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    Music is a big part of my life. I've been playing the piano and guitar since I was 10.
    I also produce my own music. Not really in the style of Nightwish, but a friend keeps telling me he hears the influence of Nightwish in some of my work.
    I would appreciate it if you would take a listen to my music:)! Link at the bottom of the page

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    Keys (Nord Electro 4D, Korg X50, Trinity and X5D, Yamaha Motif XS), guitar (Ibanez RG 270 and Cort acoustic), drums


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    My brother introduced me to it a looong time ago
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    5 times, Antwerp 2008, Amsterdam 2012 and 2015, Graspop Metal Meeting 2016, FortaRock 2018
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    Signing session at Graspop
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    Signed Nightwish flag
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    Ghost Love Score
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    Century Child
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    Within Temptation - The Silent Force


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  1. Sleepwalker

    The Upcoming Nightwish Album

    As far as I understood, they were done at Röskö at the end of july. Looks like they're recording the drums at Petrax studio. Or it could be Finnvox, not sure about that, but the recording room looks just like the one in Petrax. I'm glad they decided not to record the drums at some random location (wooden cabin or basement) as was the case on the previous two albums. Drums are the very foundation of a mix for which you in my opinion shouldn't make compromises in recording equipment, room acoustics, etc. I hope they return to the recording quality of the DPP drums, which in my opinion are superior in sound to Imaginaerum and EFMB. Very curious what Kai will add since this is the first album where he's involved from the start instead of after rehearsing and arranging. I have very high hopes for the upcoming album!:)
  2. Sleepwalker

    Decades World Tour 2018

    On a festival you can't speak of opening bands for other acts, especially not on Wacken. There were three bands after Nightwish on the two mainstages, of which most played a 75 minute slot just like Nightwish. And on a festival that continues till 3 at night the last time slot isn't considered the headliner slot.
  3. Sleepwalker

    Vehicle of Spirit

    I found that for Tampere the difference is huge. It really looks amazing with Bluray. However, the Wembley gig does not look that much better, because the original content is not that high def. It mostly seemed to add more video noise and grain.
  4. Sleepwalker

    Vehicle of Spirit

    ^I agree on EFMB. It made me realise again how great of a live song it is. It translates much better on the stage than on the album.
  5. Sleepwalker

    Vehicle of Spirit

    The CDs have an average DR score of 7, with some 8 score songs. The Tampere DVD audio has an average DR of 9. I listened to the Wembley gig some more today and I partly take back my comments on the inferiority of the audio compared to Tampere gig. The proximity of all the instruments is actually quite nice (when you're listening in the train for example). Still, some reverb on the vocals would have been welcome.
  6. Sleepwalker

    Vehicle of Spirit

    Watched both shows and the bonus DVD this weekend, and I have to say I'm really satisfied! One thing that baffles me though is how vastly superior the mixing is of the Tampere show, which makes me wonder why they didn't use the same mixing approach for Wembley. The Tampere mix has the Nightwish sound right (prominent, thick keyboards!!) and it sounds very much like a live show, apart from the very low crowd noise during the songs. But the lack of crowd noise is likely due to the way it was recorded (large membrane condenser mics on the stage instead of directional mics which pick up the crowd better and have less of the repercussion that you hear a lot at the rare moments the crowd mics are 'turned on' during for example Amaranth). The Tampere mix is also a lot less fatiguing to the ears. Anyway, I made a mp3 rip of the Tampere gig and will probably listen to that a lot more than the Wembley CDs.
  7. Sleepwalker

    Vehicle of Spirit

    So I decided I couldn't wait for monday and ordered the DVD yesterday evening from Already received it this morning (hurray for the Dutch postal system). Package looks great! Great pictures. Hope to receive the earbook this monday to be able to watch in full HD, but for the weekend the DVD will do. Figured the DVD would be of more use as a backup, because I won't be carrying a bluray player with me everywhere. I feel sorry for you spikethedevil, but I'm afraid you won't receive it before wednesday/thursday. GLS is a crappy parcel service and christmas is coming. If I were you I would go to a music store somewhere close to you.
  8. Sleepwalker

    Vehicle Of Spirit

    @SilentDawn: I really doubt we'll get our packages today but we can still hope. Should have preordered from Nuclear Blast, since they use a decent transport company (DPD instead of GLS). No more Mad Supply preorders for me. Seriously in doubt if I should order from the Dutch store which says it can deliver tomorrow, though it's a bit of a waste of money. But I'm growing very impatient now! Update: Packages have just reached The Netherlands. Still doubt they'll send them out this time of day.
  9. Sleepwalker

