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  • How Did You Discover Nightwish
    I heard they are good
  • How Many Times Seen Live?
    no since now
  • Best Live Song
    sleeping sun, end of an era
  • Favourite Album
  • Favourite Song
    sleeping sun
  • Favourite Music Video
  • Least Favourite Album
  • Least Favourite Song
    over the hills and far away

General Music

  • Favourite Singer
    tarja turunen(ex nightwish)
  • Favourite Guitarist
    alexander darell dimebag(pantera)
  • Favourite Bassist
    cristian hamm(death)
  • Favourite Pianist/Keyboard Player
    tuomas holopainen(nightwish)
  • Favourite Band/Artist?
    NIGHTWISH of course
  • Musical Dislikes (Songs, Bands etc)
    Metallica, epica, judas priest
  1. nikolapendulum

    The Tuomas thread

    Message removed 1- No all caps posts 2- Excessive for the forum - WhiteRaven
  2. nikolapendulum

    The Floor thread

    Well, I think that for a long time will stay Floor Jansen. Because it is clearly impossible that Tarja return in a band, I think that band will turn childish if they change singer every day. Now, Anette was a great choise, genious of a size of Thuomas Holopainen widened his own borders. Now, I hope that Thuomas made good choice with Floor Jansen. If one genious think that Floor is good, we fans can just say YES! And enjoy in Nightwish. Nightwish is not dependent on singer. Nightwish is eternity. Their music is art. They only depend on Thuomas Holopainen! No excessive CAPS! - WhiteRaven
  3. nikolapendulum

    The Jukka thread

    I think that Jukka is very talented drummer, just drummer of Behemoth is faster. I think that after some practice he will become as good as him. Now, Nightwish has a better composer than Mettalica , better songwriter than Mettalica, better singer than Mettalica, better drummer than Mettalica, and better basist than Mettalica. NIGHTWISH IS FAR BETTER THAN METTALICA! After one blast of beers, he is able to come to the stage!
  4. nikolapendulum

    The Tuomas thread

    Thuomas Holopainen is a great genious. On the keys and piano no one in the world is better than him. He can just be compared with Franz List and Beethowen. He is a great composer, too. Since Tarja left, Nightwish is now eating his bread.
  5. nikolapendulum

    The meanings of Nightwish songs thread

    I am bored of those who take Nightwish litterallz. Nightwish is some kind of phisosophy. I will here post the interpretation of Sleeping sun. This song is about a lover who is left alone because another lover died, similar as in Pantera song ,,Cemetery gates", but here you must get to know that, and that is said in ,,Oh, how I wish to go down with the sun". This sentence makes people shared : one of them think that down means on the other side of planet Earth. That's certanly not true. The song is filled with sorrow, so he can't have left. That down means that she would like to go under the earth forever, to be dead and to join him and to be happy. And her sorrow is so big that she doesn't have any happiness in her life, so she wants that nature is accord with her, that night never ends, but she also knows that nature is brutal, and doesn't care about someone's sorrow or happiness, and she is some kind of angry because of that. And worst of all is her knowledge that she can change whole nothing.
  6. nikolapendulum

    Anette Olsson

    Thuomas is used to writing songs for sopran and now he has to deal with writing for an alt and it is funny Really with Tarja it was better Now we have to deal with lack of listeners too
  7. nikolapendulum

    Nightwish Confessions

    Confession : When I first saw Storytime video I was felling it is awful Confession: I hate Over the hills and far away. I don't know why. Confession : I have heard just about 30 songs of Nightwish. Will you forgive me?
  8. nikolapendulum

    How Did You Discover Nightwish?

    I discovered Nightwish in 2010 when a good friend of mine, I don't know if she has an account here, listened to ,,Sleeping sun" next to me. I looked at her. At that time I was listening alternative and hard rock, but I also loved opera and classical music, thanks to my teacher in music in my school. I heard Tarja singing and I begged her to listen to that song. The following day, I downloaded all songs of Nightwish. Now, I am one of their fans and it is pleasure to me to chat with people who like the holly of Nightwish.
  9. nikolapendulum


    From Imaginerum, because we have a land where is no shop where that album can come, and I have no wonder bying the art of Nightwish on the street, I have heard just Storytime and it's really good. And I have heard Kiteen Pallo. It's great and shows how much Thuomas Holopainen is a genious. I think that Nightwish should also concentrate to form instrumental metal. For them, it's easy. They are the best instrumental group ever. I am sick of those saying that Era or Two steps from hell or Gothic Storm is the best instrumental band. Moondance, The Siren and Kiteen Pallo are the best instrumental songs, and also are instrumental parts of The Poet and the Pendulum and Ghost Love Score. I would like one whole instrumental album from Nightwish to show all who is the boss. Also, I am sick of those telling that Metallica is the most popular band. I assume Nightwish has 10 000 000 more listeners! So, let's organise mega concert and let's invite all to conquer that imaginary fame of listeners to Metallica.