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  1. Its not just that, when I first listen to LE their first album Lovelorn, the quality of the album, and grunts bother me, but i manage to stay a fan. Let just say it hard to adjust with Liv singing with Raymond, who I believe grunts are really good, then to hear her with Alex who grunts are not all that great. Dont even get me started on how he mixes the albums he produces. 😔
  2. As long as it isn't as bad as Celine Dion version, im here for it.
  3. Because he was Liv husband 😁. I tried not to be to hard on Alex, even now with him trying to ruin my idol reputation.
  4. Deck The Hall is totally giving me a I Walk Alone vibe.
  5. Can we change the subject please.
  6. Honestly, i really do hope she'll get shirts made for this chrismas album, i would totally buy it.
  7. Maybe if Tuomas did a public apology.
  8. I don't follow much either, however, i do remember him dragging tarja after the dismissal and after Anette came into the band. To me personally Marco always came across as sucking up to Tuomas in interviews, just seem like he follows along. me personally i wouldnt trust him. In this interview,i feel like he making it more than what it is, so im waiting for Tarja to comment. But maybe Im the one that needs time to heal. 😁 But if its all true, im all here for it.
  9. He might not be Tuomas, but he had just as much doing in dragging Tarja in the media.
  10. I remember Marco claiming it has them catching up, but Tarja describe it being awkward. I can see Tarja keeping it professional, but thats probably how far it would go.
  11. But like I said before, who knows what would happened? For all we know, Tarja could probably careless about Marco being involved, and join this event because she wanted to.
  12. If I remember correctly, Marco said in a interview that supposedly they caught each other at an airport, and actually did some catching up, so he says, but in an interview with Tarja how she explain it, it was an awkward conversation, and mention that she has no desire to work with Nightwish at all, unless it's with Floor. So who knows.
  13. Im not sure if i really believe him, from my understanding Elina was contact by Alex, of possibly doing music with Atrocity, she also mention when she arrive she was surprised to find out that she was selected as the new singer. A fan mention on liv facebook that this was planned around Easter, going by Elina facebook about good news coming soon, Liv said she knew nothing about it. Im doubt both are innocent, but the fact Krull keeps mentioning her personal life, it obvious he trying to destory her image.
  14. Him doing it now makes sense now, since Liv isn't there anymore, and Elina is still new. However, when i saw them live, as much as i appreciate he's crowd appreciation. He does a little too much, and it kind of got on my nerve, even though seeing them live make me appreciate him a lot more at the same time, but he does a little too much sometimes.
  15. Anything can happen between then and now, but Edge of Steel been out for 5 months hasnt even made 500k, even though its pretty close, Fire Of The North has beem reposted by metal sites, and doesnt have much views, even its still new, I can see her doing one album, but if things stay the same, i could see her leaving the band.