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  1. GreenTreesAndBlueSky

    Ask Tuomas [OPEN]

    Here comes a technical question. Do you use sounds from a computer when you play or do they come just from the keyboards/synthetizers? I don't mean backing tracks, but when you actually play the keyboard.
  2. GreenTreesAndBlueSky

    Mahtava bändi? Suosittele täällä

    Minä voisin tunkea muutaman bändin yhteen postaukseen niin ei tule double postausta. Eli omia suosikkeja. Mors Principium Est - Porilaista melodista kuolonmetallia. Jos aggressiivinen melodeath on sinun juttusi, niin kokoeile tätä. Ite tykkään kaikista albumeista paitsi ekasta ja vikasta ;). Ei löydy oikeen Youtubesta. Wintersun - Ja Kai Hahtohan soittaa tietääkseni vieläkin tässä bändissä. Varsinkin Time I on hyvä levy. Sitten vielä ihan oma suosikki: While We Sleep - Eka albumi on aika rautaista Death metallia (vissiin). Toka viimisellä raidalla joku klikki jääny päälle mut muuten hyvä. Tosiaan ite tykkään ekasta albumista.
  3. GreenTreesAndBlueSky

    Symphonic metal covers

    Very solid stuff. I think actually the singers were good also. I know it's like studio environment, but anyway ;).
  4. GreenTreesAndBlueSky

    Anette Olsson

    Attacking a fellow forum member removed. Violated pretty much all of rule 9. -- Cursarion P.S. Well, seems like everybody doesn't like Anette, but I think everybody has some kind of a picture of her in their minds. Really, seems to me like her actions really doesn't matter, it's how you think she is. But that is totally OK for me, this is just a discussion forum, where everybody can form their own opinion .
  5. GreenTreesAndBlueSky

    Anette Olsson

    @angelheart I DID read your post before i replied. You were talking things about her which are counted as very negative behaviour. So, if you have the right to your opinion, do you know her personally, or are you just bashing around, because, as said, one cannot judge another person fully with blog posts or writings about her? One shouldn't actually write any negative things of anybody, without knowing the situation.
  6. GreenTreesAndBlueSky

    Anette Olsson

    I don't think she is immature at all. I am actually quite surprised that angel_heart and Joana find so much negative about her . For me, I think she was just tired of touring and that's why she left the band. I actually question if you can know a person that well, as angel_heart writes, just by reading someone's blog posts. And really, you can't be herself . I might agree, that she might have expressed some things in a wrong way, but I do not find her evil.
  7. GreenTreesAndBlueSky

    Tarja Turunen

    Hmmmm... there might not be very much information availible on the new album. I hope the next album will be rap-metal. That would be really cool.
  8. GreenTreesAndBlueSky

    Tarja Turunen

    No, it's not Marcelo here. I was in a really bad mood when i wrote my post. I really can't take it serilously anymore. I could have left out several things from my post :unsure: . And yeah, after all these are just people's opinions... Sorry for my too offensive behaviour. Edit: I actually wonder myself why my post still stands there without any warning or modification...
  9. GreenTreesAndBlueSky

    Tarja Turunen

  10. GreenTreesAndBlueSky

    Alex_plc's Covers : Male Voice and Guitar cover

    This is a very fine cover. That cat is really awsome! XD
  11. GreenTreesAndBlueSky

    Painting from the soul

    Those look really nice!!!
  12. GreenTreesAndBlueSky


  13. GreenTreesAndBlueSky


    I am super annoyed because my weekend was just... terrible... I had a lot of school work to do but I haven't done anything... I also felt very strange for the whole weekend. And it's not very realistic, but I'm kinda bored of everything now... Or perhaps it's just Calm Before The Storm... (a song by Darude) Edit: And in addition to all that, I feel very sad for no reason...
  14. GreenTreesAndBlueSky


    I know, the singing is terrible in some parts of their music. I just got over it a long time ago. But the singer is still good and there's also good songs/performances as well. Edit: The composing and arranging of songs is usually very good. Well, there are some misses also...