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    I was in a pub and I heard a song so wonderful, I just had to check out that band. And then I fell in love with them.
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    Three times, once for each lady
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    I guess it was when I saw them live for the first time. Tarja was still in the band, I stayed in the front row and that's when I met my best friends and the guys that introduced me to my husband. It was a magical and life-changing night in many ways...
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    A Ghost Love Score T-shirt. Both because it's my favorite song and because the artwork is so awesome.
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    Ghost Love Score, of course. I thought I was going to die when I heard the beginning, I never expected them to play it in that concert.
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    Century Child, followed closely by Oceanborn
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    As if it wasn't obvious by now, Ghost Love Score.
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    I haven't payed much attention, but I guess it's Imaginaerum
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    I'm not really a fan of their videos, but The Islander and Over the hills and far away are the most decent ones
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    From wishes to eternity
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    Dark Passion Play
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    Amaranth, I detest that song!

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    Ritchie Blackmore, David Gilmour, Jimmy Page, Carlos Santana... mostly classics
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    Steve Harris, Roger Glover
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    Hans Wolf (Haggard)
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    I wouldn't know where to start
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    It's a tie between Haggard and Rammstein. Rammstein were amazing, it was a great vibe, a great atmosphere and a great show, but Haggard are amazing without all the pyros and stage plays, they rock simply by singing with passion and enthusiasm and after seeing them four times already, I still can't get enough of them or choose the best performance
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    I could list at least one album from each of my favorite band.
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    All the people who write music for these amazing bands listed bellow
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    with fear of missing some and in alphabetical order because I can't rank them, Ayreon, Bucovina, Blackmore's Night, Blind Guardian, Cargo, Communic, Demons and Wizards, Eluveitie, Falconer, Guano Apes, Haggard, Jon Oliva's Pain, Iced Earth, Iris, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Kamelot, Led Zeppelin, Lacrimosa, Nightwish, Opeth, Orphaned Land, Pain of salvation, Rainbow, Rhapsody of Fire, Therion, Tristania, Tool, Van Canto
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    Repetitive mindless soulless music.


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    Anthony Hopkins, Brad Pitt (and not because he's pretty :P), Edward Norton, Denzel Washington, Al Pacino, Johnny Depp / Nicole Kidman, Sandra Bullock and many more
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    Christopher Nolan, James Cameron
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    Titanic, Moulin Rouge, Meet Joe Black, The legends of the fall, Mothman prophecies, The eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, The Truman Show, Troy, Seven, Equilibrium, Inception, Gladiator, V for Vendetta, Vanilla Sky, Memento, Dead End, The Blair witch project, The name of the rose, Deja vu and again, many many more
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    LOST!!!! And then miles behind, Game of thrones, The wire, Heroes, Dexter, Gilmore Girls, Breaking Bad and a few others.
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    Gladiator, Moulin Rouge, Titanic, Troy, Legends of the fall...
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    JRR Tolkien, Stephen King, Robin Hobb, George Martin, John Grisham....yes, I am very shallow.
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    mostly fantasy - ASoIaF, The first law, The farseer trilogy, Wheel of time and of course, the milestone that LOTR is.
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    Vampire Hunter D, Berserk, Death Note, Spirited Away, Psycho pass

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  1. angel_heart

    The Floor thread

    Just when I think she can't surprise me anymore, she goes and does this. I have so much respect for her, not only for her talent, but her for down to earth and genuine personality and the way she truly enjoys herself on stage. It's interesting to realise how shy and contained she actually is in such settings, in contrast to the powerful and commanding presence she has on stage, it's like she transforms herself when she sings.
  2. angel_heart

    The Floor thread

    These guys are going "wow" and shaking their heads in amazement even when someone is singing in a normal voice. Either they're going out of their way to be supportive and not wow too much at certain contestants and make the others feel undervalued, or they're milking the camera, but it's weird. Floor was the best, as always. I think Samantha is the only one who could be actual competition for her, but again, I'm most likely biased.
  3. angel_heart

    What are you reading now?

