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  1. Real talk question but why does the band have these bizarre rules? Does anyone actually care that it would be a third live album in a row before a third studio album with Floor? Imagine buying the live album at a store and telling the cashier oh love them but what a shame it's their third live album. ???
  2. I thought it meant that it is cold in November but her/his face is lit up like the warmth of May or something because of love??
  3. I dont like Come Cover Me and Sacrament of the Wilderness. Don't get me wrong, she sings them totally fine, but they kind of lost something they had with Anette and Tarja. Also the flute thing in Sacrament..I feel like I would have liked it had it been there from start but I liked the old synth sounds better. I also like how some of the songs sound now that they are lower. Gethsemane and Kinslayer for example. They just sound more dark and easier to listen to.
  4. I dont really like it. They are very good singers but their voices clash with the music. Mija's Wish I had an Angel audition was pretty cool though. I think they would have had a much harder time in the band than Anette. She at least had an easy to listen to voice. These girls dont sound like Tarja and sound more harsh than Anette. Nice find though!!
  5. I don't get it, Tarja wanted just the album with promotional stuff and Tuomas wanted the album+instrumental. Why couldn't they just combine both ideas? Why is Nightwish even posting that comment? They could have left it that they didn't reach an agreement with Tarja and her management and that's it. Strange
  6. Floor does her best with the lyrics
  7. They probably asked her to sing in a more contemporary style during auditions and liked how it sounded. Manuela sounds WAY too much like Tarja to an average Joe listener. I wish we could contact Emily and ask her to release her demos.
  8. You know what's weird, if you look at comments on old YouTube videos from 2007 a lot of them were how much her stage presence and looks fit the band more than Tarja and her yellow microphone.Too bad she didn't stick with that style for long because that pseudo rock goth thing suited her well and looked cool. I get that she thought it wasn't her style but...it looked good
  9. Yes. I'm sorry but I don't believe the whole "she became a demanding Tarja 2.0" within months of joining. Here is how it probably went, she joined the band, probably said yes to everything all the time just to please them, they didn't bother with any accommodations they used to do for Tarja, they had those"good moments", but then she down the line realized the management doesn't care about her more girl related needs, she got sick and shows had to be cancelled, she probably had language barrier problems and a lack of real guidance from them, started demanding stuff and got her own manager, Marco suddenly felt abused. I obviously dont know for sure and I could be totally off, and yeah she was a hot mess during the imaginaerum era, but for things to go sour so early on, you really gotta blame the guys for either not carefully picking a new singer or just doing something wrong.
  10. I don't get it. What did she do beat him with a stick? Considering they are the ones that hired her and she was the one who had to adapt to touring and filling Tarja's shoes I don't get what price he paid for her misery. Maybe I get it later on, but when she first joined the band it just seems kind of stupid to complain about her.
  11. I don't believe it. What was she doing to get on his nerves? I don't think I ever once saw her write anything negative about him.
  12. I secretly like her version of She is My Sin too. Its weird but sometimes Floor sings some songs so effortlessly (Sacrament of Wilderness especially) that it doesn't sound as interesting.
  13. Am I the only one who heard her sing "sound of a fascist calling" instead of dolphin?? Bizarre!
  14. Oh I enjoyed the music, I did NOT enjoy the mosh pit and charging of people to the front, neither did the elderly folks next to me..or the kids!
  15. I know it sounds mean but I dont necessarily hate the opening bands or if the music is different from Nightwish but I sometimes hate the types of folks they bring in. #neveragainsabaton.