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  1. Baki

    The Upcoming Nightwish Album

    As I wrote in my post, I am very superficially informed about the whole Thunberg affair, so I am also willing to be educated on that matter with some reliable facts if my impressions are wrong. For example, some concrete example of governments spending tax-payers' money on Thunberg's travels or activities would be a good step in that direction. Witty sarcasm does not suffice, I am afraid.
  2. Baki

    The Upcoming Nightwish Album

    I've been raving about Floor's performances in that show as any other person here, but that's irrelevant now. If you (general you) would go to any more renowned conservatory or music academy, you would probably find many technically more proficient or versatile performers (vocalists, guitarists, pianists, whatever). If you went to every garage or basement in the world, you would find plenty of more talented or creative or inventive songwriters who would be able to write pieces of much greater duration and cultural relevance. But it does not matter. I, and probably all people here, are aware Tuomas is not the best pianist in the world, that Emppu is far from technical genius, but anyway, what they do produce is to our liking, stirs something in us, even when it is far from being the have-it-all in terms of artistic worth or technical skill. And I dare say it is taken for granted here, and rightfully so. I just apply this same standard to people like Thunberg. I see no point in nitpicking about her lack of academic knowledge or education in biology or ecology. If she came to my local university and got a paid teaching position financed from public money, instead of a person who got actual PhD in the subject, yes, then I would strongly oppose her as incompetent and as an imposter. But as long as she is just doing a motivational speaking thing aimed (probably) at her peers and general ignorant public, well, what's the harm in it. She might not save the planet (actually, I am quite sure she won't), but she will neither destroy it, nor increase the level of pollution (not the level of socialism in the world, mind you).
  3. Baki

    The Old Era

    It's incredible that all of us forgot this yesterday. Happy belated Letterday to everyone!
  4. Baki

    The Upcoming Nightwish Album

    Agree with the "politics in music" part, I think it is only suitable that people in their 40s would get over the "woe is me" sentimentality and be aware of some more quotidian and urgent concerns. About Greta, honestly, I have not bothered to read too much about her or her actions, I just know the very general stuff, so I might be completely ignorant here. However, I do not like that so much attention is being devoted to HER and her personality, instead to the topic she is discussing. Her public appearances tend to not sit with me well, no offence, nor do I find her interpretation of climate change revolutionary or groundbreaking or original or significant in any way. But hell, if she will motivate some of the current teenagers to start reading more on the topic, become aware of some things, maybe even one day make a real contribution to the ecological movement in some way, why not. To bring the ball closer to this forum, neither are NW members the epitome of musical proficiency, education or talent. There are thousands and millions of more talented and creative individuals who would make way better-quality music, but the combination of good luck and commercial momentum made NW stand out and make career for themselves. But apparently they also made a bunch of people from all over the world become interested in music, learning more about it and investing their resources in it, so I guess it is not all in vain.
  5. Baki

    New Tour 2020

    Beast in Black is extremely fun band, would not mind seeing them again as warmup to Nightwish. I at least definitely enjoyed them better than Arch Enemy.
  6. Baki

    The Upcoming Nightwish Album

    I know this is completely off-topic, sorry mods, delete this, but I just can't shut up about this. I get that people get irritated by teenage antifa activists, but comparing them to white supremacy and such is morally extremely dubious. I don't know what kind of evil deeds antifa is doing in your village (killing cats, throwing Christian babies in the well, burning churches or what), but in my village actually people sometimes get beaten just for wearing an antifa T-shirt, and generally are waaay more likely to be the object of violence than to execute it themselves. And the people who are most often the greatest adversaries of antifa people and perptrate this violence are far from irritant hipster PC-obsessed teenagers, but way more sinister personalities. And Greta Thunberg and socialism? At least try to read something on how much she is hated on the left. And before that, make sure to thank socialism and socialists that the most prosperous part of Europe became social welfare states in which you can now live so comfortably and carelessly, as a direct consequence of the threat by big bad commies. And to prevent any accusations, no, I am not a defender of Stalinism or Maoism, just like I take it opposers of socialism are not all defenders of Nazism.
  7. Baki

