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    From my brother.
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    Twice. EFMB and Decades tours.
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    The first time I saw them live. September 14 2016.
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    The Poet and the Pendulum (mostly with Floor), 7 Days to the Wolves
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    The Poet and The Pendulum, Beauty of the Beast
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    Sleeping Sun (2005)
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    Showtime Storytime
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    Wishmaster. Still like it though.
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    Lagoon maybe?

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    Hmm, "deal with tomorrow's problems, tomorrow". Aka Live in the moment. Cliche enough for you?
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    Yes, two cats.
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    I can play a couple of songs on the piano, but I wouldn't say I play the piano :P

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    Swallow the Sun - Cathedral Walls
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    Anneke van Giersbergen, Floor Jansen, Sharon den Adel, Lady Gaga, Brendan Perry
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    Tuomas Holopainen
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    Dead can Dance - The Carnival is Over
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    Within Temptation- Elements
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    90% of Greek music.


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    Harry Potter, the Before Trilogy, Star Wars, Her, MCU
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    Too many. I'll say Game of Thrones and Parks and Recreation for now.
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    Harry Potter and the deathly hallows-part 2, Downton Abbey soundtrack
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    Harry Potter saga, The Hunger Games, Middlesex, The song of Ice and Fire saga
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    Death Note

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  1. Imagineer

    Game of Thrones

    I definitely agree that no person in ASOIAF is 100% good or bad. On the good-bad scale, Daenerys is definitely not on the far left side and Cersei is not on the far right side either. But Daenerys is on the good side (although there are definitely characters who are "better" than her, like Jon probably) and Cersei is on the bad side. And I don't just justify everything Daenerys does because dragons. She hadn't even used the dragons that much before season 7. The fire in the Dothraki camp was her doing. And I do justify it. Also, I would feel exactly the same if she had asked the Dothraki to execute the Tarlys, instead of having Drogon burn them alive. Also, people don't just support Daenery's claims because of the dragons, they do it because she would be a way better ruler than Cersei, who doesn't give an f about her subordinates and basically anyone except for herself at this point (something which as you said is justifiable to a certain degree). If Cersei was the one who had the dragons, but her story was exactly the same in all other regards, people (and by that I mean the viewers) would still not want her on the throne, nor would they justify the burning of the Sept because she would have used her dragons instead of wildfire. Basically, the huge monstrous dragons are seen as "good characters" exactly because Daenerys is good and for instance, she didn't just fly to Kings Landing to burn down all her enemies and take the crown, as Cersei would have done in her place. If the dragons were Cersei's they would be seen as monsters that everyone would want dead. You' re right about the bastards in Kings Landing, it was Joffrey who gave the order. (Although it was Cersei who did it in the book).
  2. Imagineer

    Game of Thrones

    I for once know that Marg would not hate her brother just for being born and she wouldn't try to execute him a bunch of times just for existing. But have it your way then, let's say that Marg and Olenna deserved to die (for killing the worst king that ever existed). I still don't get what you are saying about the civilians of Kings Landing. Yes, they humiliated Cersei. And? I don't see how you see Daenerys killing the handful of Khals who held her as a prisoner and would either rape or kill her or both as a crime, but you don't see Cersei murdering a huge number of civilians as a bad thing. Oh, also, remember when Cersei killed a bunch of infants and young boys just because they were Robert's bastards? All the things that happened to Cersei that you mentioned are the things that make her a fully fledged character and a lot of these have made me personally feel bad for her, definitely. There were moments when I was on the side of Cersei and not on the people opposite her. The sparrows absolutely deserved their fate and Ellaria Sand did too, she was a terrible person who basically killed Myrcella because Oberyn was too arrogant. Still, the Night King is exactly that, a killing machine who kills everyone and everything on his way. Cersei makes you think she is on your side and then betrays you, murders you, or tries to execute you to get what she wants, no matter if you are her brother, husband, lover, etc. What has Daenerys done wrong exactly? She freed a bunch of slaves, united the Dothraki (and yes, we haven't seen how they act now, but we know Daenerys would not allow them to rape their women, or imprison them just because their husbands died, etc) and she is generally as just as she can be. The people she has by her side, like Tyrion and Jorah are people she trusts and people she always takes advice from, and she has never betrayed anyone afaik, except for the people who mistreated her. And yes, she does believe that she is the true heir to the Iron Throne, since not only did Robert stole the throne, but he is now dead along with all his ancestors and both brothers and Cersei sits on the throne (btw, like Daenerys, Cersei also didn't ask anyone in the seven kingdoms if they wanted her as the Queen, she offered them the chance of either bending the knee or dying). She has accumulated more power than Cersei, she is just to the people around her and her subservients, and if they had known her, most people would obviously prefer her to Cersei. Growing up in a foreign land wasn't her choice, it was the only way she would survive, and now she is back to claim what is rightfullly hers.
  3. Imagineer

    Game of Thrones

    Sure, the Tyrells were power hungry. But not in the same way as Cersei. Marg may have wanted power but deep down she was good and would have been a much better queen to her people had she become one. I doubt Loras was power hungry though, and their father was stupid as hell, but still not really a bad person. I thought you were talking about viewers having a problem with the incest. Well, how can the people of Westeros have a problem with the Dany/Jon incest if they don’t know about it? They probably will, once they find out. Even Jon probably will. And are you talking about the brother who treated Daenerys as scum and sold her as a slave? Yes, she did had a hand in his death. Why wouldn’t she? You May think that Daenerys is not the the right ruler of Westeros for whatever reason, but your argument is lost the minute you compare her to Cersei, who some would say is even more evil than the Night King.
  4. Imagineer

