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  1. People is not getting the point They are discussing like 3 pages ago about behaviors. Sure Nightwish had the right to fire not only Tarja but everyone who is not fully commit with Nightwish but they are not discussing their rights or the reasons of her firing but the way they handled it and what it came after it. Talking about Tarja I think she has the right (as well) to do anything ''against'' them (in terms of music or even quotes in interviews) because her image was publicly damage, forget about the hole thing if it was true or not, the letter was just the beginning, they literally opened doors for everyone to jugde the whole situation, if I´m not mistaken the letter was on their website for years, I remember read it more than thrice lol but putting the letter aside, as a person you imagine that after 2 years of the split everything would back to normal but no, they realsed an album with 2 special songs in honour to their former singer and ... husband (? I´m not gonna be the type of person who say ''get over it'' everyone handle their struggles in their own way but here is where professionalism, values are questionable, and you ask yourself it wasn´t the letter enough? not happy with that, they clearly stated in interviews their reasons and their current posture (yet) about the letter, plus they released it as a single and they included on their longest tour, just think about it, she is fired on 2005 in the worst way possible, 2 years later, they released 2 songs about her and her husband (and those are still there), they released a biography book, they played one of the songs 2 years more, they even made a music video of it and I can just think this is nothing compare to 2/3 songs that people think are about NW (and probably they are but unless Tarja still continues saying ''no'', it's a no) I think all those things is what people is discussing about. They had the right to fire her but they didnt have the right to play with her image in that way, no matter what happened, she was a person who helped them out to build what NIghtwish was back then, for minimum work she might have done (which I think singing is a BIG role in a band), she deserved something different, I remember an interview where she said ''I´m not angry they fired me but the way they did it''. An Im sure she has heard BBB, NW is the most famous band in Finland, their singles songs are played in the radio, I really think, releasing that particular song as a single had a purpose and that purpose was that Tarja could hear it, otherwise she won´t be playing their new record in her CD player. Im really happy, Marco and her will sing together, they finally found peace.
  2. I get over this whole thing while ago but I wanna add my two cents into this You don´t need to be smart to notice that they actually planned to fire her, just compare situations, they were not afraid to fired Anette pregnant inthe middle of the tour because they got Floor so it was easier to say ''bye bye Anette'', why they didn´t do that with Tarja? They had NO ONE to replece her at that time, and we´re not talking just about a singer, she was THE singer, no one in the music business back then would accept to replace her in that tour, so they had only one way out: to wait. So they had plenty time to think about how to do it. Unless you're less than 18 years, I can buy the whole thing of ''corned animal'' but being in this business for a while, it´s really difficult to believe they were really naive to ignore what they were going to do, I can buy that they were surprised when even politicians get involved but they know what they were doing, I don´t know if there were hidden reasons to do it publicly but everyone know that public things have an impact. The letter was poorly written in the sense that it was like reading a page of a teenager diary, their words were not smart at all and it clearly pointed their singer and in a way they made her looking like the bad guy and it´s a reputation that she still has, just look at previous posts from one person talking about egos like if we were working for them or something. Reality is that probably they got that impression from Tarja´s behaviour, probably they over reacted, probably it's true, but we don´t know and we can spend HOURS talking about this and my only question is why the hell we´re not enjoying their future reunion?
  3. I buy that but then why composed songs like BBB and MPG (and even make one of those a single) if the realized the consequences? Lets face it, they really didnt care but whatever it happened 12 years ago.
  4. Someone could please translate
  5. It's beyond beautiful, I like how her voice has so many highlights nowdays, she sounds so unique.
  6. Yo definitivamente acabo de comprobar que su voz en cualquier estilo musical no me gusta, incluso hasta llega a irritarme en ocasiones :/ sólo en Nightwish me gustaba pero supongo que era por la música no tanto por su voz.
  7. Sounds promising :De
  8. When did she say that?
  9. wut! *Currently shocked*
  10. Para esta gira solo espero que no haya tanta gaita, ya me tiene "hasta aquí" (con mano en la frente xD), no soy muy fan de las aportaciones de Troy, de hecho me asusta que meta mano jaja, así que si van a hacer algunos cambios que sea full lírico y cero gaita, aunque me temo que será todo lo contrario Respecto a lo que comentan, yo también pienso lo mismo, NW ya es una banda muy estable y yo creo que ya le están sacando ventaja a eso, no importa si sacan o no disco o si son buenos o no, ellos siempre van a llenar conciertos de aqui en adelante. Si eso llegará a pesar me da un poco de "cosita" por Floor, sólo por el simple hecho de que ya va a romper el récord de estadía con la banda comparado con el de Anette y solo han sacado un disco oficial con ella, que aunque fue bueno no fue tan extraordinario y todo lo demás ha sido puro refrito, que si suena mejor o no para algunos es punto y aparte, aún si no deja de ser reciclado de otros discos. Esta gira esta genial, comoquiera iré xD pero me emocionaria más un disco completamente nuevo, con un aire diferente al de EFMB y aprovechando el principal estilo de Floor que es el rock y lo heavy. Yo también ya me estoy aburriendo que ya es mucho de lo mismo.
