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  1. AngelWingsToDust

    This topic will be deleted =)

    Hello gang, I wanted to start this off as "fellow Nightwish fans." But that doesn't seem the be the core of our community. I was originally okay with joining the new forum, although with raised eyebrows given the sudden take-down of the administration team on the last one. After digging deeper into the facts behind it, including the online petition to take it down and the new main administrator here, I've decided I'm not okay with it. My digging around has established this fact: This new forum is a play of pure politics and egotism. The original forum was well moderated and at times even overly so. No piracy was tolerated. Admittedly we had some language going on, but otherwise I can find nothing to complain about. I also want to say that instead of that admin team being informed on a case-by-case model of supposed "errors", *someone* went right up to the top and got them swiped. This forum has been established "in bad blood" and thus doesn't hold my interest, much less my respect. I am quite aware this topic will be deleted and I as a user will be banned... but go for it. I'm into Nightwish for the beautiful music that captures the essence of the human experience. If any fans of that same music for the same reasons want to stay in contact with me, I'm not hard to find. To the admins here: (Not the mods, I know many of them came over to help out.) You really, really messed up. The new generations of Nightwish fans that come swarming in with Imaginaerum won't realize what happened here. But others will, and while they can't do anything to even moderately infringe on your life, remember bad politics always has a way of coming back and biting people in the ass. Cheers, (And Nightwish forever!) Zoë
  2. AngelWingsToDust


    Welcome! Love the avatar.
  3. AngelWingsToDust

    I come bearing.... otters. For everyone. Not. Only for me.

    Can I ask a dumb question? ... do you read Redwall?
  4. AngelWingsToDust


    I'm a HUGE Kamelot fan- in my book, they come second only to Nightwish. They're hyper-inventive and their musicianship is the tightest I've ever heard live. Youngblood is a phenomenal guitarist who deserves waaaaay more popularity than he currently has. =P And yes, Roy was my favorite male vocalist of all time. Hearing him duet with Simone Simons (My favorite female vocalist of all time) was a dream come true.
  5. AngelWingsToDust

    Within Temptation

    The latest WT album, The Unforgiving, was released in March of this year and quickly topped charts across the world, most notably earning the #1 Rock Album spot in the United States. What do you guys think about Within Temptation? Do you like the way their sound has changed? Do you find it more aggressive? Personally I like the newer ways Sharon Den Adel is using her voice. I always suspected as she got older that she'd have to use the lower parts of her voice, but I never expected her to be so inventive with it. Especially since she has no formal training whatsoever.
  6. AngelWingsToDust

    Hey, everyone.

    Heresy. *points accusing finger* Actually as time has gone on I've started enjoying both Canon and Nikon, but if I had to choose between the two I'd pick Canon. I won't hold Nikon against you. And nice to meet you.
  7. AngelWingsToDust

    Your Album Of The Year 2011

    Well yer gettin' a reply from me already. Because I've been thinking about this all year right up until I heard Imaginaerum. Soooo.... Album of the Year Imaginaerum-Nightwish Hono(u)rable Mentions The Unforgiving-Within Temptation The Quiet Resistance- Nemesea American Capitalist- Five Finger Death Punch Evanescence-Evanescence Song of the Year Sinéad by Within Temptation (No, it's not from my top album, but it is an incredibly solid piece and if all the new WT songs were this good, The Unforgiving would have outpaced Imaginaerum. Heresy? Perhaps. ) Biggest Disappointment Don't have one (yay) Video of the Year Sinéad by Within Temptation Best Surprise Evanescence by Evanescence Concert of the Year This is actually one of those odd years I didn't attend anything since most of my favorite bands weren't touring. :blink: Best Live DVD of 2011 Still pondering.... Which was a better year for music: 2010 or 2011? That's tough... but I'm going to say 2011. If I forgot a category, or you think that one should be added, let me know before December! Could we add a "Best Live Album" category?
  8. AngelWingsToDust


    It's very comfortable with itself, unlike DPP which felt "tense" to me at times. (Which makes sense given that DPP was when Nightwish was trying to introduce Anette and no one was quite sure what to expect.) I loved all of Imaginaerum except "Song of Myself." I tried getting into it, with the poem and all, but I just can't. Highlights for me are Last Ride of the Day, Rest Calm, I Want My Tears Back, and The Crow, The Owl, and the Dove.
  9. AngelWingsToDust

    Hey, everyone.

    Oo! What do you shoot with?
  10. AngelWingsToDust

    Every Single Sect (777 Sect(s))

    I remember you =P And glad to see you're a fellow American and sushi addict. =)
  11. AngelWingsToDust


    So thankfully I got the same username again as I had on the previous two forums, so if you know me... yes, this is me again. Hi! *waves* En nuce, I'm Zoë. I'm an American fan, studying for a degree in AYA English and Music, I love sushi and horses, and it's nice to meet you if I haven't already.