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    Movies/series, music, books, video games, technology, science, space, nature, history.


  • How Did You Discover Nightwish
    First time I looked them up was around 2004. A classmate was talking about NW and I got curious about what kind of music it was. I think it was Nemo and WIHAA that first went into my random playlist. ..oh, and WM too! It took me a few years to discover most of their discography though, but it eventually changed my interest and taste in music!
  • How Many Times Seen Live?
    Still not seen them live.
  • Most Memorable NW Memory
    The release of Imaginaerum and the radio premiere of Storytime, because it was the first ever album release I was really excited for.
  • Most Prized Nightwish Item
    Imaginaerum album because it's the first NW album I bought.
  • Best Live Song
    Currently: I've discovered how awesome Devil & the Deep Dark Ocean is with the Decades live version!
  • Favourite Album
    I think Imaginaerum must be the most special to me.
  • Favourite Song
    That one song which really captures every aspect of NW.
  • Favourite Album/Single Artwork
  • Favourite Music Video
    The Islander
  • Favourite DVD
    Vehicle of Spirit
  • Least Favourite Album
    Once, despite having songs I really like.
  • Least Favourite Song

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  1. Undertow

    Decades World Tour 2018

    Just have to pop in and say that, as one who never particularly liked Devil and the Deep Dark Ocean, I've started to really enjoy it after Decades. That and Gethsemane, which was a bit of a tear jerker during the operatic parts (doesn't happen to me often >_>) were highlights of this show. Overall enjoyed it, and I really appreciate we got a live stream. Here's looking forward to the Decades live show to be released later. This surely was a nice appetiser!
  2. Undertow


    I'm enjoying the album as well. Atmospheric otherworldly sound is indeed a pretty good description. Yet it's folksy and melodic too. Does draw some from NW but perhaps more from Scrooge. Yet, it is its own thing for the most part. I'm looking forward to hearing more from Auri in the future!
  3. Undertow

    The Floor thread

    From the interview using Google translate: Her voice is challenged more than ever, says Jansen. 'I am now coming to places where I had never been before. Suddenly an octave lower or higher.'
  4. Undertow

    The Floor thread

    I like how she sounds nowadays in Nightwish, and I think EFMB is just fine. It doesn't utilize everything she can do, but it is versatile enough for what the songs need. It shows other sides of her that I appreciate just as much as her power. Much of her calmer and softer side of course, but also some of her more eerie, sinister and theatrical side. That said, she does have some powerful moments in both YIAEH and WF. It shows better in the live versions perhaps due to the way the album is mixed. In general I guess she gets to do a lot more with the live songs, but then there is also a lot more material there. I am however hoping that Mr. Holopainen gets some new ideas on how to use her vocals on the next album and that we'll see some more of her other sides as well. Versatility is something I appreciate, and they sure got a very versatile singer!
  5. Undertow

    Decades (The Album)

    About the instrumental versions. I love them. The orchestral versions too. I'm sad they won't release the Once instrumental, I was hoping they would at some point. I'm still hoping we some day will get a full orchestral version for Dark Passion Play. And no, I'm not using them for karaoke. I just like listening to them. Sometimes it's nice to just enjoy the music without any vocals ..or any band I guess.
  6. Undertow

    Decades World Tour 2018

    About Troy "stealing" Emppu's solo. Is there even usually an Emppu solo at the end of Nemo? Isn't it just a live addition with Troy, like in some other songs as well? I can't hear it in the studio version at least. It's a nice live addition if you ask me (like with Floor's vocalisation at the end), and not taking anything away from Emppu that he would normally have played. And there's a reason for Troy to be on the stage without necessarily playing just pipes (and bouzouki!).
  7. Undertow


    I decided not to listen to anything yet and take the chance that I like it and listen to it all for the first time when the album is out. From what I've read, it looks like something I'm going to enjoy. Less than a week and I'll know. Have to say I'm looking forward to it. I really enjoyed Scrooge. I like Nightwish both with and without metal, so I'm optimistic.
  8. Undertow

    Decades World Tour 2018

    ^ Agreed. Loving Pip Williams arrangements on the albums, but these new arrangements sound somewhat fresh and different. I like it a lot too. This is just speculation. Maybe they recorded those orchestrations when they recorded Auri? Now, I haven't listened to any of the Auri songs yet, so I don't know if they contain any orchestral arrangements.
  9. Undertow

