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  1. maze91

    Endless Forms Most Beautiful World Tour 2015/2016

    Hab dir mal ne PN geschickt
  2. maze91

    Endless Forms Most Beautiful World Tour 2015/2016

    Bin morgen auch alleine unterwegs und hatte vor so zwischen 15 und 15:30 Uhr an der Arena zu sein... vielleicht sieht man sich ja
  3. maze91

    Oberhausen 21.11.2015

    Werde auch da sein und mir Arch Enemy und Amorphis definitiv anschauen! Denke ich werde spätestens um 15 Uhr da sein, wenn schon um 17 Uhr Einlass ist, was auch auf meinem Ticket steht.
  4. maze91


    Sometimes I wonder myself why I like to listen to Evanescence that much. But Amy has a great voice which makes me forget about the often - actually boring - power chord riffs. They made some great songs! If there's a chance to see them live again in Germany, I will take it!
  5. maze91

    Eure nächsten Konzerte

    Vorher noch am 07.11.2015: Annihilator in Bochum
  6. maze91

    Endless Forms Most Beautiful World Tour 2015/2016

    Ich bin ebenfalls da und würde mich gerne noch wem anschließen
  7. maze91

    Eure neuesten CDs/DVDs

    Lamb of God - Sturm Und Drang Iron Maiden - The Book Of Souls Annihilator - Suicide Society Metal Allegiance - Metal Allegiance Trivium - Silence In The Snow
  8. maze91

    Endless Forms Most Beautiful (2015)

    Sehe ich, leider, genauso.
  9. maze91

    Eure nächsten Konzerte

    21.11.2015: Nightwish in Oberhausen :dance:
  10. maze91

    The Floor thread

    Saw her live at the Wacken Open Air last week and she was amazing! I hope she stays.
  11. maze91


    They really sound pretty similar to the old Nightwish, but I like that... nice band.
  12. maze91

    Hello from Germany!

    Hello, my name is Marc, I'm 20 years old, from Germany. I started listening to Nightwish last year, when a classmate introduced me to the metal scene I always told him that I just know about a band called Nightwish and that I listened to a song of them somewhere, and I remembered that I liked it, because it's not that kind of metal which I actually don't like, I mean that growling stuff...I think the song I remembered was Nemo... Then I started listening more to Nightwish and I just loved it. Now I'm almost only listening to Nightwish the last time, (I actually only listened to german Hip Hop before, don't kick me out of the board now ) and I will be at the concert in Düsseldorf at the 14th of april, I'm looking forward! My classmate also brought me to playing guitar, so I started playing guitar about a month ago, but I still got to learn a lot Right now I own Century Child, Once, Dark Passion Play and Imaginaerum as original CDs, but I think my collection will grow in the future! So I hope I'll have a good time here! Cheers! Ah, and I almost forgot to say that Marco is just EPIC!