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    Nobuo Uematsu / Yoko Shimomura / Joe Hisaishi


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    Hayao Miyazaki
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    Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries
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    Princess Mononoke
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    Jojo's Bizarre Adventure


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    Ghost Love Score
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    Century Child
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    The Greatest Show on Earth
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    The Islander
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    Vehicle of Spirit
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    Angels Fall First
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    The Carpenter

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  1. Magnus

    Decades World Tour 2018

    It's cool to see as a guest performance, but I actually prefer Marco. Floor sounds lovely in the clips from this show. The operatic parts sound better than ever.
  2. Magnus

    The Tuomas thread

    Great news! Hopefully it will include most songs performed on this tour, one way or another. On a different note, I'd love to see a new album by For My Pain... but I feel that ship sailed a long time ago. Fallen is still one of my favourite Gothic Metal albums ever.
  3. Magnus

    Decades World Tour 2018

    I don't think either of them should be performed during this tour, but next time around I'd love to see them bring back Taikatalvi, Ghost River and Song of Myself.
  4. Magnus

    Within Temptation

    So they're going to tour without a new album release?!
  5. Magnus

    The Old Era

    Yeah, looking back you can see how the friendship between Tarja and the rest of the band deteriorated over the years. They were clearly just colleagues during their final couple of years together. I'm glad all parties involves are in a much happier place these days.
  6. Magnus

    The Floor thread

    She didn't wear it at Copenhell either. She still wears ear rings, no? Maybe she just wanted some change and felt like it was time to drop it. What matters most is how she feels about it herself, of course. But I agree, I've never been been a fan of nose piercings myself. Or any other kinds of body piercings apart from the ears.
  7. Magnus

    Contacting the Mods

    Sorry, I thought I did but I must have dreamt it or something. Been using it for a week or so now though! It looks great! Thank you
  8. Magnus

    10 Years ago ... Dark Passion Play!

    I've got that promo CD, with the watermarks. The dynamic range is even worse compared to the final release.
  9. Magnus


    First of all, welcome to the forum! I would argue that Nightwish abandoned their Stratovarius tinged power metal roots with Century Child, an album which laid the foundation not only for all of their future albums but also came to serve as the blueprint for every other female fronted symphonic metal band out there. Epica's first couple of albums definitely belong in this category. That's not to say they're completely without original ideas, of course. There's obviously elements from early After Forever in there as well. But for every band like Epica who at least had something new to add to the formula, there were a ton of copycat bands. And I think even Simone admitted to trying to copy Tarja at first (she said in an interview that she tried to sound like someone else... and I think we can all read between the lines here).
  10. Magnus

    10 Years ago ... Dark Passion Play!

    Swedish eBay. Also got the Once DVD-A
  11. Magnus

    10 Years ago ... Dark Passion Play!

    Good on Mika for improving then! I'm actually impressed. I'd love to see the entire back catalogue remastered like Decades! It would greatly benefit from it. Dark Passion Play in particular. I have that DVD-A release actually!
  12. Magnus

    10 Years ago ... Dark Passion Play!

    Probably to make the album version sound less busy. I think most tracks have more orchestra in the instrumental versions, even if it's harder to notice in some of them. The album is brickwalled to infinity. I feel like they had no idea how to mix so many layers and make it sound good at the time. The Decades remasters really make me long for a remaster of the full album by the same people.
  13. Magnus

    Anette Olzon

    It just hit me that the chorus of My Sweet Misery is basically the chorus of I Have a Right, except in a much higher key.
  14. Magnus

    Eivør Pálsdóttir

    She's great. Been a fan since she the release of Slør Still listen to that album regularly. I'd describe her as a mixture of Björk and Goldfrapp.
  15. Magnus


    They're far more progressive now, and the quality of the songwriting as gone up significantly.