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    I'm a book-obsessed, film-obsessed, music-obsessed, vintage clothes-obsessed, writing-obsessed hell-of-a-time, with a particular passion for A Song of Ice and Fire. Unsuitable shoes and unsuitable men a speciality...

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    Chocolate's a food...and gluten-free! Failing that, lemon-and-pepper chicken with mash - bliss
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    Pepsi or Evian
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    Purple, black, silver
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    The Highlands and Islands of Scotland
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    Umm...All over the UK and Ireland, Belgium, France, Germany (Bavaria), Italy (Venice)
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    If you can't see the light at the end of the tunnel, you're in a cave. Turn round, stupid, and try again.
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    Old books. REALLY old books - we're talking antiquarian and falling apart. They have stories to tell...
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    I am owned by a black fluffball of a cat.
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    The tin whistle (badly)
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    Moths, frogs, daddy-long-legs


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    Back in 2003 when Kerrang! did a special on "Women in Rock/Metal" and featured Tarja
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    4 - twice with Tarja, twice with Anette
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    Meeting my friends as a result of joining the old old forum
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    Don't have one
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    Don't have one
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    Oceanborn, always and forever!
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    Every single song on OB; Elvenpath; Angels Fall First; Beauty and the Beast; Know Why The Nightingale Sings; The Kinslayer; Dead Boy's Poem; the heavy version of Sleepwalker; Over the Hills and Far Away; Bless the Child; Ever Dream; Forever Yours; The Wayfarer; The Siren; Ghost Love Score; Cadence of her Last Breath; Sahara; The Islander; Slow, Love, Slow; I Want My Tears Back, The Crow, the Owl and the Dove
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    Don't have one
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    From Wishes to Eternity
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    Not sure - it changes! Anything that isn't Oceanborn, I guess!!
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    A Return to the Sea. I've hated it for years and years and years!!

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    The Prodigy's "Smack My Bitch Up" for sheer brilliance
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    Nicko McBrain :D
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    Aargh, too many! Captain Robert (Abney Park), Corey Taylor, Liv Kristine Krull, Sarah Jezebel Deva...honestly, the list is endless!
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    Don't have one
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    Nicky Wire from the Manics. Childhood love...
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    Don't have one
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    Too many to list...
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    Abney Park at the White Mischief Ball in 2011. A-May-Zing.
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    There are loads, but I always have a soft spot for Gold Against the Soul by the Manics and Nevermind by Nirvana
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    Classical - Tchaikovsky. Other - too many
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    Tooooooo manyyyyyyy!!
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    I hate 'clubbing' music - I dunno if that's dance/trance/club/whatever but it's annoying and all sounds the same! And gangsta rap.


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    Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Tatou, Audrey Hepburn, Rita Hayworth, Veronica Lake, Katherine Hepburn, Ava Gardner, Lauren Bacall, Michelle Williams, Liv Tyler, Cate Blanchett, Kate Winslet, Helena Bonham-Carter; Johnny Depp, (early) Leonardo diCaprio, Clark Gable, Humphrey Bogart, James Stewart, Errol Flyn, Tyrone Power and the entire cast of Bugsy Malone (and many more, especially the 30's/40's/50's actors and actressess)
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    Tim Burton and loads of the 'old' directors like Frank Capra. Capra was a genius
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    Amelie, It's A Wonderful Life, The Crow, The Wizard of Oz, Some Like It Hot, Cabaret, loads of the old MGM-era musicals, Bugsy Malone, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, the Lord of the Rings movies and many hundreds more!
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    Game of Thrones, Criminal Minds, Prison Break (first season, anyway); The Mighty Boosh, Mock the Week
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    The Crow, the 3 Lord of the Rings movies
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    Tolkien, George RR Martin, Diana Gabaldon and hundreds more.
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    Lord of the Rings, all the A Song of Ice and Fire books, the Outlander novels, social history books, classic novels like The Phantom of the Opera, modern classics like Perfume...I adore books more than anything.
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    I don't watch anime but I was a *huge* Daredevil fan growing up, as well as loving The Avengers. I don't talk about the Daredevil movie but I have high hopes for the Avengers one...

