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  1. Sure, I get this. I have a thing with interpretive dancing, it's definitely not my cup of tea. Don't get me wrong, I like the idea, I just don't like it for this project. The thing is AURI is literally a character of the Rothfuss universe. Even Troy wrote in his Facebook that Rothfuss fans would have a lot of fun with the project. It obviously isn't weird that I was expecting something at least a bit related to the Rothfuss narrative. I mean, even the lyrics sound like they are related to a scene in The Wise Man's Fear. So... There's the reason behind my disappointment. I even like how the video is shot, compared to the videoclips Nightwish has released lately, this video is pure gold.
  2. That's your way of seeing it. I like your interpretation. Still I don't think the video is good, and I think his dance is honestly quite poor. Literally dying RN. (?)
  3. Still so underwhelmed by all the recent music videos. Can we talk about why "I woke to the echo of stars" and "the skies are dark, all of them" find the protagonist of the videoclip in broad daylight? Since second 1 this video does not make any sense. Besides, why isn't the video at least kind of related to "The Name of the Wind"? In my mind the lyrics are clearly a reference to Kvothe's encounter with Felurian. Only Sharon's "My Indigo" has a video that I think is properly filmed, and it actually made me feel things.
  4. I like Anette's voice and performance but never cared for her public persona. She seems really conceited. Anyway... Does anybody know if The Dark Element will tour sometime? I'd love to see them live.
  5. Wow, you really didn't like it. I did. 1:25-1:41 really reminds me of Angels Fall First and demo-Nightwish. Actually I think Tuomas has put together many of his usual writing techniques in this song and I expect the album to develop on that. I'm really interested.
  6. I love Rothfuss so I'm really really looking forward to this. Ideally the band would be involved with the making of the music of the adaptation of Rothfuss' work for the big and small screen...
  7. True! Well, I don't know then.
  8. I think it's rather a pre- and post-Tarja kind of division. "New" and "old" era separated.
  9. So I don't know where to post this, but I had a tattoo done on my arm which is inspired by Nightwish. It's just me popping out of the water with "ocean soul" around me. I'm so happy I have this eternal reminder of Nightwish on my skin!
  10. It makes sense if each piece of illustration is counted as one "illustration". Imagine each piece of anything you must illustrate in order to make a full composition and consider every Nightwish album released since Highest Hopes, it makes sense.
  11. Well, that's just a part of the European tour. I'm sure they will go to Australia, and South America too.
  12. The sound was pretty bad in the beginning, Amaranthe sounded quite bad. Their sound, not their playing, of course. Even though Elize sounded really low + her struggling with her voice, the Amaranthe set was still quite enjoyable! Tarja's set sounded a bit bad the first half of the first song, but then it improved a lot! Their rendition of Together sounded perfect! I am still mad at the a*holes screaming *piropos* at them.
  13. I find that song so boring! I just wish they would just go on releasing regular albums forever and ever.
  14. I watched Tarja live for the first time two days ago. after listening to her with and without Nightwish for 12 years. It was a truly religious experience. I urge everyone who hasn't seen her live to do it, she definitely is something special.
  15. Not really, that's where the objective discussion would end, I guess. We could do a similar analysis of their promotional videos, each within the moment in history in which they were released and everything put in context. So am I wrong to state that everything else we talk about here are opinions? Feelings or sensations brought into words? Therefore, it's kind of annoying to have thousands of users assume their view of a song is the only view because they treat it as fact. It isn't. That's all I'm saying.