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  1. Baki

    Game of Thrones

    Were there any civilians (small folk) within the sept when it exploded? I had the impression it was only sparrows and present nobles who came there in hope to jeer at the fallen queens. Of course I do not see it as a good thing, this isn't the question of morality, I personally would never vote for anyone of those people if they would run for elections, I think one of the few things in ASOIAF universe that is a given is that no character is good and blameless. I take it thus as a given that you do not consider burning people with dragonfire a good thing only because Daeneris does it. I just see Cercei's reasoning behind vile acts more grounded and "justified" (in cognitive, not ethical sense) than behind many of other characters' acts. Plus, I am all for human agency in the series, and the less magic the better. Hence, I am much more inclined to root for a character who came to power through shrewdness and political/military scheming rather than Deus ex Machina plot resolution with help of magical pets (ok, zombie Mountain, I admit, but still). I remember well, it was ordered by Joffrey, not Cercei? Exactly, they are the same in that regard. . But Daeneris' insistence on everyone bending the knee is generally seen as righteous (because dragons) while Cercei doing the same thing is shown as usurpation. So true. The Dorne part of the story was probably the worst link in the chain.
  2. Baki

    Game of Thrones

    But was she good deep down? I mean, do we know that as the viewers? Her care for smallfolk seems all but feigned in the show, her seduction of Tommen was hardly motivated by true love, it's questionable if she had been virgin or chaste even before getting married. Sure, she was not depicted as murderously as Cercei, because she had her grandma and Littlefinger do the dirty work for her. True, Loras was not power-hungry, but again, show-Loras has been as dimensional fitness-queen as any, totally wasted stereotypical "gay" character. I'm not talking about Jon and Daeneris, but about their ancestors, who had been inbreeding while ruling Westeros for 300 years, and nobody dared oppose them. Yet when Lannisters do the same, they have to conceal it lest they be charged for blasphemy and whatnot. Hypocrisy much. Same goes for Cercei killing families which harmed her children (Tyrells and Martells). Why wouldn't she? Not really. Cercei is not a mindless annihilating ice zombie, but a slightly deranged woman whose mind has been twisted by being denigrated her whole life for being a woman, being denied her only remotely true love, being married to an abusive husband, being disappointed in her oldest child, having her favourite child ruthlessly assassinated, being raped within a sept by her supposed love of her life by her son's grave, being marooned by her youngest child, and being publically shamed and abandoned by hypocritical court. Far better than an arctic killing machine.
  3. Baki

    Game of Thrones

    Arguably, she destroyed the symbol of Dothraki culture. And I give her that that she united all those tribes, but we do not know really how much they benefited from that, because we do not see how Dothraki people (esp. women) fare in Westeros, strange and cold land. The Tyrells proved to be as scheming, lecherous and power-hungry as the Lannisters, but their schemes were always shown in positive light. Cercei did not have Marg imprisoned because she didn't like her, but because she through she was taking hold of her son, and even endangering the position of her family in general. However, allying with priests was a dumb idea to fight that, sure. And the nobles? Nah, burning them with dragonfire or with wildfire, potato, potato. The whole Westeros apparently does, judging by how Cercei and Jaime had to hide their relationship, unlike any Targaryen ever. She has become the main antagonist if you root for Starks or Targaryens, but her villainy is masterfully explained and developed and rationalised (even better in the show than in the books), while Daeneris has remained a rather shallow positive character (who keeps getting more shallow with the recent seasons' bad scripts) who thinks is entitled to a continent with which she has no tangible connection except that her ancestors ruled it. She should have stayed in Essos which she conquered with her own hands, and the life of whose people she arguably improved, and let Westeros be. Of all that talk about "breaking the wheel", you'd think she would plan to make a Socialist Federal Republic of Westeros (that's be fun, lol), but instead she just keeps nagging about bending the knee. Well, good job for breaking the wheel, sister. Oh, and BTW, Daeneris had a hand in killing her brother, at least indirectly.
  4. Baki

    Game of Thrones

    Because, despite all her obvious mistakes, deficiencies and vices, she is still the most humane and relateable of all the main contenders, unlike the goodie-two-shoes Jombie, or the foreign invader with fire-breathing pets who thinks she owns the throne because her insane father used to hold it. All the while pretending she's not evil nor arrogant while burning people for not bending the knee, or blackmailing the North with help against the Others for bending the knee. I cannot understand how people tend to think it was badass of Daeneris to burn down the Dothraki capital, but Cercei is mad and evil for burning down a sept full of lunatic priests and hypocritical nobles. Both of them had abusive husbands, but Robert eventually proved a worse partner. Oh, and nobody blinks at Targaryen incest, whereas Lannister incest is a no-go. I can see that Daeneris or Jon will end up on the throne, but to me it is a rather boring/predictable/shallow outcome, at least if we are to judge how all these characters developed in the show.
  5. Baki

