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  1. Here goes. I hope you understand, my English isn't bad but my vocabulary isn't enough for this interview. A for effort? "I dream about a princess" Nightwish singer Anette Olzon laughs about being like Victoria Beckham. She, too, dreams about having a princess after two boys. The Swedish singer of Nightwish Anette Olzon, 40, likes to laugh. Her bubbly Swedish exterior is strong, but the look in her eyes is warm and sensitive. Anette admits to being an emotional person. She makes every decision listening to her heart. "I don't think with sense, but over the years I've learnt to say no." When she started with Nightwish she accepted a lot of things, but on the first tour she learned to set boundaries. "I had such an enormous need to please that it became overbearing. In Brazil I collapsed in the middle of the show and ran off the stage", Anette remembers the DPP-tour that ended two years before. During that tour her private life was like a rollercoaster. She went through a divorce and suffered not being able to spend enough time with her son Seth. On top of that she faced the hatred of fans in Southern America. "I had a hard time getting used to people coming so close. Everything went downhill when I started to suffer from voice problems and I couldn't sing properly. I had no one to talk to. I was so tired I hated my life." After running off the stage during "The Poet And the Pendulum" she went to cry in her room. No one came to comfort her. "The next day we talked things through, but I wanted my boyfriend Johan to come with us on the final shows so that I could talk my own language with someone." Luckily a break from shows was coming up, so the people of Nightwish could catch a breath. After that the band was ready to go on stronger than before. Love Anette experienced her first love when she was 15. The relationship lasted for a few years. "I haven't been in love that many times, and I've had long relationships." With her second boyfriend she dated for seven years. After that she met her husband-to-be, with whom she was for 11 years. "We broke up a few years ago, and after the break-up I met my current spouse Johan." Anette is interested in men she has to run after. Johan was exactly like that. He also had long hair, piercings and a "tough look" - exactly how Anette likes it. They met when Pain - the band where Johan plays bass - was warming up on the tour of Nightwish. "I decided I was going to get Johan and I had to run after him for a couple of weeks. I fell in love with my man because he is understanding and a good listener. We laugh at the same things." Johan proposed to Anette in the spring of 2008 after 5 months of dating. "We have talked about marriage but there are no wedding plans right now. Seth is asking about marriage a lot but we'll see." Johan's parents are Finnish. Johan feels he's Finnish too although he was born and raised in Sweden. Johan speaks Finnish to his and Anette's 1½-year-old son Nemo. "Johan is really patriotic. That's why our son will also learn the Finnish language." Anette dreams about having one more child. She will soon be 40, so the baby should come soon. "I've met the man of my dreams, and I'm living the time of my life. I'm like Victoria Beckham because I dream about a little princess." Work Singing has always been Anette's passion. She started performing with her mother when she was 13. In her childhood home though everyone reminded her to get "a real job". And so she did: she has graduated as a hairdresser and a waitress and worked as a telephone salesperson, secretary, in fast food places and as a vet's assistant. She was never that interested in school though. "I was bullied for all my years in elementary school, so the end of that was one of the finer moments of my life. I was a happy redhead, who was easily approachable, who loved to sing. Obviously that was too much for some people. They gossiped about me and my self-esteem crumbled. I cried every afternoon, but my mother wouldn't let me skip school." At times the situation was so bad Anette wanted to get out for good. "If I had been stronger I would've killed myself. I was miserable, I ate chocolate and I threw up. Luckily it didn't become a disorder but eating was my comfort already then. Singing was the only thing that kept me alive." Even at older age studying wasn't easy. After high school Anette got to study music in respected Balletakademie in Gothenburg. The pressure in a dance-oriented school was tough and studying was so hard she quit after 6 months. "I was one step closer to my dream of having a career in singing, which was great. The school was very strict on looks though and everyone had to be skinny. The gay teachers who hated womens' bodies called me ugly. Even the principle said I should eat less." Passion Anette gets excited easily, but she also demands a lot of herself. One of her greatest passion is sports, especially jogging. Sometimes Anette is too hard on herself. After giving birth to Seth Anette weighed 90 kg (~198 Ibs). The weight made her feel bad, so she started a low-fat diet and exercising six times a week. "I decided I don't ever want to be that big again." When she started with Nightwish she was at her thinnest at only 54 kg (~119 Ibs). She is happier with her looks now when she has a little meat on her bones. "It's not healthy to look anorexic when you're almost 40. I don't want to focus all my thoughts on thinking about my looks though. I don't think I'm beautiful but I'm not ugly, either." Anette tries to live in the healthiest way possible. "I avoid sugar because it makes me swell and my moods swing. Although I don't eat cakes and candy, I do enjoy a good meal and bread. I need carbs." Health After Balletakademie Anette got a main role in a rock opera in her hometown. During the performance run she got a tough flu, but despite that she sang loud and high every day. "I couldn't speak, but I sang with the help of cortisone. Smoking didn't help. In the end a doctor told me I had nodules on my vocal cords. He said he wouldn't help me until I'd quit smoking." Because of the rock opera her voice was gone for 6 months. She seeked for help in voice therapy, where they taught her proper speaking technique. Other than that she has always been quite healthy although she knows that anything can happen. Anette understood that when her mother was diagnosed with cancer two years before. "It was a shock because mother represented health to me. After that I started to check my breasts every month. I'm afraid of death, I don't want to die. Mother has taught me, that it has to be accepted." Finance The most important thing about finance to Anette is making enough money to not worry about it. When she started with Nightwish she was studying sociology and psychology in a university and she dreamt about a teaching job. "I loved to study and my husband brought the food to the table. I didn't feel poor, although we didn't have too much money." Anette has always earned her own money. When she started with Nightwish she sometimes gave way to spending money. "When I started I wanted to buy new stuff: I got clothes for the shows and my first Dolce&Gabbana handbag. Bags are my weakness although I don't have that many. I want to spend on things that last forever. Quality over quantity." Anette recycles her clothes to her friends, mother and sister. She's tired of shopping. "I've learnt that stuff doesn't make you happy. Nowadays I really think about what I need. I own an apartment and I'm saving money for tougher times. I have to keep in mind that Nightwish doesn't tour all the time. When there's a break I have to live with my savings."