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  1. Ame todo lo del dueto con Marco, notaron que Tarja se limpio una lagrima al final? Creo que ni ella misma se vio volviendo a cantar con Marco que le conmovio mucho, se imaginan todos los recuerdos que la han de haber invadido en ese momento, a pesar de todo lo que dicen, es verdad que no todo fue malo y me atrevo a decir que hubo mas cosas buenas que malas, asi que bien por ellos, una prueba mas de que el tiempo lo cura todo.
  2. So much negative in such beautiful event that's hard to believe (at least for me) that some people (talking in general not pointing someone in specific) dare to say they love NW music, I'm not the type of fan that think you have to like everything they do but not being happy or get touched by this it's unbelievable, I think most of us think about what would it be if something like this would happen, why people can not be happy for what It represents, it seems some fans (from both sides) want to see them in some way with grudge, some fans feel more offended of what they did to Tarja or for Tarja's statements than themselves. All this shitty comparisons of what version you like bashing their performances it's childish, I like both versions, I hear nothing bad, this is what happens when you cannot see anything good, I hate those comments because I enjoy their music, it's hard to find someone who like them both. And BTW, It needs balls to forgive, you know, I admire them for that. Such beautiful video
  3. You're never happy with anything that involve previous singers and current NW members. It's emotional for what It represents to have such singers together again after 12 years, there's nothing wrong to show happiness for what would never imagine would happen. Last year if someone would dare to say Tarja and Marco will song together no one would have believed it and now we're witnesses of something like this, this is not just a duet, it tells US that they have left the past behind, that they have forgiven everything, that they are in peace and that's beautiful.
  4. ^ Tarja basically says everything on Argentinian interviews, mostly in spanish and on finnish articles, her Suomi fan club translate every article Is not difficult to tell you that type of info
  5. Haha, before living in Spain, Tarja had 2 homes, one in Argentina and another one in Antigua, nobody knew it of course, I thought she went to the Caribe for vacations only, she always posted many pictures being in the beach but never imagine she had a home there until she confirmed it due to the hurricane. Antigua has been the secret place she always mentioned on her social media when she is recording any album, one of her producers lives there as well, after she decided to leave from Buenos Aires, she chose Spain for permanent residence. She hasn't lived in Spain more than 2 years
  6. She lives in Spain
  7. I really liked it, the way they sing "we wanna wish you a Merry Christmas from the bottom of our hearts" it's touching, definitely this song was not meant to be for the fans but for the people who Is in need right now and it's exactly what I think it would be since she announced the song, so I'm very pleased.
  8. People are not waiting for summer to get some help, help is done rightway and people forget Tarja has an emotional bound with that island, It was her home, she has friends over there, she wanna help immediately, there's no time to think in something big, those singers are not watching TV right now, they are touring as well, there's no time for this huge massive event. Enjoy the song or hate it but at least hear it first. We dont know the result yet.
  9. I'm not denying anything, as much as some people want/wish/believe/think/whatever this song is about Nightwish if Jani or Anette don't confirm it, it's not. And whatever reason's behind to do this song you cannot deny that thinking on a possiblity it could be for Nightwish it's way more ''delicious'' for the drama than thinking it's about something else. Probably Anette is singing it thinking of them, I can assure you that but saying Jani compsed it for them it's like reading Troy's statement about Tarja without knowing her -> ridiculous.
  10. People wants to believe some songs talk about Nightwish because that makes the album more interesting and (of course) because of the way they parted ways, we don't need to find a cosmic meaning for this or going beyond with all this composer thing. If Jani confirms it so you're right if not, at least you can still think it is about it, that's the good thing about music
  11. A mi me encanto pero yo soy fan de los tatuajes. Una de las cosas que mas me gusta de la Tarja de hoy en dia es su vibra tan positiva, me encanta que se inspire de tantas cosas tan simples al ojo ordinario. Todo esto que esta haciendo ultimamente, juntandose con cantantes, haciendo muchos meet and greet con fans, haciendose amiga de casi todas las cantantes del female fronted jaja, no puedo mas que llegar a la conclusion de que esta en una etapa de mucha luz. Te transmite todo ese amor y esa energia, me da la impresion que es un ser humano muy noble. Me agrada mucho esta Tarja. Super random el post pero queria poner eso XD
  12. If everything goes well for me I will see NW in Europe next year, I'm planning to see them in Berlin but I cannot find where to buy the tickets, someone can help me over here? pleeeeease
  13. Tuomas never wrote a song thinking in someone else's life not even Tarja's life LOL, why Jani would do that with Anette? because she was dismissed 5 years ago? I think that topic is old, it doesn't even make sense to write about something that happened 5 years ago, if you deeply think about it, it really sounds ridiculous not even Anette knows, she has been asked for the lyrics and she always answered ''ask Jani, didn't write anything'' People just love drama
  14. I think people is judging in advance, we don't even know yet if the song will remains as it is or if it would have some twists, we have 12 singers with SO different styles, I cannot even imagine how the song would sound like and people are complaining without hearing anything yet. She already explained why she chose Feliz Navidad, it was clearly stated on her post: ''to bring joy for those ones who lost everything'' she is giving this as a gift. Probably she could do something original, new, whatever but she wanted something to be meaningful for THEM, that people are homeless, imagine how Christmas Eve would be for them, do you really think they care about the song if it's original or not? they will see the noble gesture not only done by Tarja but for all those singers and it's admirable how all those singers who are really busy touring with their own bands took the time to do this, there are singers that I could never imagine participate with Tarja, it's obviously there's something beyond that is moving them to do this. The whole idea of creating expectation it was really smart, if she would have posted all at once it wouldn't get the attention it deserves, putting picture by picture, intriguing people not only from her fandom but for the rest as well, we are talking about 12 different fandoms that will be hearing the song, very smart move if you ask me. Who knows, probably in the future we will see her doing something with these singers, this is just the first step.
  15. No hay vídeo en Youtube que le haga justicia a lo magnífico que se escucha Tarja estando presente en uno de sus conciertos y la gente que dice lo contrario simplemente va con la mentalidad de "a ver en qué se equivoca" o " a ver si es tan perfecta", tanta gente que ha corroborado eso, no todos pueden ser Tarjistas a morir como yo y tener todos la misma opinión sobre su performance, ella sin duda es otra cosa en vivo y hay que ir a su concierto sin esperar nada para disfrutarlo como se debe. 😉 Me alegra que haya más gente que la disfrute, que vean y sientan el poder de su música. Y si Damián, ya me tocará estar allá viviendo experiencias nuevas porque siempre es diferente el ambiente hasta dentro de mi país, cada concierto y entrega son diferentes.