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    burgers of the vegan variety
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    wolves and huskies
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    Yellowstone National Park
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    England, France, Holland, Germany
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    CDs and vinyl
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    two dogs, two cats, and a rat!
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    learning guitar


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    looking up info on the movie "Wishmaster" led me to them, which is kinda weird, but yeah
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    Once, so far. House of Blues, Orlando. May 8th 2015.
  • Most Memorable NW Memory
    hearing them for the first time!
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    at the moment it's Showtime, Storytime
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    Ghost Love Score, with Floor Jansen on vox!
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    The Islander
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    Showtime, Storytime
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    Angels Fall First
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    Bare Grace Misery, Nymphomaniac Fantasia, Carpenter

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    Buddy Holly by Weezer, strangely enough...
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    Inferno from Behemoth
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    too difficult to decide!
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    also too difficult...
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    gah, too difficult AGAIN.
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    Tuomas Holopainen of course
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    1000 More Fools by Bad Religion
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    Now a tie between Nightwish/Sabaton/Delain and Kamelot/DragonForce!
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    Suffer by Bad Religion
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    Bad Religion
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    most top 40 pop (I don't dislike it all though), alt country and pop country.


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    Quentin Tarantino
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    Kill Bill 1 & 2, O Brother Where Art Thou, A Nightmare on Ellm Street, Psycho, Sinister, entire LOTR series
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    Doctor Who, South Park, Bob's Burgers, Stormchasers, Futurama, Phineas and Ferb
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    Lord of the Rings, American Hardcore
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    Clive Barker, Terry Pratchett, Tad Williams, JRR Tolkein, Stephen King, Douglas Adams
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    The Hellbount Heart, the Otherland series
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    Fullmetal Alchemist (generic choice but there you go!)

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  1. Werewolf

    Battle Beast

    Not gonna lie, "Endless Summer" is probably my least favorite song they've ever done. I was almost immediately irritated with it the second it started. The rest of the new album isn't too bad, but overall it's underwhelming. There are some highlights of course, but it's probably my least favorite BB album.
  2. Werewolf

    Children of Bodom

    Well, "Hexed" is pretty good. I wouldn't say it's their best album, but it's a lot of fun to listen to and the guitar work is impressive (as usual). It's a couple steps above "I Worship Chaos" and on about the same level as "Halo of Blood" for me.
  3. Werewolf

    Within Temptation II

    While "Hydra" charted higher than every Nightwish album here in the States, I'd still say Nightwish are more popular overall. "Resist" seems to have charted significantly worse at 129, which is a steep drop. I was actually surprised - I thought it'd at least be in the top 40, especially since from a stylistic standpoint it sounds like something that could be popular over here.
  4. Werewolf

    Myrath - Metal music from the desert

    I like this one even more than the first single!
  5. Werewolf


    Well, the new album is pretty damn good. Not radically different from what Avantasia's done before I suppose, but a solid and energetic album with no truly bad songs. I kinda raised my eyebrow at the "Maniac" cover, but it's still fun to listen to. I feel like that cover should have been the bonus track instead of "Heart", though!
  6. Werewolf

    Your Latest Music Related Hauls

    Avantasia - Moonglow Coheed and Cambria - Unheavenly Creatures Coheed and Cambria - In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3 Coheed and Cambria - Good Apollo, I'm Burning Star IV: Fear Through the Eyes of Madness
  7. Werewolf


    This is the only professionally filmed video of Kamelot with Tommy that currently exists. Obviously, there will be more once their next DVD comes out, but...yeah. This is quite a good performance, so I want that DVD now.
  8. Werewolf

    Beast In Black

    Yup! I've been listening to it on Spotify repeatedly since yesterday, and my preorder should be in the mail today.
  9. Werewolf

    Beast In Black

    The new album is absolutely fantastic, a wonderful marriage between 80s pop and good old fashioned power metal! I noticed a definite uptick in synth on this one, to the point where I was thinking some of these songs would go well in an 80s action movie, or a "Kung Fury" sequel. Really good, fun stuff!
  10. Werewolf


    I live in the USA, so I know how you feel - I'll probably never get an opportunity to see them, unless they play...say, ProgPower USA again. Even then, that's all the way on the other side of the country and I'd have to fly out and I dunno if I can do that if this were to happen! Well, maybe someday.
  11. Werewolf

    Within Temptation II

    I love the "Ice Queen" video, mainly because it's bad to the point of being funny. The song is great of course, but uh...wow, that video is something else. The "Supernova" video is quite nice, though - unlike the "Ice Queen" one, it looks like it actually has...well, a budget. It's also kinda my favorite song on the album, with "Trophy Hunter" being an extremely close second.
  12. Werewolf

    Within Temptation II

    https://www.last.fm/music/Within+Temptation Some people are being extremely hard on the album here, including one random person who's just straight up being insulting. And I thought the site was dead.
  13. Werewolf

    Your Latest Music Related Hauls

    Dokken - Tooth and Nail Within Temptation - Resist Pennywise - The Fuse The Birthday Massacre - Walking With Strangers
  14. Werewolf

    Within Temptation II

    I feel like this has happened with every single album since at least "The Silent Force", and it'll probably continue to happen for all eternity. WT have been blatantly commercial since then, and that's fine - they're good at pop-metal. Also, yet another misuse of the term "screamo" (there isn't a single trace of it on this album). I guess there are more important things to worry about, though! And no, the album's not symphonic metal, but I don't think it's bad. I don't really like "Holy Ground", though. My favorite is probably "Supernova" at the moment, very catchy, upbeat and fun with a tinge of classic WT. My biggest gripe with this album is how truly terrible the mixing is. Even when streaming this in high quality, it sounds like I'm listening to it on the radio. I take it when my CD gets here, that won't change.
  15. Werewolf

    Beast In Black

    Really digging the samples in these track by track interview/video thingies. I think the album's gonna be pretty good. Not radically different from the first one, that much is obvious, but if it ain't broke don't fix it I guess!