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  1. Not really, that's where the objective discussion would end, I guess. We could do a similar analysis of their promotional videos, each within the moment in history in which they were released and everything put in context. So am I wrong to state that everything else we talk about here are opinions? Feelings or sensations brought into words? Therefore, it's kind of annoying to have thousands of users assume their view of a song is the only view because they treat it as fact. It isn't. That's all I'm saying.
  2. I see my statement about whether one should be professionally trained in music in order to objectively discuss Nightwish or not has had a lot of discussion, hahaha. I am still sticking to my point, sorry. The only way we can group songs objectively and state these songs are bad or these songs are good would be by justifying our choices with actual musical theory facts with confirmed sources for our arguments. The same applies for the rest of the multimedia package that usually accompanies Nightwish, even though we should be able to judge the music separately from the other media. Otherwise, we are talking about opinions, which are valid too but are a different thing.
  3. It would only be valid to have an objective discussion on any given song if you had the confirmed educational credentials to actually discuss that topic. For example, I wouldn't.
  4. Ahasverus' "Why? it's a bunch of noise and cringeworthy lyrics"-comment triggered me. You can understand why. Regarding NP I think it has the charm most pre-Once Nightwish songs have: they are absolutely cliché, to me they almost feel like reading an erotic fantasy retrofuturistic novel written by Danielle Steel's dark twisted twin sister. That's what I fell in love with in the beginning, so I can't not love NP.
  5. I might just buy this album. EDIT: Wouldn't it have been so much better if they had released The Dark Element with a really... erm... dark videoclip?
  6. I like NP a lot too. I mean, I love Celine Dion so cringe is my sorta thing Anyway I guess Nemo gave them a whole lotta cash! That's probably why they play it so much live. I met NW with Nemo myself and I loved it. Now for me it's average because I know they are capable of so much more. But I understand they play it so much because that little piano melody definitely hooks you up. About the influence, sure, it happens. It doesn't mean it's good. For instance I usually watch movies I am interested in without reading critiques first, I should be able to form my own opinion of it and after a while read what somebody else had to say about it. It's kind of respectful to the makers to have a one-on-one meet with their creation first, before poluting yourself with other people's opinions. That's just my way though, doesn't mean it's the right way.
  7. You should consider not getting angry at forum posts, you'll get very stressed out. Anyway, it's beside the point. Am I discussing about music or not? I don't intend to end all discussions about music by saying musical taste is subjective as is any other taste in any art form. What I intend is to understand why some popular opinions are in some way "viralized", e.g. why Nymphomaniac Fantasia is automatically dismissed as horse poop. Somebody somewhere probably enjoys listening to this song. Each song has good things that you can rescue from them by listening consciously and with an open, fresh mind, free of others' opinions. That's all I'm saying. I usually don't abide to many popular opinions regarding Nightwish songs. Specifically about WBTN: I think it's way better than average. At this point in time I find GLS super boring while most of the forum must consider it to be the best NW song. You got my logic wrong. Because most people say it's bad, it doesn't mean it's bad. It doesn't work the other way round. I don't like MPG because for me it sounds flat, boring and conveys nothing, not because it is considered to be a bad song by 99% of this forum. Now, a bad song? I guess the forum with the most years invested in formal musical studies could be the judge of that.
  8. Lol to the fact that in the NW fanbase some songs are considered to be automatically "average", "bad", or whatever. It's music, it's not science, even if most people agree that a song sucks, it doesn't mean it's a bad song. I really enjoy WBTN and for me it's not weak, it's not average and it's not bad.
  9. For you it is, I respect that Why? I like its Tim Burton-esque vibe and imo it's the perfect fit for Anette's voice, sort of the perfect middle ground where she doesn't sound forced or unnatural or too soft.
  10. I absolutely ADORE this song.
  11. I was overwhelmed by how much I enjoyed DPP was when it was released and, being a total Tarjaholic, I had absolutely no hope Nightwish would survive without Tarja. Nowadays I still enjoy listening to it and it has some songs I never get tired of. Those jewels are: - 7 Days to the Wolves - Sahara - Whoever Brings The Night - While Your Lips Are Still Red - The Islander - The Heart Asks Pleasure First Lovely time for the band, most productive time for Tuomas & Co.
  12. On what basis?
  13. It's kind of funny to see how many of you criticize Tuomas so harshly, yet you are still discussing in this forum and you probably got here because of how much his music makes you feel. This being said, I appreciate Tuomas so much because of the intention of his music, because of what it makes me feel. In my opinion this is the key factor in a songwriter. It's about using limited musical resources and putting them together so they make you feel something. Of course he is not a musical genius, if you wanted to listen to "geniuses" within rock or metal you can start with prog rock which bores me to death because I generally don't find myself feeling stuff amidst their virtuosity - except for the "I envy the way that guy plays" feeling. Basically, it's pointless to complain about the quality of the oranges the apple tree provides. It's just pointless.
  14. Sleepwalker is like 3 minutes long and has no orchestration whatsoever and TGSOE is 24 minutes with a 150-piece backing orchestra. I guess we listened to completely different songs.