    Game of Thrones

    When did Daenerys burn down the Dothraki capital? She burned down one building with a few khals who were going to kill her or imprison her. And she gave a much better life to the women of the Dothraki too, while also uniting the different Dothraki tribes. On the other hand Cersei executed the lunatic priests (who were indeed lunatic and I was more than happy to see die). Who were the hypocritical nobles? The Tyrells? Margaery was definitely one of the best characters, the other Tyrells were mostly good and the sept was also full of random nobles we know nothing about. Random civilians of Kings Landing died as well. I really see no point of comparison between these two events. Also, if Daenerys blackmailed the North with help fpr the Other, it only happened in the beginning of her acquaintance with Jon. She didn't agree to help the North because Jon bend the knee. That happened after she agreed. She did it because she saw the army of the dead and came to realize that the threat is real and it wasn't just a ploy by Jon, which was what she believed in the beginning, since the White Walkers were only a myth before. On the other hand, Cersei killed her husband (who was a terrible king, true), tried to kill Tyrion just because he existed (I mean before Joffrey's death, but even after, she didn't even give him the benefit of the doubt), killed countless others, imprisoned Margaery just because she didn't like her, promised a truce that she was not going to keep true to and basically she even betrayed Jamie's trust. As for the incest, I don't really think people have a problem with it nowadays, I personally don't. But still, the two cases are completely different. Cersei and Jamie grew up together and were fully aware of what was happening, while Jon and Daenerys literally just met and they both had no way of knowing what was happening. I do believe that, as you say, Cersei is humane and relatable to a certain degree, and I like her as the bad guy. She is a fully fledged character and not just a superficial villain who wants dominion over everyone. But in the "Is Daenerys really better than Cersei" question you set, for me the answer is always 100% yes.
  5. Imagineer

    Game of Thrones

    Yeah, I was talking about the last couple of seasons in general. I still don't think it's that bad though (and yes, I've read all books before seeing the show and think they are better than the show, but still) What? Why would anyone root for Cersei? She is literally the worst and the last person I'd wanna see on the throne (well maybe except for Euron ). Daenerys for the win!
  6. Imagineer

    Game of Thrones

    Yeah the Cersei and Euron scene was ew for various reasons. It was weird it even happened. As for the Daenerys-Jon-dragons thing, I do believe it was best to see this scene now than later on. If amidst the huge battle, Jon were to casually ride Rhaegal without having done it before, it would be way out of the blue and I don't think I'd like that. Now we saw them in a calm environment where Jon gains its trust and learns how to actually ride him. Also, I believe Daenerys just thinks that "Well, they are my children, they know I trust Jon, so they trust him too." She is kind of arrogant in that way (not saying it in a bad way exactly). Ghost will definitely appear later on. But I do wonder if Nymeria will too. I do agree that the dialogue is worse than the first seasons. However, I think this has more to do with the fact that the first seasons were more dialogue-driven, people were scheming and conspiring and discussing strategies, while now it's way more action-driven, full of battles and chases and so on.
  7. Imagineer

    Tarja Turunen pt. III

    i believe we'll get an announcement this Friday. Let' see!
  8. Imagineer

    Game of Thrones

    I live for Game of Thrones memes And yes, it was weird how they were going on trips and whatnot, but on the other hand, we saw Gendry making dragonglass weapons and the armies were probably getting ready. Also, winterfell is small, it's not like they have to say you will be there and you will be waiting for the WWs there and so on. They are basically just waiting for them to come to them. Also, I don't care about Sam's father and brother. There I said it It is a war as they've said countless of times. Randyll was a terrible man who threatened to kill Sam, betrayed Olenna who he knew and served for centuries and went along with Cersei, who is basically the mad queen. So, yeah, sorry, I just don't care.
  9. Imagineer

    What songs should Nightwish cover?

    Me too. I wish After Forever had recorded this version instead of the one they did. It's still nice, but not as good imo.
  10. Imagineer

    What songs should Nightwish cover?

    Alone is probably the best you'll get. But I'd pay good money for them to properly record the second verion.
  11. Imagineer

    Game of Thrones

    3 days! I can't wait! So I saw that and I immediately thought "How awesome would that be if they had asked european metal bands to do that".
  12. Imagineer

    The Floor thread

    Is it the exact same show that Sharon was in? Cause that was interesting, and I liked how they released the songs as singles.
  13. Imagineer

    Anette Olzon (2º part)

    Lol. I always remember Tolkki's infamous quote when I see Avalon. "This album includes Floor's best vocals ever". "And then After Forever and Ayreon burst into laughter"
  14. Imagineer

    Eurovision SC 2019

    Well, Australia takes part now so I doubt the UK won't be allowed to I' ve only listened to very few songs, but I quite like the Greek entry, sth which hasn't happened in years
  15. Imagineer

    Tarja Turunen pt. III

    Seems like the announcement for the new album is coming this month! So i'd say a single may be released in the end of May or in June. Hopefully.