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    By the sea. Walkin in parks. Summer when it's sunny but not too hot, anywhere. My parents house.
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    It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all - in which case, you fail by default. - JK Rowling. It's very poignant for me, because I need to keep this in mind, I'm afraid of everything.
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    By a friend who gave me AFF, OB, WM & CC as a gift. They caught my attention immediately, from the first notes of Elvenpath, and I soon fell very deeply in love. Once was the first album I bought myself. So I became a fan around 2003.
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    End of an Era. Signed Showtime, Storytime.
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    Song of Myself, Ghost Love Score, The Islander, Elvenpath, Dead To The World, Kinslayer, Come Cover Me, Sahara, Islander, 7 Days, Last Ride, Storytime with Floor, Dark Chest of Wonders, Shudder Before The Beautiful, Weak Fantasy.
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    Century Child. Endless Forms Most Beautiful.
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    Elvenpath, Gethsemane, Passion & the Opera, Dead Boy's Poem, Bless the Child, Beauty of the Beast, Dark Chest of Wonders, Ghost Love Score, While Your Lips Are Still Red, The Poet and the Pendulum, Meadows of Heaven, Song of Myself, The Escapist, My Walden, The Greatest Show On Earth.
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    The other one for Oceanborn. EFM
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    Sleeping Sun.
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    From wishes to eternity
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    Wishmaster and Imaginaerum.
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    Crownless, For The Heart I Once Had, Two For Tragedy, Bare Grace Misery, I Want My Tears Back, Storytime (with Anette).

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    Kate Bush: Wuthering Heights, Florence & The Machine: Cosmic Love. Many other favorite ones
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    Floor Jansen, Anneke van Giersbergen, Kate Bush. Susanne Sunfør. Florence Welsh, Russell Allen, Tony Kakko, Damian Wilson, Ulf Christianson, Matthew Ward, Tarja, Beyonce, Simone Simons, Amy Lee, Lana del Rey.
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    Joost van den Broek
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    So many, just a few that came to mind: Epica: In all Consciousness, My Dying Bride: Sear Me III, Epica: Consign to Oblivion, Symphony X: The Divine Wings of Tragedy, Kate Bush: Wuthering Heights, The Dreaming, The Man with a Child in his Eyes, Tuomas Holopainen - The Last Sled, Opeth - Deliverance....
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    Ayreon Universe, Tilburg 2017.
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    Again, just a few that came to mind. After Forever: Decipher, Invisible Circles & After Forever, Ayreon: Any album, Michael Jackson: Thriller, Christina Aguilera: Back to Basics, Symphony X: Any Album, The Gathering: Mandylion & Nighttime Birds, Tiamat: Wildhoney, My Dying Bride: The Light at the End of the World & Like Gods of the Sun, Epica: Any Album, 2nd Chapter of Acts: The Roar of Love, Tristania: Widows Weed's & Beyond the Veil, Dream Theater: Images and Words, Lana del Rey: Born to Die (Paradise), Ghost: Any Album, many more..
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    Swedish indie music in general, jazz and big band, reaggy, generic rock, generic boring pop, generic boring metal.


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    Kate Winslet, Richard Armitage, Alan Rickman, Gary Oldman, Lee Pace, Richard Dean Anderson, Cate Blanchett
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    Tim Burton, Peter Jackson
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    The Lord of the Rings everything, Dead Poets Society, Edward Scissorhands, Maleficent, Howl's Moving Castle, many many more...
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    Hannibal, Stargate SG-1, Robin Hood BBC, Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy, The Simpsons, Sherlock, Game of Thrones, Saving Hope, Young Dracula, How I Met Your Mother, White Collar, The Vicar of Dibley, Pushing Daisies., House of Cards
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    Nightmare Before Christmas, Harry Potter
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    Tokien, J.K. Rowling, etc etc...
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    LOTR, Harry Potter, ...
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    Gravitation. Stardust. Nemi. Prince Valiant

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  1. Thank you for sharing that! Do you think it will be possible to watch the interview later online?
