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  1. 1) I agree with Baki. Tread lightly Stefan. This forum really isn't the place for that. Especially in the Tarja thread. 2) Again, Marco performance thing aside, any old Nw stuff should go somewhere else- like the old era thread 3) This goes for the Marcelo marriage thing (unless Baki replies and y'all promise not to discuss it further :D)
  2. Huh, that's really odd. It usually says that when someone's inbox is full, but his doesn't appear to be since I was able to message him. I double-checked all the settings to make sure nothing was accidentally turned off. Are you trying to message him from his profile or from an existing convo that you guys have going? (Either way I messaged him saying to contact you. He hasn't been on in a while but should get an email that someone PMed him)
  3. I'm not 100% sure what you mean by not receiving email - do you mean his PM inbox is full?
  4. Hmm, well this thread is all over the place. My bad - should've stopped y'all sooner anywaaay I'm not going to move anything above this post because it'll be a giant mess to read. Anything after my post that's not Tarja-related will be (re)moved (this includes Tuomas-related convos)
  5. Main question asked and answered - plus this really doesn't need its own thread. You can continue in the Floor thread if you reeaally want to. Anyway, thread closed.
  6. Done apologies for the delay - summer and life and stuff.
  7. Thread closed. Please remember to look around the forum before opening new threads to make sure that a similar thread does not already exist. The Decades tour (including songs / setlists) is being discussed HERE
  8. We changed the colors! Finally. Apologies for the delay Anyway, the 50 shades of gray theme is no longer the default one. That being said, you can still choose to use it if you prefer it. At the moment there are 3 theme choices : Nightwish Online - Dark (Default) : the new dark theme, also the default site theme Nightwish Online - Light : the old gray theme Default : a default white theme, quite basic You can change your theme by clicking the Theme option at the very bottom of any page. The dark theme solves some of the concerns from when NightwishOnline went up, namely: Contrast : things are way less gray on darker gray on lighter gray. It should be much easier on the eyes now. And you can see what the read/unread forum nodes are actually supposed to be Font size : this came up a couple of times. The default font size is now bigger than it was before, so it should make for more comfortable reading. One more new thing is Sliders, which can be found on the homepage. These will mainly just scroll through welcome banners and news (NW-related and website-related, for example competitions, events, etc) We're open to any feedback / ideas, so let us know what you think
  9. Off topic index Threads by topic (kinda). For all questions / comments : Contact the Mods Yearly Forum Awards : Golden Eucariote 2016 - aka Nightwish Forum Awards General : Mathematics and Computer Science The Languages Thread The Ladies' Topic Internet & Computer Problems Pseudoscience? The Art Debate Astronomy Bullying English Grammar Food What's Cookin'? Food to die for Mod note : Hobbies : Blogging! Share stuff : Your Top-5 of Anything Tell us about your avatar Photographs! Animal Cuteness Funny & Good Commercials Seen a ghost / had a paranormal experience? Dreams Desktop Travel, Places, etc : Musea, themeparks & other specific places you SHOULD visit! The travel log - version 1.0 The Great Railway Thread! Random : Poepmonsters Pub Congratulations Finland Winter Ice, Snow, Sauna, and Water Fun Beautiful People A quick question for the non North Americans Warning, a positive thread! The best of 2015! Concert Packing Funny Pranks Other : Getting my first tattoo How we discuss things My message to the world
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