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    You know, I tried finding some info on this, and it seems that there is some confusion about what exactly was said. Apparently Toshio Suzuki (the general manager) had said that they will need to 'take a break' and 'regroup' or something along the lines as Miyazaki (and Takahata as well?) retiring is obviously going to cause some major changes. So while it's not clear whether they are going to continue making films, it doesn't sound like a definite no either. I guess we'll have to wait and see. But if it's true...
  2. ^Yeah, I got the same feeling, so I did a quick search on the site and found out that the first half of that interview was published already in February. But for some reason they decided to repost it with the latter half plus some in between stuff here and there from the writer just added there.
  3. I certainly remember reading those kind of comments. And well, to be honest, not just from Finnish media, but from fans too. The majority of articles back then were very neutral of course, just stating what had happened. I didn't mean to imply that a big part of media thought that way.
  4. @AngelHeart: Yeah, I know the situation is slightly different, but WT still had the same option. The rest of the band could have gone on without her, just not without her consent as she is such a key member of the band. I mean, Robert being one of the main composers and a key member of the band didn't stop him from staying at home. I am aware of Epica replacing Simone, but my point is that in reality cases like this are still quite rare in music industry, and many people seem to think that that's the way it should be. For example, when Nightwish had Elize and Alyssa replace Anette for that one show, several journalists here in Finland wrote how it just showed that the band cared nothing for their members and that it was weird that a band of this size would perform without their singer and so on. Now, as far as I'm concerned, that is utter crap. But when even people outside of music industry think like this... yeah, no wonder replacing a singer is rare. And this was just about one show, not an entire tour. To me, with a background in classical music, it's obvious that you always try to find a replacement if possible. Of course, sometimes it isn't, and then you have to cancel. But it's evident that outside of classical music, there are loads of people who don't think that way.
  5. @AngelHeart: Yeah, but Anette was very much against Floor being the substitute and even against the band getting any substitute, which the guys knew very well. I think it can be called a rather drastic decision to bring in Floor just like that, without bothering to discuss it through with Anette, without bothering to convince her that it was for the best, just dumping her opinions out of the window as if they're not even worth discussing. Mind you, I'm not saying that the guys shouldn't have got a substitute. Quite the contrary, and as you say, that's the normal way in any other job. And by the time they made their decision they were probably just so tired of the whole mess that they wanted to get things settled as quickly as possible. But the thing is... no matter how much you may go on about how it's normal to get a substitute for a pregnant woman, it still isn't normal in the music business, and especially not for singers. Although I think it's probably getting more common, it's still very rare to see any band perform, let alone do longer tours, with a substitute singer. Remember Within Temptation cancelling their world tour when Sharon got pregnant, for example. They could have hired a substitute had they so wished. Hell, even Revamp could have done their gigs with someone else when Floor was ill. I'm not saying either of the bands should have done so, but it was certainly an option, which both of them decided not to take. So from this perspective I don't think the journalist calling it a drastic decision was so weird. Plus, journalists in general tend to blow things out of proportion. Just sayin'. Also, I think this discussion is derailing a bit... :ph34r:
  6. @MariaMetaLady: And after all that, my point still remains. What you say there is just what you and others here are getting out of the interview, not what Anette actually said. Which is why I find it rather unfair that people here take it as proof of contradicting stories from her. And that was the point I was making. See, it's perfectly possible that "making a drastic decision" was referring to Floor coming in as a substitute, considering that's what the paragraph was about: finding a substitute singer for Anette. So, in a nutshell, the band calls Floor without Anette's permission, they tell Anette, she goes out and cries. Later on more dramarama and she's out. Just as possible as some other explanation.
  7. ^You know, that quote from the article doesn't really contradict what she said about getting fired by e-mail. It just says that the band "made a drastic decision" without really specifying what it was. For all we know, she may have meant that she was crying because the band decided to bring in Floor as a substitute, and this was before they even parted ways for good. Still, I'm not entirely sure I buy her e-mail story, but if you people wish to discuss contradicting interviews from her, then this isn't necessarily one of them.
  8. Irian

    The Singers' Topic!

