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    Italian, Greek, Indian
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    Whales, sharks
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    Water, Red Wine, Urge (Norwegian soda)
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    Through a friend when I was 11.
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    Many good memories connected to this band, but the best one for now was to attend the Tampere show and finally be able to re-live the experience on DVD (+ experience the Decades setlist live)
  • Most Prized Nightwish Item
    Signed DPP-poster, Emppu's guitarpic (x2) and Jukka's drumstick
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    Ghost Love Score, Dead to the World, Devil & the Deep Dark Ocean, Gethsemane
  • Favourite Album
    Oceanborn/Century Child
  • Favourite Song
    Beauty of the Beast, Ghost Love Score, The Greatest Show on Earth, 10th Man Down, The Riddler, Ghost River
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    The Siren
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    The Islander
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    End of Innocence
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    Eluveitie - The Call of the Mountains, Rammstein - Mein Herz Brennt
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    Tommy Karevik, Tony Kakko, Jan Werner Danielsen, Roy Khan, Sharon den Adel, Floor Jansen
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    Richard Kruspe, Thomas Youngblood
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    Marco Hietala
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    "Reise, Reise" by Rammstein, "Don't Say a Word" by Sonata Arctica and "Frindship to Last" by Two Steps from Hell
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    Rammstein @ Ullevaal Stadion, 18.08.2019 - Oslo, Epica (Retrospect) @ Klpkgebouw, 23.03.2013 - Eindhoven, Nightwish @ Ratinan Stadion, 31.07.2015 - Tampere
  • Favourite Non NW Album?
    "Mercy Falls" by Seventh Wonder and "Winterheart's Guild" by Sonata Arctica
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    Rammstein, Kamelot, Sonata Arctica, Eluveitie, Ensiferum, Within Temptation, Epica, Seventh Wonder, Avantasia, Wintersun, Delain
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    I'm always openminded when it comes to music, but the only genre I really can't get into is the rap/hiphop thing


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    Lord of the Rings-series, The Hobbit-series, Jurassic Park-series, Outlander, Kingsman: The Secret Service
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    Modern Family, Black Mirror, Luther, Two and a half men, Masterchef Australia, Criminal Minds

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  1. Marius


    Saw Rammstein again last night at Ullevaal Stadion in Oslo. I'm still lost for words
  2. Marius

    The Upcoming Nightwish Album

    Kai just posted a status on his FB profile saying that the drums for the new album is done and recorded (only some percussion overdubs left). Can't believe how fast this album progress is going, it's weird to me that new music from Nightwish are soon on the horizon
  3. Marius


    The concert in Trondheim on Saturday was AMAZING! Had such a blast and my voice was gone the whole day yesterday. Went with my high school friends who all have loved the band since we were teenagers so it was kind of a nostalgia trip as well. Kamelot is the only band I know that can actually get a norwegian crowd going. Some songs were sung so loud by the audience that Tommy just stopped singing for a second and glanced at us in enthusiasm. Thomas also said multiple times that he consider Norway as his second home and that they always feel so loved when they play here. Loved Cyhra as well, they took us by surprise. Jake has a great voice and stage presence!
  4. I'll give it a go as well, been a regular concert goer since I was 14 so it's hard to remember everything A1 Amaranthe (x3) Annihiliator Anvil Battle Beast Beast in Black Bullet for My Valentine (x2) Calvin Harris Children of Bodom (x3) Circus Maximus (x2) Danko Jones Datarock Deathstars Deep Purple Delain DevilDriver Donkeyboy Doro Ed Sheeran Eluveitie (x2) Emperor Ensiferum Epica (x5) Everygrey Fatal Impact Finntroll Foy Vance Frostbite Guns N' Roses (2006 line-up) Havana Brown Highland Glory In Flames (x5) Iron Maiden Ithilien Jaqueline (x2) Jarle Bernhoft Jason Derulo Kamelot (x7) Kells Kvelertak Lamb of God (x2) Leaves' Eyes (x2) Machinae Supremacy Mastadon Mötley Crüe Metallica Mortal Love Mortiis Muse Nightwish (x8) Overthrow Pagan's MInd Papa Roach Pitbull (yes, I know..) Poisonblack Rammstein ReVamp (x2) Rihanna Sabaton Satyricon (x2) Seventh Wonder Sirenia (x2) Skàlmöld (x2) Skambankt Slayer Sonata Arctica (x3) Svovel Tarja Tellus Requiem The Carburetors (x3) The Cumshots The Horrors The Sirens Thine Eyes Bleed Taio Cruz Timbuktu Timomatic Triggerfinger Triosphere (x2) Trivium (x2) Tömmermenn U.D.O (x2) Vamp Winterborn Withem Within Temptation (x2) Met in person and had a conversation with; Mark Jansen, Simone Simons, Floor Jansen, Jaap Melman (Revamps' bassist), Sharon den Adel, Ruud Jolie, Tommy Karevik, Alissa White-Gluz Guitar picks from: Emppu Vuorinen (x2), Thomas Youngblood (Kamelot), Elias Viljanen (Sonata Arctica), Mark Jansen (Epica), Richard Kruspe (Rammstein), Björn Gelotte (In Flames), Ewout Pieters (Delain) Drumstick from: Jukka Nevalainen, Casey Grillo (Kamelot)
  5. Marius

