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    Oslo, Norway
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    Music, traveling, nature, working, food, jogging, photography

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    Italian, Greek, Indian
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    Whales, sharks
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    Water, Red Wine, Urge (Norwegian soda)
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    Sweden, Denmark, Finland, U.K, Netherlands, Spain, Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Monaco, Poland, Hungary, Greece, Croatia, Bosnia & Hercegovina, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, USA, Australia, South Africa
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    Through a friend when I was 11.
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    Many good memories connected to this band, but the best one for now was to attend the Tampere show and finally be able to re-live the experience on DVD (+ experience the Decades setlist live)
  • Most Prized Nightwish Item
    Signed DPP-poster, Emppu's guitarpic (x2) and Jukka's drumstick
  • Best Live Song
    Ghost Love Score, Dead to the World, Devil & the Deep Dark Ocean, Gethsemane
  • Favourite Album
    Oceanborn/Century Child
  • Favourite Song
    Beauty of the Beast, Ghost Love Score, The Greatest Show on Earth, 10th Man Down, The Riddler, Ghost River
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    The Siren
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    The Islander
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    End of Innocence
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  • Least Favourite Song

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    Eluveitie - The Call of the Mountains, Rammstein - Mein Herz Brennt
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    Tommy Karevik, Tony Kakko, Jan Werner Danielsen, Roy Khan, Sharon den Adel, Floor Jansen
  • Favourite Guitarist
    Richard Kruspe, Thomas Youngblood
  • Favourite Bassist
    Marco Hietala
  • Favourite Non NW Song?
    "Reise, Reise" by Rammstein, "Don't Say a Word" by Sonata Arctica and "Frindship to Last" by Two Steps from Hell
  • Best Concert Attended
    Rammstein @ Ullevaal Stadion, 18.08.2019 - Oslo, Epica (Retrospect) @ Klpkgebouw, 23.03.2013 - Eindhoven, Nightwish @ Ratinan Stadion, 31.07.2015 - Tampere
  • Favourite Non NW Album?
    "Mercy Falls" by Seventh Wonder and "Winterheart's Guild" by Sonata Arctica
  • Favourite Band/Artist?
    Rammstein, Kamelot, Sonata Arctica, Eluveitie, Ensiferum, Within Temptation, Epica, Seventh Wonder, Avantasia, Wintersun, Delain
  • Musical Dislikes (Songs, Bands etc)
    I'm always openminded when it comes to music, but the only genre I really can't get into is the rap/hiphop thing


  • Favourite Movie(s)
    Lord of the Rings-series, The Hobbit-series, Jurassic Park-series, Outlander, Kingsman: The Secret Service
  • Favourite TV Show(s)/Series
    Modern Family, Black Mirror, Luther, Two and a half men, Masterchef Australia, Criminal Minds

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  1. Marius

    New Tour 2020

    I already know that the setlist for this tour will include Nemo, WIHAA, Amaranth, Elan, Storytime etc (have to please the causal fan, you know) so I won't bother writing about how much I wish them all a deserved rest, but there are three songs I desperately hope they will keep from the last tour: Devil and the Deep Dark Ocean Slaying the Dreamer Gethsemane I do not care what else they will play as long as these gold pieces are included.
  2. Marius

    The Upcoming Nightwish Album

    And the person's arms have tattoos like Floor
  3. Marius

    The Upcoming Nightwish Album

    Stobe just posted this on his Instragram Looks creepy. But January 2020 got me excited
  4. Marius

    Nightwish Off Topic

    Don't get the praise for this girl at all, can't you all hear how shaky her voice is? She uses that annoying vibrato on every single word she sings and her singing style is very static and emotionless. Anette > Cassie, any day.
  5. Marius

    The Floor thread

    This instantly made me tear up right from the start. So much emotion delivered in those words I feel so privileged to have her in Nightwish, I don't think we understand how lucky we are
  6. Marius

    The Floor thread

    Floor choose Emma as her favorite in her episode so I assume it's her Then we will probably have Floor's cover of Shallow this Saturday
  7. Marius

