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    The Greatest Show on Earth
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    The Islander
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    Vehicle of Spirit
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    Angels Fall First
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    The Carpenter

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  1. So happy it's being released here too. Was so close to importing it.
  2. I think it's the musical direction. They wanted to play it safe with Silverthorn and basically just wrote another Kamelot album just as it would have been written had Roy still been the vocalist. Nothing was changed in favour of Tommy. And they've just kept on rehashing that sound ever since. I think the rest of the band clearly wants to keep Tommy singing like that, and I guess he's just come to accept this is the way he's singing in Kamelot.
  3. I agree. Heck, I even prefer Tommy to Roy. But the music itself is just so safe and boring now.
  4. I think Agnetha got over most of her issues after promoting her last solo album. It's just that they don't have the energy to tour the world any more. They did perform together two years ago. Agnetha didn't sound too good, but Frida did - although it's hard to tell if she's holding back as to not overpower Agnetha too much or if it's just age (she still hit the right notes):
  5. I think you need to look up the definition of a hyperbole. Not your cup of tea ≠ trash. Calling it trash is the hyperbole. You know what they say - one man's trash is another man's treasure. I can only speak for myself, but I'm glad he took a break from the owls and the dead boys on the latest album. Bottom line though, you don't get to accuse another user of using hyperboles for saying a song that you like is "filler" and then go around telling other people a song they like is "trash" and somehow claim "it's not the same thing because I wrote an essay on my opinion".
  6. More Amanda would be nice! Ghostlights was such a nice return to form for the band/project. Best since Scarecrow. I hope they don't drop the ball with this one.
  7. Says the guy whose use of hyperboles to describe Endless Forms Most Beautiful is well documented...
  8. Hah. The Utopia cover is the only interesting one, imo. Does it beat the original? Hell no. But at least it feels like the artist tried to put their own spin on the track. The others all sound really bland. predictable and boring.
  9. Only two have been confirmed so far. My guess is that they'll be released on a new compilation album.
  10. I'm not worried about the music. Benny is a great composer and a lot of his best work was written after ABBA. If anything, I'm more worried about the vocal performance. Agnetha's last album was heavily auto-tuned, and while Frida was always the better singer I've no idea if she's kept her voice in shape. On top of that, Benny's been working so much with Helen Sjöholm for the last two decades and she's clearly in a different league so I'm just hoping it won't feel like too much of a downgrade. As for their best songs, pretty much all of their singles were catchy as hell but I have a soft spot for the entire The Visitors album. So dark and melancholic.
  11. You just know that if you bite the bullet and import it now, which will cost quite a bit of money, they'll announce not just the EP being released here for much less but that it'll include additional bonus track for Europe lol.
  12. And just to annoy you, I hope they bring back Endless Forms Most Beautiful, the song, to replace Élan on their next tour.
  13. I'm starting to think we're not getting a worldwide release of that EP. In part because Japanese record labels and music rights are messed up.
  14. No, thanks. Floor and Marco made me appreciate Devil, sure. I don't particularly care for Tapo and Tarja singing it. But Pharaoh? I try to imagine it being performed in a similar way to Devil and nope, would still be a pretty boring song to me.
  15. Learning how to hold back was important though. There are several songs that definitely benefit from her softer approach. Speaking of Ghost Love Score, the first half sounds a whole lot better now than during the Imaginaerum tour, for example. The verses are prettier and the choruses sound more operatic. I do agree she should try to end the song the same way every night though because it's not a good moment for improvisation. Of course, she's incredible in general and we're just nitpicking here.