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    I've got some people addicted to Nightwish :3
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  1. All the Shadow Theory songs they played are ones I'm meh about :/ I was hoping for "In Twilight Hours," "Proud and the Fallen," "Burns to Embrace," or "Vespertine." Nice that March of Mephisto and When the Lights are Down are there. Some from Epica would've been nice, though.
  2. It sounds pretty, but it's too short to really go anywhere. The first song they released is better!
  3. Sounds a lot like Mercy Falls Go Tommy! Love how he embraces different sides of his voice in Seventh Wonder and Kamelot.
  4. Finally managed to listen to my album on a long road trip! I think the strongest songs are "Burns to Embrace," "The Proud and the Broken," and "In Twilight Hours." Twilight sounds like a tearjerker song from a musical, and the nods to Abandoned are evident. It's a beautiful song! I actually loved the classical feel to "Static," the beginning reminds me a little of the Game of Thrones theme lol. "Vespertine" is another of my favorites, definitely more symphonic and Black Halo-ish. Altogether, the album is better than I expected and I like it better than Haven (which itself has some great songs).
  5. I listened to some leaks on the way to work, and of the ones I heard, I love"Vespertine" and "The Proud and the Broken" best, but they're all good! Better than the single would let on! I'm definitely impressed
  6. Good review! You're super lucky to have gotten the album early! I could tell just from the samples that "Phantom Divine" would be perhaps the most boring song; I actually like Ravenlight better. Sad to hear that you consider another song from the album in the same boat. For all my criticisms about the songwriting department, I actually disagree with criticisms about Tommy "trying" to sound like Khan; I agree, it's his natural voice, but it sounds different with Kamelot because Kamelot's sound is simply different than Seventh Wonder's (dark, dramatic, theatrical, low). Khan's sound is a tad different in Conception, some of his collaborations, and his solo song too, because the style of music is likewise different. Yes, Tommy is great. He has an elegant smoothness and great falsetto; he has a lighter sound than Khan, I think, who sounds a bit deeper and more mature/grizzled, and, to me, a bit more powerful in tone than Tommy. I'm not musically inclined, so these may not be the best descriptions. But I find it funny how Khan has such a smooth voice, but when I first heard Tommy in Kamelot, I was surprised that his sounds even smoother.
  7. The employees at the Atlanta show said it was a sold out show, but yeah, the Tabernacle is still a theater. Tbh I prefer theaters over arenas, but I understand being able to move up to arenas is considered a great achievement for musicians.
  8. Leaks? I wonder if I'll have the self control to wait for my preorder tomorrow or if I'll check out said leaks when I get home from work...
  9. @EpicanDragon94, you articulated everything perfectly, and I think a lotof people feel the same. I met a friend who loves Kamelot too and on the topic of singers, we both seemed to be in agreement; he seemed to not want to say anything against Tommy, since he's a great singer, but definitely preferred the style and subject matter of the Khan-era. Why that is is something that is hard to put into words, since the components of Kamelot are still good for the most part. As for Khan's new song, I think that he wants to use his voice for God now. I'm not religious myself, but I think that with Khan's talent at historical, literary, and mythical themes, he could really make it work by not only singing songs of praise (like most Christian artists seem to) but by incorporating stories in the bible about the figures there, like how Up Through the Ashes seems to be from Pilate's perspective. There are a lot of potentially interesting stories for him to work with (Esther, Moses, Pharoh, what have you) and his lyricism and passion is so good it could be cool. That said, his voice sounds amazing in the new song and I think hammers home what we might be missing in Kamelot's new music. I also was curious about the "all the filth my eyes have seen" part and I often wonder if some particular event triggered him to leave the band. He's private and professional and will probably not disclose anything in detail, though. I doubt he'd be against guesting for Kamelot ever, just that he's stated in the past that he's not a big fan of guesting for other artists because he prefers creative autonomy.
  10. Your wish might be granted, as Roy Khan legitimately released a song today.
  11. Kamelot has moved full from historical and mythic to sci-fi to be honest, I listened to the teasers and this song was the one that I was least excited to hear in full, but it does have some good moments and I was surprised it was one featuring Lauren Hart. It's very much a single, but a few parts shined, and the video is good quality (how far those have come since TBH days lol).
  12. I think she sounds great, but I prefer the style of the other two singers.
  13. Agreed! His parts in Come Cover Me strengthen the song for example, but Sacrament, I think, lends well to just Floor's vocals. I definitely don't want him to stop altogether, as his voice can add nice layers, like how his, Floor's, and Troy's voices harmonized at the end of The Carpenter and made it so much better than the album version to me. Using all their vocalists suits the parts that have backing choirs on the album version. I like Marco's voice and I like his duets with Floor the best out of all their singers, so I was a happy audience member when he featured in surprising songs. As for using just backing tracks, I have to say no, as one thing I really liked about this concert was how much they utilized their live potential by using their other two singers.
  14. I feel sort of similarly. Haven has more industrial elements and the songs in Silverthorn have a similar pure-symphonic metal sound throughout, so I think there is enough of a difference between the two albums, but I think the lyrics are a bit shallow and generic compared to Roy Khan's lyrics. They're not completely terrible lyrics by any stretch, but they don't impress me in the same way. And I do think that Epica and The Fourth Legacy, for instance, had a wider variety of sounds in each song (Epica has a tango song! And the songs have surprising twists!). But Kamelot albums having songs that sound uniform are really nothing new since The Black Halo; I love TBH and Ghost Opera, but those definitely had more of a formula going for them. But where TBH really shines is the storyline and how the sound and lyrics thematically fit in with that. And Ghost Opera has songs close to my heart like the title track, Love You to Death, Blucher, and The Human Stain. Again, each song is structured in a way that fits with the story, like the plane sounds and comm-like singing in Blucher, the orchestra in Ghost Opera, the progression in Love You to Death, the clock-like sound of The Human Stain, etc. I think Silverthorn is good for the most part, but I grew bored of it more quickly than any other Kamelot album because of how same-y the songs sound (I still love Sacrimony and My Confession, don't get me wrong). I actually prefer Haven because of that. I don't think their new album will break the mold in any mindblowing way, but from the first single and the samples, I think it'll be a step further in the right direction, both instrumentally and vocally. Tommy's voice in particular just keeps getting better and better.
  15. I actually think that Come Cover Me was the one that worked best with new Marco additions, as his soft and sweet voice made it sound more romantic alongside Floor's, like they're singing to each other. Their harmony at the end brings me chills. Some of the others, however, are a bit much in hindsight, though I really enjoyed his parts (and Troy's) live.