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    In Celtic Lands where grass is green and I am with my king ^^
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    music, makeup, hair care, design, movies, anime, purple, and all that kinda good stuff :)
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    I'll try writing my review soon and post it here, I have different thoughts about the album. Like, there are some bits we should pay more attention in some songs, is awesome because everytime I listen to the whole album I ALWAYS find sth new and unique
  2. Dana_O_Hara

    Hi dear people ^^

    Hey, thanks so much for the welcome ^^
  3. Dana_O_Hara

    Hi dear people ^^

    Ahmm, well hi! My name is Dana, I'm new in this forum and I am a fellow NW fan for almost 11 years ^^. I love music, especially metal, folk, symphonic, thrash, progressive, Gothic. I live in Mexico City, my passion is make-up, and I also enjoy all about Celtic culture. And I am a happy person who is deeply in love with her bf and life as such. If I can help you with anything just tell me, I am always there ^^ Many greetings to all of you and I'll be around! ^_^ ~Dana
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    Still can't get my own, hopefully I'll get it for Christmas ^^ got to listen to it thanks to a friend who already got her own copy, but I want mine! Btw, nice to meet you all ^^ I'm new here ^_^