    Well, there's more to his Selene infatuation than just thinking with his body parts, but it will take ages until you can finally make the connection and it's rather subtle. But for the most part, keep in mind he's a doe-eyed teenager, never out of his village, who is confronted with all sorts of new and unique things and is now the object of attention to the most beautiful woman in the world (literally). Honestly, I think he's far less annoying in the early books than in the later one (although clearly for very different reasons). And Mat will soon stop being a stupid comic relief and become one of the deepest and most complex characters in the book. There's a reason Mat is a fan-favourite. And Egwene does break a lot of the Aes sedai customs and brings a lot of changes, so I wouldn't say she has the "aes sedai way = only way" mentality, but she definitely borrows that irritating trait ALL Aes sedais have, thinking they are the smartest and they know best and everyone else is a moron that needs to be hand-held through the world so they don't choke with their tongue or something. The TV show has rekindled my interest for WOT, I've been waiting for ages for a proper adaption and now that it's finally happening and everyone is praising the director for being very excited about the project and a big fan of the books, I am more and more impatient.
  4. angel_heart


    That looks like SO much fun. But would it kill them to smile more often? They play such a lively music and Chrigel looks like the only one truly enjoying himself. The violin girl looks like she can't wait to get it over it.
  5. angel_heart

    The Floor thread

    Gorgeous and classy as always. Even when everyone was shaking their ass on Sex Machine, she was still classy and contained. But I like the atmosphere, they all seem very supportive of one another. Of course the completely unobjective part in me thinks they were most impressed with Floor's performance.
  6. angel_heart

    What are you watching?

    Started watching Sons of Anarchy (I prefer shows that have already ended), it's pretty cool.
  7. angel_heart

    What are you reading now?

    I personally detested Egwene far more than I ever detested Sansa. And while Sansa becomes someone to root for, Egwene for me became less and less likeable. Pretty much everyone has their own agenda, not just Moiraine and Lan. With the exception of Nynaeve (who is a thick-headed hot-headed know it all, but is ultimately truly compassionate and well-intended), I feel like they all have severe issues as far as empathy is concerned.
  8. angel_heart

    What are you reading now?

    I really liked Wheel of time, but I know plenty of people who couldn't finish it. RJ takes *forever* to get to the point. I personally adore rich detailed worlds, but I realise describing every single dress in the universe is not to everyone's liking. I agree that the characters are a bit problematic, but I wouldn't call boredom the main issue, but simply how freaking irritating and arrogant some of them are. I absolutely couldn't stand Elayne and I would frequently roll my eyes at any woman who wasn't called Moiraine, Nynaeve or Min. @Hobb: you should definitely try it. The Farseer Trilogy and The Tawny Man Trilogy are fantastic. The Fool is one of my all time favourite characters and especially in the Tawny Man Trilogy there is so much honest heartfelt emotion and it's so deep and touching, to a level that books are rarely able to reach.
  9. angel_heart

    Jukka forced to take a break

    I started getting used to Kai in the bad, but still Jukka was unique. I always loved his flashy style of playing and his contagious joy. So while I will miss him, I'm happy to know he's feeling better and doesn't regret the decision.
  10. angel_heart


    I've really enjoyed this new album, it's a lot slower musically and more focused on ballads (as much as you can call Rosenrot a ballad) and I personally love this side of them. Was ich liebe is great, and I like Puppe and Zeich dich a lot as well.
  11. angel_heart

