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  1. Sunny_Sundae_Smile

    Your Latest Music Related Hauls

    Milk Music's Beyond Living LP and Almost Live cassette.
  2. Sunny_Sundae_Smile

    Beautiful People

    Carrie Brownstein of Sleater-Kinney/Wild Flag/Portlandia fame.
  3. Sunny_Sundae_Smile

    Express Yourself!

    I took a few punches to the face Friday night, got a hell of a shiner that I could only describe as "exquisite." ***** tequila, man. I got a few years of repressed rage out in one night though.
  4. Sunny_Sundae_Smile

    Express Yourself!

    Joe Arpaio is a piece of *****. That is true. He's actually under investigation by the Justice Department for racial profiling towards hispanics in Maricopa County in Arizona. Meh, it's a pretty bleak situation.
  5. Sunny_Sundae_Smile

    Express Yourself!

    I'm going to Big Sur tomorrow for like....the 7 time in the past 2 months? I ***** love it down there.
  6. Sunny_Sundae_Smile


    I'm mostly pissed that I'm missing GY!BE. I had to opportunity to get tickets for a show they're doing in Big Sur but it sold out in hours. This might have been my only chance to see them this year. :sorry:
  7. Sunny_Sundae_Smile


    Coachella is sold out. :angry: And stubhub bought up a shitload of tickets and are selling them for 2x the original price on ebay. Those *****. I was looking forward to it this year since they booked a shitload of bands I actually like. *****. Portland it is.
  8. Ehh, I'm gonna have to deactivate it during my 6 week long break. Gotta stay productive.

  9. Beeotch you better put your Facebook back up :|

  10. Sunny_Sundae_Smile

    Express Yourself!

    Deafheaven put on quite a show last night, despite the SF hipsters being an incredibly tame crowd. I ended up buying their "Roads to Judah" LP. Gonna listen to it all day.
  11. Plaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaya

    1. Sunny_Sundae_Smile


      WHAT UP MY *****. How's it going man.

    2. Tome


      Bastard didn't email me telling me I had a comment. Alls good in this hooooooood, broseph. How you doing?

    3. Sunny_Sundae_Smile


      Oh ***** I just saw this....Fuuuuuuck Sorry mang. I'm doing pretty well, going to school and what not and living on the ***** coast. The west side is the best side. How's everything in Deutschland? I'm learning German btw.

  12. Sunny_Sundae_Smile

    Express Yourself!

    Did I just...Yes I think I did....I just got a girl's number without even trying. PIMPIN. Brian you so fly.
  13. Sunny_Sundae_Smile

    Express Yourself!

    19 units. I'm taking 19 units in the spring. There goes the social life I never really had. I'm gonna have to TCOB so I don't have to stay at a CC for much longer.
  14. Sunny_Sundae_Smile

    Express Yourself!

    I discovered today that caffeine might be the secret to my success, and who knew a stimulant would leave me feeling a lot less neurotic? Strange.
  15. Sunny_Sundae_Smile

    Express Yourself!

    I really need to stop FB and forum lurking and study for the two exams I have tomorrow. Fuuuuuuuck.