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    A friend
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    First listening to Oceanborn, it was magical
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    Oceanborn & Imaginaerum
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    Escapist and Gethsemane
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    The Islander
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    Angels Fall First (though I do still like it)

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    Emilie Autumn, The Birthday Massacre, Delain
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    Hide And Seek by The Birthday Massacre

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  1. Julma Satu

    Leaves' Eyes

    I saw that too, very disappointing. Also, it appears that really is Liv's father. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=973795986007239&set=p.973795986007239&type=3&theater https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10153594125713364&set=p.10153594125713364&type=3&theater
  2. Julma Satu

    Leaves' Eyes

    I was curious about that earlier, as he keeps commenting on Leaves' Eyes stuff, and the name Henning Bloch in google comes up with other profiles for "Ove Henning Bloch Espenæs", so it actually could be. Anyway, I was really shocked to see this. I'm not a big fan of the band anymore and lost interest in them long ago, but it's still really sad. =(
  3. Julma Satu


    According to Setlist.fm they played 10 songs, so a little longer of a setlist. I'm really hoping to be able to make the Chicago show.
  4. Julma Satu


    I can't wait. I hope the cover art for Akvaario is different. I really don't like Shine's cover art.
  5. Julma Satu

    Within Temptation

    So excited for the song! =D
  6. Julma Satu


    Apparently that is the final date, according to a facebook reply that Jonsu wrote. There was contract problems. And she said the album will be in English and Finnish.
  7. Julma Satu

    Tarja Turunen

    Another good song from WLB is Anteroom of Death I love the new album. I love every song, Lucid Dreamer and Mystique Voyage being my favourites.
  8. Julma Satu

    Tarja Turunen

    She is counting in Finnish. I really didn't like this song when I first heard it. I still don't think it's really amazing, but I really like the changes, sounds much better. And I love the video.
  9. Julma Satu

    Tarja Turunen

    Me too. That's really nice Magnus. =D And yeah, What Lies Beneath had quite a few different cover versions, so this one probably will too.
  10. Julma Satu

    Tarja Turunen

    An actual video with the lyrics instead of a picture with lyrics? xD I'm looking forward to it. The pictures make it look interesting. And please, album title and artwork soooon .-.
  11. Julma Satu

    Anette Olzon

    I'm really liking that song =D
  12. Julma Satu

    Anette Olsson

    ^ Exactly what I was thinking. =\
  13. Julma Satu


    The new album will be in English. I'm really looking forward to it since they won't just be remakes of old songs. But I did quite love A Way Away anyway...
  14. Julma Satu

    Imaginaerum World Tour 2012-2013 II

    Yes I was just thinking that I love those videos. Scaretale is great!
  15. Julma Satu

    Most disturbing Nightwish lyrics?

    ^ Same here.