    Game of Thrones

    He is, for all intents and purposes, a zombie. Think of the zombie lore and what you can do to them/ what kills them and go for there. You can even use the wights in GOT as basis. So yes, it kind of makes him unstoppable. This is just speculation, because of course everything was super-rushed like all it mattered was getting to the end. I assume they are all weakened at this point, there is no strong house leading each region anymore and their respective rulers are contestable. Instead of plunging into what could lead to civil war, they prefer to stay united and have said rulers legitimised by being accepted by the King of the 7 (now 6) kingdoms. He didn’t do it on purpose, though. That’s like saying Jon&Daenerys are evil because they caused the death of everyone killed by NK’s army this season because they went North and let Viserion die. And the people that died did so because they were trying to save humanity, not Bran. Bran offered him as bait to actually give humanity a fighting chance. What was he supposed to do? Who else, though? The small council is supposed to be made out of people you trust and, Bronn aside, they all trust each other and are relatively suited to take over. Especially since they were all heavily involved in saving/ rebuilding this kingdom. I took Bronn’s name a reminder that everyone in power is still corruptible and even the most well-intended persons will still have a hint of corruption. Bronn’s naming is nepotism, pure and simple. It’s a grimm, but realistic outlook of what governing is actually made off. I liked the ending. I wasn’t necessarily a fan of how they rushed things, I would’ve preferred to see many of the final plot points presented with more detail and time to flesh out the characters’ motivations. I was able to understand them for the most part, but a lot of it is just intuition and connecting the dots, it would’ve been nice to actually see more it. So there’s a minus on the “journey” part, but the “destination” was good. Bran on the throne makes perfect sense to me. He is the only living male heir of the strongest remaining houses in Westeros (save for Tyrion, who was not exactly in a position to sit on the throne) and can I say I just *love* it wasn’t Jon in the end? Jon’s story arc is gorgeous. Heartbreaking, in that you can see how utterly lost and broken he is after Daenerys destroys KL and how is struggling so much to find something to make him believe she will be a good ruler and she doesn’t need to be put down like a rabid dog. But in the end he is truly free. Free from all the pressures of his oaths, his honor, his sense of right and wrong, his loved ones pulling him in different directions... free to find peace with people who expect nothing of him and don’t surround themselves with rules and oaths to uphold. Same with Daenerys. I wasn’t happy with how they executed her descent into the “mad queen” and it felt entirely out of character (I mean I get what they were going for, but it was so brusque that it seemed non-sensyical). But I feel in the end they did justice to her character. I would’ve liked to see all these things explained *before* her going on a rampage, but I guess I’ll do with the way it was. And seeing her so happy and child-like, and so utterly disconnected with reality, and so completely unable to understand what happened and how it’s possible for Jon, the man she loved and trusted completely, to kill her, was incredibly sad. Emilia Clarke pulled an amazing performance and showed so many subtle nuances that made Daenerys one of the most complex and complicated characters of the story. And eventually the most tragic, as she is the only one to die with everything around her completely collapsed, alone, betrayed and confused, with her dream turned literally into ashes. And Drogon pushing her, trying to get her to wake up, then gently picking her up and carrying her away from everything was very touching. And I would happily watch a spin-off of pretty much all the sub-plots established in the finale. The small council most of all, but also Tormund&Jon beyond the wall, Arya’s adventure in the wide world, Sansa as queen of Winterfell.... It kind of makes me sad to see that the rushing of certain plots and the fact that people didn’t get the ending they were hoping for completely negates all the joy this show brought us over so many years. Even if the ending would’ve been terrible, it wouldn’t have been able to take away all that it achieved in the past. And it wasn’t terrible, far from it. There are petitions to remake the show and over 50% notes of 1 on imdb, I think that’s ridiculous. I can understand being disappointed by certain things, even by the show as a whole, but let’s exert some objectivity and reason here.
  12. angel_heart

