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    Italian, Greek, Indian
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    Whales, sharks
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    Water, Red Wine, Urge (Norwegian soda)
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    Sweden, Denmark, Finland, U.K, Netherlands, Spain, Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Monaco, Poland, Hungary, Greece, Croatia, Bosnia & Hercegovina, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, USA, Australia, South Africa
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    Through a friend when I was 11.
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  • Most Memorable NW Memory
    Many good memories connected to this band, but the best one for now was to attend the Tampere show and finally be able to re-live the experience on DVD
  • Most Prized Nightwish Item
    Signed DPP-poster, Emppu's guitarpic (x2) and Jukka's drumstick
  • Best Live Song
    Ghost Love Score, Dead to the World, Stargazers
  • Favourite Album
    Oceanborn/Century Child
  • Favourite Song
    Beauty of the Beast, Ghost Love Score, The Greatest Show on Earth, 10th Man Down, The Riddler, Ghost River
  • Favourite Album/Single Artwork
    The Siren
  • Favourite Music Video
    The Islander
  • Favourite DVD
    End of Innocence
  • Least Favourite Album
  • Least Favourite Song

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    Eluveitie - The Call of the Mountains, Rammstein - Mein Herz Brennt
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    Tommy Karevik, Tony Kakko, Jan Werner Danielsen, Roy Khan, Sharon den Adel, Floor Jansen
  • Favourite Guitarist
    Richard Kruspe, Thomas Youngblood
  • Favourite Bassist
    Marco Hietala
  • Favourite Non NW Song?
    "Reise, Reise" by Rammstein, "Don't Say a Word" by Sonata Arctica and "Frindship to Last" by Two Steps from Hell
  • Best Concert Attended
    Rammstein @ Valhall, 19.02.2012 - Oslo, Epica (Retrospect) @ Klpkgebouw, 23.03.2013 - Eindhoven, Nightwish @ Ratinan Stadion, 31.07.2015 - Tampere
  • Favourite Non NW Album?
    "Mercy Falls" by Seventh Wonder and "Winterheart's Guild" by Sonata Arctica
  • Favourite Band/Artist?
    Rammstein, Kamelot, Sonata Arctica, Eluveitie, Ensiferum, Within Temptation, Epica, Seventh Wonder, Avantasia, Wintersun, Delain
  • Musical Dislikes (Songs, Bands etc)
    I'm always openminded when it comes to music, but the only genre I really can't get into is the rap/hiphop thing


  • Favourite Movie(s)
    Lord of the Rings-series, The Hobbit-series, Jurassic Park-series, Outlander, Kingsman: The Secret Service
  • Favourite TV Show(s)/Series
    The Big Bang Theory, Two and a half men, Friends, Masterchef Australia, Criminal Minds

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  1. Marius

    List of Nightwish songs you've heard live

    Seen them seven times so I have actually managed to see more songs than I thought (Thanks to Dark Chest of Wonders (x1 Tarja, x2 Anette) The Siren (x1 Tarja, x3 Anette) Ever Dream (x1 Tarja, x2 Anette, x1 Floor) The Kinslayer (x1 Tarja) Wishmaster (x1 Tarja, x1 Anette) Slaying the Dreamer (x1 Tarja) Nemo (x1 Tarja, x4 Anette) Ghost Love Score (x1 Tarja, x2 Floor) Wish I had an Angel (x1 Tarja, x4 Anette) Bye Bye Beautiful (x1 Anette) Cadence of Her Last Breath (x1 Anette) Whoever Brings the Night (x1 Anette) Amaranth (x4 Anette, x2 Floor) The Islander (x5) The Poet and the Pendulum (x2 Anette) Dead to the World (x3 Anette) Sahara (x2 Anette) 7 Days to the Wolves (x2 Anette, x1 Floor) Escapist (x1 Anette) Dead Boy's Poem (x1 Anette) Romanticide (x1 Anette) Taikatalvi (x2) Storytime (x2 Anette, x2 Floor) Scaretale (x2 Anette) I Want My Tears Back (x2 Anette, x1 Floor) Slow, Love, Slow (x2 Anette) The Crow, the Owl and the Dove (x2 Anette) Last of the Wilds (x2) Ghost River (x2 Anette) Planet Hell (x2 Anette) Over the Hills and Far Away (x2 Anette) Shudder Before the Beautiful (x2) Yours Is an Empty Hope (x2) She Is My Sin (x2 Floor) My Walden (x2) Élan (x2) Weak Fantasy (x2) Alpenglow (x2) Stargazers (x2 Floor) Sleeping Sun (x2 Floor) The Greatest Show on Earth (x2) Last Ride of the Day (x2 Anette, x2 Floor)
  2. Marius

