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  1. ZOMG, Jørn Viggo Lofstad is Floor´s Joko Ono/Troy/Marcelo!!!! He´s gonna drain all creative energy from Floor, and she´s gonna be like Edema Ruh all the time when in Nightwish!!!! NW is doomed!!!! And I told you that first. In this topic, at least.
  2. Can you people stop mentioning Whoever in afirmative context? Thank you.
  3. Dear mods, please ban A Blessed Wish. Thank you.
  4. Whoever prefers the Whoever Brings the Night to Wish I Had an Angel should be banned from this forum.
  5. BUSTED!
  6. Wrong. It is clear that Johanna's label is to blame.
  7. It seems that Romanians don't mistake Serbian wisdom for humour, like the rest of the world. But I guess cultural differences, and all.
  8. I don't care. He should then learn it. What am I paying him for?
  9. I have no problem with Troy's vocals or guitars, but I really hope that for the Decades tour he plays the actual flute on early NW songs, and does not replace it with his pipes.
  10. Floor did not desire to become mother in 2017, she became one because Tuomas announced the break for that year, so how in the world was he ungenerous to her and what kind of ulterior motives? You could rather say she had ulterior motives in becoming a mother (just because the band was on hiatus that year), but of course, I hope nobody is insane to think that. Then, again, seeing some people and what they write on this forum... Anyway, this, I think, is what happens when a singer becomes thoroughly convinced that their fan base will accept whatever crappy singing she throws to them and blindly defend anything she does. I guess the question is does a singer owe anything at all to her fans, the people who supported her from the very beginning, bought her albums, and made her rich and successful or can she just say to heck with all you little people expecting me to sing in tune and not sound like a goat because my Bleep don't stink.
  11. Congrats to the winners, and thanks to all those who voted for me. I still cannot grasp why you find my comments funny rather than smart. I'd much rather be the Socrates than the joker.
  12. I am really happy that she gets to release this thing. She just needs to keep on writing her own music, with or without Nightwish.
  13. Maybe the guy in the video is an aged old former metal maestro who remained homeless because his former bagpiper bandmate ripped him off through inane side projects of quasi-folk character. He is now roaming the fields, haunted by his bad consciousness because decades back he fired his childhood friend from his band after having plotted behind her back for 8 months, and all that only because she wouldn't hook up with him because she prefers married Latino men, and he hates Latino men because he is white racist, that's why he studied biology and evolutionary science after all when he was young. His bad consciousness eventually took the better of him, so he starts having a fit in the middle of nowhere, until the mysterious light, that is, the glow of his childhood friend enlightens him, as a sign of forgiveness. Then he is finally at peace. The childhood friend is not shown on screen, because her Latino husband would sue the aged homeless maestro for copyright to her face. She also doesn't sing in the song, because she lost her voice in the meantime due to some weird singing experimentation she did . The video is not that cryptic after all. BTW, Stefan, you might want to visit this link from time to time. It would make you feel better and have more positive outlook on things, I think:
  14. EFMB was released in 2015, why is everyone mentioning 6-year break, if the new album gets released in 2020? Get your numbers straight, people.