    Game of Thrones

    Beware, another wall of text is coming up. And Jesus do I hate the quoting system. I can't format the last part for the life of me. I hope you'll just figure out who's who. I didn’t see the thing Dany had with Daario as love and with Drogo things were complicated for a number of reasons. Same with Jon and Ygritte, but of course those two looked more in love because the actors literally were in love. The fact the political marriage is so quickly pushed aside is silly to me as well, but Tyrion addressed the issue of Dany’s infertility in the last season. It’s pretty much what generated the whole “breaking the wheel” idea, that she needs to do something like that because otherwise she will leave a void that will be filled through more violence. I don’t know if Varys knows about her infertility. It depends on who you’re asking, from what I notice most people consider Robert a dick (a cool one, but a dick nonetheless). And Cersei isn’t a monster for what she did in relation to Robert, it’s because she blew up a sept full of innocent people out of revenge on a couple of the people in the sept, gave a woman to a zombie for torture and because she didn’t seem to have much care for anyone other than herself (and occassionally her children). She has the right blood ancestors, even Robert was backed up by his distant relation to the Targaryens when he took the throne (the armies helped, but people were eased into it by his Targ blood). Cersei is just the last legitimate king’s wife and the mother of two illegitimate kings. She has more legitimacy, but of course all the legitimacy a ruler really needs is a big-ass army. They didn’t say they decided it, they said they found out. And the timeline is consistent with the moment they realised the show is getting ahead of the books and they need to know what is going to happen if the show is to continue. This goes into opinion territory, but I personally found it the opposite of shallow and anti-climatic. To me it was very satisfying, especially after the disaster montage and believing everything was lost and the roller-coaster of seeing Arya jump on NK’s back only to be caught by him and almost killed and find the strength to finish the job. The biggest problem I have with this season is how incredibly rushed it was. It was pretty awesome anyway and it could’ve been amazing had they given more time to certain things, and this is one of them – I think (hope) the book will give us more on the prophecies and the Long night and maybe a restart of the cycle (ka is a wheel). Ah, this particular part of the conversation didn’t age well. Personally I’m really disappointed in how they handled Daneyers’ character last episode because like you said, angry is one thing, but entirely mad and bloodthirsty is a whole other. I believe this is the route she was always supposed to take, but in taking it in a slower manner, with more steps along the way, it would make sense. Here, they rushed it so much that it feels very out of character. And seeing how Danerys is my favourite character, it’s even more disappointing. It looked like she was just giving herself a break and slightly enjoying herself by flying with her dragons. Not that she was scouting (which yes, she should’ve done, had she had at least one decent adviser. I think it was established this season that she does not :P). Rhaegal was hurt (had a whole in his wing and couldn’t even carry Jon) and he has always been smaller and less agile than Drogon because of all the time he stayed in captivity. Once he was hit the first time, it seemed he remained in pretty much the same place, which made the next two shots a lot easier. Drogon, on the other hand, spent a lot more time hunting and roaming freely and also encountered arrows/ ballistas a few times before. But that’s always been Jon’s character. I mean I agree he’s stupid, but I don’t think that’s a plot hole or a writing mistake, it’s just Jon being Jon. He can absolutely not lie or fake anything, even if the fate of the world depends on it (established multiple times in the show) and is most likely feeling uncomfortable as shit in front of Daenerys because of the fact