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    Several years ago, a friend played Century Child for me
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    May 02 & 03 2008
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    A Wishmaster Vinyl signed by Tuomas.
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    Dead To The World. Works good with both singers.
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    Century Child
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    Ghost Love Score/Beauty of The Beast/While Your Lips Are Still Red
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    End Of An Era. I don't know, it just expresses so much about the concept of the album...
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    The Islander
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    End Of An Era, of course
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    Wishmaster. When the ballads of your powermetal album are the best songs, you have a serious problem and should reconsider changing musical direction. Luckily, Tuomas did.
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    Should be Crownless. Or Bare grace Misery. They do nothing for me.

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    Freak on a leash, by Korn. Original through the ages.
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    Dave Lombardo/Brann Dailor/Alex Holzwarth/Jukka Nevalainen/Jörg Michael/Every Drummer Therion has had.
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    Bruce Dickinson/Every Therion singer/Fabio Lione/Phil Anselmo/Peter Steele/Floor Jansen/ Tarja & Anette/Vile Vallo
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    Marco Hietala/Cliff Burton/Patrice Guers/Steve Harris/Every Bassist Therion has had/Lauri Porra/Henkka Seppala/Rex Brown
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    Tuomas Holopainen/Jens Johansson/Janne Wirman/Joost Van der Broek/Alex Staropolli/Emerson Burton
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    It depends. Changes through time.
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    Besides NW? Slayer June'11, Down November '11, Therion September '11, Iron Maiden '09
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    Cowboys From Hell/ Lemuria & Sirius B/Dawn Of the New Athens/01001011/Master Of puppets/Reign in Blood/Power of The Dragonflame/Roadrunner United
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    Besides Tuomas?? humm...Ludwig Van Beethoven/Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart/Hans Zimmer/John Williams/Howard Shore/Arjen Lucassen/Christofer Johnsson
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    Besides Nw? Therion/Opeth/Pantera/Mastodon/Iron Maiden/Rhapsody Of Fire/Trivium/Ayreon/Slayer
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    Whoever is the big musical product at the time: Justin bieber, Jonas brothers and the such/Reggeaton


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    Hugh Jackman/Nicole Kidman/Sir Ian mcKellen
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    Nolan/Kubrick/Peter Jackson/Miyazaki/Aronofsky/Del Toro/Burton/Snyder
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    See directors. Add The Matrix and X-Men films to that
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    Friends/Trueblood/Seinfeld/South park/The Simpsons/House
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    Lord of the Rings/Star Wars/Inception
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    William Shakespeare/S.T. Coleridge/Walt Witman/Hawthorne/Tennyson/TS Eliot/Joyce/Woolf/Tolkien/Alan Moore/ Frank Miller
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    See authors. Add Harry Potter to that list.
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    X-Men/Wolverine/Batman/ Dragon Ball/ Saint Seiya/Sailor Moon/Fullmetal Alchemist

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  1. Symphoniker

    Nightwish Off Topic

    Well, she deserves it, you know? Still, my opinion remains the same. Perhaps I think it wouldn't be as hypocritical with Anette, because they did not fire her (both sides severed relationships) and the only one who insulted the other side was Anette, but nothing as big as composing a song about them...or did she? Is any of the song on her solo album/The Dark Element about NW? Pure speculation.
  2. Symphoniker

    Nightwish Off Topic

    Just put yourselves in Tarja's shoes. Would you ammend things with the guy who composed AND published a song insulting your husband? I think that goes waaaay beyond. You can say whatever, but Master Passion Greed is still there. You can tell many examples, you can tell me about Iron Maiden or Guns N' Roses, but neither Steve Harris, nor Axl Rose wrote a song insulting not only their former band memebers but their families. Yeah, Tarja reunited with Marco, but even if Marco sung on MPG, he DID NOT compose it. Perhaps it's just me, but it would be quite hypocritical to me, all things considered.
  3. Symphoniker


    Huh? I don't think so. Revamp's first album is so similar to AF's last album it's not fair. Floor picked up where she left with After Forever. And as was said above, it's no suprise when Joost and Floor wrote the songs. Now, Wild Card, yes, It's different, but at the same time very similar.
  4. Symphoniker