    Vehicle Of Spirit

    ^Same here... However, it can stil arrive today since it reached and left Denmark yesterday evening, meaning they could have reached The Netherlands by now if they transport overnight. Track and trace just doesn't give much info. If they reach the distribution center in the Netherlands this morning they can deliver this afternoon (some wishful thinking going on here).
  10. Sleepwalker

    Vehicle Of Spirit

    I must have missed something, but where exactly does it say that the vinyls don't have content on them? Wouldn't it make sense to have Wembley cut in three parts on these? Otherwise it would be a really stupid waste of money package.
  11. Sleepwalker

    Vehicle Of Spirit

    Yeah that's what I was hoping for! Stunning visuals and... Appropriate reverb on the vocals! Went to the Wembley screening in the German cinema yesterday. Was quite impressed, though I was annoyed by the large amount of out of focus moments. The visuals were below standard half of the time and distracted me from the show. This is probably different when I'll watch it for the second time with a less critical eye. Sometimes they did really get it right though, but it was hit and miss. However, musically it was great! The Poet was stunning, 7 Days kicked ass and this version of Nemo was the best I've ever seen and heard! And it was really nice to see all the gestures of Floor close up and all the interactions between the members. The focus was really on the band and there were very few audience shots, and the few audience shots had me laughing out loud sometimes. They really added something this time instead of breaking the flow like in StSt. Based on the Stargazers video, I'm going to prefer the Tampere show!!
  12. Sleepwalker

    Vehicle Of Spirit

    Seems like the USA do get the DVD+CD and BD+CD options, at very cheap prices. Isn't that weird? Are they assuming European fans are willing to spend more on them anyway and Americans would not buy a +50 dollar package?
  13. Sleepwalker

    Vehicle Of Spirit

    @GreatEye I think it's quite something he even bothered to answer you at all. He's not obliged to read all the requests and negative remarks he receives. Furthermore, he's not responsible for the mixing. I think he made some valid points. It's impossible to please everyone. The endproduct is being pressed and printed now, nothing will change. So lets put an end to this discussion and start enjoying the awesome live package they'll treat us with.
  14. Sleepwalker

    Vehicle Of Spirit

    I've found the still again I mentioned earlier, with Emppu doing the LROTD solo on the catwalk. I'm not sure if it's footage from the DVD or just a picture, but I didn't find it anywhere else on the web (does seem a bit wide for video though). Doesn't this look amazing!?: There's also some more info and an interview with Tuomas, but it's in Finnish:
  15. Sleepwalker

    Vehicle Of Spirit

    I think you (and some others) overestimate the influence of Nuclear Blast. They are not the ones responsible for the personnel a band hires. These are the band's decisions. Especially for an established band like Nightwish. Could be different for a beginning band with a limited budget though. And now for some nitpicking (sorry just had to set some of your facts straight): Marco is from Kuopio, not Kitee. He has worked as a studio engineer in the past, and he has been (co)producing quite some records. Furthermore, Kimmo Ahola (the FOH guy) has done most of the mixing, not Marco. Not sure if Tero is involved in this one. Marco has mentioned he has been working on the vocal editing (I assume mostly pitch correction and leveling). Mikka Jussila has done the mastering this time (wasn't the case with StSt, which would explain the punchier and less messy and cluttered sound compared to StSt). I agree that the sound is far from perfect, but for me it suffices. However, if I were in control of the console I would start with raising the keyboard levels a few dB. That N364 string patch is what attracted me to Nightwish and keyboards in the first place and it's what makes this performance one of their best. There is so much grandness and fullness in a rich string patch mixed at an equal level as the guitars. Speaking of which, the guitars could also be raised a few dB. Bass guitar needs to be tamed a little, takes up a lot of space. Vocals need more reverb. Though End of an Era doesn't get much love soundwise, it sounds pretty tight to me. Even though every instrument sounds compact, there was a spaciousness to the overall sound. There's a clear distinction of what the individual instruments did. Guitar was a bit to the right, keys a bit to the left, and voila, space. I'm curious who mixed that concert. Could someone look up for me who's credited for the mixing in the booklet? It's the only Nightwish album I do not own physically.