    No, "opera metal is over" does not automatically rule out the old albums. It just means that they didn't want a classical singer. Yeah, it may rule out stuff like Passion and the Opera, but it's not like they ever performed that anyway. They had at least She Is My Sin, Come Cover Me and Sacrament of Wilderness in their setlist right from the beginning, so I think it's pretty obvious that they had no plans to let go of the oldies. They just rearranged them somewhat to suit Anette's style. All in all, I remember them saying that Anette had pretty free hands in rearranging those vocal lines (though this I'm not entirely sure of). And it's not like Anette was a total noob when it comes to touring and performing as you're implying. Remember that she had been in several bands prior to Nightwish and she's also performed in a musical, which as you said also tests endurance. Plus she actually sent them a live DVD of Alyson Avenue, so she was probably among the few candidates - if not the only one - that they had live footage of. But yeah, as you say, they could have actively searched for a singer. Didn't they actually say that they thought of Floor, but since AF was still going strong, they didn't ask her? Dunno, why they didn't. Or maybe they did but didn't find anyone suitable. I think the problem with the guys is that, with all due respect, they really don't know much about singing. A singing teacher with trained ear would have been able to hear that Anette was probably going to have problems in the tour, but the guys... not so much.
  9. ^She changed her Instagram back to thechosenone again. Umm... random? :ph34r:
  10. Irian

    The Singers' Topic!

    Err, where did you get the idea that the band ever contemplated abandoning their old songs and style? With Anette they performed a ton of old songs right from the beginning, and all the time when they were still searching for a singer, they always said that they're not going to choose someone who can't pull off Nemo for example. Yeah, they said they wanted someone different, but not on the expense of the old songs. And that's probably why they chose Anette: she could pull it off but in her own style. They just didn't know, and neither did Anette, that doing everything that she was capable of in the studio would be too much for her on the tour, night after night, with changing conditions and tons of traveling. Yeah, she did great and learnt a lot, but I think it just became too stressful for her. And honestly, there aren't probably that many singers who have been tested in such conditions as the DPP tour or anything comparable, let alone among the candidates that applied for the position. The band probably had no choice but to take a risk in that respect.
  11. ^Maybe we should take bets?
  12. Sooo, let me get this straight, she took the review away because she doesn't like blocking people who apparently bash her for approving the bashing of other singers and she likes to keep bashing to the minimum and she reproaches people for bashing her while she's just posted that...? :blink: You know, I've always tried to understand her as much as possible, but what on earth is this nonsense? ;__________________; This is just so lame. Is she just trolling on us or what...?
  13. Nah, I didn't mean to say that you blamed the band for her vocal range issues. But you're right, what you say probably would have been a clever thing for her to do. But I think the bigger problem is that Tuomas often uses a relatively big range in his songs, so even if you drop it down a notch or two, it may become just a little bit too low. Especially since her lower range, while pretty, isn't very powerful. But really, the number one thing that she should have done is work with her technique. If her technique had been better, she would have been able to pull off live everything just as well as she did in the studio and all the touring would have been much easier. I do understand that after she got the baby, she had other things in her mind, but had she really wanted to work on it, I think she would have found the time. And if she didn't want to work on it... then perhaps she shouldn't complain (again, I'm not even sure that was meant as a complaint, but if it was...).
  14. Huh? Perhaps I was a little unclear, because that's exactly what I was talking about: that Tuomas was able to adjust his style and compose his songs to fit the singer when he actually, you know, knew who the singer was going to be.
  15. Errm... you know Magnus, that's a pretty rosy picture you're painting there. Tarja struggled a lot during her years in Nightwish. And while it definitely seems that Tuomas doesn't really know much about the technicals of singing, I'm under the impression that over the years he still learnt a lot about fitting his songs to the singer's needs and/or play with their stronger sides. Just think of how much better Imaginaerum suited Anette's voice compared to DPP. With that said, if Anette really meant that comment about higher range as a complaint about the band (it's not entirely clear here), then she really was in the wrong band. The way I see it, the band was looking for a new singer and they made it clear all along that they needed someone who could sing both high and low stuff, she applied for the job (yes, it is a job, no matter how much the fanbase wants to romanticize things ), and the band had every right to expect that she'd be singing live the same stuff as in studio, without getting all "they make me sing too high " about it. Yeah, I know that in the beginning the band made a mistake with the touring schedule, and everything was new to her, but... really. One thing that really bothers me about her interviews is that she seems to just assume things about the rest of the band members and then she tells her assumptions to the whole world. Like saying that the band "probably" wanted her to sign a contract about being silent, or that she didn't think the band wouldn't let her watch and approve the documentary despite what they say. It gives little credibility to everything else she says as well, because you just end up thinking how much of the whole thing is just assumption.