  2. I suppose I also don't get why you other people engage back. Isn't it also a complete waste of your time. Wouldn't you rather talk about things you care about. Then again, it's your time, do whatever you want.
  3. Jesus, this is just absurd. I don't get the fun in this. If you don't like the music you've heard, and don't think you will like the rest either, why not just ignore AURI altogether?
  4. Yeah something like that.
  5. This one is nice too.
  6. @Himiko : I think all three members of Auri sound quite pretentious from time to time indeed. Overflowing words. General note, @GreatEye and @Stefan2k4 have found each other, goodness. What you said, @DownHill .
  7. " dragonprincess:The main problem with my hair is that it is too thin and I can only grow it to a bit more than shoulder length before it becomes really messy with spilt ends. Is there a way to avoid split ends? " A few words as the forum's resident hairdresser! I don't know what your hair is like really, but I wrote down some general guides. Hair has a certain pre-decided length based on your genetics. Sometimes, it can grow longer as you are growing, but once you stop at the end of your teens, you usually get your real lenght. Hair grows in three phases. First, it grows out, and the length it gets/the period your hair grows varies a lot among people. Your hair gets longer by on average 1cm in 4 weeks, and about 10-12 cm per year. So for someone who can grow hair to just past the shoulders but not longer, that's because the growth period is about 4 years. The hair on your head isn't all in the same cycle of course, some of it grows, while some of it is in the next phase, which is the "just being there, but not growing anymore." I don't remember exactly how long that phase is, but a while. Then the third phase is where the strand starts to loosen from the root and eventually falls out. Hair is greatly affected by your general health and diet, try make sure to eat healthy fats and vitamin-rich food. Especially vitamin B is often talked about. If you are sick or stressed in periods that often shows on the hair. It gets dryer. Strands may end up in the "falling out" phase sooner than they should. The hair grows better if there's good blood circulation in the scalp. Smoking can make this worse as it constricts blood vessels. (And also "eats up" vitamins.) Gently massaging your scalp while shampooing is a good idea. Also product buildup or if you have some dermal flaky issues like psoriasis, can cover the roots and hinder the hair from growing. When it comes to split ends, people with fine strands have a harder time because the hair is less robust. It's important to trim the ends regularly, especially if you get spilt ends fast, as the split travels upwards on the strand if it's not cut of cleanly. Hair gets broken by many outside factors like hairbands with metal pieces (metal gnaws off the strands) or just a cloth hairband that's always in the same place, or tied very tight. It can break off against clothes, your pillow, ungentle brushing... I would recommend plastic hairclips. Sleep with your hair in a braid. Use a tangle teeser type brush. Always be gentle and start detangling from the ends. To make the hair look fuller and healthier, don't get it layered, keep the ends blunt. If you want something to happen in the hair and not just have everything the same lenght, get the front pieces layered/sliced downwards. Or if you get it layered, there should be a lot of weight left at the formline, and the layering should just be very soft and blended at the upper layers of the hair. And don't do chemical treatments, bleach being the worst offender. If you color your hair, never apply color on already colored parts (lenghts). Use a pigmented mask instead. Use a shampoo and conditioner based on whether you need moisture or not, if you have an oily or dry scalp etc. It might be worth finding a shampoo with gentler surfactants, sodium laureth sulfate and sodium lauryl sulfate are harsher surfactants. Find a balance with a gentle shampoo, but which doesn't weigh your hair down. There are volume shampoos like eg Lanza Volume which creates like a coating on the strands that makes them fuller. And "protein" shampoos which also build