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    Meeting them after the second show, just hanging out by the bus
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    Signed EFMB Poster, Signed 2015 NA Tour Drumhead
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    The Greatest Show on Earth, Ghost Love Score
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    Album: Imaginaerum
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    Showtime, Storytime

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    Within Temptation- "Memories"
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    Within Temptation, Halestorm
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    Mariah Carey- "Butterfly"
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  1. CenturyChild625

    The Upcoming Nightwish Album

    Music and art has always been about politics or religion. It has always been about issues that concern the artist. Go back to the 1970s and you will find plenty of songs that were anti-war, and they were popular songs. And that is just a very small example of artists becoming politically involved. They are allowed to be. Epica is infamously political, and yet, they make incredible music. Tuomas has never hidden his current concerns in his music, which for the most part were personal. Lately he is expanding outside of his personal life and is showing his concerns for the world around him. Anyway, I am excited for this album still, and if anything, I'm first curious about the music and then I'll get interested in the meaning.
  2. CenturyChild625

    The Upcoming Nightwish Album

    I've been doing some research into the Cuneiform. It seems that the word "man" is taken from Assyrian, yet, I am curious to know if it existed previously in Sumerian. And while we seem to have one resource hinting at "men/women of the heavens" (as digír also translates to "heaven"), I am also curious to know if it is not two separate words, but, if all of the cuneiform means something together. I took hieroglyphics in college and often times hieroglyphs would be combined together to create a single word or meaning, and from my research into cuneiform, it seems to do the same thing. Digír with certain symbols also represents a god. Multiple uses of digír together are the cosmos. I think the digging so far is on the right track. I will keep looking into it as well, because now I'm intrigued. It is likely that it is exploring the relationship between mankind and the cosmos, taking that aspect from EFMB. Less emphasis on human evolution, and more emphasis on humans and the heavens, which is a fascinating concept.
  3. CenturyChild625

    The Upcoming Nightwish Album

    I feel releasing the first single in December closer to the hype around Floor, and along with the Decades release would make more sense, but, if we have to wait until January, I guess I will, haha. I just hope this first single is a bit more of a punch in the face than Élan was. Something that really makes people go "wow" and get hyped for the album. I love EFMB, I just know they can go so much further than that, and that's what I hope we get from this album. The good vibes is a great sign, and has me very hopeful .
  4. CenturyChild625

    Your Nightwish collection

    Haha, I was sneaky. Folded the poster and she just signed the folded part. I was happy with my success . Now one of my most prized Nightwish merch items.
  5. CenturyChild625

    The Upcoming Nightwish Album

    Oh, very interesting theory! The Epic of Gilgamesh would be something fascinating to base some songs around, and a concept. The origins of many myths and legends in that region stem from ancient Sumerian, Assyrian, or Babylonian texts and stories. The themes could be tied into so much. Not to mention focusing on the themes you just mentioned. If he is taking EFMB and moving ahead from there, it would make sense. The themes can be related, but, that doesn't mean the music has to be. Although, based on the recent recordings in London, I think it's safe to say there are some orchestral elements on this album. Which is fine by me. Although, I hope we also get some old-school metal, and I really just want more of Floor's voice .
  6. CenturyChild625

    Decades: Live in Buenos Aires

    I saw the time stamps for "Devil and the Deep Dark Ocean" and "Slaying the Dreamer" marked on U.S. iTunes too. If they are the promo songs for the release, they are great choices. Especially for new fans who are not familiar with the older songs prior to DPP. https://music.apple.com/us/album/decades-live-in-buenos-aires/1482658126
  7. CenturyChild625

    Lacuna Coil

    Absolutely LOVE this album. I feel like it's a more mature version of "Delirium" with some surprises in there. My favorite song is definitely "Veneficium" by far. Cristina really experimented with her vocals on this album, and she sounds amazing. I hope she will continue to explore her talents moving ahead. I feel like this album needs more listens to truly sink-in, but, I love it with the several listens so far.
  8. CenturyChild625

    New Tour 2020

    Eagerly waiting for those U.S. tour dates. I expect it in early 2020, like usual. Which means I assume they will make an announcement of some sort soon if that's the case. As far as the setlist goes, I expect a normal setlist again. Meaning a lot of their hits. Plus, 5 or 6 new songs. Then, maybe throw in a new oldie they haven't performed in a while, that would be nice. Or at least bring "Devil and the Deep Dark Ocean" or "Slaying the Dreamer" back. They were fantastic during the Decades tour.
  9. CenturyChild625

    Decades: Live in Buenos Aires

    Oooh, I like that! ^ The colors look really nice in your photoshopped version .
  10. CenturyChild625

    The Floor thread

    I've been watching these every week like most NW and Floor fans, and WOW... I was not disappointed with the finale. Phantom gave me goosebumps. I am so jealous of fans in NL who will get to see that with Henk. It would be a treat if they considered bringing it back as a regular song on this one tour. I think many fans have hoped to see Floor sing it for years. I have bought several of her songs from this show. I will buy them all before long. I loved each song she did. I even bought Emma's cover of "Strong." I really, really loved it. She has a great voice for that song. Overall, I think this experience was incredible for Floor. I am so happy to see the success she is having in NL. I wish she would have the same success here in the US. But, I suppose that would only happen under the right circumstances. It's hard to break out here unless you are pop.
  11. CenturyChild625

    Decades: Live in Buenos Aires

    I am SO excited for this!! Haha, as I've been posting about wanting a recording of that epic tour since it started last year. I'm glad we finally have news on the release, and I will be preordering a few of the versions. I'm curious about which songs they will use as promo videos. I would guess "Nemo" or "Wish I Had an Angel" for casual fans. Maybe "Come Cover Me" or "Devil and the Deep Dark Ocean" too. I have to imagine we will get a promo video in the coming weeks. I am also kind of sad there are no bonus materials mentioned. I was kind of hoping for something fun tied to the Decades concept and celebrating 20 years as a band. But, maybe there will be another Easter egg for us anyway. Still, I'm just pleased to have yet another release with Floor, especially with all of those rare, older songs. The Decades shows were highlights of all of the Nightwish shows I've been to so far .
  12. CenturyChild625

    The Upcoming Nightwish Album

    Oooo, a cello. These little bits of information coming-out is exciting. I know once the summer camp is in full swing for recording this summer, the speculation can really begin. I'm still hoping this means we at least get the first single by December. I also hope there is another epic song of at least 10 minutes in length. Tuomas has written some great epic songs every album, and I want to know what he can cook-up this time .
  13. Whoever Brings the Night is one of those songs that I actually think Floor would own so well. I was just listening to it again, and while Anette of course does a decent job, the song feels like it could really go up a notch if Floor added her strong vocals to it. It might be one of those DPP songs that becomes better with her epic live version . And thanks on the av! It's one of Tim Tronckoe's photos. He's amazing .
  14. Now that we've had the Decades Tour, which was amazing, here are NW songs I would still love to see Floor sing. I hope we get some new oldies on the next tour run. Beauty of the Beast Pharaoh Sails to Orion Whoever Brings the Night Meadows of Heaven Escapist Feel For You Tutankhamen Astral Romance Cadence of Her Last Breath Rest Calm Crownless Fantasmic
  15. CenturyChild625

    Your Nightwish collection

    I have quite a few prized possessions too. I shared my drumheads up there ^. One of my newer prized Nighwish items I got signed last year by Tarja (I don't think she knew which poster she was signing, but, it's one I had signed by all the guys, and I was just missing hers. So, I got it!). My "End of an Era" poster now signed by everyone who was in that show. Tarja, Tuomas, Marco, Jukka, and Emppu.