    The Marco thread

    From the top of my memory (I can look it up if you need more details): First time; After Tarja announced that she would leave the band after Century Child (which, as we all know, did not happend). He had a backup plan where he would go back to Sinergy. Marco also speaks here about how the rest of the band thought it was a strategy from Marcelo to let them feel the importance of her in the band. Second time; When Tarja announced that she refused to do the Australian and Japanese tours in 2005. He eventually did not quit because Tarja accepted these tours after the rest of the band threatened to cancel the South American leg (which Marcelo had arranged) if Australia and Japan were cut short. Third time; During the months that followed the South American leg they did in 2008 when Anette left the stage. Marco explained that he really tried to help her after that show, but she was raging and thought they all were assholes since they kept on playing more songs (covers and such) instead of leaving the stage with her (dejavu, anyone?). It was after this incident that she also hired her own manager, and all the flashbacks from Tarja came into Marco's head. He was also suffering from a deep depression at that time which did not help. He felt that the band's state were worse than ever, but he did not quit since he got some serious help from his psychologist during the break they had (right before the London show in March 2009).
  3. Marius

    The Marco thread

    I got the book in the mail yesterday and I finished it right before bedtime Loved it! I was not aware that Marco had so much troubles growing up and I really feel I got to know the guy now. It's also very interesting to know that he almost left the band three times because of Tarja and Anette. Thankfully he got his head together instead of going forward it.
  4. Marius

    Decades World Tour 2018

    I agree! Come Cover Me is a beautiful song and I will be very sad if they replace it. Talking about setlist changes, the only songs I want them to switch out at some point is TGSOE or Ghost Love Score with Beauty of the Beast and WIHAA with Dead to the World (hopefully before the Gothenburg show). That's it, the rest is perfect as it is.
  5. Marius

    Seventh Wonder

    New song!
  6. Marius


    Listened through the new album a few times now, and I can safely say that I like it After all the negative reviews I read about it wasn't sure what to expect. However, I totally agree that the two singles released are the most boring songs in there. Phantom Divine is just a Sacrimony rip-off imo, and Lauren Hart adds absolutely nothing to it. My favorites after the first spins are currently "Mindfall Remedy", "Stories Unheard", "Vespertine" and "The Proud and the Broken". I also really like "Amnesiac" and "Burn to Embrace". I also think "Static" is kinda cool, which surprises me after every review pointed it out as the weakest song on the album. Edit: I also think Vespertine could fit straight into The Black Halo, very similar style.
  7. Marius

    Decades World Tour 2018

    I'm not sure if I would call it overestimating, rather being ambitious Also, I don't think it's the band themselves are deciding these type of things. It's more likely their promoters and booking agencies who are on cloud nine and thinks these venues would be a good fit. But just think about it, how great wouldn't it be if they actually manage to sell quite decent in these venues? The band deserves it. Edit, just saw the post regarding the Sao Paulo show almost being sold out. That's a great sign
  8. Marius

    Decades World Tour 2018

    Random insert of video here, but fantastic to see so much headbanging by the band and crowd (2:37)
  9. Marius


    Ah, ok. Took me a while to realize that. I just though I remembered a review saying that Tuomas did a duet with Johanna on Desert Flower
  10. Marius


    Is that Tuomas singing the male part?! Man, if that's the case he really have improved his vocals!
  11. Marius

    Decades World Tour 2018

    Best video and audio of Gethsemane so far
  12. Marius

    Decades World Tour 2018

    Btw, check out the other videos from this guy from the same show. They all sounds fantastic!
  13. Marius

    Decades World Tour 2018

    It’s confirmed! Saw a picture of the setlist on paper in the same group
  14. Marius

    The Old Era

    Wow. I have owned this album in over 14 years and have NEVER noticed that Good find!
  15. Marius

    Decades World Tour 2018

    New great videos from Baltimore, uploaded by the famous Anthony Serafino II!