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    Several years ago, a friend played Century Child for me
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    May 02 & 03 2008
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    A Wishmaster Vinyl signed by Tuomas.
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    Dead To The World. Works good with both singers.
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    Century Child
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    Ghost Love Score/Beauty of The Beast/While Your Lips Are Still Red
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    End Of An Era. I don't know, it just expresses so much about the concept of the album...
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    The Islander
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    End Of An Era, of course
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    Wishmaster. When the ballads of your powermetal album are the best songs, you have a serious problem and should reconsider changing musical direction. Luckily, Tuomas did.
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    Should be Crownless. Or Bare grace Misery. They do nothing for me.

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    Freak on a leash, by Korn. Original through the ages.
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    Dave Lombardo/Brann Dailor/Alex Holzwarth/Jukka Nevalainen/Jörg Michael/Every Drummer Therion has had.
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    Marco Hietala/Cliff Burton/Patrice Guers/Steve Harris/Every Bassist Therion has had/Lauri Porra/Henkka Seppala/Rex Brown
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    Tuomas Holopainen/Jens Johansson/Janne Wirman/Joost Van der Broek/Alex Staropolli/Emerson Burton
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    It depends. Changes through time.
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    Besides NW? Slayer June'11, Down November '11, Therion September '11, Iron Maiden '09
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    Cowboys From Hell/ Lemuria & Sirius B/Dawn Of the New Athens/01001011/Master Of puppets/Reign in Blood/Power of The Dragonflame/Roadrunner United
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    Besides Tuomas?? humm...Ludwig Van Beethoven/Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart/Hans Zimmer/John Williams/Howard Shore/Arjen Lucassen/Christofer Johnsson
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    Besides Nw? Therion/Opeth/Pantera/Mastodon/Iron Maiden/Rhapsody Of Fire/Trivium/Ayreon/Slayer
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    Whoever is the big musical product at the time: Justin bieber, Jonas brothers and the such/Reggeaton


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    Hugh Jackman/Nicole Kidman/Sir Ian mcKellen
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    Nolan/Kubrick/Peter Jackson/Miyazaki/Aronofsky/Del Toro/Burton/Snyder
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    See directors. Add The Matrix and X-Men films to that
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    Friends/Trueblood/Seinfeld/South park/The Simpsons/House
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    Lord of the Rings/Star Wars/Inception
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    William Shakespeare/S.T. Coleridge/Walt Witman/Hawthorne/Tennyson/TS Eliot/Joyce/Woolf/Tolkien/Alan Moore/ Frank Miller
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    See authors. Add Harry Potter to that list.
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    X-Men/Wolverine/Batman/ Dragon Ball/ Saint Seiya/Sailor Moon/Fullmetal Alchemist

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  1. And this is why I didn't want something like this. People will start to have expectations, ask for a reunion and whatnot, and perhaps I'm one of the few that doesn't want anything like that.
  2. And you continue to misinform. Yet you are so stubbornhyou cannot see. First and foremost, what Tarja said was the straw that broke the camel's back. They wouldn't work anymore with someone who could leave them at any minute. Don't you think that after four years it was enough? Makes perfect sense for me. Next, the Show at Hartwall was planned to be flimed basically since they booked it, basically since 2004, because it was their very first time playing there. At the time it was their biggest show in their homeland. It also happened to be Tarja's final show, but that choice came later. Finally, regarding JTH, well, whatever happened with that man we do not know. His supposed "true" persona was discovered here in this very forum not more than some years ago. Very much later than Nightwish playing with him, so that it's not their fault, if anything they were also cheated by that man and hey, they haven't played with him since. But again, continue spreading hate and misinformation. I'm just here to get your facts straight.
  3. @Stefan2k4 You previously said, defending Tarja that Marcelo's views and what he said about the split are not Tarja's own opinnions. Oh, but sudeenly when someone related to NW says something wrong or bad, sudenly, Nightwiosh must also endorse the same views. Double standards, where?
  4. By the many times do I have to repeat..SHE WASN'T FIRED!!! Both sides decided it was the best to terminate their relationship (as much as Anette might said one year later, because she decided to play the victim).
  5. Floor would never say that, for once. You can defend Anette however you want, but truth is , she is also to blame.
  6. I don't think they would want to, anyway. Pay her for what? sing? They already have a better singer.
  7. Timo K...WTF is this about?
  8. has she collaborated before with the Poets of the fall guy? I don't think so. So, Damian's theory is discarded.
  9. Seems our dear Ahasperrus doesn't know that Marco has studies in musical theory and engineering and has, for the very great part of his life served as a live engineer. It's not as if he didn't knew what he's doing. He has produced many of Amorphis' albums and if you ask me, he has done a very good job. Go on and tell me those albums sound like crap.
  10. Most of them are NW-related, but hey, it's my favorite Wishmaster-signed Vinyl. This one I got it on a competition on the Tuomas Holopainen site a few years back. It was only signed by Tuomas at the time, but eventually I got Emppu and Jukka to sign it aswell. Once upon a Nightwish signed by Tuomas, Marco, Emppu and Jukka. Revamp-Revamp signed by Floor Therion complete discography (up until LFDM) signed by Christofer Johnsson. Iron Maiden-A Matter of Life and Death signed by Steve Harris
  11. I'll give my opinnion. It's a good album. Anette really does a good job, but then again, in studio, she always sounds good. The songs are mostly good and solid, howver my main complaints are: One, as mentioned before, the ballads are pretty "meh". Nothing too special. My other complaint is that , the songs are pretty similar. While good, I found myself thinking if I hadn't put the songs on repeat or if they reminded me of something else. Still, there are some great tracks, like The Ghost and The Reaper and Here's to you. I do not think it's a masterpiece and I stand by my claims that people are treating it as such because it's the first really good thing we get from Anette in years, so people are overhyping it a little too much. Kinda like what happened with Wonder Woman (the film), it was a really good film, but the critics gave it a very good rating because it was the first really good superhero film we got from DC. But in the end it's just another superhero film. Just as in the end, this is just another symphonic rock/metal album. Just think about it...if it hadn't had Anette, would you have reacted the same way to it?
  12. Clearly you missed when Tarja said she was relieved of having "pig faces" all around. But continue living in your own delusional world where Tarja the Godess is completely innocent,
  13. It would be quite fair if you left this forum. You haven't been here since the beginning and if you start trolling like you are the onwer of this place or the band, I will be disappointed.
  14. Now it's time for @Ahasverus to say "This solo project is going to suck, it's going to take away from WT''s next album, now WT's next album is going to be delayed and going to suck because Sharon choose to write for her solo project instead of her band".
  15. Internet explorer, right? We knew that since, like two months ago and the album was released two weeks ago.