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  • How Did You Discover Nightwish
    I heard about them from a classmate who was into metal and liked NW. Then later I heard Nemo and Wish I Had an Angel. This was back in 2004/2005, but it took me a couple of years to properly discover their discography.
  • How Many Times Seen Live?
    None ..yet!
  • Most Memorable NW Memory
    The anticipation before Imaginaerum and the radio premiere of Storytime. It was the first album release I followed closely.
  • Most Prized Nightwish Item
    Just the albums and singles I own.
  • Best Live Song
    Currently it's Yours Is An Empty Hope and generally old songs brought back to life.
  • Favourite Album
    Top 3: Endless Forms Most Beautiful, Imaginaerum and Century Child
  • Favourite Song
    As if picking favourite album isn't hard enough! One of my current favourites is Yours Is An Empty Hope. Also, The Poet and the Pendulum remains one of my favourites.
  • Favourite Album/Single Artwork
    Storytime and Endless Forms Most Beautiful
  • Favourite Music Video
    The Islander and Élan
  • Favourite DVD
    From Wishes to Eternity and Showtime, Storytime. Got a feeling the upcoming live release will take ST,ST's place though.
  • Least Favourite Album
    Though I don't dislike it, Angels Fall First is probably my least favourite.
  • Least Favourite Song

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  1. I'm intrigued. I already wasn't expecting any new Nightwish album before 2019 at the earliest (though 2020 looks more likely to me), so if anything this just lessens the wait some alongside the Decades tour. I really like the Scrooge album, so if we'll get a new side project in between the new NW albums, I'm for that. I'm with the belief that it's important that the creative mind(s) of the band gets to do side projects if that's something their creative outlet calls for. To be locked into only writing for the band and having to always fit into that frame, might lessen the quality and enthusiasm for the music more so than spending some of the creativity and ideas on other projects. Especially if they wouldn't fit the band's frame (which already is quite wide) anyway. The same idea goes for NW music as well. Sure, we're all allowed to have wishes and preferations for how we wish their sound to be, but essentially I think it's more important the band do what they want to do and feel like, rather than just trying to do what fans want. That might mean some no longer will care for their music, but that's how it is I guess. I'm hoping for many quality albums from NW in the future. Old style, new style, experimental style. There's probably gonna be some hit and miss to some ears regardless, but as long as the spirit is there - that is what's important. Not saying they should not listen at all, but they should do so with a healthy mindset. We did get better mixing on EFMB after all, and in my opinion Vehicle of Spirit sounds way better than Showtime, Storytime as well. Now, here's looking forward to Spring 2018 I say. This album AND Decades tour! By the way. It doesn't say anything about featuring any orchestra, just guest musicians.
  2. Really enjoying the new album as well!
  3. I've had one listen to the album. It's a lot to take in. It felt very progressive and theatrical. Great vocals from Dianne. She really got to show her versatility on this album, and not to mention theatrical skills. I'm left with the feeling that I haven't quite heard anything like this. Sure, they might borrow some elements from others, but overall it sounded fresh and different to my ears. I'm intrigued to listen again, so that is very promising! Anyway, that's a few thoughts after just one listen. Will need to listen several more times to form a proper opinion. Edit: I might have been influenced by the title track in the end as it was quite something else I thought. And it's what was freshest in mind!
  4. I haven't listened to Ayreon before, but this song is.. interesting! I like the video with the commentary.
  5. Hmm. I like the first song more than this one after just one listen. It's actually not very memorable or catchy to me. But that can change with more listens! Edit: Listened a few more times. Yep. Catchy.
  6. Really great and fresh interview. What Troy said about doing whatever they feel like doing and what he said about the overall spirit within the band makes me very happy and hopeful towards the future of the band. This is what makes the spirit of their music. We the fans can of course have our own wishes and expectations towards their future works and discuss this amongst ourselves, but in the end the most important thing to me is that they do what they truly want to. The meaning behind Vehicle of Spirit is also really nice. Makes a good title when you know the meaning behind it. I know some want more metal and some want less metal. I say keep defying the category and do whatever suits the song. If it's more then it's more, if it's less then it's less. I really liked the Wembley version of The Greatest Show on Earth with Troy playing the electric guitar in the intro. That's one wish I have for the future, more melodic guitar like that. It's a fresh sound to Nightwish. A bit Pink Floydish perhaps? It's the diversity in their music that is great, and the multi instrumentalist Troy is a great addition with that in mind. And also.. keep on experimenting! Like they did for instance with Slow, Love, Slow.