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  1. Nocturna

    Nightwish and Richard Dawkins : EFMB

    Your post got me reading more about Dawkins and his social/human blunders. You know, I never really understood the controversy around him until now. The guy is a social disaster, seriously. For someone so intelligent academically, I'm surprised by what an incredibly low EQ he has. "My head master touched me and my mates' genitals, but it's ok, we all turned out fine, it's just mild pedophilia, no harm done", really? Does he expect me to think, after all the sad and ridiculous statements I read from him that he turned out fine?? "Western women shouldn't complain about sexual harassment because eastern women have it worse?" How 'bout we ALL complain and try to do something about it instead of accepting with a "hey, it's not that bad, at least I'm not stoned to death...". I don't know, I just find it so hilariously sad now that I read about it. The great scientist, the wonder of the western world, the Einstein of our age... and he cannot master the skill of public communication and the one of social compassion? He's like a little boy with a keyboard, trolling to get some attention and thinking that he's provocative and outspoken. Except he's not a teenager anymore. I feel almost bad for him now, I guess it's not uncommon for scientifical geniuses to be slightly detached from what's socially acceptable and lack empathy. That being said, it has absolutely zero impact on what I think about the new Nw album. For me it's just a random voice. Some get Christopher Lee, others get Richard Dawkins, eh. Late to the party again... :I Yeah, it's just...ugh. My personal favourite - one which resulted in a ranty blog post from me last year - was when he said it was worse for a child to be raised as a Catholic than to be sexually abused. It was when all the news about the priests abusing children came out; Dawkins said that while the abuse was "horrible", it was nowhere near as damaging to the children as being raised in the Catholic faith in the first place because of the "mental torment" and "psychological damage" being Catholic causes people. Um, what? So being raised Catholic is more damaging than being sexually abused, is it? REALLY?!! Now I'm not religious in any way, shape or form, but I sure as hell know which one I'd consider more dangerous and damaging. The man is an utter tool. Oh, and Harry Potter is bad because it's "unscientific and encourages children to believe in magic and wizards." Yes, Richard. That would be because they are children's books. For children. And, y'know, fiction. I've read some of Dawkins' stuff and it's basically "I will use big words and lots of them so people will think I'm clever; I will shout very loudly so people will agree with me because I am the Only Atheist In The Village" - it's like being hit over the head with something blunt and heavy; he has no sense of nuance whatsoever! As you say, how can someone be so clever and yet have absolutely zero sense of empathy? T'is a mystery...except Mysteries are probably Bad in Dawkins' world and so we may never know. Odious man.
  2. Nocturna

    Nightwish and Richard Dawkins : EFMB

    That's the man, indeed! I read these declarations in press and was shoched! Ok, if you are atheist that's up to you,,,,,, BUT in this case you are deciding about other person's life (Down Syndrome babies) and a rape is ALWAYS a bad thing! Sometimes apologies aren't enough. He said what he was really thinking, It's not a misunderstanding thing! He was really disrespectful! BTW: If I were an atheist I won't be very proud of Mr Dawkings. Ugh, the man is an absolute...expletive. He's more Messianic than the Messiah; he seems to have set himself up as some spokesperson for atheism and if you don't agree with him you're an idiot. Well I'm an atheist and he sure as heck doesn't speak for me. In my humble opinion his comments about rape made him even more morally repugnant. Ugh.
  3. Nocturna

    Nightwish and Richard Dawkins : EFMB

    Wait, I'm stupidly-late to the party on this, but RICHARD DAWKINS? Seriously?!!! Richard "Downs Syndrome babies should be aborted, some 'types' of rape are not as bad as others" Dawkins? Ahahahahaaaaaaaaaaa, excuse me while I go away and beat my head against a wall for a few hours....
  4. Nocturna

    The Floor thread

    I LOVE her tattoo. Of course I may be biased since I'm something of a tattoo junkie (seven so far, numbers eight, nine and ten planned and ready to ink when I get myself organised!) but I think it's absolutely stunning. I love the 'celtic bangle'-style part especially; I had an arm-cuff almost exactly the same and wore it religiously till it broke; never considered the option of getting it permanently inked... Dammit, I think I might just be getting an idea for number eleven as well, once I find a spare patch of skin. Thanks, Floor...
  5. Nocturna

    A quick question for the non North Americans

    Yeah, it is kind of, um, weird. I was taught the "old" way (but then again I am ancient) but I work quite closely with schools and I think some of them do have some particularly bizarre ways of teaching, one of which is the one you mentioned, although I'm not sure how standardised it is across the board. (These days it's kinda hard to tell because you have private schools, academies, free schools and the like doing their own thing, as well as the 'normal' local government-managed ones). One of my schools has a really weird way of doing division with their kids - they get them do draw circles and put dots in them. So if you're dividing 56 by 3 for example, you draw three circles and then put a dot in each one in turn until you get to 56, then you count up how many dots there are in each circle. It's the most bizarre and time consuming way of doing division I've ever seen!!
  6. Nocturna

    What are you watching?