he knows he is jeopardising her life dream, is his relative and had just betrayed her. He’s in a deep whole as far as she’s concerned and maybe a more clever man would try to dig himself out of it, but Jon is so in over his head he can’t even begin to try. Yes, this! How do you go from being ready to sacrifice everything to save humanity to completely butchering thousands as civilians who had surrendered in the span of two episodes? If she had killed them as collateral damage to get to Cersei or to make the city fall, it would’ve been supported well-enough by what we know about her. But she killed them *after they surrendered*. It’s very out of character if you ask me. She’s never been a military genius (or any sort of genius, for that matter). And she doesn’t seem to have anyone to advise her other than Qyburn (who doesn’t seem to know anything about tactics), a mercenary and that twat Euron – whose character I believe was supposed to be a disaster, he’s batshit crazy in the books and a violence-driven savage, so I don’t see the leap to the show Euron as very big. I guess having your whole life and world collapse around you (metaphorically and literally) will do that to you. And she kept the smirking long enough into the battle, to the point where Qyburn had to basically give her a reality check. It was short, but it was done/ acted so well that I truly felt sorry for Cersei. And about plot armor, come on, they killed so many interesting characters over the years, I'm fine with a bit of plot armor on the remaining ones. I agree. It’s not like we haven’t had plenty of deaths and realism. Some characters need to survive if we’re going to have a story. Arya. Arya's strongest desire for 8 WHOLE SEASONS was to kill Cersei. Literally in the end of the 4th episode, she left Winterfell, obviously believing she would kill Cersei and probably die herself or something. BUT all that was needed to change her mind was a three-second conversation with the Hound. She was literally a floor below Cersei, but no, the Hound asked her to go back home and live her life, so everything is ok. They could have at least included something like her having a discussion with Sansa about not leaving, or her having second thoughts from the previous episodes and than Sandor changing her mind. I thought that was consistent with her character. She has shown a will to live larger than probably anyone else in the story. Just this season we see her fight to stay alive when stronger older more experienced fighters have given up and have been overwhelmed by fear and despair. So she was always going to put life above revenge. She just needed the push to realise this (and Sandor has been almost like a father figure for her and she has seen how bitter his revenge-driven life has become, so coming from him it probably meant even more). This being said, I loved how this episode was built. I don’t like what generated the whole thing (Daenerys abruptly losing it), but everything else was beautiful. The shot of Drogon coming out of the dark above Daenerys’ head, the visuals of the green wildfire blowing up, Cleganebowl, Arya choosing life, seeing the massacre through the eyes of the commoners and completely ignoring Daenerys (never showing her again after she goes on her rampage, just seeing a black death-bringer shooting fire from up above, while faced with the consequences and the complete terror of helpless innocent people). And most of all, I loved Jaime and Cersei’s death scene. I know a lot of people are upset Cersei wasn’t tortured enough, but to me GOT has never been about characters getting what they deserved. In fact, most characters got pretty much the opposite of it, especially the “good” ones, and that’s ok, because that’s how it happens in life as well. And it was a very touching and even romantic scene, where I actually felt sorry for Cersei. Lena and Nicolas’ acting was spot on and they really sold the turmoil of emotions and it was a beautiful turmoil. It was maybe the strongest and purest love of the story (from Jaime at least and yeah, I say that knowing full well they were siblings, *that’s* how powerful it was) and it moved me.
  13. angel_heart

