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  1. Yeah! He was actually strolling Freja right outside the venue when we were queueing in line. Very cute baby!
  2. Ugh, the post concert blues are killing me. I should have been wiser and gone to the Albany show, I'd be mega broke but happy. I'm defo seeing them more than once the next time around. 2020 come already!
  3. I was thinking about this too and it worries me. Also group this with the fact that Floor is taking care of her 1 year old! Thankfully this leg only lasts a month but yeah, the show days seem to consecutive to me. I hope they know what they're doing.
  4. Wouldn't blame her, weather these days on the New England area has SUCKED! and we have a snow storm on wednesday, hope they stay safe :s
  5. Yeah I saw after I came back from the show that she had done it before, what got me was Tuomas reaction on that very specific date with the "Damn, Floor!" and I mean, it did sound incredible in that one performance. She sometimes struggles with it though, she didn't do it at all in the Playstation Theater show, for example.
  6. I will! Been trying to find it ever since I caught up with my memory haha
  7. I just came to remember which was the "Damn, Floor!" moment with Tuomas during Worcester, sadly there's no video yet. Sacrament of Wilderness ending.
  8. Deep Silent Complete?! The date after my show?!? *breathes* What's the best way to begin an open letter?
  9. And then there's me who would be super mad if I found out that in a later date they played Beauty Of The Beast and I wasn't there to witness it, lmao. ---------------------------------------------- Hey all, asking for a friend, I just got home from Worcester and I don't know what to do to preserve this setlist intact. Considering I now have a goal to get this autographed in the future, can someone give me any suggestions on what to do with it until then?
  10. Sure! Also, check this video out at 1:10 for my pick-grabbing-fail moment with Emppu:
  11. Same, I mean yesterday was my first time listening to it all but I still could not catch any of them. Gotta go through all of them now.
  12. Yeah, I felt weird with Tuomas being all the way to the back but it was a tiny stage so oh well. Also, I can't believe how beautiful Floor is in person. Like damn, she's striking.
  13. Yes, no novelties. Don't wanna brag but y'know, the setlist is there in the pic for reference Floor added a new Floorgasm on one of the old songs though but I can't remember which one it was (one from either AFF or Oceanborn). When it ended Tuomas looked at her and shouted "Damn Floor!". It was SO cool.
  14. Ok... Ok... That was... No words I had interaction with the band to last me for a lifetime. Throughout the WHOLE thing. Floor even winked at me when she began Ghost Love Score, and I kid you not and it's not because I was there, this was the best Floorgasm she has EVER done on any GLS, Remember what she tried doing on both VoS shows with the higher note? Well, nailed cleanly and masterfully. Marco threw me his pick and then jumped at me to greet me when the show ended. Emppu threw me his pick twice during Nemo (because I couldn't catch it the first time) This all without counting the plethora of times I interacted with the band by just being a goof in the crowd. Y'ALL, I'M SHAKING SO MUCH. I don't know how to put this night into words Also, y'all remember when I said I was dead? I came to hell with a handful.
  15. I just met them. I am deceased.