    Has anyone seen "Only God Forgives"? If so, is it any good? i know from stuff I've read that it's quite violent (which doesn't particularly bother me - my favourite movie of all time is The Crow so, y'know, violence is kinda not a problem for me so long as it's not "Saw" levels of torturous horror) but I've not seen anything that says "ZOMG SEE THIS FILM AT ONCE!!!" Then again, I also haven't seen anything that says "stay the hell away from this film, it's terrible", so I'm hoping someone has seen it and can let me know if it's worth watching.
  7. Nocturna

    An overdue return? THE COMFY CHAIR!! MERCY!! I BEG FOR MERCY!!!!! And actually I have to concur with you about the writing thing. I shouldn't complain - I haven't written poetry in over a year myself, so...
  8. Nocturna

    An overdue return?

    I was going to do that really lame joke about expecting Spanish Inquisitions, but we did that on the old forum. So even though I'm a sad penguin about you not writing anymore, I'll just say this: YAY!!!
  9. Nocturna

    Within Temptation

    Hmm. I guess I maybe need to listen to it more then because I've had since Sunday and it's really not growing on me at ALL (and I say this as one of those rare beasts who loved The Unforgiving from first listen ) I've listened to it about half a dozen times and, apart from What About Us, which I loved when it came out as an EP, it's really not sticking with me. Which is a blow, since I'm seeing them in April! Ah well, maybe it'll be a grower...
  10. Nocturna


    Sabaton aren't the sort of band I'd normally listen to but I saw them when they performed as one of the opening bands for Dragonforce (I know, I know...) when they came to my cruddy hometown in 2009 (along with Glamour of the Kill and Sylosis) and I was absolutely blown away. They were easily the best band of the night; they had the entire crowd - most of whom, if not all, had never actually heard of them - eating out of their hands within one song; and they were so genuinely surprised and touched by how well they went down that they won me over instantly. Halfway through Dragonforce's set, people were chanting for them to get off and for Sabaton to get back on - THAT is how much we loved them. (Admittedly it wasn't the best I've ever seen DF, but still...) And they were so lovely after the show, just hanging out with people and signing stuff and were really humble when people said how much they liked them. Having dealt with some particularly enormous musical egos in my time (coughSamfromDFcough), it was really refreshing to actually have someone intelligent and actually nice to talk to!! I've seen them headline their own UK tour since and they still seem genuinely lovely. Bring on the new album and another tour!!!
  11. Nocturna

    Nightwish Forum Awards 2013

    Not that I've been here in an age, but angel_heart will kill me if I don't vote!! And Em - I remember when stuff was things too. I miss stuff being things... 01. Lost in Cyberspace: The old sense of community... 02. Blondest Poster: No idea 03. Cat Vs Dog: Most of the 'fans' vs Anette from the look of things 04. Least Favourite Mod/Admin: I don't really care enough either way, tbh... 05. Favourite Mod/Admin: Same as least favourite 06. Most Annoying Member: Wouldn't know 07. Gimmick of the Year: "This is the Big Brother House, you are live on Channel 4, PLEASE DO NOT SWEAR!!!!!!" Also the being mean about Anette thing, which is frankly pathetic. Oh for the days when llamas were gimmicks instead of having to be a grade-A Mean Girlz wannabe... 08. Best Double Act: Ex Romeo and Juliet, ex Morcambe and Wise - no idea. 09. Most Intelligent Poster: angel_heart, Serious Sam and snowhite. I'm guessing they all still post here, right...? 10. Funniest Poster: no idea. 11. Best Artist: Your favourite author, musician, etc. on the board. Yappo 12. Best Username: iono...em-j-ottermaster has always made me smile (love you, Em!!) and Jaime Lankyster also 13. Best Avatar: no idea 14. Best thread: no idea. GoT/ASoIaF was fun but iono if it's still active these days... 15. Worst thread: no idea 16. Band Stalker: don't know, don't care. they all creep me out so it's hard to pick one person out the general homogeneous mass... 17. Best Newcomer: no clue 18. Best Sig: Em-J's Otter-puns! Ahh, remember when otter puns was thing? That otter come back... 19. Biggest Spammer: Baki 20. Most 'in your face' poster: snowhite. At least if she still posts and people still have debates, which doesn't seem to be the case. 21. Best Quote: no idea. 22. Best alternative swearphrase: are we allowed alternative swear phrases? I have no clue... 23. Biggest Drama Queen: I second Em-J's answer... 24. Biggest Music Freak: snowhite. Also Em-J 25. Changing Face: no idea 26. Most Flirtatious Forum Member: no one flirts anymore. 27. Best poster: angel_heart for still trying to keep this thing alive. I may not always have agreed with her stance, but I like that she's not deserting the sinking ship (unlike me). angel-heart for Queen of the World!!! Aaand the community awards: 1. Best Film 2013: Either The Iceman or American Hustle. How Christian Bale's hair didn't get a Best Actor nod is beyond me... 2. Best Book 2013: The Twelve by Justin Cronin (second book in The Passage trilogy). Geneticaly engineered vampires for the win - in your FACE, SMeyer... 3. Best TV show 2013: THE FOLLOWING!!!!!!!!!! Absolute genius of the highest genius-ness-ness!!! 4. Best Live Gig 2013: Hands down no contest Amanda PAlmer at the Roundhouse. Dear GOD that woman needs to be cloned and given to everyone to make them feel better because she is beyond marvellous. I might just die of excitement thinking about it. 5. Best Album 2013: An Evening with Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer. Neil's deadpan delivery on 'Making Whoopee' is the funniest thing I've ever heard in my life. I want them to adopt me.
  12. Nocturna

