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  1. Somebody's Lass

    Tarja Turunen pt. III

    Well, I dunno about Europe and all, but personally for me, NW before EV, but Amy Lee before Tarja. That being said, if Tarja opens for EV in Moscow I'd be over the moon, that would be like 2 for 1 kind of deal. I'd say EV are a bit more "heard of" than NW so to say, so there would probably be more casual concert-goers at their gigs, whereas NW fans are usually more dedicated. But I don't think Tarja is more popular than EV, her fanbase mostly consists of NW fans. Her solo stuff isn't good enough to attract a lot of "new" fans, or frankly to keep some of the "old" ones too, there are enough quality bands out there, both metal and not.
  2. Somebody's Lass

    What are you reading now?

    Stormfather, THAT's what Rand is, that's what he reminded me of, he's a freaking hobbit! How didn't I see it before, not adventurous, hates change, likes animals and growing things, bit boring, it all makes perfect sense! And he does have a hobbit kind of strength and determination. Tolkien still somehow makes them look more fascinating though... Now I think about it it really is Tolkien all over. And not only Rand's character, but weird creatures in black cloaks chasing them, crossing a river on a ferry... I'm still at the beginning, but I actually quite like the pace of the book, it's not too rushed, not too slow. It's just that the characters have to get more interesting which I'm guessing they will. Ah... Rothfuss... When I read him I felt like an impressionable little kid reading LOTR or HP for the first time... Never thought I could feel like that again... Good thing WoT is a huge freaking series, now I have something to read until Patrick Rothfuss finishes Doors of Stone. But it's also a good thing that Jordan's not as captivating. Imagine having 14 books of the same quality as NotW and WMF, I wouldn't leave my flat for months!
  3. Somebody's Lass

    What are you reading now?

    I recently started reading Wheel of Time, and whereas it seems good, it's interesting and well-written, the characters seem so.damn.boring. I dunno maybe it's early in the book, but the only one who showed any kind of character is this young Wisdom with an impossible name I'm never gonna pronounce right, and she had like just a couple of lines. I'm guessing it's not a coincidence that Rand seems kind of dull, a witty and clever protagonist is quite a cliche, but I'm a sucker for strong and sassy characters... That's why I love Harry, and Kvothe, and Shallan, and Jasnah, and Tyrion... Oh Rand got inner strength sure, but first and foremost he's just a country buy who hasn't been further than a walking distance from the place where he grew up, and who only knows how to run a farm, what's more, he doesn't seem to want anything else, he's got no ambitions, nothing. That's dull. But I'm guessing it's gonna change soon, so I'm waiting... But yeah, so far the characters are quite a weak point.
  4. Somebody's Lass

    Game of Thrones

    I guess you could see it that way, Arya is pretty determined. But some things are still more important to her than revenge, the moment she found out that Sansa and Jon took Winterfell back from the Boltons she went there instead of KL. That being said, I would have liked to see her looking for Cersei's body after everything is over, just to make sure that she's really dead.
  5. Somebody's Lass

    Game of Thrones

    Well, I didn't find it all that sudden, I started seeing it several seasons back. But I do agree that the last seasons should be a couple of episodes longer. And about Arya, she didn't just change her mind because the Hound told her, or because she had doubts, she saw that all hell was loose there, she agreed with him that Cersei is dead either way, and thought that getting herself killed wasn't worth it. It was a rational and logical decision, she's not crazy, she wanted Cersei dead, but if Cersei is dead anyway, it's not use to her to get herself killed. In a way it's the opposite of what happened to Dany, both had a goal, but Arya wasn't irrationally obsessed on achieving it, come hell or high water, even if it costs her her life. Dany on the other hand was so obsessed with getting the throne she didn't even think that Jon of all people, with his honor and his principles, might do her harm.
  6. Somebody's Lass

