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    Khao Pad Kra Prow, Gang Phet with tofu, moussaka, paella, feta & spinach pie, boiled potato with butter :)
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    Rabbits / hares
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    Tea, sparkling wine, wine, fresh and pulpy ruby orange juice
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    Fuchsia, turquoise, pearl grey
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    Laihia forests and Lappeenranta archipelago! Sangkhlaburi, Koh Pha-Ngan, Si Phan Don, Pha An, Croatia's Dalmation Coast, Costa Blanca, the Scottish Highlands and Dalmally, Kemiönsaari :)
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    Öu nou nou
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    Be the change you want to see in the world
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    Giant tea mugs!
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    Piano when I was young


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    Listening to Oceanborn in my god father's car 1998, seriously
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    Approx. 10
  • Most Memorable NW Memory
    Seeing and meeting Tuomas and Marco out on a smoke in Les Halles 2004. I got a hug :o)
  • Most Prized Nightwish Item
    A signed Happy Birthday by all members given by a friend
  • Best Live Song
    The Islander
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    Ghost Love Score, Gethsemane, While Your Lips are Still Red, Heart Asks for Pleasure First, Romanticie
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    Over the Hills and Far Away, Phantom of the Opera, Wish I Had an Angel

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    In Flames, Helloween, Nightwish


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    Breaking Bad
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    Margaret Atwood, James Frey, Erlend Loe, Terry Pratchett
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    The Black Knight (Don Rosa), Viivi & Wagner
  1. Iozzine

    Nightwish mediassa V

    Tattista tiedosta, HooPee! Tuleepa Imaru-elokuva vihdoin nähtyä ja sopivasti uudenvuoden tunnelmissa.
  2. Iozzine

    Average age of Nightwish fans?

    I wonder what the original assumption of symphonic metal attracting teenagers is based on? If anything, my experience is that teens favour musical extremes, and Nightwish isn't extreme metal by any measure. One's musical spectum tends to widen with age, I think. Then again, Nightwish is an easy springboard into heaverier music; a gateway band theory My journey with NW began with Wishmaster when I was 18. Oh sweet times. I'm now approaching 33.
  3. Iozzine

    Tarja Turusen sooloura II

    MTV3:lta tulee parhaillaan Hansin matkassa ohjelma, jossa vieraana Tarja Turunen (Argentiinassa, luonnollisesti) Vaikuttaisi siltä, että koko jakso on pyhitetty puuhailulle Turusen kanssa; käydään ravintoloissa, ruokaostoksilla, kokataan yhdessä. Ja ilmeisesti tehdään myös äänenavauksia kimpassa. Viesti siirretty oikeaan topikkiin. -HooPee-
  4. Iozzine

    Cover songs

    No, but I appreciate the effort Magnus! After copious searching and torment I found it! Rasmus' Livin' In a World Without You at 0:53 and 1:55. "Suddenly naked I run through your garden". That little melody line is identical. Phew, I can finally make space in my brain for something else. I always felt that the original version of Don't Feel the Reaper had the totally wrong mood (too perky, way too perky), and definitely feel HIM's doomsday take on it is an improvement. I wonder if I'm the only one who thinks that?
  5. Iozzine

    Cover songs

    If you would be so kind, I'd much appreciate help identifying a cover/sample! I just heard Unisonic's For the Kingdom for the first time on the radio and it the verse sounded so familiar that it's killing me. At 1:53 when Kiske sings "Why am I here? Asks the slave to his master", my mind plays it like "Suddenly I'm here, alone in the garden" (which, after Googling, clearly isn't the right lyric which is why I'm stuck!). Does anyone recognize where that melody is from? The chorus is entirely different though. I suppose I ought to contribute something on topic: I fell in love with Therapy?'s version of Diane hearing it on MTV as a kid. So dramatic, so ominous, so raw in beauty. The video is creepiness personified, but Andy's portrayal of of a madman is delightfully disturbed
  6. Iozzine


    Colour me gobsmacked. April Rain left me in a state of meh and I quickly ruled them out. But this here is really good stuff! Thanks you guys for raving about it, I needed the nudge.
  7. Iozzine

    Anette Olzon

    Why, of course. As a NW fan, aren't we all? Let me just growl my dissatisfaction at all things non metal. Ps. Love you, Baki! I am a haterz of you too, of course.
  8. Iozzine

