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    on the radio
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    meeting the guys in a bar in Finland in 2009
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    the discography
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    Planet Hell
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    The Islander
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    Angels Fall First

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    occasionally - cranberry-flavoured beer etc.
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    Death Note

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  1. ish

    Game of Thrones

    They've been quite busy these days, releasing posters, photos and (finally) a trailer ... Let the game begin !
  2. ish

    Game of Thrones

    The first official photos of Season 8:
  3. ish

    animal cuteness

    So ... I need name suggestions for this berserker ... HE will be one-year old next month (and "fixed"). Any ideas ?
  4. ish


    My desktop ... from Kunito Imai, who has such pretty photos (from Finland as well)
  5. ish

    Game of Thrones

    In the words of Catelyn Stark to Bran (season 1) ... "You always look at your feet before you lie" New teaser (this one seems filmed for promo purposes only) (if it's actual footage, then we have a problem)
  6. ish

    Game of Thrones

    Not a very good start ... ? (Maybe)
  7. ish

    Game of Thrones

    so ... we got the first teaser GoT ... all digital imagery
  8. ish

    Within Temptation

    I like The Reckoning ... very catchy ... I've listened to it several times on repeat. Now looking forward to the new album.
  9. ish

    The Upcoming Nightwish Album

    perhaps something (electronic) like this ?
  10. ish

    animal cuteness

    On a posivite note ... I love Junskitchen videos
  11. ish

    Contacting the Mods

    Hello ... Maybe there's something wrong with my computer/browser (or with my knowledge about the latest forum rules ...) but it looks like the locked & closed Annette Olzon thread ended up in the TV & Movies section instead of the Graveyard ... Could you check? Thanks
  12. ish

    animal cuteness

    What disturbs and annoys me the most with these creatures is their obvious intention to hurt the animals ... they could leave the animals somewhere relatively safe ... but no - they choose the dangerous place. And I'm afraid that often it's not even about money ... a colleague of mine saw a woman in an expensive 4x4 car throwing away a cat and her kittens (she and her partner in crime drove off without looking back) ... my colleague went to see if the victims were hurt , took the felines home and ended up with an extra cat (the kittens got new homes). And ... at my workplace ... me and another colleague went outside in the courtyard because we had heard some strange meowing ... we thought there might be something wrong with a resident cat (there are several resident cats in our care) ... we found a woman (who has a lawyer's office in the same building) staring at a tree where there was a new cat ... she told us she had brought her tomcat (not neutered) because she could not handle him anymore ... the problem was the other cats did not welcome him so he had spent the entire weekend up in the tree (without access to the food and water we provided to the cats) ... we told her that's not the way to solve the problem, that she needed to neuter him to stop the behaviour she complained of and that she had to take the cat back home otherwise we would call the police ... (she took him away , but I'm afraid she dumped him somewhere else ...) ... This woman definitely does not have money issues ... she is just a moral vacuum.
  13. ish

    Game of Thrones / A Song of Ice and Fire series

    Well, I don't want to alarm/disappoint you, but at this rate we will be getting an entire spin-off before the book Winds of Winter... The prequel will chronicle "the world's descent from the golden Age of Heroes into its darkest hour", HBO said in a statement. "From the horrifying secrets of Westeros' history to the true origin of the White Walkers, the mysteries of the East, to the Starks of legend… it's not the story we think we know." Book author George RR Martin has created the new series alongside British screenwriter Jane Goldman. Source:
  14. There will be a season 3 (of course) ... And speaking of music ...