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  1. Good. Now go and announce live dates already
  2. I saw one promo video for the album where their singer said VoA was “one of the pioneers of the female fronted metal scene” or something, which is nowhere near the truth
  3. No Katarina Lilja? I thought she would make a guest appearance as well.
  4. Yeah, I think so, maybe she and Nalle did them together, like in Typhon
  5. I was pleasantly surprised by their concert! So much better than two years ago. I liked the setlist and the vocals were spot on. (I would definitely recommend skipping the supports though, if you’re planning to catch them this tour.)
  6. I feel like a lyric video would have been a wiser choice... Anyway, I'm not too stoked on the new tracks but I have to admit Temple of Jerusalem kind of got stuck in my head last weeks, despite not really liking it in the beginning. I will see them this weekend. Last time I saw Therion was disappointing to say the least, so I hope for a positive surprise.
  7. Favorite albums, in random order: Gold - Optimist The Night Flight Orchestra - Amber Galactic Arca - Arca Emptiness - Not For Music Dool - Here now, there then Honorable mentions: Myrkur - Mareridt The Dark Element - The Dark Element Beast in Black - The Berserker
  8. Maybe they got renamed? Especially 'Sad End' sounds like a working title. End of the Dynasty and Who's Your God would have been better choices as a single, I think.
  9. Well, everything is for sale, right? Annual appearances on Wacken Open Air, a guest spot on the next Kamelot album... I mean, who needs actual fans?
  10. Omg, mom and dad are back together!!!11!1
  11. I am also curious. I think her voice really stands out in genres with a darker mood (goth rock/doom/ambient), more than in symphonic metal or the bubblegum pop on some of her later solo albums. In that sense, 'Vervain' and the Theatre of Tragedy shows seem to be a step in the right direction imo
  12. I am so naive!
  13. It might be interesting to add that I saw an interview in Dutch magazine 'Aardschok' with Anette. She states that it is hard to answer the question what she thinks of Nightwish anno 2017, but that she thinks Floor is a very good singer and she wishes them all the best for the future.
  14. Yeah, of course, but still, in the past 15 years, he could have tried and learn to play some additional keyboards on stage or something (or guitar, or interpretative dance, or whatever).
  15. It's not really 'expect the unexpected' if it's a charity song, right? Anyway, nice gesture, but as some people here already stated, I won't hold my breath for the song itself.