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  1. Baki

    Nightwish Off Topic

    Wow, I've never seen those videos! As for the backing vocals, I recommend they use the Brazilian dude singing to the instrumental parts and then screaming randomly.
  2. Baki

    Tarja Turunen pt. III

    Actually I would really like her to make a full tour performing only rock and metal covers in chamber music setting. And of course make a DVD out of it.
  3. Baki

    Sarah Brightman

    Symphony to me sounded like a very watered down version of her crossover albums, just with very bad vocals and terribly over-hyped "gothic metal" promotional campaign, which completely falsely described the sound of the album. I love her albums from Dive to Harem, but Fly is definitely my favourite, it's one of my favourite albums ever, and if she had stayed in that genre afterwards, she would have redefined pop music in a way (I found that album to be kind of "pop version of Nightwish").
  4. Baki

    Sarah Brightman

    While the previous single Sogni was okayish (with exception of the terrible male partner), and actually was a pleasant surprise regarding Sarah's voice, Hymn is just bland. @Serena I quite enjoyed Dreamchaser, it had a very nice chillout feel to it. Was musically definitely much more interesting than Symphony in any case. The only thing that bothered me was Sarah's voice flopping whenever she tried going classical (Lento e Largo).
  5. Baki

    The Floor thread

    Amazing interview, and I really admire Floor more and more as a person, definitely an intriguing individual with whom I'd love to share a cup of coffee or a mug of beer, and just talk about life, disregarding all NW or music stuff.
  6. Baki

    Decades World Tour 2018

    @Ahasverus I really enjoyed your review, and am glad you had such a great time! BTw, re the new dvd, I want the whole concert to have an audio overlay of the Brazilian dude who sings along with the instruments and screams randomly.. Let´s just call him "The Dude".
  7. Baki

    Decades World Tour 2018

    Oh my god, that above posted video is the definitive live version of Gethsemane for me! Tuomas, get rid of Floor and hire that dude immediately! I literally cried of laughter while watching this.
  8. Baki

    Tarja Turunen pt. III

    Yes, thank you! I haven't enjoyed her live singing this much since some time. Memory was especially good. The ending coloratura in Think of Me though, was a total flop, but hopefully it was just a bad night for it.
  9. Baki

    Tarja Turunen pt. III

    Wow, it´s a rare interview of Tarja where I don´t roll my eyes at all the inane phrases and her saying nothing at all. Great questions, and for a change, very insightful and mature answers by her. Now, if only one could hear all that technical training in her live performances that she´s been talking about....
  10. Baki

    Decades World Tour 2018

    Excuse me, SS05 video does not deserve to kiss ankles of SS99 video!
  11. Thanks a lot! It was a great opportunity to brush up my ability to read Bulgarian original, haha.
  12. Baki

    Tarja Turunen pt. III

    I am probably the only one here who actually loves this version.
  13. Baki

    The Upcoming Nightwish Album

    Wow, that alternative EFMB version sounded almost decent. Elan was awful, though.
  14. Baki


    This seems like a great album for workout session. And more workout music is always a good thing! Like it!
  15. Baki

    Tarja Turunen pt. III

    As far as I saw, Act II did not really chart anywhere. Maybe the decreasing sales would sober up Tarja and make her wonder what people find wrong with her live performances.