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  1. Imagineer

    After Forever

    I love this cover! And I only just realized that aside from Damian Wilson, it also features Arjen! Floor shines here!
  2. Imagineer


    Hunter’s Moon (the song) is now out. It’s kind of a more straightforward Delain song... except from the metalcore screams? It’s also a bit heavier at parts. I wouldn’t mind heavier Delain I think.
  3. Imagineer

    After Forever

    Great performance! My Choice is one of my favourite AF songs, both metal and accoustic versions.
  4. Great idea! I will definitely leave my ranking sometime soon! I may have prefered only album versions though. I think it will be chaos with everyone posting different versions
  5. Imagineer

    After Forever

    Only love for Marcela! I just wish they sung Follow in the Cry together with Laura. Laura is a superb operatic singer, but her most contemporary vocals lack something for me. Both are still great though! Random fact: Follow in the Cry and Sancta Terra have to be the two songs that have been sung by the most singers.
  6. Imagineer

    Within Temptation II

    I finally listened to the album yesterday and I'm really enjoying it so far. Some songs took a few more spins to grow, even Endless War which I had already heard quite a few times when it "leaked", and is now one of my favourites. Supernova is my favourite for now. Fun, full of energy and great lyrics (yeah, yeah the chorus says Supernova too many times but what about "Like Thunder screaming out for a flash of lightning, stars are falling down for god's applause?) . The "supernova, supernova, supernova" part is killing me because it reminds me of sth and I just can't remeber what. Holy Ground is cool as well and Firelight which I considered really boring at first, has really grown on me. I even love the ohs which give it a mystical atmosphere. The guitar solo at the end is a gem. Mad World, Mercy Mirror, and Trophy Hunter are still growing but I like them as well. In Vain has to be the one I like the least, it kind of got boring. I love the choirs in Supernova and Endless War but I would have liked them to be a bit more clear (sth I would have liked for a few other parts of the album). I really like the album. For now I like it more than Hydra but only time will tell what place it will take in my ranking. BTW, the booklet has like a gazillion typos and mistakes in the lyrics. I meaaan, can they change their record label sometime soon?
  7. Imagineer

    Tarja Turunen pt. III

    Goldfinger is definitely her worst cover and Darkness is definitely her best, closely followed by Supremacy and House of Wax. This three just seem like she took them more "serious" than Still of the Night and Poison which I think she was just having fun with.
  8. Imagineer

    What are you watching?

    I gave up on Black Mirror after the first ep too But then I tried again and watched the rest and loved it! Not all episodes, mind you. But some are great! My absoluute favourite is Hated in the Nation (3X6) followed by USS Callister and San Junipero. I also liked hang the DJ and I really enjoyed the whole concept of Bandersnatch. Which episodes did you watch? I also loved The Haunting of Hill House. On paper, it seemed like a another family-moves-in-haunted-house story, and it is. But it just had something very unique and enjoyable.
  9. Imagineer

    Ex Libris

    Sooo when the first part of Anne came out, I remember listening to it and actually liking it a lot. But I was not really in the mood so I only listened to it like twice and forgot about it. And today I went back to it, and wow I am blown away. I really liked Dianne in Xandria and I could never get into the previous Ex Libris albums, but this? This is gold! Her voice is perfect and the music is really melodic and powerful as well. Great job! I'll definitely listen to the second part which comes out in March!
  10. Imagineer

    Within Temptation II

    Lol ok. We are gonna have the “Within Temptation sold out” conversation for the third album in a row. Great stuff
  11. Imagineer

    Within Temptation II

    I find that, for me at least, ranking songs works probably a year after the release or something. Most of the times I love/hate some songs in the beginning which I end up hating/loving after some time has passed.
  12. Imagineer

    Amberian Dawn

    *Secretly hoping they would make an Abba covers album before an original AD one.*
  13. Imagineer


    She’s been doing it for quite some time now. She used to growl a bit in a Devin Townsend song they played live with the Gentle Storm. She is really very versatile and an excellent singer.
  14. Imagineer

    After Forever

    Wow. That's just... lol As for post AF collaborations, I'm pretty sure that Sander was guest at an Epica show, where he did the grunts for Death of a Dream. And Floor was featured more heavily in Mayan's first album Quarterpast.
  15. Imagineer

    After Forever

    Nope, they just happen to share a surname.
  16. Imagineer

    Anneke van Giersbergen

    I'm in Love with Symphonized! It's just beautiful. I thought some songs (especially her more popish songs like Feel Alive or Two Souls) may sound weird but all of them are great. Two Souls is just beautiful. Travel and Amity sound epic and I think that Amity may be better than the studio version (don't hate me ). Helsinki is also great. I just wish Paris was included too. I'm also listening to the Lorrainville album she took part in and it is great. It's different and it's really enjoyable. Rock, metal, pop, classical, country. What can't she do? She just released an accoustic covers album, but unfortunately, it is only available in her Dutch shows. I want it! (If anyone sees it online, pm me pretty please?). And I need to see her live right now! It's been 4 years and she used to play here almost every year. I really really hope she brings this accoustic anniversary show here in Greece.
  17. Imagineer