    The Upcoming Nightwish Album

    That's a fair fear, in line with what @avalonkillah just said. I personally would prefer a more "strictly" political or economic topics on the album, rather than the cliche hug the trees messages that have been beaten to death in popular culture already. And where does this thing that Greta Thunberg is going to be an inspiration for this album come from, anyway?! Environmentalism was a hip thing way before her anyway. And yeah, promoting environmental thinking on a product made of plastic (CD) is kind of tacky. :p What I was just saying is that NW, as any other famous band, has always been political, because even deciding not to make music about "proper" political issues is a political decision and political choice. Being apolitical is being political. About preaching, depends, how you define "preaching". Usually people would call that when somebody is vocal with opinions that are contrary to their own. I don't see many people here accusing Tuomas to be "preaching" that people should seize the day or believe in their dreams or cherish the child in themselves. Which, to be honest, he's been preaching for ages, despite not being a licensed psychologist or life coach. So yeah, him preaching about green energy would not be the first time he was preachy, just as Weak Fantasy was not the first time he was "political".
  8. Baki

    The Upcoming Nightwish Album

    Dont take it wrong, but you are also preaching that a band should not be preaching in their lyrics. And thats a political stance. One does not need to mention Trump in the text to be political. The Kinslayer is political. But so is the lack of politics in Edema Ruh. But so is Tuomas's glorification of pastoral life. But so is deciding to make escapist Disney themed music in 2000s. I have seen the play Six characters, and it is an exquisite critique of fascism, or at least the version that I saw was. Looking forward to a NW take on it!
  9. Baki

    The Upcoming Nightwish Album

    Ancient Aliens!
  10. Baki

    The Floor thread

    Ooops, trouble in paradise already.
  11. Baki

    The Floor thread

    I think as long as she reports performing a copyrighted material and perhaps pays a royalty fee to copyright owners, they cannot forbid her to sing those songs live.
  12. Baki

    The Floor thread

    Wow, that was just amazing. I was not impressed with her singing TPOTO before, maybe because the recordings were muddy, maybe because she did not polish it enough, but this version is just ultimate for me. Both of them were excellent, not only singing-wise, but acting-wise as well! So much chemistry. I don't want to get into comparison battle, but this performance beats any TPOTO version done by Nightwish. The only thing that kind of irked me was the quivering jaw, which I believe should not be happening while singing, but again, for a non-classical singer and non-professional theatre performer, I thought this was really really well done, and seemed very secure and well rehearsed. Shallow was also nice, contrasting the more subdued solo Floor version. The song is really forgettable in itself, but Floor made it actually listenable for me. I will not hide it, I cried while listening to many of her performances on this show, she showed such an exquisite mixture of vocal prowess and showing-off, and the subtle storytelling holding off the technique. Loved every one of her renditions. Lastly, I also have to commend the show designers - this is such a great concept! Not a reality show, not a talent competition, just artists paying homage to each other in a touching way, while revealing a bit of their persona to the audience. Of course, I wish all the other participants paid as much attention when choosing their Floor-cover as Floor did when she did theirs, but whatever.
  13. Baki

    The Upcoming Nightwish Album

    It means that the orchestra they hired is so bad they need at least 13 takes to make a proper sound. OMZG this band is so doomed.
  14. Baki

    Decades: Live in Buenos Aires

    The cover does look a bit on the cheaper side, but then, I never liked NW covers, save for AFF and Elan. I would also have like some behind the scene footage, but I guess they are past the time recording their drunken shenanigans, and past the time of drunken shenanigans altogether, and prefer being left alone without a camera following them backstage. Anyway, the setlist is great, the band setup is great, so I am looking forward to this!
  15. Baki

    The Upcoming Nightwish Album

    Oh, no, I didnt mean it in a way that would try to appease fanbase or their religious sentimenta. I couldnt care less if you are offended when I point out the ideology and material interest behind the people who direct your personal believes, and I hope NW soes not go PC in that respect either. I just thought they should add more nuance to their socially engaged lyrics, especially regarding material aspects. I quite liked Weak Fantasy lyrics, to make it clear. Just I wish to see more criticism of materialist aspect of religion, leaving individual meaning-making potential of it aside, lest it sound too preachy.