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  1. I don't remember what album this was from but do you guys remember some really really unsatisfying "making of" series that was 20 videos of absolutely nothing of interest I still get flashbacks to those when I see the teasers.
  2. "I wanted to include more obscure songs like...My Walden" ?? what
  3. Ughhhhh why don't they just suck it up and re record the damn songs and stop with the artsy excuses like for real who is going to sit there and think they are trying to erase the past. As if the old albums would just vanish upon release. This band is allergic to making money They will eventually release live recordings anyway what is this "just the tip" nonsense what's the difference between Floor singing at a studio or in front of a crowd at that point. /rant
  4. I like it
  5. I actually scrolled through all 6 pages of this thread looking to see if anyone mentioned me and I'm glad to see I won something, even if it's third place! I should celebrate by finallyputting up an avatar of Anette since I'm always bending over backwards defending her @Baki I don't understand myself either!
  6. Shame she never posted her Ghost Love Score demo :(. I dont have the heart to beg her on instagram though. She said she would numerous times but after the Floor recording came out I never heard her say it again.
  7. We should all take the time to appreciate this gem of an interview from the Anette era where Tuomas reveals he is not gay and that Anette likes him (..as a woman). I wonder what Floor's responses would have been
  8. Escapist can happen It was played just once after 2009 back in 2012 with Anette in NYC. Coincidentally my first Nightwish show. Although back then I didn't realize I was watching the last time she would ever sing it. Fun Fact: Come Cover Me was in the list of potential setlist songs leaked during a video about some technical equipment during the EFMB tour, but weirdly was the only song not played from that list. Yet Sahara, a song that wasn't on there, was played.
  9. Her chest voice isn't horrible, I mean it's unique sounding at least. The problem is her accent is awfuullllllll. She legit sounds like Count Dracula sometimes in it. I'm sure she watches recordings of herself at least once in a while so I don't know she sits their and thinks oh yes I sound great.
  10. I like them a lot. Some songs especially in this scene try so hard with a thousand vague metaphors. At least a lot of these songs are relatable.
  11. Its been like half a decade and while Anette is riding the money train with her new comeback album and enjoying a career as a nurse you all prefer to ride the salt carousel and discuss this same thing for the 100000th time I would love if she makes another Rhianna/Britney comparison just to rile people here up again. Edit: I thought I've seen it all, but I bothered to scroll up more and see World War II being thrown in now. Y'all wild.
  12. Tarja is A LOT more popular than I thought if her label is pushing music videos for a Gothic Christmas album was my first thought when I actually started looking into what shes been doing these days They even have more views than I thought they would.
  13. OHhh this is exciting. I hope they take a picture together at the very least.
  14. I was reading his blog and that dude seems to have had his share of relationship problems so that's probably what it's about.
  15. Ohh, well then.