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  1. OneOfTheLostOnes

    Within Temptation II

    Hmm, I don’t mind as much pop/electro influences as they want, but I feel the album is lacking some memorable hooks. Might have to listen to it again, but I think I actually prefer Hydra, which was not so coherent but more catchy.
  2. OneOfTheLostOnes

    Battle Beast

    Love it! Was lucky to see them yesterday. Sure, the whole Anton/BiB split might be unfair, but they were phenomenal, so energetic, catchy and fun! Tbh, in terms of the live show, i think they’re much much better than Beast in Black at this moment
  3. OneOfTheLostOnes

    Within Temptation

    They won't open to any of the shows I'm considering to attend, but I prefer support acts that are at least slightly different than the headliner. Some of the Beyond the Black songs I heard literally sound like WT leftovers.
  4. OneOfTheLostOnes


    I like it a lot more than I expected! Even has a hint of old Sirenia, with all the mixed vocals and some harsher parts. Edit: started listening to a couple of Sirenia songs on Spotify again, and I was reminded how bothered I am that they managed to ruin one of the best tracks they made in the last years (The Silver Eye) by such a horrible production.
  5. OneOfTheLostOnes


    Sounds good, the chorus reminds me a bit of The Pretender (Foo Fighters). It really sounds like music that is best enjoyed live, so I really hope they rethink their decision of making this a studio-only project.
  6. OneOfTheLostOnes


    But I though Perils was still recognizable as Sirenia at least. I literally couldn't tell the difference between their latest album and the recent Xandrias' Eyes stuff.
  7. OneOfTheLostOnes

    Decades World Tour 2018

  8. OneOfTheLostOnes

    Decades World Tour 2018

    But she wouldn't be teasing people about a new stage outfit, would she? Maybe it's an outfit she will use to join another band on stage? Anyway, I'm happy about the streaming
  9. OneOfTheLostOnes

    Decades World Tour 2018

    Would love to watch, but they are not listed here: although I did see them on the Magenta page. I watched a bit of the Behemoth performance yesterday with the 360 degree video. The quality was not that high, but I thought it was fun!
  10. OneOfTheLostOnes

    The Floor thread

    Yes and the two bands she mentions respectively split up 4 and 10 years ago, and the media she mentions are not that relevant anymore, so that didn’t help as well
  11. OneOfTheLostOnes

    The Floor thread

    Don't feel like translating, but it's basically Floor complaining that her success is not recognized enough in Dutch media, that Nightwish doesn't get airplay at mainstream tv and radio in the Netherlands, and some small things about their Dutch festival show next week. I was a little annoyed by the interview, because I don't get why it's so important to be on small Dutch media when you are a successful artist touring the world, but of course that's her opinion. I love Nightwish and Floor, but if I would get to know them through this interview, I wouldn't really feel the urge to check them out to be honest.
  12. OneOfTheLostOnes

    Anneke van Giersbergen

    I was there yesterday and it was simply magical! The orchestral version of Amity was my highlight of the evening.
  13. OneOfTheLostOnes


    Finally a Ghost thread! I like the new single and can't get enough of their live shows. What I miss a little, is the mystery of Papa Emeritus in his first appearance, but the more light-hearted incarnations of Papa are cool either. I thought they only started 2009 or something, have they been active before their debut that long?
  14. OneOfTheLostOnes

    Tarja Turunen pt. III

    A Dutch date (7 October) for a tour of Tarja with Stratovarius was just announced, perhaps more dates have been/will be announced as well? Tickets are expensive though (36 euros, which is almost the same amount you pay for a Nightwish concert here)
  15. OneOfTheLostOnes

    Decades World Tour 2018

    Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t Floor once mention that she finds Amaranth actually quite hard to sing? (Off topic: not gonna lie, love the purple forum)