    Decades World Tour 2018

    ^ Sounds great! And there's bouzouki in it too. Not many seem to mention the bouzouki, it's always about them pipes.
  10. Undertow

    Decades World Tour 2018

    Right. It's been a while since I posted anything. So hello again! I can understand both camps, as I am in both. I love the orchestral sound, but I also love the pre-orchestral sound with all the awesome synthesizers. They give the music a really unique sound. Especially when listening to the remastered version of the old songs, which btw are great, I'm thinking that an orchestra would fit right into these songs as much as the new songs that have them. That's not to say I wish they had orchestra instead. I love them as they are. However, I wouldn't mind re-recordings with the current line-up and the orchestral treatment the live songs seem to have gotten. I like to listen to the instrumental and orchestral versions, of the albums that have them, as much as the regular versions. One doesn't replace the other, and that's what I'm thinking about re-recordings also. I get the idea of leaving the past as it is though (Except for remasters! Please remaster the whole catalogue! ) and rather release live versions instead. So, here's hoping for another live release from this tour! As for backing tracks. I'm kind of in both camps there too. I like the new orchestral additions. They are tastefully done and not overwhelming. Kind of makes me wish for how their next album will sound. A good mix between synthesizers and a more toned down orchestra. Much in the vein of Century Child really. I get the idea of live music being live, but I think most of the songs would sound very stripped down and empty without any backing orchestra tracks. As for the old songs that don't have orchestra. I don't know, would they be able to play them live without any backing synthesizer tracks? I'm not a musician, but the songs have so many layers of sounds and instruments it must be hard to play it all? I would rather have some backing tracks to hear the songs in their full dynamics rather than them being stripped down. Oh yeah. Awesome setlist! Looking forward to keep following this tour and which songs they will play and keep playing and how much they will improve over time.
  11. Undertow


    I'm intrigued. I already wasn't expecting any new Nightwish album before 2019 at the earliest (though 2020 looks more likely to me), so if anything this just lessens the wait some alongside the Decades tour. I really like the Scrooge album, so if we'll get a new side project in between the new NW albums, I'm for that. I'm with the belief that it's important that the creative mind(s) of the band gets to do side projects if that's something their creative outlet calls for. To be locked into only writing for the band and having to always fit into that frame, might lessen the quality and enthusiasm for the music more so than spending some of the creativity and ideas on other projects. Especially if they wouldn't fit the band's frame (which already is quite wide) anyway. The same idea goes for NW music as well. Sure, we're all allowed to have wishes and preferations for how we wish their sound to be, but essentially I think it's more important the band do what they want to do and feel like, rather than just trying to do what fans want. That might mean some no longer will care for their music, but that's how it is I guess. I'm hoping for many quality albums from NW in the future. Old style, new style, experimental style. There's probably gonna be some hit and miss to some ears regardless, but as long as the spirit is there - that is what's important. Not saying they should not listen at all, but they should do so with a healthy mindset. We did get better mixing on EFMB after all, and in my opinion Vehicle of Spirit sounds way better than Showtime, Storytime as well. Now, here's looking forward to Spring 2018 I say. This album AND Decades tour! By the way. It doesn't say anything about featuring any orchestra, just guest musicians.
  12. Undertow

    Battle Beast

    Really enjoying the new album as well!
  13. Undertow


    I've had one listen to the album. It's a lot to take in. It felt very progressive and theatrical. Great vocals from Dianne. She really got to show her versatility on this album, and not to mention theatrical skills. I'm left with the feeling that I haven't quite heard anything like this. Sure, they might borrow some elements from others, but overall it sounded fresh and different to my ears. I'm intrigued to listen again, so that is very promising! Anyway, that's a few thoughts after just one listen. Will need to listen several more times to form a proper opinion. Edit: I might have been influenced by the title track in the end as it was quite something else I thought. And it's what was freshest in mind!
  14. Undertow


    I haven't listened to Ayreon before, but this song is.. interesting! I like the video with the commentary.
  15. Undertow

    Battle Beast

    Hmm. I like the first song more than this one after just one listen. It's actually not very memorable or catchy to me. But that can change with more listens! Edit: Listened a few more times. Yep. Catchy.