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  1. AstusOz

    Within Temptation

    I really enjoyed most of those covers! Particularly Ice Queen and Stand My Ground. Interesting and catchy alternate takes and Sharon's reactions were great too. There's also a cover of Sharon's collab with Armin "In And Out Of Love" that's quite good.
  2. AstusOz


    So, first single is out! It's also out on Spotify. The samples were driving me nuts and I was so ready to hear a full song. I'm so ready for the album. Need to listen to the song a few more times but I dig it. It's very Kamelot haha.
  3. AstusOz


    I really, really dig Night 13 and am hyped for the rest of the album. Also seriously need to reread the Rothfuss books because I've forgotten so much from them.
  4. AstusOz


    I'll always have a fondness for Evanescence because they were the first heavy music act that I really got into. It was because of them that I searched for 'similar' bands and wound up discovering Nightwish and the like. Yeah, listening back a lot of their sound is repetitive particularly Fallen but I still love it unabashedly lol. I really, really enjoyed Hi-Lo from their most recent album, particularly the duelling piano and violin.
  5. AstusOz

    Amanda Somerville

    I'm a big fan of Amanda's voice and work in general. I discovered her through Epica and have been interested in her work since. I particularly enjoyed her work with Trillium and look forward to further developments there. I'm really keen to see her flourish as a frontwoman as opposed to being part of an ensemble or the like.
  6. AstusOz

    Cellar Darling

    I really, really have enjoyed this album and I feel like I've fallen in love with the band, haha. Been obsessed with Rebels but I've played Avalanche incessantly too.
  7. AstusOz

    Anette Olzon

    It will have to be pretty damn special to surpass Imaginaerum in my mind. That was a fantastic album and one of my favourite Nightwish albums period. Looking forward to this in any case. Sounds promising so far.
  8. AstusOz


    While I was taken aback at Ailyn's dismissal and was quite fond of her, I really like Emanuelle too and feel that she slots into the band quite nicely. I have really, really enjoyed Dim Days of Dolor. It's easier to digest than the last album and there really isn't a song I dislike on it. My favourite tracks are Cloud Nine, Veil of Winter, Playing With Fire and Aeon's Embrace. Goddess of the Sea is also quite good.
  9. AstusOz

    Lacuna Coil

    I'm seeing them in Brisbane tomorrow with my cousin. First time seeing them live - excited! What was the setlist like? What about merchandise and pricing? They were fantastic. I didn't care much for the support acts but Lacuna Coil knocked it out of the park. The setlist was pretty decent and contained a nice assortment of songs but with a skew towards the newer stuff. The setlist appears to have been exactly the same as the one in Perth -> I would have preferred more older stuff. While content from Delirium was to be expected, I felt there was a bit too much Broken Crown Halo (an album I wasn't too fond of). I would have liked more stuff from Karmacode, Comalies and something from Unleashed Memories and their earlier releases. Still, despite those quibbles, they were so good. They've got such a charisma about them and engaged the crowd all the way through. I had the biggest and silliest grin on my face all the through. I just couldn't help it, haha. Merch was expensive. I still spent $90 on a hoodie and a hat and I haven't worn hats since high school!
  10. AstusOz

    Lacuna Coil

    Going to watch them in Sydney tomorrow night. Very friggen hyped. I'll be a loner as none of my friends are remotely into heavy metal but it should still be a fantastic night!
  11. AstusOz


    I'd love it if they came over too. I could see them supporting another band like Nightwish or Epica. Even if they were to come around and do a few smaller shows similar to Anna Murphy (ex-Eluveitie) on the side.
  12. AstusOz

    Anette Olzon

    I'm just a bit confused by the flip flopping in terms of her attitude towards the band. From bitter and angry to somewhat amiable (when she was singing Nightwish songs and said Tuomas had given his permission or whatever) to really, really bitter again. Did something happen in the interim or was the act of being 'okay' just that, an act? In any case, I'll always be a fan of the Nightwish albums featuring her and I really do wish her the best. The drama sometimes is just too much though.
  13. AstusOz

    Tarja Turunen pt. II

    I really enjoyed The Shadow Self and my appreciation for it grows with each subsequent listen. There isn't a song on the album that I dislike and quite a few that I like a lot. I'm usually not one for her covers but the one on this album is great. My highlights are Love To Hate and Undertaker but I've been listening to many others repeatedly too! Even No Bitter End! I'm a bit disappointed in Demons In You as I was expecting a bit more out of the Tarja/Alissa collaboration. Felt it could have been a lot more darker.
  14. AstusOz


    The bonus tracks really should be released in a way that makes them easier for people to access. Dreamscape is one of my all time favourite Epica songs and it's still a little weird to me that it's a bonus track in the first place. In All Conscience is pretty friggen great too.
  15. AstusOz


    Ah, that's a shame. Ailyn was really the Sirenia vocalist I had come to associate most with the band, given the amount of time that she had spent with them and the fact that I only really got into them following The 13th Floor's release. The Enigma of Life is probably my favourite album of theirs although PotDB was hauntingly beautiful too. Their latest album didn't really do much for me and I was looking forward to their next effort.