    Tarja Turunen pt. III She seems more positive regarding Nightwish as a topic these days. Would love to see her join them for a song or two on the next tour
  8. Marius

    The Floor thread

    Floor has moved up to #6 😄
  9. Marius

    Tarja Turunen pt. III

    Wow, very impressed by the Tommy duet! Loved it The rest ... nah. It's ok, still average at best and dull as always. At least after three spins.
  10. Marius


    Saw Rammstein again last night at Ullevaal Stadion in Oslo. I'm still lost for words
  11. Marius

    The Upcoming Nightwish Album

    Kai just posted a status on his FB profile saying that the drums for the new album is done and recorded (only some percussion overdubs left). Can't believe how fast this album progress is going, it's weird to me that new music from Nightwish are soon on the horizon
  12. Marius


    The concert in Trondheim on Saturday was AMAZING! Had such a blast and my voice was gone the whole day yesterday. Went with my high school friends who all have loved the band since we were teenagers so it was kind of a nostalgia trip as well. Kamelot is the only band I know that can actually get a norwegian crowd going. Some songs were sung so loud by the audience that Tommy just stopped singing for a second and glanced at us in enthusiasm. Thomas also said multiple times that he consider Norway as his second home and that they always feel so loved when they play here. Loved Cyhra as well, they took us by surprise. Jake has a great voice and stage presence!
  13. I'll give it a go as well, been a regular concert goer since I was 14 so it's hard to remember everything A1 Amaranthe (x3) Annihiliator Anvil Battle Beast Beast in Black Bullet for My Valentine (x2) Calvin Harris Children of Bodom (x3) Circus Maximus (x2) Danko Jones Datarock Deathstars Deep Purple Delain DevilDriver Donkeyboy Doro Ed Sheeran Eluveitie (x2) Emperor Ensiferum Epica (x5) Everygrey Fatal Impact Finntroll Foy Vance Frostbite Guns N' Roses (2006 line-up) Havana Brown Highland Glory In Flames (x5) Iron Maiden Ithilien Jaqueline (x2) Jarle Bernhoft Jason Derulo Kamelot (x7) Kells Kvelertak Lamb of God (x2) Leaves' Eyes (x2) Machinae Supremacy Mastadon Mötley Crüe Metallica Mortal Love Mortiis Muse Nightwish (x8) Overthrow Pagan's MInd Papa Roach Pitbull (yes, I know..) Poisonblack Rammstein ReVamp (x2) Rihanna Sabaton Satyricon (x2) Seventh Wonder Sirenia (x2) Skàlmöld (x2) Skambankt Slayer Sonata Arctica (x3) Svovel Tarja Tellus Requiem The Carburetors (x3) The Cumshots The Horrors The Sirens Thine Eyes Bleed Taio Cruz Timbuktu Timomatic Triggerfinger Triosphere (x2) Trivium (x2) Tömmermenn U.D.O (x2) Vamp Winterborn Withem Within Temptation (x2) Met in person and had a conversation with; Mark Jansen, Simone Simons, Floor Jansen, Jaap Melman (Revamps' bassist), Sharon den Adel, Ruud Jolie, Tommy Karevik, Alissa White-Gluz Guitar picks from: Emppu Vuorinen (x2), Thomas Youngblood (Kamelot), Elias Viljanen (Sonata Arctica), Mark Jansen (Epica), Richard Kruspe (Rammstein), Björn Gelotte (In Flames), Ewout Pieters (Delain) Drumstick from: Jukka Nevalainen, Casey Grillo (Kamelot)
  14. Marius

    Nightwish Off Topic

    Even though I knew this was going to happen I still feel very sad. He's always been one of my favorite members in the band and have impacted their sound a lot during the years. I will miss him greatly! But I'm happy we have Kai He has done amazing things with Nightwish for the past five years and seem like very humble and nice guy. As a musician he's technically a beast, so I'm interested to see how his input will impact the new album.
  15. Marius

    The Upcoming Nightwish Album

    Well, besides what you already listed the summer camp is also where they are rehearsing and recording the new album. So yeah, we're pretty excited about that