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    Since the old thread seems deleted, I've decided to start a new one. Enjoy! 5th studio album Requiem For The Indifferent will be released by Nuclear Blast on the 9th of March (13th of March in the USA). Official homepage:
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    After the first samples of Monopoly on Truth I was a bit scared the album could end in a big failure, but I can say I like it a lot better than Design Your Universe. I think Monopoly on Truth, Deep Water Horizon, and Deter The Tyrant same as Avalanche are my favourites yet. Did somebody notice that Serenade of Self-Destruction can only be found as instrumental on the limited edition? Nevertheless, I am really happy that I bought the mailorder edition in order to get the instrumental version of the album as well.
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    Somebody who noticed the latest teaser for Monopoly on Truth? I think it displays the main problem I had with the last album; altough the choir is still majestic and present - they didn't give the orchestra enough space in my opinion. Even if I like Design Your Universe as well, I wish they would take a more soundtrackish direction as they did in The Divine Conspiracy and of course other previous pieces.
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    Sonata Arctica

    Uh, definetely one of the bands I am most in favour with. I discovered them nearly, eh, I guess four years ago through a good friend. He sent me Peacemaker and after some tries I fall in love with them. Nowadays I love their newer stuff a lot more than the older (even if their older stuff is awesome, too), since the musical and lyrical work was taken to another dimension with Unia and The Days of Grays. Even if Unia is a bit depressing it's my favourite album. I really have a strong connection to the lyrics and the music in general, and yes, I love songs such as The Worlds Forgotten, The Words Forbidden. Just can't wait for their new album which should be out by next summer.
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    After some weeks of listening I can say that Imaginaerum is still my favourite Nightwish-album. Until the release of Imaginaerum Century Child had been my favourite album because of personal reasons, but the fantastical compositions and the diversity of the new album is hitting that a thousand times, I guess. I really set store on the deep and personal moments of the album, namely Song of Myself or The Crow, The Owl and The Dove.