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    Civil engineering,drawing, hiking and reading ... and almost forgot - cooking :)


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    At one party back in 2001 :)
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    From Wishes to Eternity DVD
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    The Pharao Sails to Orion
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    It's very hard to name just one
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    "Angels Fall First" - so simple and so melancholic...
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    Over the hills and far away
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    From Wishes to Eternity
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    Dark Passion Play and then Once
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    "Amaranth" and "Nemo"

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    Bright eyes/Somewhere far beyond - Blind Guardian, De-Energized - After Forever
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    Roger Waters - The Wall then Blind Guardian (4 times), then Ian Anderson with the best of Jethro Tull, then Therion aaaaand Nanowar :D
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    Somewhere far beyond - Blind Guardian; Mercy Falls - Seventh Wonder; The Perfect Element- Pain of Salvation, Anno Domini high Definition - Riverside; Paradise Lost - Symphony X
  • Favourite Band/Artist?
    Blind Guardian; After Forever; Therion; Tristania; Brainstorm; Seventh Wonder; Symphony X;
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    from metal - Epica, Manowar and Sabaton, from non metal - R'n'B, Rap and somethisg called "chalga" - only the ones living in Balkans know what torture is to listen this ...

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    Beer and coffee
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    green, grey and orange
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    Vasilashlki lakes, Pirin mountains
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    Italy, Greece
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    From time to time
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    Viggo Mortensen, Christian Bale; Eva Green
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    Shawshank Redemptionn; LOTR trilogy; The Machinist; Requiem for a dream...
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    Rome; The Borgias; Game of thrones
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    Requiem for a Dream, LOTR trilogy
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    Only one? It's hard to tell
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    1984; Solaris; The Status civilization; all from Discworld series; The Silmarilion; Asoiaf; The First Law... the short-stories of Elin Pelin (bulgarian autor)

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  1. Eerm, because he's far better as vocalist than as a bassist. Sorry, this is not true - he is THE VOCALIST , the one to rule them all Thumbs up for Time what is Time! I like this recording very much. Also here's another BG live recording: And before we turn the topic to "Great LIVE Blind Guardian songs", here's some Iced Earth
  2. Wait, did I write "Bling"? Stupid keyboard... Anyway, it's still better than Blinking Gardener as I've heard someone to call them... Pretty sure he hadn't tried it again Here's another gem from the times Hansi used to play... Good thing he stopped
  3. Hey, hey, this is the "Great LIVE songs topic" and it's missing Bling Guardian! Time to fix that
  4. Actually I cracked on Slaaaaaayer hashtag Well played, Hannes! And yes, congrats to the family.
  5. Two weeks ago I attended the concert of this crazy Bosnian gang and since then I've become addicted Back to original shape! Don't mind me - just a Balkan thing.
  6. Really, really good.
  7. Just remembering what a monstrous band they were.
  8. @some_dude_on_the_interwebs Ok. Listen these: The first one is from Mercy Falls - one of the top 3 concept albums in my list /other two are Operation: Mindcrime and Scenes from a Memory/. Not because of the concept thought, even if it's heartbreaking, rather the organic flow of the music itself. The second one is the closer of their last album. If you don't like those two , you won't like the band
  9. ^ Finally!
  10. She was kicked out of the band with an open letter. If this is not a reason enough for NOT joining them on stage for whatever reason, I don't know what is.
  11. These days I'm again obsessed with PoS In the Passing Light of Day and I think, the last two songs of this album are probably the most emotional and sad songs recorded in this decade. Everything is here: anger, pain, sorrow, fear... Listening to them just brings you there, in the hospital bed, giving up the fight with pain, fading away ...
  12. Sooo, that's the big Christmas surprise from Tarja. The Goth X-mas album is just for misleading
  13. Since the ones who attended the concerts from the forum don't want to share videos, here I post Hansi and Marco duet. Need I say I NEED this concert on DVD?
  14. Hmm it sounds nothing like After Forever. But it is really close to Battle Beast's Touch in the Night
  15. Wow, great stuff Unstrung! By the way have you though of using entirely male clean vocals combined with the harsh?