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    From my brother.
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    Only once for now.
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    The first time I saw them live. September 14 2016.
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    The Poet and the Pendulum (mostly with Floor), 7 Days to the Wolves
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    The Poet and The Pendulum, Beauty of the Beast
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    Sleeping Sun (2005)
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    Vehicle of Spirit
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    Wishmaster. Still like it though.
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    Lagoon maybe?

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    Coffee, coke
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    UK, Denmark, Italy, Egypt, Belgium, Sweden, Bulgaria
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    Hmm, "deal with tomorrow's problems, tomorrow". Aka Live in the moment. Cliche enough for you?
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    Yes, two cats.
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    I can play a couple of songs on the piano, but I wouldn't say I play the piano :P

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    Swallow the Sun - Cathedral Walls
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    Kai Hahto I guess
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    Anneke van Giersbergen, Floor Jansen, Sharon den Adel, Lady Gaga, Brendan Perry
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    Tuomas Holopainen
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    Dead can Dance - The Carnival is Over
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    Within Temptation- Elements
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    90% of Greek music.


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    Harry Potter, the Before Trilogy, Star Wars
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    Too many. I'll say Game of Thrones and Parks and Recreation for now.
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    Harry Potter and the deathly hallows-part 2, Downron Abbey soundtrack
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    Harry Potter saga, The Hunger Games, The song of Ice and Fire saga
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    Death Note

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  1. Nope, Floor’s worst vocals (not because of her) can be found in Timo Tolki’s Avalon. How this man could call them Floor’s best vocals is beyond me! And what you are saying is right. But I was talking about people who say that NW should drop the orchestra completely, not that they should become more metal. I do want some heavier songs on the next album.
  2. Epica will cover a Powerwolf song for a tribute album. Other bands included in the album will be Eluveitie and Battle Beast. Also they are currently recording the new version of Beyond the Matrix with the Metropole Orkest. Apparently it will be called Beyond the Matrix - Battle. I like how even though they are going a brake after this tour there will still be things released during that time.
  3. If you like Beast in Black give a chance to Battle Beasts Lionheart and their selftitled. Back in 2012 I think only their first album was released. The two albums that followed are more close to BIB. Definitely try their song Touch in the Night.
  4. I like Marco's voice but it's for more "theatrical" songs imo. I don't mind it in DATDOC but for more straightforward metal songs I also hope Floor will get to do some growls here and there.
  5. People who ask Nightwish, one of the biggest symphonic metal bands to not be symphonic, I'm sorry but that will not happen. Nightish hasnt been a power metal band for about 15 years now and they only were that because they couldnt use a real orchestra back then. It's ok to not like it but it's a fact and the next album will almost certainly have a full orchestra. Seriously, i dont get it. It's like asking a Folk Metal band to cut down on the flutes and pipes and be more metal. It makes no sense.
  6. Well their reaction was kind of unnecessary since Tarja has released instrumental versions of her own songs and even a version of a song sung by a different lead singer (Demons in You by Alissa) which is waaaay weirder for a solo singer. But their idea was definitely better and I hope it would have happened! I also agree that the booklet for Decades is not really good. I mean it could have been just two pages of all the tour flyers and whatever and then they could have included the lyrics, a complete list of band members, and maybe some comments about the recordings of some of the songs or their conception.
  7. @hunebedbouwerhmm I'd say I'm both. If it's a band I like (but I don't just mean my top favourite bands/artists) I usually buy their physical albums (or at least put them in the "to buy someday list" ). If I want to listen to that album on my phone/tablet I may also stream it. If I like one or a few songs from a band/artist but I'm not that much into their stuff I usually stream. I haven't bought anything from My Indigo yet, but streamed all the songs released. I'm so and so about the songs released so far as well, but I will probably end up buying the physical album.
  8. They sent a newsletter yesterday. It was mainly My Indigo stuff but I think they are hinting on something WT-related or at least some WT news will be released soon.
  9. You’re right. I didn’t think it through. Thanks!
  10. Actually no, the new album will probably be released around October-November. They only started recording last month.
  11. Sooo do you guyss think Hartwall will sell out quickly?
  12. The screens were definitely not a problem for me in the EFMB tour. I thought maybe they would be but it's not like they show a story or something. Most of them are just simple animations in a loop. And I really like the video for TGSOE. Honestly I think they are more of a problem with Youtube videos than in real life.
  13. There are probably a few more. Floor said there are dutch dates coming for instance.
  14. ill seriously consider going to Hartwall. And it won’t be two full years. They’ll be writing and recording the album during that time.
  15. I think it says Digital Slavery actually. No idea what it is. Also the songs programmmed maybe for the whole Decades tour. We also saw the list for the NA EFMB tour but not all of the songs were performed as far as I recall.