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  1. TUJ?
  2. The end of the world didn't happen last December (or did, if you think that the first Hobbit instalment is an apocalypse), so I guess I can post around here without it being a heralding of armageddon. I was in the area, decided to look for a Tolkien topic, was disappointed to find it in the cinema section (though sadly understandable with the movie buzz), and as is now my wont as a sworn member of the Tolkiendili, I've come to say mae govannen to some ooooold friends that I used to meet under this virtual mallorn tree and to spread some information about the Professor's work. So, dunno if you guys heard about that: but I would very much like to have your opinion . Yes, you are allowed to go for some: OMGGGGGG some new Tolkien material!!!!!! I did the same (well, to tell you the truth about my reaction, I was very lucky to attend a private reading of the entire text last summer and I cried for half an hour).
  3. I'm still waiting for you to send me pics and texts to publish your nail-arts sweetie!! It makes me smile when you gals talk about Seche Vite or OPI polishes being crazily expensive in the US. In France, a bottle of OPI is minimum 13 euros (=15$) but considering that you'd be hard put finding good nail polish under 10 euros, I usually go :dance: when I see OPIs at 6$ a bottle. Which might explain why last time I counted, my stash was above 200 bottles, with around 70 OPIs ...