curiosity. I really don't know why, as I stated before I liked them but they weren't my favorite band by any means. I watched them, paid attention to their lyrics...and started to really love them. Then soon after I had a really low emotional period and CC helped me cope with it. By that moment I had already fell in love with the band and got the opportunity to see them just a few days before Tarja was fired. And whn that happened I supoorted them. I knew that while I loved Tarja's voice and presence, It was their lyrics and music that really hooked me in and that was not going to change without Tarja. When Anette was announced I supported her, defended her and asked the haters to give her a chance. When DPP came out it also came out at a time when I did not know what to do with my life. It also helped me a lot through harsh times. So, yeah CC and DPP have a really special place for me.
  8. Symphoniker


    Meh, I'm not too fond of Amanda. Especially considering her history with Floor and AF.
  9. Symphoniker

    The Old Era

    And it also has one of the worst NW songs: Dead Gardens. It's so "meh" I bet you didn't remember it up until I mentioned it. It's just..there..
  10. Symphoniker

    The Old Era

    WHAT? I mean...WHAT? DPP is their best selling album. You may not like it but it sold A LOT. And yeah, I still love it.
  11. Symphoniker

    Decades World Tour 2018

    Metalhead: Listens to bands who use the same three riffs over and over again "This is perfection". A band who tires something new: "Poseurs, they are sold-outs" No, thanks
  12. Symphoniker

    Decades World Tour 2018 we have to fin every little thing to complain about? I mean, if it's not about the singer, then it's about the setlist, then it's about how "they do not perform with energy anymore". I don't actually see that, I'm sorry. I was first row at the show some months ago and serioulsy there wasn't any difference between the video you posted and what I experienced. People just like to complain for the sake of complaining...
  13. Symphoniker

    Album of the year 2018

    Amorphis-Queen of Time. Seriously, they reinvented themselves while still sounding like themselves. It's a really good album and I dare to say their best one since 2007's Silent Waters. The orchestral arrangements are really good, the drums sound tight and Tomi is as powerful a voice as he's ever been. A must have and listen. Runner-Ups: Therion-Beloved Antichrist I don''t like to call this an album, because it's not really one per se. It's an opera in the more traditional sense. And it makes a really good job at it. It's complex and subtle when it needs to and powerful at the same time while telling a really unconventional story. Many people disliked it because sometimes the band is too much at the background, but that's because they also let the singers shine and tell the story. As always, Thomas and Lori do a wonderful job, as well as all the guste singers, which also include Visons of Altantis' Melissa Ferlaak. Auri-Auri Yup. We're on the NW forum, so this was gonna pop out. It's a really cinematic album, as always with Mr. Holopainen, but a different kind of cinematic. This time instead iof being epic and grandiose, it's like the soundtrack to an art film about nature and the wild. It's relaxing and soothing, yet powerful when it needs to. And it even has a keyboard solo performed by a horse. Mayan-Dhyana. While their first record was really good, their second was kind of...just there..but perhaps they needed a new singer who could provide inspirtion and my fellow mexican Marcela does a really good job at that. The orchestral arrangements are tight and Marcela and Laura show why they are some of the finest singers in the genre. Really good.
  14. Symphoniker

    Arch Enemy

    Drama over a tiny little thing and it's not Nightwish? Woww. I'm astounded.
  15. Symphoniker

    The Old Era

    You guys read too much into anyhting Tuomas and/or the band/anyone related to them says. What Tarja plays are Nightwish covers. Pure and simple, because she is not Nightwish, neither did she write those songs, even if she originally sang them.