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  1. AnssiR

    Endless Forms Most Beautiful

    Aivan samaa mieltä, olisin ehkäpä toivonut kahta eri versiota. Puheosio kun loppuu niin samalla vaihan kappalettaki johonki muuhun. Tulee mieleen DPP kiertueella Meadows of heaven kappale joka keikoilla vedettiin aivan ylite. Noinkohan? En muista että Meadowsia olisi koskaan soitettu livenå. - Ai niin, Hartwall Areenalla kerran, muttei sentään monikossa "keikoilla".
  2. This was so similar to how I experienced the album that I don't need to write a review of my own - including what you said about Elan, Edema Ruh and EFMB. Thanks I would also like to add that I got the feeling that Tuomas could easily have written many more songs besides these, the creativity and inspiration here seem bottomless. (I think one of the previews also mentioned something like this.) Which of course brings me to the idea of next album - NW, please make a double album next! That's something you haven't done yet and there's a challenge if you think what to try next Thanks for this album!
  3. GSOE gets free press ;-): Daily Mail's website, main headlines today just now:
  4. Waiting for the official release to hear the album. Probably it's going to happen in the car, taking a drive through the countryside around where I'm living. I heard IRum that way and it was an unforgettable experience.
  5. Hi, I beg to differ a bit here: they have three albums with operatic vocals, two albums with Tarja were not operatic at all, or very little so (CC and Once). Ever since Wishmaster, I don't think there's much opera at all. So, that would make 4 albums with "AOR" vocals.
  6. As many previews mentioned, there will be a very heavy/hard song on the album before Elan, so I think Elan fits after it just perfectly, as a bit calmer/lighter moment.
  7. AnssiR

    Symphony X

    Any opinions of this US band? I came across them recently and am very impressed. Check out songs such as "Paradise Lost", or "When All Is Lost", "Communion and the Oracle"..., They have also long epic tracks such as "Odyssey". -Anssi
  8. AnssiR


    Tuomas mentioned about the next album being much more band-centered and toned down in terms of instrumentation in a short interview in some Finnish paper before Mid-December. Asked about when and if he will write an actual symphony, Tuomas said that Imaginaerum is the closest to a symphony he will ever go.
  9. AnssiR

    Past Nightwish Albums

    In Romanticide, the magnificent guitar solo that pops up "out of nowhere" soon after the first chorus is one of my personal highlights on Once. I think the song order is quite fine as it is. HTH feels like a good closing song....
  10. AnssiR


    "poetry" = all that great "harmony" = heart lying ... etc. I admit it's a bit weirdly divided but that's how it goes... it took me some time also to figure out. Another note about SoM, Tuomas said the poem probably won't appear in the movie, but it can be assumed that the music behind the poem will be included in the movie, because the theme of the long guitar solo in the poem part of SoM is repeated in the song Imaginaerum, and as we know, that song will play during the end credits and repeat the themes of the songs included in the movie... Also, still another note, someone pointed out that during the last minute of the song Imaginaerum, the melody is constantly changing between the keys G and E minor. Sorry if these points were already handled before, I don't feel like going through all the subpages,,,,
  11. AnssiR


    @Snowhite: sincerely sorry if that sounded condescending... it just felt that was the interpretation of the title to go for after I had read the lyrics... before that, I also wondered what it might actually mean. :kick:
  12. AnssiR


    Based on the lyrics of the song, wouldn't "I Want My Tears Back" mean "I want to be able to cry again"?
  13. AnssiR


    @ Faith: Troy and Pip are native speakers and they are reciting those lines. Don't you think that if there was something very wrong with the lyrics they would have commented to Tuomas about that? And poems do have more freedom of expression than some other kinds of texts... And OK, if "background music" was too immediate a term for some, I'll correct it to "music on the background", I just meant the music that accompanies the poem. @Nightpanther - that Spanish feeling is actually the music style used in many Westerns and that is the effect that was aimed for here.
  14. AnssiR


    I, for one, like the poem part very much and actually wish it could go on longer - I always feel surprised when the background music suddenly ends and the poem is coming to a close...I mean, of course 6 minutes is enough but it doesn't feel too long in any way. I don't find the lyrics disturbing - and even the mere fact that the voices are reciting against the music is effective. And yes, the long guitar solo is very nice, as is the music during the whole poem. It would be great to see if this kind of poem has been carried out by someone else and how it has succeeded - didn't Tuomas say he got the idea from Troy, but I forget the details... did Troy use a spoken poem in one of his solo works?