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    I saw the "Nemo" vid on Youtube
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    Floor and Marco singing Seven Days to the Wolves
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    Dark Passion Play record
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    Seven Day to the Wolves
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    Dark Passion Play (not hard to choose)
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    Century Child
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    Amaranth or Nemo
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    Nightwish - End of an Era
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    Angels Fall First
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    More Than Meets The Eye
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    Alex Skolnick
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    Tuomas Holopainen
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    Cold Embrace (Testament)
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    Dark Roots of the Earth (Testament)
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    Tuomas Holopainen
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    Nightwish or Testament


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    Big Bang Theory
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    Saturday Night Fever
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    Hanlan Coban
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    Gone for Good, 6 Years, Deal Breaker
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    The Walking Dead

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  1. geoman286


    Blackbriar has song really good songs! Some of them remind me of older Within Temptation...which is a good thing for me...because a few of my favorite albums are Mother Earth, The Silent Force and The Heart of Everything. I really like this one too!
  2. geoman286


    They do seem to love it! I'm sure they could perform live...they can always hire other musicians to play shows. I look forward to hearing more of their own songs. I admire people who can sing...they amaze me with their talent. I guess anyone CAN sing, but I sound terrible.
  3. geoman286


    I like what MoonSun does, and they seem to like doing it, so they should continue with it as long as they're enjoying themselves. I wish them great success!
  4. geoman286

    Dark Walk In The Park

    Figment-of-me....I didn't know how the video or sound would turn out, I just wanted to get it recorded. I know that I'll make changes to it, but I feel the basics of the music will remain the same. My lyrics might change some? I don't know anyone who will sing it, but I'd like to sing it myself; however, I know nothing about singing.
  5. geoman286

    Dark Walk In The Park

    Some of you know you know not to expect perfection from someone so flawed. Just wanted to get this recorded so I could work on making it better in the's for my recently deceased Cousin William. HE WAS THE TRAIN DRIVER! The Train Driver (Verse 1) Our lives are full to the brim Life's got its ups and downs We're not seeing the works of wonder Stop and just look around you (Chorus) Men and Women, some great....some meek The Train Driver passed them by He saw the earth...enjoyed its scenes Onto his final destination (Verse 2) So let us ride on the rails Let this train rock & roll We'll look out the windows And see a beautiful landscape (Chorus) Men and Women, some great....some meek The Train Driver passed them by He saw the earth...enjoyed its scenes Onto his final destination (Verse 3) There is always a beginning And for damned sure an ending We'll make our life's journey To a place for us all (Chorus) Men and Women, some great....some meek The Train Driver passed them by He saw the earth...enjoyed its scenes Onto his final destination
  6. geoman286

    Songs You Are Currently Addicted To!

    I really enjoy the Blackbriar that is being shared on here! Their music sounds like old Within Temptation...which I do love.
  7. geoman286


    L_Alpenglow...thank you for sharing this concert. They play here later in the year and I do plan to attend.
  8. geoman286

    Alexandra Zerner this is what she does...she shreds
  9. geoman286

    Reaction videos (to music)

    You're all starting to get to me with this reaction video stuff! I really didn't like the whole concept of it and had a limited exposure to it...I only looked at reactions to Sharon Den Adel, Floor, Tarja, and Jinjer's song Pisces. Maybe I need to reconsider my opinion? For the record, I can still feel very connected to certain songs and have powerful reaction to them. For example, Epica's Tide of Time and Nightwish's Ghost Love Score are two I can think of right now. It would be interesting for us to do our own reaction videos here...but it would be a lot of work. Wouldn't it?!
  10. geoman286

    Reaction videos (to music)

    My statement is incorrect. After watching the video a couple more times, I have to say I enjoyed Rebecca's reaction. I believe it was genuine. I read a comment under this reaction video about crying to certain songs...I was happy to learn it's a thing 35 to 40% of the world population do. This song by Jinjer is a beautiful song...and the growls only make it more powerful in emotion. There are other songs that spark emotion in me...but this is surely one. Sharon Den Adel seems to get to me...Floor...and Tarja.
  11. geoman286


    Tatiana is a beast...this reaction video is about the only one I like watching...ever! Well...except for my Son's...I have to like his...and Sharon Den Adel vocal reactions.
  12. geoman286

    Reaction videos (to music)

    This is the only good one...and not for the reaction either! Only because it showcases how great Tatiana Shmaylyuk is as a vocalist.
  13. geoman286

    Alexandra Zerner

    I'm not sure anyone knows I'm just going to say check out Alexandra Zerner's Opus 1880 album. I think I'm going to have to buy it...such a talented musician!!
  14. geoman286

    Infected Rain

    I did not know of this tour...wish I could see them...they''re all bands I enjoy listening to. Infected Rain is somewhat new to me. They're becoming a very good band! I've listened to a lot of their music online, but I've not purchased any records yet. Regardless, they would be fun to see live.
  15. geoman286


    Some older Jinjer is good Jinjer too!!