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  1. Jair Crawford

    Ask Emppu [OPEN]

    Emppu, it was great to meet you and the band in Atlanta this past March! 1. One thing I absolutely love about the album Angels Fall First is your guitar tone. It sounds very raw and unique, and perhaps the most different from the tones on other albums. How did you achieve this tone? 2. What motivated you to switch from Washburn to ESP? 3. What are the chances that you co-write any songs for the next album?
  2. Jair Crawford

    Ask Kai [OPEN]

    Kai, it was great to meet you and the band in Atlanta this past March! 1. Are you gearing up to work on recording for the next album? Or is there a possibility Jukka will record the album (or parts of it)? I didn't know if that had been determined yet and understand if this is something that can't currently be answered. 2. When recording and playing for Nightwish, how much did you have to adapt to the Nightwish sound? Or was it an easy transition? 3. If you are recording the next album, can we expect any epic drum solos like the intro to Weak Fantasy live on it?
  3. Jair Crawford

    Ask Troy [OPEN]

    Troy, it was amazing to finally meet you and the band in Atlanta this past March! I got unexpectedly star struck at the last second, and totally flustered myself at the meet and greet and forgot to shake your hand! So first off let me offer my sincerest apologies for that. 1. Do you think your work on Auri will influence your playing on the new Nightwish album? 2. Are you using a wider variety of instruments on the new album? Are you playing any new instruments we haven't heard yet in Nightwish?
  4. Jair Crawford

    Ask Tuomas [OPEN]

    Tuomas, it was great to finally meet you and the band last March in Atlanta! Loved geeking over Korg keyboards with you at the meet and greet. And hearing The Carpenter live was such a surprise I will never forget! I will try not to be such a spaz at future meet and greets. lol 1. The remastering work on Decades sounds incredible. So much so that I crave hearing the entire Nightwish catalogue that way. How feasible do you think it would be to remaster the entire Nightwish catalogue? (Better yet, 5.1 surround mixes!) 2. Around the time of Imaginaerum you had mentioned wanting to use a pipe organ on a future album. What are the chances of getting said pipe organ on upcoming album number 9? 3. When having similar riffs in different songs, is it coincidental, or meant as a throwback or nod to older songs? (I.E. Master Passion Greed, Storytime, and Shudder Before the Beautiful having the same main riff?) 4. You said writing for Auri sparked the inspiration for writing for Nightwish album 9. Can we look forward to some of the soundscapes and inspirations from Auri to trickle over slightly into the new Nightwish album? 5. You have composed one album with Floor so far. Has her additional time in the band (and more time hearing her vocals) since then influenced the way you approached writing certain songs on the new album? 6. Will the original 35 minute cut of Greatest Show on Earth ever escape the confines of your mysterious cellar in any form? 7. What is your opinion of John Williams' music? His film scores tend to have a more classical, jazzy, or even avant garde sound to them compared to Hans Zimmer. Williams is my favorite living composer so if you ever want suggestions for listening to some of his more obscure yet brilliant scores, let me know! Haha 8. Any possibility of songs in Suomi or parts of songs in Suomi? Maybe featuring Johanna to sing the Finnish parts?
  5. Jair Crawford

    The Upcoming Nightwish Album

    Yes! This! Like I said earlier Tuomas had been wanting to use the pipe organ for a while. I want to hear some of that!
  6. Jair Crawford

    The Upcoming Nightwish Album

    I would like to hear the pipe organ implemented finally. Tuomas first mentioned that pre Imaginaerum, so it'd be cool to finally see that happen.
  7. Jair Crawford

    Decades World Tour 2018

    I dunno there's just something magical about AFF to me. It doesn't sound polished, but that's part of its charm. And I absolutely love Empuu's guitar tone on that album. It sounds so unique. The Carpenter grew on me from first listen, but I think that was partially because the single/video version of the song was horribly cut and I thought that was it's original form. When I heard the whole song on the album it made much more sense and I started to really like it. I couldn't believe it when they played it live! I will say that Troy sounds fantastic on the verses, but he and Floor sing the chorus a bit too soft. It needs to have a bit more punch. Tuomas might have sung it very flat, but he did it with more gusto so maybe Marco should sing along in the chorus?
  8. Jair Crawford