  11. Thank youuuu!!!!!!
  12. This is really funny because I was talking about her behavior in social media not about her singing skills or her perfomance on stage AT ALL, I don´t really care the reason of what she was fired, or if NW guys are so mean, or if Floor talks crap about other bands, she is not in the band for 5 years already and I´m happy with current NW lineup, I´m not even interested if she was victim or not, she is not in the band anymore and she'll never come back, pointless discussing about that. Aside her singing skills or stage performance and overall her duties as a singer, I´m talking about Anette ´´the person´´ or at least the person she shows up on her social media sites and as I said before, she sounds so bitter, so unprofessional and sometimes it´s disgusting the way she talks with other fans while there´s, you know, a topic related to NW or former/current NW singers, there´s no respect at all and it looks so hypocrite because she puts a lot of effort by making people understand that she was chosen by NW and that celebrities (such Steve Harris, some journalists) preferred her over to Tarja or Floor, it´s just childish and so ridiculous, you cannot even imagine that a former singer likes to be involved in such discussions on social media when you don´t even know who's in the other side of the screen but those opinions insult her so much to the point to be arguing and even delete posts. And it´s not something aganist her, if I see enyother artist defending theirselves so hard with fans I find it ridiculous. Call me whatever you want to but she actually realizes that people is liking more some of her songs singing by Floor than singing by her and that pisses her off and some of you will tell me ´´how do you know, that´st not true´´ and whatever but couple of months ago she´s been posting so much about herself in NW that I´m just I mean it´s ok to remember your ´´glory days´´ if you wanna put it like this but posting articles from other artists´opinions about your role in NW, posting that you´re listening DPP right now, posting live videos of some songs that former/current singer are actually technical better than you, I mean, girl do you remember they fire you?. One thing is to be grateful and proud of what you accomplished with the band, which it´s normal, but all those posts are just weird, and make me think all those things, I mean she had the opportunity, no one took it from her but her only, it wasn´t Floor, it wasn´t the guys, people are full of opportunities everyday and it depends on us if we take them or not, and due to her insecurity (I think it was that) and even not trusting NW fans, she lost it by not accepting a singer like Floor to do the Latin American tour. And seeing her posts like if she is trying to convince us that her role in NW was meaningful, it´s sad because it´s not necessary, even if we never like her as a singer, just for being in NW she IS part of NW, but trying to convice us by putting herself above Tarja or Floor, it´s disgusting, she doesn´t need to do that. Tell me where have you seen Tarja or Floor talking something about her or putting articles where a celebrity or journalist are praising them and saying how much other people like them and preffer them above Anette? Never. And that´s what I don´t like about her personality, this is the way she is trying to make us to understand she was as good as Tarja and Floor, and not, that´s not the way, if she wants to prove she was worthy for NW, demonstrate it with professionalism, hard work and behave on social media, because the only person that puts herself in a bad role it´s just her not the people that´s critizing her.
  13. I just wanted to point out her behavior in social media, she doesn't know the meaning of what professionalism Is. If the article was good or not I don't care, her childish attitude is what sicks me, she stayed in the role of the "Im the victim", "people still hate me because Im not a lyrical singer", its pathetic at some point and sometimes it seems she's desperated to be remembered for what she did on NW instead of being remembered for an actual event. I know it's difficult for her and her fans to see that no one is missing her in the band and I know Im sounding like a witch here but that's the truth and she knows it, I don't know her as a person, I can only based my judgement on what she writes and it seems she's is a very envious person, she is so jelous not only of the current NW singer but even of Tarja, you can feel it everytime she defends herself. She lost her opportunity, instead of remembering the past she should start to do something that fully fills her and taking caring about her fans because she puts a lot of effort in being remembered as EX NW singer.
  14. I dont think that would ever change. Last week She posted a magazine article where Steve Harris was talking how good she was on DPP and it said also somethibg about Tarja and people started to discuss you know, making comparisons and she really put helself very defensive and started to argue with this people, I write her something about being professional towards the former and current NW singer and she deleted my post. One person told her something like: I don't understand your fashion style and she answered that she visited her instagram and could understand why, then she answered: I see you're a Floor fan, I understand why. This lady is so immature.
  15. Vieron esto