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    How Did You Discover Nightwish?

    I had only recently started to get into rock/metal around late 2007, and a little over a year later, in October 2008, I was introduced to them. I have a great friend named Sharon who was really into them - but I had never bothered to check them out. She was always going on about how great they were, and she is a HUGE Tuomas fangirl. But anyway, I decided to give in and see what all of the fuss was about. I went directly to YouTube and searched for music videos. The first one that popped up was “Bye Bye Beautiful”. I clicked. I remember thinking how different this was to anything I had ever heard in my life. I immediately went and downloaded both Dark Passion Play and Once to get started. And though this song made me notice them, “Nemo” was the song that captured my heart forever. I would listen to it repeatedly. I found myself falling in love with this sound, and ever since, I have been a huge fan of symphonic metal.