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  1. Dangerous & Moving

    The Old Era

    I didn't say that before there weren't fantasy lyrics. But I say that you still could find a love song. AFF for example Nymphomanic fantasia, Astral romance. OB - Swanheart, maybe even Gethsemane. Wishmaster - Come cover me (which is one of my favorites), Deep silent complete, She is my sin, you get what I mean? I don't mind fantasy lyrics, I just said I miss some ''lovesongs''
  2. Dangerous & Moving

    Past Nightwish Albums

    Century Child - not only my favorite NW album but also my favorite album of all times in general. It's almost perfect. I say almost cos I'd kick out ''The phantom of the opera'', it's great cover but to me it doesn't belong to the album.
  3. Dangerous & Moving

    The Old Era

    Well, let's say I prefer era with Tarja, not only cos I prefer Tarja's voice but also cos the songs were more about love than nowadays (yeah, I'm romantic person). In old era there were many topics, imagination, love, fantasy, a bit of everything and I loved it. Now it seems it's all about fantasy. I don't have anything against it, but I would like to hear more songs like ''Ever dream'', ''Forever yours'', ''Ghost love score'' etc. My favorite song from the new era is definitely ''While your lips are still red''. The lyrics are fantastic and so touching.
  4. Dangerous & Moving


    Can't vote for the favorite song yet, in my opinion they're all so perfect, there's no bad song on this album. I can only say that Storytime is my least favorite.
  5. Dangerous & Moving

    Hello NW fans!

    thank you both! As I read in the rules, we can use only english Aaaw, I'm so glad you love t.A.T.u. too
  6. Dangerous & Moving

    Songs You Are Currently Addicted To!

    Can't listen to anything but Imaginaerum right now.
  7. Dangerous & Moving


    ^I have hard time guessing who you are Well, I've never been huge Evanescence fan but I loved ''Fallen'' back then, and really liked Amy's voice. Gave them a chance with second album but at first listening I didn't like it and since then I totally 'forgot' about Evanescence, let's say. I got interested in them again as they announced their come back so I decided to give second chance to TOD album. And this time I loved it, it's very different from Fallen but it has lot of experiments in music and that's why I like it. As for the new album, when I first heard it, I was listening to it constantly, songs are extremeley catchy, I think very easy to approach comparing to those from TOD but the minus of all that is that I got tired of the album pretty soon and now I prefer to listen to TOD. All in all, good band
  8. Dangerous & Moving

    Within Temptation

    WT is one of my favorite bands. I instantly fell in love with Sharon's voice when I first heard Ice queen many years ago. Since then, I follow them and I saw them live when they were in Zagreb in 2008, it was absolutely amazing! My favorite album is Mother Earth, it is so magical and filled with mystic atmosphere, later albums are also great, and I really like The Unforgiving, I was listening to it on repeat when it came out. I would love to see them once more during the unforgiving tour. Also gotta add that Sharon is my big inspiration in singing.
  9. Dangerous & Moving

    Hello NW fans!

    Hello everyone! My name is Angela, I'm from Croatia =) I've been Nightwish fan since 2004 and I'm glad to join Nightwish community! Greetings