    Game of Thrones

    It is....and it isn't. There is measurable objective criteria that can be used. So what would be one of the best to you? Glad to hear (read) that Sure, they haven't met yet, but there are things Daenerys sees in her visions that related to Jon and there are moments where her desires from a man are juxtaposed to Jon's actions. And the whole concept of "song of ice and fire" could be seen as putting these two together... there is foreshadowing to the point where I wasn't the slightest bit surprised when I saw the two of them together in the shows. And yes, everyone is talking about a political marriage (do it! For the love of God, just do it already), but there is also a lot of attraction between the two of them and respect from both sides and small things that build up their relation to what it is now. I disagree that they are just telling, they did plenty of showing too. Yes (although Daario I would say was just lust, not love), but things were a lot more complicated with Drogo and Ygritte and there were many things that were murkying their relation. With Jon and Daenerys it's young, pure love, without any obstacles (at least when it started, before they knew) and a lot more natural and simple than Drogo and Ygritte were. I would say it's their first chance at real happiness and peace of mind. It's beautiful in this sense (and even more tragic, because I'm sure it won't last). Are the Tarlys such a large family and is Jorah so well-versed in Westerosi history? I would say that's more Varys' job. That is a good question. But we don't know how long has truly passed. There are women who barely start showing around 4 months, it would be plausible less than that has passed. But I expect questions to arise soon. She is doing it in the Seven Kingdoms and Winterfell is part of those. She definitely has gotten tunnel vision and things aren't as clear for her, but I think deep down that is the motivation that drives her. And if she had the time, she would realise that as well and change her approach. I also believe she would've eventually come to see that she can leave the North alone if things had gone differently (or maybe would come to see it, if she lives that long). But right down she is filled with pain, anger, frustration, disappointment and is a barrel of negative emotions (rightfully so) and is clinging to the throne harder than ever and has trouble seeing reason any more. She's impulsive and her first thought is always of strength and respect, but she usually sees the more diplomatical and gentle approach in the end and follows it. i don't see it like that at all. I see two people who are in love and only see one another, just like Cersei and Jaime used to, or Robb and Thalisa. I prefered the rumour approach in the books myself, but I think that went well with the limited pov technique, and less so with a show where people already have a hard time keeping up with the names and characters. And we do see Loras respected as a warrior, we see Renly as the social beloved leader, we see Loras' enourmous love for Margaery, we hear of him fighting injury and staying alive despite all odds because he is a warrior at heart. Of course they are both to blame. And the emphasis goes on BOTH. Let's not ignore Cersei's blame in all of this just because Robert had his fair share of it. Like I said, I don't think they were supposed to charge. They were supposed to stay there, with the Unsullied and hold of the dead as long as possible. I know the fight wasn't right in terms of military tactics (trust me, I know the internet is full of it, all the internet does is complain), but they weren't fighting a normal battle. Pretty much all of the usual tactics don't apply because one way or another they weren't facing a regular enemy and/or we see the dead thwarting those tactics anyway (like hiding behind the walls, for example). They even say as much themselves, that there's no chance of winning and their only bet is to hold off for as long as possible, until NK comes to seek Bran and they kill the NK. They're desperate and know nothing won't work, that's pretty much the point and I thought they conveyed that horror and desperation masterfully. Apparently not everyone noticed it, though. I don't know what you've been reading, because everything I read underlined that it was Martin who revealed the ending and for the most part, the show ends as the books are supposed to end. Also that Arya is one of the key five characters in the series, according to Martin. So no, not as shocking as Stannis being resurected. And Arya has been preparing to be this stealthy assassin for ages and the NK is a badass surrounded by minions, who can't be destroyed by a fall and dragonfire. There was no way to kill him other than to catch him off guard and use dragonglass, nothing other than stealth was going to work at that point. Arya was absent for 30 minutes because again they had to convey the desperation and the ultimate failing of the humans. without the humans being decimated, it would've made no sense for the NK to even reveal himself, he only came at the end when he was sure nothing could stop him (and still you're calling it a plothole because it wasn't obvious enough he did that, so....if he didn't do that, how much worse would it have been in terms of storytelling?). Any sort of hope *was* supposed to be lost at that point and the viewer had to feel that as well. I personally didn't need Arya shoved in my face every other second to remember she's out there and she could still save Bran, what I saw of her was enough. Is that really the message of the series? Or is that humanity is shitty and always will be, because just like in our age it matters more who has the power and the others be damned? And people are squabling about silly things while their planet is heading towards destruction? Yeah, I dont't think that's so far fetched, people are selfish and don't see beyond their nose. That has kind've been the point since the beginning, that no one is entirely good. Why? He was injured and he was shot three times. And don't go all "why didn't Dany see the fleet". They were behind some rocks and Dany has been absent minded and upset the entire episode, it's not so hard to believe she wasn't paying attention. It was sudden, I'll give you that. I thought she was dreaming and didn't pay much attention to it until halfway into the scene and that severely diminished the impact of Rhaegal's death, but it was explainable. They're preparing for a war. Everyone has weapons. I doubt anyone cares about who's coming and going at this point. And Bronn has always been stealthy, it's not the first time we see him infiltrate a castle. I don't think she's going mad, I think she's just rightfully angry. It's kind of a logical path that she's taking, based on everything that happened to her. If someone without "mad" genes would react like that, you wouldn't think their going mad, you'd just think they're pissed off. I think people are reading way too much into the mad queen expectation, I don't think she ever will go fully mad. She is a grey character, always has been, and is acting within those boundaries. Not even Cersei is full mad/evil, like you pointed out. I struggle to find any other character except for Ramsey that could fit this.
  14. angel_heart

