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  1. You're just bad at looking for threads although to be fair, they're a whole separate area of the forum, not just a few threads http://www.nightwishonline.com/index.php?/forums/forum/92-ask-nightwish/
  2. Done
  3. Eeh, I'm not really sure this needs to be its own topic. Anything related to Wintersun can be discussed HERE Jukka being on break (and all things related) : HERE And there's also the NW off-topic thread and the Jukka and Kai threads. Basically I'm locking this thread.
  4. Happy New Year 1's already been done by not me and as for 2, yes we can keep a thread as an annual archive thing, but you'd need a mod to lock/unlock it if you want to modify it yourself. Other than that I've replied to your PM.
  5. Aaand again - back to Anette's music please. This really isn't the thread to discuss Tarja/Tuomas/Marco. Once one of them joins Anette on stage, then y'all can have at it.
  6. Pfff making me do all that work It's fine - moved.
  7. 9 posts have been moved to the Religion Thread. Reminder that any religion-related discussions in this thread need to be connected to Dawkins in some way. Pure religion-related discussions/arguments will be moved.
  8. Sure, done
  9. In the spirit of the season and the above, we'll forgive the CAPS. Just this once Also, you're a post off
  10. Whyyyy must this convo be a thing again? Tis the season Anyway, reminder: If you want to continue this convo, do it in the NW & Anette Media thread. Anything NOT related to her music (meaning the split with NW, Tuomas and his evil ways, etc. - subject to mods' discretion) will either be moved or removed, again up to the mods (and their mood)
  11. Quick note - I pinned and featured the topic and set it as a forum announcement. I'll keep it that way til voting ends.
  12. Right. I agree with Eilenna. I'm glad I'm late enough so that JRA had a chance to explain what he meant, but that being said, the wording was inappropriate for the forum. Meaning that: 1) I've removed those parts from JRA's post. @JRA : if you want to reword what you said, PM me and I'll edit your post. 2) I'm not going to officially warn JRA for his post - he's explained what he meant and isn't arguing that it was reported. I'll consider it as more poorly-worded than malicious. However, @JRA : take this more as a verbal warning. For the future when it comes to wording - less Reddit, more NWForum. So no "crack-hos" and all that. Keep your audience in mind. Also since some_dude brought it up - the tattoo thing I don't think @some_dude_on_the_interwebs should be burned at the stake for expressing his dislike for tattoos. At most maaaaybe be less extreme when it comes to describing how much you hate them. But yeah, we're not gonna forbid people from expressing that they don't like something.
  13. 1) I agree with Baki. Tread lightly Stefan. This forum really isn't the place for that. Especially in the Tarja thread. 2) Again, Marco performance thing aside, any old Nw stuff should go somewhere else- like the old era thread 3) This goes for the Marcelo marriage thing (unless Baki replies and y'all promise not to discuss it further :D)
  14. Huh, that's really odd. It usually says that when someone's inbox is full, but his doesn't appear to be since I was able to message him. I double-checked all the settings to make sure nothing was accidentally turned off. Are you trying to message him from his profile or from an existing convo that you guys have going? (Either way I messaged him saying to contact you. He hasn't been on in a while but should get an email that someone PMed him)
  15. I'm not 100% sure what you mean by not receiving email - do you mean his PM inbox is full?