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  1. That's what Tarja would like you to think. You fell for her trick, sir. I'm deeply disappointed.
  2. Well, have you ever seen Tarja and Anette together? Have you ever seen Tarja and Johanna together? Have you ever seen Johanna and Anette together? Hm..... I think I can hear someone laughing out loud with Argentinean accent.
  3. And the fact that the video has Spanish subtitles just shows how deep runs marcelo's conspiracy.
  4. Actually no, she had her biggest commercial and artistic success years after she divorced Lloyd Webber. Anyways, enough with the off-topic. So, which Sharon's arm do you prefer? The right one, or the left one?
  5. Those are unfaIr comparisons, NW and TG are actually amazing bands. On the other hand, Michael Jackson blossomed after leaving Jackson Five, Sting as well after leaving The Police, Peter Gabriel after leaving Genesis, Beyonce after leaving Destiny's Child, and Sarah Brightman after leaving Hot Gossip.
  6. I find lyrics in the verses a bit silly if they are indeed directed at NW. Not that Anette ever gave her bread and sold her everything because of NW.
  7. I kind of agree, but fail to see what does the bassist's age has to do with anything. Or you imply that mixing engineers should retire at the age of 40?
  8. Nah, to me WT is mostly a band with couple of awesome songs per each of the last three albums, an awesome singer, and rather forgettable first albums and many songs on the latter ones, so, yeah, a solo album by Sharon with this kinds of music would bring me much more joy, I think.
  9. Wow, Pie Jesu is downright gorgeous, she surpassed Sarah Brightman in that one! Some fantastic low vocals in that one. The album is overall really nice atmospheric music. The gothic silliness in the visual part is totally out of touch with the music itself, IMO, which does not really associate to vampires or albino French queens. And her voice is overall really nice, as long as she sticks to classical singing. As soon as she tries to belt or do whatever, she goes flat. That's how she destroyed Amazing Grace for me. But on the other hand, she made a song about a Christmas tree sound sexy, damn! Just love her porn German accent.
  10. I am really underwhelmed by the album. OK, I am not much of a proggy guy, but this sounded really uninspired, without direction and soul. Not to mention that Anneke managed to actually sound annoying on quite a few songs. Her voice colour and excessive vibrato just stick out of this kind of music. I really miss that she gave up that pop-rock sound, which fit her like a glove. Oh well, I am now patiently waiting for a new acoustic album.
  11. Both the song and video are excellent. I am really looking forward to My Indigo, and as far as I'm concerned, wouldn't mind if she decides to sacrifice WT for making this kind of music on a permanent basis. And why hasn't she released the song under her own name, but is calling herself My Indigo? It is basically her solo album, not a new band, there's no need to confuse people, especially since she's already rather famous.
  12. The last two albums have been pure fire, I never expected I would like them so much since Vibeke left. It doesn't even have to do with new vocalists, their music just got insanely better. I don't feel nostalgic for Morten era one bit. And seriously, it is high time they released a new album, is something cooking there, or they are on hiatus?
  13. Am I the only one seeing it as Anette's Bye Bye Maestro, or?
  14. Plus, we never saw Johanna and Tarja together, and they also speak very similarly. Hm...
  15. ZOMG, that means bye bye next NW album. Tuomas will drain all his inspiration into those silly crossword puzzles, and eventually disband Nightwish because of that. I can bet it was Troy who suggested him such a hobby, and we all know that Troy secretly works for marcelo.