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  1. Woof!
  2. So are they gonna publish the rest of European dates, or what?
  3. OK, so Indigo is definitely a revelation of the year for me. I know my opinion will be heterodox for this topic, but I would go way sooner, further and more expensive to see My indigo live than WT actually. It's been a loooong time since I heard the album on which EVERY song spoke to me and did not feel redundant at any point. And don't even get me started on Safe and Sound, especially lyrics, it breaks my heart every time I hear it, for unrelated reasons that have haunted me last several months and will keep haunting me next many years. In short, I do want Sharon to keep producing her solo albums on a relatively frequent basis (I am realistic, she will not quit WT for this).
  4. Off topic, but since when does being cynical make you a piece of feces? Very often will precisely the lack of any cynicism make you one.
  5. Sharon´s solo album (yes, I refuse to call it project, and still cannot get over the fact that she did not release it under her own name) is awesome! I like every song, and it is very easy listening, and she sounds mesmerising. Production is also very easy on the ears. Congratulations!
  6. It was high time!
  7. Since you and Spectre were referring to "my" phrase, I have to say that it was a joke, whether you like it or not is another matter. Apparently I couldn't care less how Floor fares with that single note in every show in North America, nor is to me a parameter of vocal excellence how high a singer can scream. In all honesty, I was not a huge fan of the phrase "Floorgasm" as pointless and potentially sexist, but whatever. So it was more of a nonchalant pun, rather than an effort to put Floor down. And I doubt whatever I write her could put her down anyway. And Spectre, I will definitely do my best to go and see a live show, if only they did not make it hard for me by constantly touring too far away from my place of living.
  8. Exactly, Bologna is way more fun and affordable city in that area. I was thinking about seeing her in October, but it seems she will come nowhere near me, and I have no wish to travel to another country for her show.
  9. So Floorgasm turned into a Flopgasm now?
  10. Are you serious? This Mija girl was just a HUGE no-no. Compared to her, Anette was heaven-sent, no offence.
  11. They are equally tacky with their reference to the "enemy" party. I mean, "Holopainen", "the Cabuli family", "T"? Tarja, tuomas, please, I am not a professional PR-person, but my current job contract expires in couplew of months, so hire me, I am gonna do a much more serious work than whoever you are paying for that right now.
  12. OK, I had heard Battle Beast live back when they supported NW in 2012, I think, and was in no way amazed by what I heard. Then I gave a try to Beast in Black couple of days ago, and that is all I am listening to since! Especially Beast in Black, Blind and Frozen, and Crazy/Mad/Insane go on repeat like never before. It's been some time since I got so immediatelly hooked on some new music. Please, I want more of this disco metal in my life!!!! If I had any doubts about seeing NW live on their upcoming European tour, they are gone now, because I so want to hear BIB live as well!
  13. Might be true, but in all honesty, the above quoted comment of whoever manages NW official FB page makes them look like utter jerks as well.
  14. well as the most over-rated song, like, ever.
  15. Wow, ok then. I don't think I ever sat through the whole instrumental version of a NW album. I agree with Tarja in that, if they want to provide karaoke version to aspiring singers, they could as well make separate versions for aspiring guitar players, drummers, and keyboardists.