    All Things Tolkien

    Just seen the second part - wow, what a disappointment. I mean seriously, what?!! I was ridiculously sceptical about the Lord of the Rings because I'm a huge Tolkien fan and was convinced no film could do the books justice, but Peter Jackson won me round; having seen the Desolation of Smaug he has just lost me completely. I didn't see the first part and now I know why - what a blinkin' travesty! "Oh look, let's just make up some random female Elf character for no reason at all except we'll say it's to make up the gender imbalance a bit, and then let's just chuck in some insulting and pointless love triangle just because we can!" Ugh, there were parts of that film which made the Elves showing up at Helms Deep look like canon. If you didn't think the story was "good enough", Jackson, why bother turning it into a film - I'm sorry, three films (corporate greed for the win) - in the first place? And actually, I can't even say I'm disappointed really; I'm just really, really angry and annoyed about the whole thing...
  13. Nocturna


    The new album's grown on me. The first time I listened to it I was...not disappointed, exactly, more like a bit bewildered. And some of the lyrics had me dying with laughter (seriously, Mathias, what WERE you thinking with 'Bhang-Eater'? Wait, I don't want to know...) - I just couldn't take it seriously. But on listening to it more it has started to click a bit more. I don't think it'll ever be my favourite (gonna take a hug HUGE effort to knock The Varangian Way off that plinth) but it's not as awful as the early reviews led me to fear. I'm quite fond of it. The only thing which keeps bringing me up short is hearing keyboards again like from live gigs way back in the day. It's gonna be so, so weird not catching up with Netta in October - I'll miss her being part of the band for sure
  14. Nocturna

    The Floor thread

    Call me naive but maybe - just maybe - it actually isn't about money for Floor... I mean I don't know her from Adam, obviously (although I've met her a couple of times and she was grace and charm personified) but she just doesn't strike me as the type to be completely money-oriented. It helps, sure, but imo she doesn't seem to be the type of person who would refuse to get out of bed for less than a million dollars, say. I dunno - I mean she seems very happy to have been in Nightwish, and they sure seem happy to have had her, so maybe there will be a mutual decision to have her on board "permanently". I for one just hope ReVamp doesn't suffer as a consequence of this because I really like them, am excited about Wild Card, and am hoping against hope that Floor isn't too knackered from touring with Nightwish so that we get some ReVamp shows in the UK because I want to see them live again. *crosses everything till she resembles a human pretzel*
  15. Nocturna

    The Floor thread

    I was listening to After Forever on shuffle on the way into work this morning and cursing the fact I never got to see them live (although having seen Floor with ReVamp it kinda eased the 'meh' feeling a bit). I was quite happily bouncing along when Between Love and Fire came on - man! That bit where she, Sander and Bas sing together just knocks my socks off every time. So much so that I inadvertently blurted out "oh god, I LOVE After Forever!!!", only because I had my headphones on I didn't realise how loud I'd said it until I got a really, REALLY weird look from the bloke walking past me. I blame Floor for this entirely.