  7. Oh I am sorry for missunderstanding you. Taking pictures of CDs and DVDs has almost become a little force habbit of mine during the past years. But you are right, there are probably people who have gotten different versions and want to see the difference. There are also possibly people who don't order until they know the sound quality and what the product looks like. Nice that you also managed to get yours in time. I hope it arrived undamaged. You will be in for a treat when you have the time to watch it all. I was impressed with CDON for delivering it on time and in the mailbox. The only bad part is that one of my its corners were a bit damaged, but it is not a big deal because it happens all the time for me. I am done with the first show and had begun watching Tampere. I had not seen a single clip from Wembley and Tampere and this is all new to me. I have seen fan recordings from some of the extras before, but not from all of them. So far there is no clear favorite, both are nice visually in their own way. I like that they look different. So far there is only one thing bothering me... No smoke in the opening of Amaranth? What kind of a condescending ape is this?! All is good then, and you're right! I've been satisfied with CDON. I used to order from Mad Supply and Nightwish shop before that, but tried CDON for the EFMB release. I would have gotten it on time had it been sent as a package, but it was sent as letter mail and the earbook didn't fit my mail box and I had to wait a day or so extra. This time they sent it as a package and no issues. Delivered on time. Great to see positive feedback. Can't wait!
  8. Oh, I'm really sorry. I didn't mean for you to take pictures for me. I meant if someone did so, that they would please put it in spoiler so I and perhaps others like me wouldn't have it spoiled before opening our own copies. I guess I was a little unclear when I put it in the same post as I was replying to you. Sorry about that. However that said. I'm certain there are others with a different version, or just wanting a sneak peek, who will appreciate having a look . So, thank you anyway for taking the time to do so! Good that your copy arrived on time. Mine did too. Just need to pick it up from the post office, then count the days until Christmas before opening it up! One more week..
  9. Same here. I like it too after first listen. I'd say based on this song I'm optimistic towards the new album without the old song writer.
  10. I used to watch a lot of movies, but then I started watching series mostly. I like how the story and characters get more time to develop there. Recently however I got a bunch of Blurays on sale to catch up on some recent movie titles I've been interested in watching. I started out with The Revenant. It was a little slow and perhaps drawn out. But I did really like it. Wasn't the story itself so much, but the combination of the cinematography and very pretty scenaries that contrased the raw events in the movie. As for series I recently watched Westworld. Also liked this series a lot. Not sure if I loved it. It took me a while to warm up to the whole setting properly. Might have to rewatch it sometime! I'm also catching up on season six of The Walking Dead. Only watched 2 episodes so far, but I'm enjoying it. Feels a bit like a fresh start, but that might just be because I haven't watched it since 2014 Next I'm thinking I might check out the new upcoming Netflix show The OA.
  11. Here is the track listing I mentioned: Immortal Melancholy (Piano Version) (Japanese exclusive bonus track) Fight Your Demons (Exclusive single part of the USA Tour VIP Package) Architect of Light (Unreleased) Decoded Poetry (Unreleased) The Solace System (Unreleased)
  12. *snip* I hope you get it in time! Perhaps they sent mine a day early as it has to be shipped to Norway. I believe CDON's storage is in Sweden? I might be wrong.. Personally I'm happy as long as it arrives before Christmas as I won't be watching before then! On that note, a little heads up to anyone who might possibly post any pictures of the contents (the inside of the albums I mean). If you do, would you do so within a spoiler tag, please? Would love to open it up and see it for the first time then! I've seen the cover already of course.
  13. Cool bonus track! I looked up The Holographic Principle on Wikipedia. Assuming the information there is correct.. there are more bonus tracks listed there as "Unreleased". What happened to those?
  14. Got notification from CDON.com today that my Earbook is being shipped.
  15. Epica - The Holographic Principle is the album that stood out as the one I liked most this year. Delain - Moonbathers is a very close number two. I see some have a list of 5 and up to 10 albums. I'm not sure if I've even listened to that many new albums this year Guess I might have explored or rediscovered back catalogues more than new ones! Xandria and Battle Beast would possibly have been on my list had they released their new albums before the new year. I'll get back to you on that in a year.