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  1. The squares are staying Thaaat is... weird. Hmm. Anyway, should be fixed now.
  2. Quick reminder before it goes off-topic: please use the EFMB thread to discuss the Troy/Tuomas/Elan single thing.
  3. @some_dude_on_the_interwebs Duly noted. Warnings are at the discretion of each mod in the context of each situation. There is no special treatment for any particular individuals. In your case, it was a mix of the wording (and the reaction to it, both public and via reports) and the giant off-topic reply that followed. Besides, since you're aware of your past heinous crimes, I'm sure you'll be fine and this will be your one and only warning point
  4. I have no idea what you're all on about - this is totally a serious part of those design changes I mentioned earlier and has absolutely nothing to do with today's date Neon yellow it is then.
  5. Not totally sure what you mean?
  6. Should work now
  7. Points themselves are available now - you can see them on profiles or when you hover over somebody's name / pic. Rankings and stats - in some form or another, sure. And for what Eilenna said - yeah, they'll stay on the individual posts so you can continue doing that. More buttons - nope.
  8. We're going through some design changes so you should expect things to come and go for the next few weeks.
  9. Welcome to the forum!
  10. Welcome to the forum!
  11. Done
  12. I am going to make this short- It doesn't particularly matter what anyone's opinion on Tuomas is - you're free to dislike his work and state your dislike. It's a discussion forum, not an echo chamber. That being said, the whole Tuomas's ego thing has gotten old, especially coming from Stefan, who I think is actually serious. Seriously. People don't worship the ground Tuomas walks on - chill. From this point on, ANY post in this thread that continues on the whole Troy "conspiracy", Tuomas and his apparent ego, etc will be removed. If a post contains something pertaining to AURI, it will be edited to remove the Troy/Tuomas part. Anyone who doesn't ignore Stefan's above post will receive a warning. Anyone feels the need to discuss this, please use the Contact the Mods thread.
  13. Reminder: Links to full concerts are not allowed.
  14. Oops - fixed No prob