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  1. Morrigan

    World Tour EFMB 2015/2016 pt. ll.

    Sahara. Finally. Finally it has the dramatic power it deserves. No offense to Anette, her version sounds decent but IMO could never reach the song's full potential. I'm also officially jealous to everyone who got to hear both Sahara and The Siren with Floor, as I happen to love Floor's performance of the latter. I love the vaguely unnatural (preternatural?) feel I think she's going for in her vocalizations, and she certainly embodies the siren role better than her predecessors. She's also still clearly experimenting on how to fit her vocalizations with the backing track, so I think she deserves some slack.
  2. Morrigan

    Nightwish Off Topic

    What are they here, 20 or something? D'aaaaww.
  3. Morrigan

    World Tour EFMB 2015/2016

    As Yoshee said, just waiting for Sahara now. It will sound glorious.
  4. Morrigan

    The Floor thread

    Ooh, I had no idea they'd done Hell March too! That's awesome. I've been aware of Floor's Sound of the Wind for a while, though.
  5. Morrigan

    The Floor thread

    I don't know, it doesn't get much more personal and emotional than TPatP, and there are other very personal songs that have been played live. So I'm not sure if that is the issue, really. I'd really love to hear Floor's take of it, though, while it doesn't really fit the overall theme of the new album and tour. It's probably my favourite Nightwish epic, and this makes me wish I hadn't missed the Century Child tour.
  6. Morrigan

    Anette Olzon

    Well, she does have a point. Malukah, for example, who is one of my favourite vocalists ever, is pretty much untrained when it comes to proper form and technique. But then again, she recently realized her voice/throat problems were result of bad technique and is now taking classes to improve. I wonder if she's extra bitter because she got cut from Tähdet, tähdet after the opera episode specifically. It's a pity, really, because I do think she's always had great potential but it seems she never bothered to go the extra mile and settled for mediocrity.
  7. Morrigan

    The Floor thread

    Yeah, that and Passion of the Opera. They've admitted it's even a challenge to play because it's structurally so ridiculously ambitious (their opinion, not mine, in case someone wants to argue technical details ). I heard it live with Tarja once and wasn't impressed - I guess they weren't either because they dropped it after that day. But with Floor it sounds pretty effortless in general.
  8. Morrigan

    World Tour EFMB 2015/2016

    I was sobbing by The Pacific, I can admit to being a crybaby. She couldn't top the original Mother & Father, but I didn't think that was possible anyway. It was almost equally good, though, and you could really tell she was feeling what she was singing. :wub: And oh gods those final vocalizations. When she hits that particular note (G5, maybe?) it always renders me into a shivering mess.
  9. Morrigan

    World Tour EFMB 2015/2016

    Again a batch of new videos - none of them TPATP.
  10. Morrigan

    World Tour EFMB 2015/2016

    Agreed 100%. It's the only part in pretty much the entire NW discography I actually don't believe Floor can improve, Anette is truly at her very best and it never fails to make me a sobbing mess. But yes, the rest of the song? Absolutely.
  11. Morrigan

    Nightwish Off Topic

    This might fit better in the tour topic, but I didn't want to give anyone false hope about a recording of a certain song. Anyway, this made me really happy somehow. They all look so happy, and I especially loved that little touch and look Tuomas and Floor share. No, I'm not a shipper, it was just a cute little bit of communication. ETA: No setlist spoilers, just the final bows from El Paso.
  12. Morrigan

    World Tour EFMB 2015/2016

    I'm no technical expert, but for comparison purposes here's the last time they played Stargazers live with Tarja. I had forgotten how kind of lazy and uneven that performance was, and Tarja really didn't sound her best. :unsure: Also is it just me or had it been slowed down? I think the guys at some point said they dropped the song because it was technically difficult to sing/play live (Tuomas has admitted he wrote pretty much all of Oceanborn in ridiculous key).
  13. Morrigan

    World Tour EFMB 2015/2016

    A lovely rendition of Ever Dream from Iowa. Seems like Floor is trying something slightly different with it. Also, watching Marco play is super enthralling somehow.
  14. Morrigan

    World Tour EFMB 2015/2016

    Sahara would sound epic with Floor. :wub:
  15. Morrigan

    Nightwish Off Topic

    So, I work in a book store. And just like I expected, someone came to ask me for Richard Dawkins's books just this last week, obviously influenced by EFMB. I ordered her two of them (Greatest Show on Earth and The God Delusion).