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    Civil engineering,drawing, hiking and reading ... and almost forgot - cooking :)


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    At one party back in 2001 :)
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    From Wishes to Eternity DVD
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    The Pharao Sails to Orion
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    It's very hard to name just one
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    "Angels Fall First" - so simple and so melancholic...
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    Over the hills and far away
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    From Wishes to Eternity
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    Dark Passion Play and then Once
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    "Amaranth" and "Nemo"

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    Bright eyes/Somewhere far beyond - Blind Guardian, De-Energized - After Forever
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    Roger Waters - The Wall then Blind Guardian (4 times), then Ian Anderson with the best of Jethro Tull, then Therion aaaaand Nanowar :D
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    Somewhere far beyond - Blind Guardian; Mercy Falls - Seventh Wonder; The Perfect Element- Pain of Salvation, Anno Domini high Definition - Riverside; Paradise Lost - Symphony X
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    Blind Guardian; After Forever; Therion; Tristania; Brainstorm; Seventh Wonder; Symphony X;
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    from metal - Epica, Manowar and Sabaton, from non metal - R'n'B, Rap and somethisg called "chalga" - only the ones living in Balkans know what torture is to listen this ...

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    Beer and coffee
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    green, grey and orange
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    Vasilashlki lakes, Pirin mountains
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    Italy, Greece
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    From time to time
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    Viggo Mortensen, Christian Bale; Eva Green
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    Shawshank Redemptionn; LOTR trilogy; The Machinist; Requiem for a dream...
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    Rome; The Borgias; Game of thrones
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    Requiem for a Dream, LOTR trilogy
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    Only one? It's hard to tell
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    1984; Solaris; The Status civilization; all from Discworld series; The Silmarilion; Asoiaf; The First Law... the short-stories of Elin Pelin (bulgarian autor)

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  1. Then you have long road ahead, my friend. No one comes close to Floor during her After Forever times and EFMB does not show even 30% of what she can do, although she sounds good. Just... she's Floor freakin' Jansen and EFMB, except The Greatest Show on Earth, doesn't give her much opportunities to let it loose the way she can and is known for. That being said the album is far better than Once and DPP (both NW albums I loathe except few songs)
  2. As a massive BG fan I'd recommend every their album, but this is a matter of preference. Just to summarize: their first 3 albums lean towards speed metal, then follows the holy trinity of their power metal phase: Somewhere far Beyond - Imaginations from the Other Side - Nightfall in Middle-Earth, then coming the prog experimental phase of A Night at the Opera and A Twist in a Myth, and last two albums being sympho-power. (with Beyond the Red Mirror having some of the best orchestrations to appear in metal album after Therion's Lemuria/Sirius B) Anyway, at first try Imaginations from the Other Side (a milestone in their discography.. actually in the whole power-metal scene), the mentioned above SFB and ANATO, of course if you don't mind interludes - Nightfall in Middle-Earth. Just a glimpse of what you can expect: Ahem, I'll stop here before posting their entire discography
  3. It's like mixture between Waiting in the Wings and The Great Escape. Me likes! Plus you can't make second album like Mercy Falls.
  4. Still haven't watched the documentary Probably this evening... Nah, who am I kidding, I'll watch the concert again
  5. Watched it yesterday and I'm still in shock of what I've witnessed on the screen. Marcela blew me away and made me desperately wanting SHE had the role in TTOE instead of Cristina Scabbia, Tommy slayed in Into The Black Hole... Marco, Floor - excellent and more vivid than what they've ever show with NW, Maggy Luyten, Anneke, oh Anneke - shining ball of energy... I'm NOT going to write about the crazy Michael Mills, 'cos this would be an endless fangirling... Although as typical Bulgarian I have to complain - in NO WAY you put Hansi lower in the mix, no matter if he screws up a little. Having him and Maggy sharing the stage is an absolute awesomeness and this moment was lost. Hansi is Hansi and deserves to be heard even when he's snoring! Also in NO way you put the lead guitar lower than keys and rhythm guitar, despite Joost put a hell of a show. Now, before you decide I've watched the concert just to look for reasons to complain - there's no such thing. This is the best concert I've watched for years and makes me wanting for more live recordings of the Santa Hippie Arjen.
  6. Again addicted to this whole concert while I'm waiting for my copy of Ayreon Universe More Jansen sisters in Ayreon/Star One - please! The recordings we have 'till now are not enough
  7. I really can't decide which thing I love the most in this clip: Kai and Floor raping the crap out of Devil and making it the absolute epitome of badassery The little horns up! moment between The Giantess and The Wee Free Man around 2:34 The shimmering menace of Slaying the Dreamer Floor embodied just as she did with Romanticide few years ago. And yes Tuomas, when you have two beasts in human skin as Kai and Floor in your band you write something like this, not like Edema Gnu. Take notes for the future album.
  8. Big part of the problem is that Kamelot insist to continue with the dark, dramatic a la Dracula sound, while this simply is not the category Tommy sounds the best. Don't get me wrong, Karevik is monstrous singer- SW and the two Ayreon albums are jaw dropping examples of what he can do - both in therms of technique and emotional delivery. Just late Kamelot music does not have the scope needed so he can unleash his voice. And makes me furious because of them and their last album from a row of more and more generic albums, we are not getting Tiara on time.
  9. OK, I get it's April 1st, but us it necessary to have this awful purple? At least it is not pink with fluffy unicorns!
  10. Wow, Gethsemane sounds good, you can hear Emppu and Tuomas actually attempting to play. Kai and Floor slay as always.
  11. Better eyebrow than eyeliner.
  12. At least we know that the album will be released in October. Hooray! Not that I'm pleased of what caused this delay. Really, any new album that comes from Kamelot sounds as cheap B-side from Ghost Opera in my ears. The last song too.
  13. See what we've got here:
  14. Shut up and take my money!