    Game of Thrones

    Ok, what has this thread come down to? There are so many accusations that don't make sense at all, it just feels like people are looking for reasons to be unhappy with this show. And honestly I'm baffled, it's probably one of the best tv shows we've ever had and people still find so many silly reasons to complain. And because I am an argumentative bitch and you've missed that, here's a list of all the reasons you are wrong for: - The romance between Jon and Daenerys is most likely not an invention from the show writers, it was something Martin planned and planted seeds for. Fans have been speculating about their romance for ages, it's not something pulled out of a boot. And the dragon joyride was not cringy, it was sweet. It was one of the few moments of happiness these characters ever get to experience. And yes, Jon and Daenerys are young. And in love and cheesy, because that's what young in love couples are. It most likely forshadows Dany's death as well. I'll give you it's silly no one thinks about why is Jon able to ride a dragon, but I'll cut them some slack seeing how they're preparing to die and all. - Why would Jorah know Sam was Randyl's son? He knows he's A Tarly, not that he's THE Tarly. - The Cersei-Euron scene was a power struggle between two power-hungry maniacs. It was supposed to be ew. It was also interesting to watch their dynamics. And yes, Baki, I think we're meant to suspect Cersei's baby is long gone (if there ever was a baby to begin with, I've always doubted that). - Daenerys didn't burn people for not bending the knee, she never considered doing anything to Jon while he was in Dragonstone and there seems to be a full North of people who aren't ready to do any knee bending. She burned people who took up arms against her and (after she gave them two chances of staying alive - one including taking the black and again, not doing any knee bending) continued to defy her and refused any options of saving themselves. She burned enemies who made it pretty clear they were going to remain her enemies no matter what. - Daenerys destroyed a symbol of opression and abuse towards women. Those women seemed rather relieved she released them. They also seemed really miserable before. You're equating a building with the freedom of hundreds of humans? - Daenerys&Jon are not such a big problem in terms of incest. Tywin married his cousin and Sansa was bethroed to her cousin as well, it's not the same as brother and sister in the Westerosi culture. Incest is the last of their worries. - Westeros *had* a problem with the Targaryens' incest, they just learned to shut their mouth because dragons and death and stuff. Incest was never accepted, it was simply... overlooked because the Targs were a force. - If you think Daenerys wants the throne simply because her father had it, you're completely misunderstanding her character. She wants the throne because it's what she associated with home in all her childhood. Because she grew up alone and on the run and has had her head filled with stories about the place that is her home, where she will truly belong and find love and respect. It's also because it's the last thing her dying husband promised to her, the one man she loved and trusted. She wants power, but more than that, she wants a place to belong and I do believe she genuinely wants to do good to her subjects (even though her methods are sometimes questionable). - Loras stereotypical gay character? I don't know about you, but when I think stereotypical gay I think of a guy dressed in colorfoul clothes that talks through his nose, despises everyone and makes exaggerated hand gestures. That's the gay charicature we always see. Loras is one of the best fighter in the seven kindgoms and isn't the slightest bit emasculated. - Cersi is a tragic character, just as Daenerys is (pretty much everyone in GOT universe, actually), but the difference is most of her tragedy comes from herself. Robert was not abusive to begin with, he was simply a bit of a dick, and Cersei wasn't a shrinking wall-flower either. They made each other miserable to the point where they loathed one another. It wasn't just Robert's doing, it was also Cersei. Joffrey turned out a monster because that was what Cersei created. She constantly told him he is the best, the most wonderful, the most powerful and he doesn't have to answer to anyone or do anything he doesn't like. At the same time she kept Tommen sheltered, didn't take much preoccupation in forming him as a person because Joffrey was the king and the object of her attention. She and Margaery pulled Tommen in all directions and put ton of