    Nightwish Off Topic

    Even though I knew this was going to happen I still feel very sad. He's always been one of my favorite members in the band and have impacted their sound a lot during the years. I will miss him greatly! But I'm happy we have Kai He has done amazing things with Nightwish for the past five years and seem like very humble and nice guy. As a musician he's technically a beast, so I'm interested to see how his input will impact the new album.
  6. Marius

    The Upcoming Nightwish Album

    Well, besides what you already listed the summer camp is also where they are rehearsing and recording the new album. So yeah, we're pretty excited about that
  7. Marius

    The Upcoming Nightwish Album

    Oh my, the hype is real! I still can't believe that we will hear the new Nightwish album in under a year Just watched the whole Black Mirror series as well and loved it! So it's great to have some understanding of the theme of the album
  8. Marius

    Nightwish Off Topic

    From my perspective, if you're referring to the end note of GLS, I think the reason all coaches say that it's great is not because it's high, but rather the way she deliver it. I have watched all vocal coach reactions to Nightwish and I think it was Beth Roars who described this very well: the way she rides on the high headvoice before suddenly jumping down to belting/chest voice in a split second is very hard to do. Then she also has a nice and clean hold on the "yoooooooooou" part, where they seem to be impressed that her voice does not crack. Edit: I think the below reaction is my favorite. Tara does not only describe all aspects of Floor's voice and how good her different technics are (not only the high note), but she also gives a huge amount of credit to Jukka for his drumming (which is the biggest sound and atmosphere input in GLS) and the whole band in general for playing so tight together.
  9. Marius

    Within Temptation II

    Lol, this is just too amusing to read through. I appreciate that you're trying to save yourself, but there was nothing wrong with Magnus' original post. Luckily most people on this forum (which I'm happy to see ), plus mostly anyone else who either lives in an educated society or socializes with educated people in 2019, would not say it's wrong to call an anti-LGBT person a bigot, because they actually ARE bigots (per definition a person who is intolerant towards another because of an opinion). However, in this case it's more like basic biology and equality vs being severely uneducated or narrow-minded.
  10. Marius


