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  1. Well, it may not be exactly be a thrill, but this is only the 3rd date of the tour where Amaranth was played, so that's a change we could say
  2. I actually thought the stage was gonna have more props! it's cool how (aside from the pyros) the vibe pretty much remains the same from the US shows. I wonder if they will expand the stage with something else for the stadium shows like they did on the last tour.
  3. I really liked Come Cover Me actually! However, I wouldn't mind trading it over for Dead To The World or Feel For you.
  4. So looks like the mexico gig is selling nicely and new sections have been opened in the arena, for what I can tell. Is NW perhaps becoming a worlwide arena act? I'm down!! (I still want the US shows to remain small with M&Gs though )
  5. I get you, it f*cks my mind how M&Gs in latinamerica can be more expensive than the ones in the US. These economies are struggling ones and, if anything, they should be the same prices as in the US, specially in Mexico where they're playing an arena Also, I visited the website and they have ticketing fees up to $55?! What is even going on there. Again, I am convinced this whole thing has to do with the promoters.
  6. I actually thought the joke was funny but whatevs. I don't really have a problem with "Floorgasm" since it doesn't really refer to her but to the listener. And I mean, after experiencing the famous note live (and I had the chance of having her hit that note perfectly on my date, it was actually one of the vids that someone used on a previous post here to defend her) I think the term was pretty apt, like my soul was leaving my body, as cheesy as it may sound haha. But yeah, again overall we love Floor and obviously it's was too hard for a singer to hit the same note on the same way note every night. My comment is more specifically on her phrasing than anything else.
  7. TBH I do agree with that sentiment. I always thought EFMB song was rad.
  8. Yeah, the whole of "Devil" live is just a marvelous experience. Hoping they keep it on the loop for future tours!
  9. The thing is, her voice has gotten better in many aspects except that note. And I also don't think it's a coincidence that the way she sung that note changed specifically after she recorded EFMB and started using a restrained technique (Given she was still 34 back then) and this change pretty much reflects there, because now her voice seems held back, and add to that the new run she has been trying for the last 3 years which doesn't seem to work most times (personally). Her voice, and specially on someone like her who is highly trained, should not be THAT affected until she's around 40. (For the rest of y'all, I wanna specify that I still think she's a terrific vocalist who owns me every single time, but I have an issue with that note nowadays too soooo)
  10. I don't think the problem is the Floorgasm itself but the fact that she tries to play too much with it nowadays going higher, and losing potency in the process, unlike during the iRum tour where she just kept a beautiful straight note. The result is that sometimes it works really good and sometimes it just...doesn't. It definitely was way more consistent during 2012-2013. Just compare the two pro-recordings we have from Irum tour and then the 2 we have from EFMB tour. Yikes! It was definitely a highlight of seeing them live this year for me though.
  11. Amaranth is an addition to the setlist, not a replacement. *breathes*
  12. My guess, from the tracks we saw loaded on Tero's show playlist is that if they add anything else it will be songs we have already heard on recent tours with Floor, or maybe just one more surprise and that's it, specially considering it's a pretty short tour run, compared to previous tours. Edit: Y'ALL, Update from someone who's at the St. Pete's show, they're playing Amaranth. So I was kinda right lmao.
  13. I remember at my show, I was obviously ecstatic the whole time, but (and I blame this on the change of key situation) when Nemo began it's when it finally hit me like "damn, I'm seeing Nightwish live, that's them in front of me, this is monumental!"
  14. I will not tolerate all this Wishmaster slander here, that song is iconic.
  15. I feel like it's time for For The Heart I Once Had to be performed live. Floor would SLAY that song.