    The Floor thread

    I can really picture Design the Century as a Strato song with Timo Kotipelto on vocals. We're not straying too far from Tolkki's comfort zone. I admit to not knowing the first things about vocals (like, nothing at all, zip), so I hope I' m not insulting the fabric of reality; couldn't Floor have revved it up? Like everyone says, she sounds like she's deliberately keeping herself turned to minimal impact. Even with the same melody, couldn't she have pitched it a little higher, a little bolder? I don't think it's a bad song in theory, it just fails fantastically in practice. I've only heard one Avalon song with Elize, so cannot comment on anything but this single.... Edit: any more typos?
  9. Iozzine

    Anette Olzon

    For being someone who's always all about emotion over quality; I take issues with the production quality. While I thought her demos were endearing and heartfelt, I expected her to do a little more with the album versions; less artificial, less "cheap". I get that the singing on the demo might have delivered the most most raw and true interpretations worth keeping, but the "instruments" could have been improved. Take Floating - is there any advancement from the demo version? I really learned to love Anette's timbre during her time in NW. As a package, the songs fit together much better than Tarja's debut and I think Anette's found a style to match her. It's a delight to hear her voice again. The melodies are pretty. So why haven't I bought the album?
  10. Iozzine


    I agree with angel_heart here. I always thought that Lisa's voice is what put them apart from other bands. I felt that they never quite found a coherent musical and thematical style; it was Lisa's sticky sweet and slightly smokey voice that was the standout element. I miss it very much. I've always preferred an emotional, personal vocal delivery over technical excellence. Manuela didn't click with me at all. Dianne is a step up, I think I might give Sacrificium a proper spin!
  11. Iozzine


    Minä vuorostani odotin tätä julkaisua tulevaa levyäkin enemmän (käännytys "Flooristiksi" pätkii, niin teknisesti etevä kuin hän onkin) ja rakastuin aivan hiusrajaani myöten The Last Slediin - kaunis, koskettava, elämää suurempi ja silti niin herkkä. Myös Duel & Cloudscapesille on annettava ansaittu tunnustus dynaamisuudesta ja hauskoista elementeistä. To Be Rich on kaikessa raa'assa kaihoisuudessaan ja kepeässä toiveikkuudessaan upea, se jää mieleen kummittelemaan. Dreamtime ja Goodbye Papa jäivät nopeasti skipattavien listalle, muutoin elämme oikein, oikein onnellista yhteiseloa soundtrackin kanssa. Kaksi asiaa olisin karsinut levyltä kokonaan: sähkökitaran A Lifetime of Adventuresilta ja puheosuudet. Pidän enemmän aLoA sinkusta elävöittävine orkeresteineen kuin vaihtoehtoversiosta, mutta tuo tunnelmaan täysin sopimaton kitara, iiks... En oikein tiedä, miltä Roopen pitäisi mielestäni kuulostaa joten uskon, että miesääni kuin miesääni särähätisi korvaani "vääränä". Miesääni laulettuna toimii paremmin, kuten kymppibiisissä.
  12. Iozzine

    Nightwish Off Topic

    If Floor makes Nightwish whole, happy and functional as a unit while also making the majority of the fans overjoyed (check and check!), then it simply must be a good decision. I am pleased for all those celebrating today. Personally, I'm in a dark and sad place. No matter how technically talented, Floor's voice leaves me disinterested, disconnected and bored. Her charisma makes up for it live, but I feel no genuine emotion from her when merely listening. I've given After Forever, ReVamp and on NW concert recordings many honest spins, but I usually end up wandering off before a song even finishes. I'm so concerned that the magic and wonder may lost on me from now on.
  13. Iozzine

    Imaginaerum World Tour 2012-2013 II

    I think Floor says "Kiitos! Terve Tampere! Mitä kuuluu? Ihana(a). Seuraava biisi on Storytime." = "Hi! Greetings Tampere [city]! How are you? Lovely. The next song is Storytime". A masterpiece, clearly
  14. Iozzine

    Songs You Are Currently Addicted To!

    For unpretentious, spunky hard rock of yore, trickling with attitude, you can't beat Dead Sara's Weatherman: [media] [/media] I also can't stop repeating Fatherland from my hometown' golden boys, Sturm und Drang. Pretty basic stuff but it totally had me bouncing and shouting my throat hoarse during their gig last week: [media] [/media]
  15. Iozzine

    Dreams about Nightwish

    Uhm. My husband is a drummer by hobby. I'd, um, taken over his body (i.e. I could keep a beat like him but think like me) and I was improvising some drum rhythms to Tuomas. Tuomas was oblivious to this wicked deception - I tried to squint with my eyes so that he might notice - but no he just kept on talking like he would among his pals. Five hours of sleep can do that.