    Decades World Tour 2018

    You are most certainly not. I LOVE the Carpenter. That was a highlight for me. I sang/lip-synced along to every single word. I think I may have been the only one in the crowd to do so, but I did anyway. Lol
  9. Jair Crawford

    Decades World Tour 2018

    So I went with my sister to the VIP meet and greet in Atlanta. The concert was amazing! So, the meet and greet: It went well! It was my first meet and greet ever so I wasn't very smooth lol. But the band was very chill so it all worked out. I was trying a little too hard to be chill when I met them in hindsight that I didn't really prepare for anything to say. It wasn't until I got to the end of the table with Tuomas that I finally said something. I said "I wanted to bring my keyboard to sign but that would have been difficult". Tuomas smiled and Marco quipped that "that would have been a bit long". I told them I've been using my Korg Triton since 2002 and asked Tuomas if he still had his and he told me he does but it's at home and he doesn't use it much any more. He pretty much exclusively uses the Kronos and Karma now. If I had known that Tuomas had started the songwriting process for the next album I would have definitely asked him about that (particularly if he was finally going to record on that pipe organ he had been talking about since before Imaginaerum) but I didn't find that out until after the concert. My sister then started to greet them and she actually talked to everybody and engaged with them very well. She told them she didn't know why I was acting so weird. LOL They all chuckled about that. The concert: My head is still spinning from that set list. They actually played The Carpenter! And then Elvenpath! That's freaking two songs from AFF, which I always felt was under appreciated as an album. Then there was the entirety of Dead Boys Poem! And freakin 10th Man Down! That was the song that introduced me to Nightwish so to hear that live was extra special. Sacrament and Gethsemane were incredible. I should probably also mention the finale. Greatest Show followed directly by GLS was just phenomenal. I know they have been playing those songs a lot recently, but this was my first time hearing either of those songs live with their current lineup and... man, it is just on a different level live. It really really is. I have always been a bit critical of Greatest Show, but hearing it live is like hearing it as it is intended to be, and it was truly incredible. What an incredible show! This was only my second time seeing them live (my first was the 2012 show in Atlanta with Anette ironically only a few weeks before her departure). I will definitely be trying to see them again in 2020-21 when they tour for their next album! And hopefully if they do a VIP I'll be a bit more chill next time! Lol
  10. Jair Crawford

    Decades World Tour 2018

    My sister and I went to the Atlanta meet and greet on Friday. I'll post more on it later in more detail, but the concert was amazing, and meeting them was amazing. Listening to the decades album now that was part of the VIP package.
  11. Jair Crawford

    Endless Forms Most Beautiful (2015) - Pt. III

    I seem to remember a YouTube video of Tuomas back from shortly after Imaginaerum was done. He was playing a big pipe organ somewhere... and I think I remember him saying something along the lines of "I could definitely see this playing a role in the next album." So I was disappointed to find that it wasn't used in EFMB. Maybe the next one though... I think an actual live pipe organ would be an amazing new thing for nightwish to do.
  12. Jair Crawford

    World Tour EFMB 2015/2016

    Actually, I would love that. Lol
  13. What I think about this whole thing in a nutshell: First of all, Tuomas and Troy have every right to believe what they believe and to publicly express those beliefs, even if I as a Christian do not share their beliefs. Second, I find science to be very interesting. So it's cool to have an album about it. Finally, while I find myself in heavy disagreement with the majority of Richard Dawkins' beliefs and his Anti Theistic stance, he did an awesome job narrating on the album and therefore actually enjoy his contribution from a purely artistic perspective. I feel no reason to distance myself from Nightwish just because some of the members believe differently than I do.
  14. Jair Crawford

    World Tour EFMB 2015/2016

    I haven't seen as many videos from Worcester. What I've seen looks good though.
  15. Jair Crawford

    Nightwish and Richard Dawkins : EFMB

    Ok. That was funny. Lol