    Oops! I stand corrected
  11. Marius


    I will struggle with putting together a top 50 list since I would most likely forget some songs even though I like them a lot. Or just that my opinion changed one week later But I can give my top 20 as of today: 1. Beauty of the Beast (CC) 2. Ghost Love Score (O) (preferably the Wacken 2013 version, do anyone listen to the original anymore?) 3. Gethsemane (OB) 4. The Greatest Show on Earth (EFMB) 5. Ghost River (Irum) 6. The Riddler (OB) 7. Dead to the World (CC) 8. Ever Dream (CC) 9. 7 Days to the Wolves (DPP) (Floor) 10. Devil & the Deep Dark Ocean (OB) (2018-version, can't wait for the DVD audio) 11. Planet Hell (O) (very underrated IMO) 12. Rest Calm (Irum) (would have been higher if the outro was one minute shorter) 13. Escapist (DPP) (still after many years) 14. Dead Boy's Poem (WM) 15. Last Ride of the Day (Irum) (the lyrics makes me happy) 16. 10th Man Down (OTHAFA) 17. Our Decades in the Sun (EFMB) 18. Dark Chest of Wonders (O) 19. The Poet and the Pendulum (DPP) (preferably with Floor) 20. The Carpenter (AFF) (yes, you read that right. The 2018-version is amazing and I can't wait for the DVD audio for this one as well)
  12. Marius

    Nightwish Album Rankings 2019

    Will not give many details around my list either since it may change from time to time, but thinking back on which albums made the most impact on me through the years and/or at the point of release it will have to be the following: 1. Century Child - maybe my all time favorite album ever. Just a collection of beautiful songs that hits me right in the soul topic vise. Even more now since I’m going through a hard breakup atm 2. Imaginaerum - the album that I keep on coming back to and listen to as a whole (skipping Arabesque though). All songs are excellent imo and Anette shines. 3. Oceanborn - very nostalgic and the first full album I listened to on my own back when I discovered them. I’m even more happier now that songs from this album may start to appear in the setlist again. 4. Once - so many songs I adore on this album + Floor owns them all live. 5. Endless Forms Most Beautiful - I love this album and have probably overplayed it to death the last couple of years. Nowadays I just listen to singular tracks from time to time. 6. Dark Passion Play - love this album as well, but it has a lot of songs I tend to skip. I do listen to the live versions with Floor though + Escapist. 7. Wishmaster - dunno why this is in 7th place since it has tracks like DBP, Kinslayer etc, but it’s probably the album I’m playing the least. Nothing bad to say about it, just personal taste I guess. 8. Angels Fall First - It’s there and I know it exsist, but I can’t remember the last time I listened it. However, the Decades tour made me realize how much I love The Carpenter. It had a great new arrangement and Troy’s addition with the bouzaki + vocals gave it a very celtic vibe that I’m weak for. Same goes for Elvenpath, Floor nailed it.
  13. Marius

    Tarja Turunen pt. III

    No, it is actually a problem, because putting a great metal song like Planet Hell in between a full set of medicore, half-way, boring, uninspired metal songs will show her audience just how lacking her metal career really is. It has always baffled me why Tarja focused on a metal career instead of a classical one after NW. Before Once was released she actually said that this would be her last NW album before leaving for a classical solo career. Which I support a 100% now, since that is where her strength is. Tarja's biggest problem is that she cannot write good metal songs, 5 released metal/rock albums have shown us this now. It always end up decent at best. It feels like she only does this to please her former background and fans, which is not a good strategy at all. Focus on your strength instead, which is classical music or ambient music, like Oasis, Wisdom of Wind or Until Silence. I love Tarja! She is the voice of my childhood and I appreciate all she has released with NW and the non-metal songs of her solo career, but I have felt ashamed of her metal direction ever since MWS and it hurts me to see such a great artist lose her potential.
  14. Marius

    The Floor thread

    Floor will be a part of a dutch TV-show called "The best singers" where 7 famous dutch singers gather for a dinner each night for 7 days were they all have their dedicated night were the other singers make renditions of their songs (Have the same show here in Norway called "Hver gang vi møtes"). I think Sharon also was a part of this a couple of years ago.
  15. Marius

    Within Temptation II

    I don't know what to think about this album to be honest. WT has been one of my go-to bands since I was a teenager and I even liked Hydra a lot, but listening to those snippets got me very disappointed. All songs have the same atmosphere and does not differ a lot in melody or structure (so far at least). Vocal melodies does not sound any challenging and I get a feeling of an average pop-album camouflaged with guitars. Will give it some spins when it's out though before making any more judgments.