    Game of Thrones

    Except that in episodes like the last one, there was hardly any action, and yet they succeeded to ruin it with stupid one-liners (how many testicle-jokes we need with Varys) and illogical interactions. BTW, is Cercei still pregnant in the show, or it was implied she miscarried when she had that desperate expression after Euron touched her belly? Anyways, I am still rooting for her, although I know it's a lost cause. Better her than wannabe white saviour with freaky mass-murdering pets.
  6. Baki

    Decades World Tour 2018

    I guess they are waiting with this DVD until Tarja announces her new album release date, so they can publish it simultaneously and ruin her sales as a revenge for her not allowing the anniversary edition of Once to go through.
  7. Baki

    Game of Thrones

    He was upset because of his brother, not that much because of Randyll. I don't care about them either, but it was just a dumb plothole that Jorah would not warn her beforehand that she burned the family of his saviour. Daeneris did not blink an eye at the news that one of her "children" is now a zombie, but goes on an excursion with her boyfriend. Her BF gets on the dragon and rides it (coupled with ultimate cheese of a dialogue), although that was the prerogative of Valyrian dragonlords only, and neither Daeneris nor anyone else blinks an eye at that miracle, or starts wondering about his actual heritage. I don't even have any idea what's the purpose of characters like Davos or Varys this late in the story. Sure, I am happy that I will see the conclusion of the whole story, even in such a crippled state, and the show has never looked better, the cast is mostly fantastic as usual, but it just irks me so much that almost all characters now seem ten times more stupid and uninteresting than 7 seasons ago. And it does not even have to do with previous seasons following the books, you can write a decent script even if you are not George Martin.
  8. Baki

    Game of Thrones

    Am I the only one who thinks the new season continues the previous one's disastrous writing? It does not even have to do with "keeping true to the books" (which don't exist anyway), but merely having some remote logic in plot, dialogues and character development.
  9. Baki

    Tarja Turunen pt. III

    The first line is not even grammatically correct, lol. Looking forward to it nevertheless.
  10. Baki

    The NW Songs Commentary

    One of the best NW songs ever, period.
  11. Baki

    Devin Townsend

    Ok....those videos were so bizzare I couldnt even pay any attention to the actual music.
  12. Baki

    The Upcoming Nightwish Album

    Oh please, I do want real-life topics in their lyrics. When I started listening to NW I was 15, so at that age I could identify with all these angsty escapist fantasy kinds of themes in their songs, but now I am much more into discussing actually existing things. Although I am afraid Floor would be much better at writing those kind of lyrics than Tuomas.
  13. Baki

    The Floor thread

    And I couldnt admire her more for this article. I was a bit uneasy at first when I heard about this sari project, because of its "white saviour" connotations, but after reading this statement of hers, I am sold. I really like her understanding of the 8th March significance, and her views on gender relations in general. And I am happy NW has got such a person in its ranks.
  14. Baki

    Beast In Black

    And so I did! The support band was funny, I liked their cheeky attitude, even the music had some catchy moments, but the whole make-up and Satan-worshiping paraphernalia in metal bands (even when used as mocking intentional cliche) is really tiring me, not to mention that I did not escape one carnival to spend time in another. Anyways, BIB were great. No comment on the whole skull-decorated stage, see my comment above. But the playing was really tight, songs sounded great, and all the members were very engaging and active on stage (except Anton who was just smiling and standing stiff). Janis was also on spot, and no matter how much I love what he can do with his voice, I have a feeling his skill won't last long, after seeing all these pushing and effort he makes to produce all those high screams. And it is already audible that in parts where he is supposed to go into falsetto or this airy "girly" mode, his voice cracks often. And when listening to their last album, they should tone down a bit the emphasis on "our singer can scream high", because when you have someone constantly doing acrobatics with his voice in every song throughout every song, it tires the listener (or at least me). But otherwise I really enjoyed the show, and I felt they did too. Now I think it is time for them to step up their game. First, get a goddamn live keyboard player, what the hell was that with backing tracks? They don't use massive orchestra or electronics, it's just bloody keyboards, are they that cheap to be saving on that?! Second, find some goddamn decent lyricist. I don't want them to go Therion, producing great music with horrible lyrics. Sure, some cheese here and there is nice, but there are only so many manga and superhero lyrics I can bear in a row.
  15. Baki

    The Upcoming Nightwish Album

    The Second Greatest Show on Earth.