up the strands. Basically what they do, and which you also can find styling products that do, is that they contain polymers which strengthen the strands from breaking. This can actually be good, as long as it is a product which solves with water and a gentle shampoo, and not a product with just builds up and builds up (which is not so good). Some people find that Olaplex treatment works (it's a product you can buy and use a t home like a treatment). Olaplex is a bit special, as it is a patented product which is supposed to reconnect broken bindings in the hair cortex. (On a chemical level. Hair is held together by several different types of bonds. For example hydrogen, salt, sulfit and another one which I can't remember the name of right now. When you do a perm for example, the sulfit bonds are temporarily broken and refixed. So those can be tampered with, and Olaplex allegedly can mend those broken by wear and tear. If the bonds with the forgotten name are broken however, your hair dissolves. They might be called peptide bindings...) To be honest I can't really stand behind recommending Olaplex, because I have varied experience with it. I think you might be just as well off with normal mask with oils and moisture. Or try coconut oil, or other vegetable oils. Some people however swear by it. Then again some people experience the hair becoming stiff and breaking off. We are not sure why but suspect ingredient in other products/shampoos interacting in a bad way. It's also hard to get a straight answer from the representatives of the brand, which to me is not a good thing... Anyway, be gentle when you have washed your hair and it's still wet, don't rub it with a towel just press out the water/wrap it in a turban. Use some kind of leave in product, like something moisturizing and detangling. I can recommend products if you like, but in general something like the Revlon Uniq1 or some other creamy product will probably work. People also have different opinions on silicones or no silicones... I can get into that if you want, but yeah that's also a complex discussion. And of course, try to minimize hot tools. Blowdryers can be alright if you are gentle. Washing 2-3 times a week is good. More often is not so good. Dry shampoo can be nice in between washes, also some dry shampoos are good at getting volume at the roots, if you want that kind of styling. Lastly, hair extensions are a thing of course. But it is pricey. And is a bit of a kerfuffle. I would in that case recomment tape, as keratin bonds are not nice to the hair. Hope you got something useful out of this!
  8. I don't care about the rest of the magazine There are some bits in there you should translate properly, btw, yo Dutch guy. The bit after she talks about the year off. She mentions details about going to USA. Oh Lord Wishnight, I mean.
  9. I've found Hune's source, it's an interview from 2017. I've posted it in the Media section.
  10. I think it was published that date. Translation anyone? In the meanwhile Google translate ... Source: Interview is in Dutch. FLOOR JANSEN - ZANGERES NIGHTWISH NEERLANDS HOOP Nieuwe Revu portretteert de leiders van een nieuwe generatie. Zij helpen Nederland vooruit door de juiste vragen te stellen of door zelf de antwoorden te geven. Deze week: metalzangeres Floor Jansen (35). TEKST DANNY KOKS FOTOGRAFIE GERARD WESSEL Wat is jouw beste beslissing van de laatste twaalf maanden? ‘De jongens in de band hadden na twintig jaar non-stop toeren en albums opnemen behoefte aan een jaartje vrij. En ook al zit ik al sinds mijn puberteit in de muziek, voor mij hoefde zo’n sabbatical aanvankelijk niet. Want ik barst van de ambitie. Maar juist om de band de volle honderd procent te geven die het altijd verdient, heb je soms die afstand nodig. En een jaar vrijaf gaf mij en mijn echtgenoot (drummer Hannes van Dahl van de Zweedse metalband Sabaton, red.) de ruimte om aan gezinsuitbreiding te denken. Als twee professionele, veeltoerende muzikanten moet je dat echt inplannen. Inmiddels ben ik acht maanden zwanger.’ Kun je voor de niet-metalfan onder de Revu-lezers schetsen hoe groot Nightwish is? ‘In thuisland Finland hebben we dertien nummer 1-hits gescoord, wereldwijd hebben we inmiddels acht miljoen platen verkocht en de afgelopen anderhalf jaar hebben wij de hele wereld over getourd: Noord-Amerika, Europa, Zuid-Amerika, Australië, China, Japan, Rusland. In Londen verkochten we de Wembley Arena uit, wat maar weinig niet-Britse metalbands voor elkaar krijgen.’ En deze band sprak in 2012 jouw voicemail in, terwijl jij met een burn-out thuis op de bank in Nijmegen zat. ‘Ze zaten middenin hun Noord-Amerikaanse tournee toen hun zangeres er de brui aan gaf. Ze was op, het ging gewoon niet meer. De band had ook een zangeres uit Amerika kunnen pakken, dat was veel praktischer geweest. Maar zij dachten: als iemand dit zou kunnen, dan is het Floor. Ik twijfelde geen seconde of ik het wel zou moeten doen. Er ging een knop om. Ik kon alleen maar denken: ik moet naar Amerika en ik moet die muziek erin stampen. Voor iets anders was er in mijn hoofd even geen ruimte. Het was: dag partner, dag leven, ik ga nu dit doen. Met mijn stapel uitgeprinte songteksten ben ik toen in het vliegtuig naar Salt Lake City gestapt. Tegen de passagier naast me ben ik toen helemaal leeggelopen. Ik móest gewoon aan iemand mijn verhaal kwijt.’ Hoe heb je die weken in de VS ervaren? ‘De stress was bij iedereen torenhoog, maar ik had bakken energie. Per show ging het beter, met de dag gingen wij makkelijker met elkaar om. Een fantastische start voor iemand die een burn-out heeft gehad. Het bevestigde alles wat ik leuk vind aan mijn vak. Mijn zelfvertrouwen kreeg daar zo’n enorme boost van: natuurlijk leef ik voor de muziek, hoe heb ik daar ooit aan kunnen twijfelen? Want als je een burn-out hebt, twijfel je aan alles. Als ik drie boodschapjes nodig had in de supermarkt moest ik een lijstje maken, anders kon ik het niet onthouden. En nu moest ik lappen tekst en muziek in mijn hoofd stampen. En dat ging gewoon. Het was net alsof mijn hersenen openstonden, gooi het er maar in.’ Voelde het als een bevestiging van waar het jou ooit om te doen was geweest? ‘Tijdens een burn-out verlies je je passie voor wat je doet. Nu voelde ik waardering: ik doe er nog toe. Dat was zo’n belangrijke bevestiging voor mij. Want je verliest je eigenwaarde als je ziek bent en niks meer kan. Dat voelt als falen. Na twaalf jaar was ik After Forever kwijtgeraakt, en daar had ik niks over te zeggen gehad. Het slipte gewoon uit mijn handen. Mijn nieuwe band Revamp van de grond krijgen, kostte mij vervolgens zoveel meer energie dan ik had. Ik moest allerlei dingen doen die ik niet leuk vind en waar ik ook helemaal niet goed in ben – van de in- en verkoop van merchandise tot het tourmanagement – om maar te zorgen dat ik kon doen wat ik het liefste wil: zingen. Ik had geen andere keus. En dat kostte me de kop.’ En ineens zit je in Nightwish, een geoliede machine die lekker doordendert. ‘Deze mannen zie ik als mijn broers. Ik geef heel veel om ze en voel me helemaal op mijn plek. Ik mis ze ook echt, nu we een jaar vrij hebben genomen.’ Waar hoop je over een jaar te staan? ‘Met een baby in mijn arm en een microfoon in mijn hand.’ CV After Forever Floor is 16 jaar als ze zangeres wordt van de Nederlandse symfonische metalband After Forever, waarmee ze vijf albums opneemt en internationaal veel succes heeft. Burn-out De burn-out van gitarist Sander Gommans betekent in 2009 het einde van After Forever. Een jaar later, als Floor bezig is met haar nieuwe band Revamp, krijgt ze zelf een zware burn-out. Nightwish Het grote Nightwish uit Finland belt Floor in 2012. Middenin hun Noord- Amerikaanse tour is hun zangeres ermee gekapt. Ze willen Floor als vervangster.
  11. Mr Shinkansen, you make my day! Oh god....
  12. I often find myself agreeing with two different opinions. It depends on how you look at things. For sure, a well presented argument can be appreciated, even if you agree with something else more.
  13. Everything you just said in your last few posts, @Moving Pictures . Yep. Exactly.
  14. Your wish is my command, Lord Wishnight. Will not publish the losses. What losses? Voting Hune as Lord WN was very wise I see @Cristermo It will be great! We need some counterbalance to the Troy Marcelo madness. Hune's train might end in as much disaster, but at least the journey will be more enjoyable. Hopefully... Just smile and nod
  15. I don't think these were posted already?