    Nightwish Off Topic

    Floor and Marco’s 10 year challenge in Delain's A Day for Ghosts
  18. Imagineer


    Since she will be part of the ITEC shows, it’s possible she will also take part in a future album. Or maybe a different Arjen project.
  19. Imagineer

    Within Temptation II

    I’ve only listened to the lyrics video once or twice and I don’t get what the difference with the new version is. Is it just longer or something else?
  20. Imagineer


    Amanda Somerville all but confirmed that she will be part of this new project! She is a great singer. She may not have been my first choice as she is very close to Floor’s and Simone’s voices and I may have preferred something different. (Actually despite their many differences, I consider these three to have very similar sounding voices). But Can’t wait to see what Arjen will write for her as always! @Stargazer_Voyager you beat me!
  21. Imagineer

    PLASTIC EUKARIOTE - 2018 Forum Awards

    Here we go. I'm sorry, I will probably forget some names and end up remembering them later. Ugh. 1) The AWOLLY (Absence Without Official Leave) - award Obviously @some_dude_on_the_interwebs. Dude, come back! You haven't even commented on the new DCD album. 2) The MOSQUITO - award @Stefan2k4 Definitely. 3) The BUZZYBODDY - award @Serena yeah, I think she has commented on 99% of the threads 4) The JOLLYGOODFUN - award @Baki as always. 5 ) The ROOKSTAR - award @Sophia and @Encaitar probably. 6) The DUOPENOTTI - award Hmmm, maybe @Sophiaand @Encaitar again? 7) The AVASTAR - award Hmmm, I don't know. Let's go with @Damian 8) The MOTFU (Master Of This Forum´s Universe) - award @Magnus @Eilenna@hunebedbouwer@Damian @Symphoniker 9) The AH - OH - AH -award @GreatEye and @Ahasverus. 10) The PHRASIER - award What? I have no idea. I don't even remember posts I read yesterday 11) The TOPGUNNER - award Hard one. Let's go with @Baki 12) The HYENA VS LION - award Maybe @Magnus vs @Ahasverus or the whole forum vs @Stefan2k4 13) The PIT of 2018 - award Don't know if I had a specific one that was always annoying. 14) The CLASS of 2018 - award Yeah, probably the Decades World Tour 2018 one. 15) The OFFTOPICCALLER - award Yeah, obviosuly @hunebedbouwer. 16) The MUSICKFREAK - award @ Definitely @klagad 17) The EXPLICITATOR - award @Symphoniker 18) The POSTERFAN - award @angel_heart A) The best album of the year 2018 in your opinion? Hard one. A lot of good albums but I don't know if one of them was at the top. Let's say Auri. B) The most enjoyable song that was released in 2018? Let Me Out - Northward C) What was the best thing you saw or heard on YOUTUBE this year? No idea. D) What was your favourite Nightwish-moment of the year? The Amsterdam gig I went to. E) The best film you´ve watched this year? Hard one so I'll pick two very different films cause I'm a rebel Her and Avengers: Infinity War F) What was the most delicious animal you´ve eaten this year and for veggies & vegans the most delicious vegetable? Lol. Chicken. I'm a simple guy. G) What was your best live music experience in 2018? Again, the Nightwish gig in Amsterdam. H) IF Floor decided to become a farmer´s wife, who should replace her? (I know it´s a IF-question, but fun nevertheless)? I'll go with Marcela Bovio. She can seriosuly sing and I'd say she is only one step behind Floor in versatility. I) What was your favourite sports moment of the year? I don't really follow sports. J) Best thing you watched on TV during this year? Does Netflix count? If yes, than the Black Mirror episode "Hated by the Nation". K) Who would you vote Personality Of The Year (worldwide - can be anyone) personally? Myself. No, seriously, no idea. L) What´s the best place you did visit this year? Amsterdam. Great city which I'd love to spend some more days in in the future.
  22. Imagineer


    Perennial is such a great song. Tatiana sounds amazing, both growls and clean vocals are superb. The drums are also amazing. The most atmospheric Jinjer songs like this one and Pisces for instant are imo their best work. The video is great too. Tatiana looks gorgeous and I love the whole scenery. Great job. Now I need to give more spins to the Micro EP.
  23. Imagineer

    Tarja Turunen pt. III

    Yeah, her classical vocals are great. But it’s not her main thing nowadays unfortunately. Im not giving up either. I am waiting for her album and I will probably see her live again next year as her shows are fun. But yeah I really wish she’d up her vocal game.
  24. Imagineer

    The Old Era

    I don't really see why this re-release has been discussed so much. They probably did it so these albums will be more easy for people to find, especially in North America. I haven't seen either of these albums in a record store recently (granted, the ones I go to do not carry huge collections) so I don't really find it weird.
  25. Imagineer


    I'm really interested to find out what it is. Although, to be honest, The Gentle Storm is the only project aside from Ayreon that I'm a big fan of. I like various snog from other Arjen projects (especially the Star One songs on Ayreon Universe for instance) and I can sit through Stream of Passion's first album, but everything else I tried did not really stick with me. I do want to try again though and I do have hopes for this (new) project he is working on now.