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  1. ^ very true Here
  2. We'll look into the text size, see if we can do anything about it. Lol whoops Typo fixed and as for the shopping cart - yeah we'll probably replace that with something. Thanks!
  3. Welcome to the forum! Being new to NW is great because you get to discover new songs all the time Hope you have a great time on the forum. (We also have a rap and hip-hop thread :D)
  4. So the circles you're talking about are a stripped version (kinda) of the logo. They stay gray when there are no unread posts and light up a different color when there are new posts. We can make them a tad brighter but they're supposed to look a bit dark because it means you've read everything in that area. I'm not sure what you mean by ask nw being a nice white because it's also a weird gray-ish off-white. That said we see your point and we'll play around and see if we can do anything about it no promises tho.
  5. Welcome! We do have a computer / technical issues thread in the off-topic section, so you could always poke around there
  6. You may have noticed that everything from the forum to your profiles looks different on the new site This will be a guide to (mostly) everything new on the website: PROFILES - you can add a banner to your profile to further personalize it. - the about you section from the old forum is still there, it is now on the left side of your profiles. - friends have been renamed to followers. Following someone is the same as friending them. LEADERBOARD Your reputation points are now linked to the leaderboard. The leaderboard updates daily to show the members with the most liked content. Getting a trophy shows up on your profile in the "Days won". FORUM The forum has changed. You can now access each individual language separately without having to hide the other language sections. If you prefer to have more languages, you can use the "All forums" option in the forum menu and see everything at once. BIRTHDAYS Birthdays are back! The calendar has returned and you can now see whose birthday it is on a specific day. FAN CLUBS You may have noticed the new tab called "fan clubs". The fan clubs can all now be found in that tab, so if you're looking for an official club in your country, check there. MOBILE FRIENDLY Finally we have the forum mobile friendly. MORE PAGES Simply we can now add content on pages and articles. We can do this for news or even an area where you can see our past community band interviews easier. If you have any suggestions or would like to see something added, contact us. MORE FEATURES TO COME There are more things we plan to add and will continue to upgrade, however this time without the downtime.
  7. New thread! Please use this thread for anything math or computer science related
  8. Yes good idea - done The thread is here : http://www.nightwishforum.com/index.php?/topic/4461-mathematics-and-computer-science/
  9. Guys, the Anette thread isn't the place to discuss this. If you want to keep the convo NW-specific, please take it to the Nightwish area of the forum. Bands other than NW? -> Non-artist related discussion (feel free to start a new thread). Anything else (more generally about society) is for the Speaker's Corner. Any posts that don't fit the Anette thread will be moved without warning.
  10. Done
  11. Short message from Tuomas
  12. The thread will stay open for now. The full interview/whatever you wanna call it isn't out til Dec. 6th, so I'll leave the thread where it is in case people want to discuss Floor's other answers. I am however going to rename the thread. Everything else is in my mod post in the actual thread.
  13. Riiight. Well then. Most important: please keep any arguments civil. Opinions clash and people don't agree and that's fine, but don't get hostile towards others. 1) Certain things / comments have been dealt with privately via PM. 2) As I said in Contact the Mods, this thread is staying open because the actual full interview isn't out til the 6th and hopefully there will be other stuff people will want to discuss other than the Slayer comment. That said, the thread is getting renamed. The posts above will stay as they are, because it'd be too messy to break them up right now. Buuut any future posts that are too off-topic will be moved to their respectful threads, most likely in the Music section of the forum. For example, anything about Slayer's (or any other bands') influence on metal, etc : http://www.nightwishforum.com/index.php?/topic/4378-genres-influences-and-what-could-have-been/ If you think that we don't have an existing thread that fits, feel free to open one. Even a general metal thread - the evolution of metal, the role of metal, etc. Issues/comments/questions -> Contact the Mods thread or PM me.
  14. Locked. Doesn't need its own thread.