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  1. Metalhead Pete

    The Floor thread

    I don't know if that is connected, but I loved when Visions of Atlantis and Amberian Dawn ditched operatic vocals. Maxi Nil was awesome, and the woman from AD has a great raspy rock voice. About the Floor and how she sounded before, I just love how she sang on Decipher. Her operatic vocals there had lighter color. I honestly don't like the darker color she has right now when she sings operatically, like that Devin Townsend song. And I don't like dark operatic voices in general. But I guess she knows what she is doing. These old albums were recorded before she had any training in singing. I just don't know how was she able to sing with operatic technique on Prison of Desire if she had no classical training. I know she did not sound like professional trained classical singers, but I am still impressed that she was actually able to sing what she was singing there. She's using some elements of classical technique I guess, I mean, things like how you support and project high notes, that's not something that classical technique or Bel Canto or whatever has monopoly on. If you listen to a singer like Kate Bush, she's also incredible at singing high, without having a typically classical sound. It's all about having a good technique in general, and having a high voice that naturally sits well in a high register. In general I think metal singers who sings with a classical sound often darken too much. I mean, of course it's a matter of taste, but if you listen to opera singers they tend to sound more natural. They don't tend to play around with their color the way many metal singers do. I think metal singers darken because it sounds more "sinister" = cooler... I think when you darken a lot you lose some of the natural ring, and you have more trouble projecting. It sometimes sounds like the notes are almost swallowed. But on the other hand, I really like a slightly darker belting, and I much prefer the later AF albums to the first two in that regard. I can't stand it when singers belt (sings loud and high) and it sounds thin, whiny and strained. Sometimes I think a belting-like neutral or overdrive sounds better than curbing, but of course it all depends on the singer's voice. Agree! Edit: I listened to Let This River Flow from the Soilwork album on Spotify, it's such a good song! I might have to check Soilwork out... Is anyone a fan? Which songs should I listen to? Massive Soilwork fan here, If you liked Let This River Flow I would recommend checking out stuff like Exile, Distortion Sleep, Tongue & Two Lives Worth Of Reckoning they are pretty catchy and melodic. Although Soilwork generally tend to get bundled under the 'melodeath' umbrella they are quite different than most other bands in this genre IMO. Their earlier stuff is generally faster and more thrashy (some tracks actually sound slightly punkish to my ears), the later material is generally more melodic (but some of it can still be pretty brutal). Saw them a couple of weeks before they recorded the Helsinki show and they really were superb. For those who have not seen it yet here is the performance with Floor from the new DVD/Blu Ray (which is awesome BTW and so worth buying if you're a fan of the band). Fixed quote - WhiteRaven
  2. Metalhead Pete

    The Floor thread

    Just a reminder Soilwork's Live In Heart Of Helsinki is out next week which features Floor as a guest, well looking forward to that.
  3. Well I reckon Shudder Before The Beautiful is awesome, absolutely love it.
  4. Metalhead Pete

    Nightwish and Richard Dawkins : EFMB

    I presumed Dawkins was hired for his narrating voice and will probably speak a handful of lines on the album written by Tuomas, is that not the case?
  5. I agree, I also prefer Sagan to the single TBH. Hoping for some heavier stuff on the album but so far so good for me, these tracks are pretty much what I was expecting. NW are one of the bands which usually release more radio friendly stuff for the first single off a new album. Although I suspect we have only seen the tip of the iceberg regarding what Floor will bring to this album she still sounds great to me on both of these tracks we have heard so far.
  6. Metalhead Pete

    World Tour EFMB 2015/2016

    Yes, that show was fantastic. Really hope there are some more UK dates announced for next year.
  7. Metalhead Pete

    World Tour EFMB 2015/2016

    Boo!!! Seriously, sole UK date on the weekend before Christmas in the busiest city in the country isn't ideal TBH. Hotels, transport etc. will be a nightmare. Would normally have been all over this like a bad suit (especially with Arch Enemy supporting) but not sure I'm going to go TBH. Be disappointed if this really is their only appearance over here, might look to see if I can to get another European show instead (if/when they are announced).
  8. I've just read the response to this leak posted on Tuomas FB page this morning, that's the sort of thing I believe should have been posted on the bands page yesterday.
  9. Yes, leaking stuff sucks especially as we are led to believe in this case it was an unfinished version of the track. To have worked so hard on something and have this happen must be very frustating and dissapointing, think most people can appreciate that. As others have said though I don't think the bands FB posts today have been their finest hour TBH, as we all know some of the NW fanbase can be difficult enough at the best of times and these posts were only ever going to stir up something of a hornets nest. On the plus side even in apparently unfinished form this track sounded pretty good to me, I expected a reasonably radio friendly song for the first single. Looking forward to getting my mitts on the finished article next week.
  10. Metalhead Pete

    The Floor thread

    Looks as though that vile anti-Floor FB page has finally been taken down. It's taken long enough but hopefully this will now set a precedent for the removal of pages inciting this kind of activity. I have never bothered reporting these pages in the past as nothing ever seemed to get done about them but will do so in the future and cite this removal as an example. Probably a short lived reprieve and no doubt these idiots will pop up again but it's a nice early Christmas present nonetheless.
  11. Metalhead Pete


    Donated and downloaded, really hope this track gets the success it deserves.
  12. Metalhead Pete


    One thing I will say is sometimes these YT video's do not really do an artist justice, there are a few clips up on there of gigs I have attended which sound noticeably inferior to how they did first hand. I attended the Epica gig in London on Saturday night and thought they were superb. As for Simone, she nailed every track they played IMHO, not really sure what more anyone could expect of her TBH.
  13. Metalhead Pete

    Favorite albums of 2014?

    Epica: The Quantum Enigma MaYaN: Antagonise In Flames: Siren Charms (yes I am aware that most people hate it!) Arch Enemy: War Eternal Engel: Raven Kings Soilwork: Beyond The Infinite (if EP's are allowed?) Evergrey: Hymns For The Broken Insomnium: Shadows Of The Dying Sun
  14. Metalhead Pete


    They played The Last Crusade in London last night, it was fantastic!
  15. Metalhead Pete

    Pet peeves

    People who constantly feel the need to make a choice between certain bands & musicians...and then constantly voice this choice on every form of social media known to man as though it's not acceptable to appreciate the work of more than one artist. People who pigeon hole music into genres, sub genres, sub sub genres and genres I wasn't even aware existed an hour ago! Haters/Trolls: If you don't like, don't listen, simple as. As for designated hate pages, FB and the like should not permit these in my view. Artist's are not punchbags, some of the stuff I've seen over the years is nothing short of bullying IMHO. I've even witnessed people attending concerts simply to boo and jeer an artist. Honestly don't get this TBH, why not spend your hard earned cash to see a band you actually like?!!!