    Game of Thrones

    Sooo, I'm finally all caught up, and what can I say, I loved every frame until after Dany's death. And I think they should have left it at that. It was a powerful moment, not only because one of the character for whom people were rooting got killed, but also with Drogon destroying the bloody thing and all. In a way it is a great message, so many people suffered because awful people sat on this throne, and destroying it might be, just might be, the first tiny step towards a better political system in Westeros. And they agreed to elect their rulers, so I guess that's something. But I would still have gone for an open ending in this regard, because it doesn't quite matter who sits there, things are gonna be s--- anyway if they don't change the system and reduce corruption. I did enjoy Bronn and Davos' banter at the Small Council, and seeing Jon pet Ghost, so at least there's that. But I still think it should be like, Jon kills Dany, Drogon destroys the iron throne, takes Dany and flies away, roll credits. And you know what, I'm starting to change my mind about Bran being king. First of all, I don't agree with Tyrion's logic, Bran definitely doesn't have the best story. Secondly, whereas I do think that a huge-a-- dragon on the loose is a threat to the safety of the kingdom, there are some other matters that require the king's attention. Like rebuilding King's Landing ffs. Like trying to come up with money for this. But sure yeah, looking for Drogon, all cool with everyone. And we still got no answer as to what the heck Bran was up to during the battle. It's not much of an ending, it feels more like season finale. Of course with something of this scale it would be impossible to tie all the loose ends, but you either do it well, or not at all. And they did NOT do it well enough. Now I really wonder what GRRM comes up with in the books. EDIT: also, I really don't get it why people got pissed at the way Dany's character changed. It was clear pretty early on that she's tough, she wouldn't have survived otherwise, and as she got more and more powerful she became more and more ruthless. And after everything that happened recently, losing Missandei and two of her dragons, realizing that Jon might be better suited for the role that she fought so hard to get and that cost her and people she cared about so much, it's perfectly possible that she thought she was being tough and not backing down after all it cost her, when in fact she was being a tyrant. So no, she wasn't going to be the benevolent ruler who will rid Westeros of all the bad guys so that everyone would live happily ever after.
  7. Somebody's Lass

    Game of Thrones

    ^ Good point... But what I'm more baffled about is why didn't he help during the battle? He could have warged into some animal and fought too... I wonder where he was at, warging into these birds. That's really weird...
  8. Somebody's Lass

    Game of Thrones

    Well who asked him, they don't understand his powers, so they didn't think to include him in their discussions, potentially it might turn out well if he actually has some authority. But yeah, I still have some episodes left.
  9. Somebody's Lass

    Game of Thrones

    Well, I'm almost caught up, I just watched the battle episode, and holy fudge, it was amazing... I mean I have my doubts about the first two episodes, the writing could have been a tad better in a couple of places, but people complaining about this episode should really shut their pieholes, this episode is FREAKING.AMAZING! I loved the way Theon realized that he was going to die after Bran thanked him, Alfie Allen's awesome... Lyanna Mormont's death almost finished me. I still can't wrap my head around the fact that Sansa was once THE most annoying freaking character in the whole series. I'd die for this girl. It's funny to see people complaining that the episode was too dark. I mean it's literally called 'The Long Night', what did you expect... Also, I might have rooted for Dany until maybe a couple of seasons ago, but her ego and arrogance are getting unbearable. All of her outbursts and stubbornness might be explained one way or another (they were at war, she had to show strength, whatever), but people can't actually think that she deserved to rule the Seven Kingdoms right? Right?! And one more thing, say whatever you want about writing or acting, but music in this show has always been a masterpiece. I mean ... this is pure gold. I also realized what I love most about GoT, despite occasional missteps. I like how it feels real, I don't mean the dragons or zombies or the imaginary world. I like how sometimes people get rewarded for doing a horrible thing, and people who wanted to do right end up dead or suffer for it. I like how most characters (with some exception) are neither good nor bad. I like how even the characters who are considered good don't always make the smartest decisions, to quote Doctor Who, sometimes the only choices you have are bad ones, but you still have to choose. I like seeing characters doubt and have second thoughts about the decision they made. I have also been thinking how the story punishes people who blindly followed some leader or some idea. Look what happened to Jorah and Missandei who never questioned Dany, or Jaime and Cersei who only cared about their family, with no regard for other people. This is of course less true for Jaime, but if I'm not mistaken he does say 'F--- everyone who isn't us'. His and Cersei's obsessive love and codependency on each other still did not do him good in the end. Oh and one more thing, the more I think about it, the more sense it's starting to make for Bran to rule Westeros (that's what's gonna happen right, or do I have my spoilers wrong?). I mean he won't make decisions based on emotions, he won't be easily tricked or manipulated or lied to, he can see what's happening where and react quickly. So yeah, seems like a good enough choice to me. Ok, now back to binge-watching the hell out of this show.
  10. Somebody's Lass