pressure on a kid who was shy and soft and unprepared (mostly because of Cersei's sheltering) to the point where he cracked. Marg is not innocent in this, but Cersei was his mother, she of all people should've had his best interest at heart. But no, for Cersei her kids were just vessels of power, giving her the thing that she could never truly have herself as a woman. And finally Jaime, who adored her beyond words and she cheated on him, pushed him away, mocked him and hurt him because he dared to have other opinions and not support her blindly in her mad quest. - Daenerys' coming to power was from just having dragons. She received the support of the common folk because she freed them and showed them kindness. She ruled with political decisions, holding audiences, making alliances, taking hostages, marrying a local, opening the fire pits. None of those had antyhing to do with dragons. She got the Dothraki and the Iron fleet behind her by showing courage and strength (with help from her magical fire resitance, of course, but also through her actions). She gained the support and council of Jorah, Varys and Tyrion because of the kind of person she is, because they trusted her and thought she truly is the best ruler for their realm. Same with Missandei and Grey worm's loyalty. The Tyrells went to her strictly on political considerations. - I don't think the Dothrakis were supposed to charge into the darkness, they were most likely supposed to hold the fort for as long as possible. Judging by Jorah's confused look, they got battle hungry when Melisandre lit up their torches and charged in recklessly. That's why Daenerys also goes against the plan of waiting for NK and charges with her dragons. - I liked that it was Arya who killed NK and that the NK didn't even look in Jon's direction when he challenged him. It was a good subversion of the battle between the main characters of each side and Arya's character was indeed most suited to do that. It wasn't for shock value, the producers knew it was going to be Arya to kill NK for three years and I imagine Martin had planned that for way longer. And even if she didn't have any connection with NK (why should she, anyway, why do you want the ending wrapped up in a bow when the whole series has been about realism, subverting expectations and generally not getting a happy/satisfying ending?), she did it because she was protecting her family. Ever since season 1 we see Ned teaching his kids about doing everything for their family, it's probably the first lesson he gives Arya (the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives) and now it's come full circle with most of the conversations between the Stark brothers revolving around sticking together and protecting each other. You don't have to see Arya and Bran be bffs before she launches to save him, all you need to know is that she would do anything for her family and that is what has always driven her character since early in the show. - NK waited until almost everyone was dead and all hope was lost for humanity and only them went to Bran. He didn't needlessly expose himself, there was no cavalry waiting to trap him, it was a lone tiny girl assassin who somehow survived the mayhem and that he almost killed anyway. And Bran's ravens I believe were supposed to taunt him, to get him to come sooner when there were still people who could protect Bran and kill NK. - I agree it would've been nice to know more about the NK mythological aspect, but that's probably part of rushing the last two seasons (which as much as I dislike, I understand since they signed up to adapt a script, not write one themselves). I also think the book will focus more on this side of the battle, and the show chose to focus more on the political intrigues (choosing to stick to GOT as a title, instead of ASOIAF says a lot about their perspective). Which is why the battle for the Iron throne (not Cersei herself) is the final and most important chapter in the show. Done, I feel better now.
  15. angel_heart


    I love the new album and I think it might just be their best one in a very long time. As someone entirely put off by the cheesier Call of the mountains-style tracks, seeing them not only step a bit away from that, but also use a darker and more serious sound makes me very happy. Threefold death is excellent, and Eclipse quietly echoing the main melody of Rebirth is an underrated gem. It's great to see them changing and evolving and bringing new layers to their sound. And I couldn't be happier with Fabienne, she kept exactly the parts of Anna that suited the band so well and discarded the ones that I didn't like.