    Now WE'RE TALKING! A while ago I complained in this same topic that Epica did not experiment enough. THIS. THIS is what I was referring to. I love bands that do these kind of things, mixing jazzy stuff with metal, and they did it!! And it sounds good! Perhaps yes, a bit disjointed, but I think that was the point. I wouldn't mind if they did something similar in the future. For anyone else interested in something similar, try Sigh (a japanese black metal band with jazzy solos) or Between the Buried and Me.
  5. Symphoniker

    Tarja Turunen pt. III

    Is it so hard to understand that SHE DIDNOT SELL ENOUGH for a big label like Universal and therefore had to be dropped? And i'm with @Baki. She has never taken enough risks, quite the opposite. She has always played it safe. Instead of doing something differnet she goes and releases what all her fanbase wants, a NW-copycat album. But hey, it's always been my opinion, whether her albums are good or not, that's subjective.
  6. Symphoniker


    Loved the album!! I really liked the fact that even if it's simple it's not monotonous, and Floor nails every song! Highlights: Northward, Paragon, Big Boy , While Love Died.
  7. Symphoniker

    Nightwish Off Topic

    But it took them 6 years! I remember that we got the news that they covered a song back in 06, when they posted journals of the recording sessions of DPP. And it was after Imaginaerum had been released that they got permission to release it.
  8. Symphoniker

    Tarja Turunen pt. III

    I know the girl at 4:30!! Well, not personally, but she's a friend. Her name is Elmas. If she's seen the video she must be so proud of herself!.
  9. Symphoniker

    Anette Olzon (2º part)

    I was hoping to hear SA songs in the voice of Anette, but that won't happen.
  10. Symphoniker

    Decades World Tour 2018

    So...It was a DAMN GOOD night. I'm just speechless. I bought my tickets 6 months ago, and I decided I'm too old to stand up so I bought seating tickets, but first row in the middle. And I'm glad I did, I enjoyed all of their visuals perfectly. What can I say that it hasn't been said already? The band nailed each and every song, It was really emotional from start to finish. I was just disappointed they (again) changed EOAH for Dark Chest, but hey, I cant' be too picky. Still, each and every song was wonderful and I realized that the first part of the setilist is really emotional, while the second part is really heavy. Loved the new orchestral arrangements. Yet, the concert wasn't as perfect. The band barely interacted with the audience, I mean, Obviously Floor did her thing, but there was barely any talk between songs. And it's not seen in the videos, but the arena was half-empty. It was not NIghtwish's fault, turns out this same weekend there were two other festivals in the country (featuring bands such as Venom, Slayer, Anhtrax, Phil Anselmo, System of a Down, Lamb of God and Opeth, and so, the metalhead crowd in the country was split in three, and I guess Nightwish suffered the most because of it). Still, I left the venue with tears in my eyes and barely able to talk and I'm pretty sure the rest of the audience too, since they were chanting "another one, another one!" long after the outro had finished. It was an almost perfect setlist and man, oh, man, the band are on top of their game, paying songs that some years ago they didn't play because they were too complex or hard to play. I'm counting the days and the years to see them again, it was AWESOME!.
  11. Symphoniker

    Decades World Tour 2018

    They will. All of their live releases (with the exception of FWTE) have been released on Blu-Ray. It doesn't make any sense to not have a Blu-ray release at this point.
  12. Symphoniker

    Gira Decades

    ¿En qué cabeza cabe cambiar una canción "rara" por una que hemos escuchado hasta la muerte? Sólo rezo porque el cambio no sea permanente y escuchar End of All Hope este domingo...
  13. Symphoniker

    Decades World Tour 2018

    Meh, wouldn't be the first band. Dimmu Borgir''s "Forces of the Northern Night" contains the exact same show on two different locations.
  14. Symphoniker


    Como dice Ralsa, aunque para mí su primer disco, The Final Experiment, es el más flojo. Igual Actual Fantasy no llega a las genialidades que Into the electric Castle y albumes posteriores tendrían, así que si quieres el álbum que definiría a los demás, empieza con este último. Igual no está de más escuchar los dos anteriores, que si algo tienen Ayreon es que carece de discos malos.
  15. Symphoniker

    Decades World Tour 2018

    AND you will also be able to leave early, because they're playing TGSOE