    Gosh, I lost count how many times I listened to the new album already, I love it! 'Zeig dich' and 'Deutschland' are probably my favourites, both lyrically and musically. Overall they stayed true to themselves, sex, social issues, creepiness, all there... I wish we had more guitar solos and riffs 'cause their riffs are the best, but we got quite a lot of keyboards, can't complain about that.
  11. Somebody's Lass

    Game of Thrones

    I still haven't caught up with the latest season, but for what it's worth, my two cents. Dany's problem isn't the bad genetics she might have or might have not inherited from her father, it's her overblown ego and the tunnel vision that she has in regards of the iron throne. For me it's an example of how ambitions, power and willingness to do anything to achieve what you want, no matter the cost, can corrupt even an initially nice person. And I would say that if one day she burns the khals who wanted to rape her, the next day she executes the masters, not caring that some of them might agree with her but were overruled, the next day she asks Jon to bend the knee, knowing full well that this problem is larger than her ego, then yes, one day she might burn a city to the ground. She might not be mad like her father, but she's ruthless and power hungry and just as unsuited to sit on the iron throne as anyone else there. And about plot armor, come on, they killed so many interesting characters over the years, I'm fine with a bit of plot armor on the remaining ones.
  12. Somebody's Lass

    Game of Thrones

    Oh pffft, I ain't afraid of no spoilers You make good points, however... I guess she finally got fed up with people telling her what she should be and how she should behave, with having to pretend. I actually find it great that she hasn't forgotten who she is and came back to Winterfell when ... poop went down. Well yeah, I guess no one is left to oppose her, everyone who has or had any kind of influence or power is either dead or has other problems in the North. These are good points, like I said, and I usually don't try to look for plot holes if I enjoyed something, I guess it's open to interpretation.
  13. Somebody's Lass

    Game of Thrones

    Bit off-topic, sorry about that, still haven't seen season 8, but with every season one thing bugs me about GoT. Everyone (not here specifically, just in general) loves going on and on about how the show butchered the books. Even though the latest seasons are based on the books that haven't even come out yet. And frankly, Feast for Crows and most of Dance with Dragons is so.damn.boring, so many unnecessary characters serving god knows what purpose and disappearing God knows where the moment you start understanding them... I was rather relieved that they changed and cut some things from the books. I mean yeah, Cersei and Jaime sex scene in the sept was not supposed to be rape and this is an issue, Talisa is supposed to be Jane (?) and be incredibly dull and mind-numbingly boring, and I don't think Euron is supposed to be this crazy. But come on, it's still one of the best damn TV shows out there, if you want to watch a perfect book-to-screen adaptation go watch Outlander, there isn't much to cut from the book there so not much has been cut. Be grateful that it's not as bad as HP movies, now THAT'S what I call butchering the books... I did use to think that GoT was a bit overrated, somewhere around season 4, maybe 'cause I read the books not long before and knew the plot, but the latest seasons convinced me otherwise...
  14. Somebody's Lass

    What are you reading now?

    Sooo, I'm still on Stormlight Archive which is not as brilliant as NotW and WMF, but still quite enjoyable, and the only thing in my mind is maaan, this girl needs therapy. Like, buckets of it... I love her to bits, but she's cracking.
  15. Somebody's Lass


    Right?! Although it does kinda make sense, if everyone could afford it, imagine how long it will take for the band to have a picture with everyone, shake everyone's hand, exchange a couple of words... They'll be late for the gig...