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    Through Vampire Hunter D and the Phantom of the Opera
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    None, sadly :(
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    I've got some people addicted to Nightwish :3
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    Once Shirt
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    Planet Hell, Ghost Love Score
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    Once, Elvenpath, Walking in the Air, Wishmaster
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    From Wishes to Eternity
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    Hard to know...
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    Wish I Had an Angel

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    Dogs, cat, horses
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    Art supplies, I also love gargoyles...
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    "Az eso, az eso, az eso" and "Mirkwood Sonnet"
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    Thy Catafalque, Therion, Gazpacho
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    Too much haha


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    V for Vendetta
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    Les Miserables, Hunchback of Notre Dame, Phantom, The Archer's Heart, Howl's Moving Castle, Memoirs of a Geisha
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    East of West, Rat Queens, Monster, Claymore, Saga

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  1. Gargoyles_path


    I forgot Michael Eriksen sang for a few Kamelot shows, he's an amazing singer who possesses that Kamelot "sound." The whole reason I got into Circus Maximus in high school was because of the similar vocals. The only video I've been able to find of him on YouTube was Center of the Universe, unfortunately.
  2. Gargoyles_path


    I love both singers, but Roy's voice is just more gripping to me, a bit stronger and more mature sounding. The difference is even starker live. And I love the emotion in his voice. His talent at songwriting just adds to that. But I think the idea of him being back with Conception is more interesting, so I definitely do not want him back with Kamelot (besides loving Tommy's voice with them).
  3. Gargoyles_path


    Oh yeah, Epica definitely sounds more majestic and interesting by comparison. It's my favorite of their albums! I like the way that Khan has a beautiful narrative voice that can sound at once like someone telling a story/speaking to you and actually singing, Lost and Damned and The Mourning After being prime examples of this. I do like the Amnesiac music video, their video quality has definitely shot up over the years. And Tommy is always amazing.
  4. Gargoyles_path


    Ghost Opera was actually the song that got me into Kamelot, mostly because I've always loved theatrical cheese as someone who loved musicals (especially Phantom of the Opera...) from childhood. Ghost Opera has some songs dear to my heart like Love You to Death, The Human Stain, and Blucher. Not the most experimental album, and there are some duds like Silence of the Darkness, which are only redeemed by Roy's beautiful and emotional vocals, but overall I love it. I was very eager for the release of Poetry, and when I got my preorder and listened to it for the first time, I loved it. It was only later that it started giving me a more uncomfortable feeling due to a combination of the imagery, thematic content, it being inspired in part by Thomas' grief, and Roy leaving seemingly for emotional/health reasons. It just became a bit depressing to me. And yeah, the less theatrical and classical-epic approach compared to the Faust albums and Ghost Opera might have played a hand in that. But it is an album that has a lot of shining moments and it's not as hackneyed and formulaic as some of the newer material, not to mention Khan's lyrics are stronger by comparison. Of course, now that Roy is back with Conception and has broken his silence, that's changed somewhat and the gloominess surrounding Poetry has lifted. I do, however, LOVE The Proud and the Broken, it's a track that surprised me from new-Kamelot and is a bit proggier, I'd love to see them go more in that direction in the future.
  5. Gargoyles_path

    Dreams about Nightwish

    A nice pair of shoes will always be a nice pair of shoes
  6. Gargoyles_path

    Decades World Tour 2018

    He'd probably just laugh or roll his eyes at how ridiculous some of it is...
  7. Gargoyles_path


    I saw Kamelot last night, they have a heck of a lot of energy live...Tommy was hyper and charismatic and definitely showed off a lot, especially in Forever (is this usual?). My boyfriend actually whispered "He likes to show off a little, doesn't he?" His accent is really cute, his performance in Here's to the Fall spot-on. Loved how much he talked to us. Audience participation pleas during songs got to be a bit much though imo. Still think the set list was a little too safe, but it was enjoyable, Amnesiac sounds really good live. And Lauren Hart is really good. I saw a copy of Expedition at the merch booth and couldn't resist getting it. Delain also exceeded my expectations, my boyfriend really liked them and ended up vanishing and returning wearing one of their shirts lol.
  8. Gargoyles_path


    I honestly don't want Roy back in Kamelot (the idea of him being with Conception sounds more interesting), and I think 1) Tommy's perfect for Kamelot 2) I don't believe he's trying to sound like Roy like people accuse him of, and yet I think a guest appearance of Khan would be cool.
  9. Gargoyles_path


    Same here, I always felt like he'd appreciate Tommy and it's nice knowing Roy still likes Kamelot. What he said about his story being too long and weird for an interview, and how difficult it was to leave Kamelot, just leaves the situation more mysterious! But the new Conception music will be awesome, especially since it seems it'll still possess Roy's amazing lyrical themes.
  10. Gargoyles_path

    Decades World Tour 2018

    ^Ditto.I always loved Come Cover Me and the album Wishmaster in general, as it's the album that got me into Nightwish (Fantasmic being the first song I heard). It just sounds so magical to me, and I like Tarja's vocal style in that album, Oceanborn, and the OTHAFA EP best. And the addition of male vocals this tour made it even better.
  11. Gargoyles_path


    I got a signed EP too! Hands down, I'll help these guys, being a fan of them and Roy. Seems like some things are already sold out on there, too. In one year, we get new Kamelot, Seventh Wonder, and Conception music with a Roy Khan come-back, this is amazing.
  12. Gargoyles_path


    I'm so psyched for this, I can't believe it's actually happened!
  13. Gargoyles_path


    All the Shadow Theory songs they played are ones I'm meh about :/ I was hoping for "In Twilight Hours," "Proud and the Fallen," "Burns to Embrace," or "Vespertine." Nice that March of Mephisto and When the Lights are Down are there. Some from Epica would've been nice, though.
  14. Gargoyles_path


    It sounds pretty, but it's too short to really go anywhere. The first song they released is better!
  15. Gargoyles_path

    Seventh Wonder

    Sounds a lot like Mercy Falls Go Tommy! Love how he embraces different sides of his voice in Seventh Wonder and Kamelot.