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    Fish or chicken with lots of vegetables, italian
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    Owl, cat
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    Water, Tea, Juice, Coffee
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    By the sea. Walkin in parks. Summer when it's sunny but not too hot, anywhere. My parents house.
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    It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all - in which case, you fail by default. - JK Rowling. It's very poignant for me, because I need to keep this in mind, I'm afraid of everything.
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    Two cats
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    Vocals, piano, (guitar badly)
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    Spiders, submarines, strangers


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    By a friend who gave me AFF, OB, WM & CC as a gift. They caught my attention immediately, from the first notes of Elvenpath, and I soon fell very deeply in love. Once was the first album I bought myself. So I became a fan around 2003.
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    End of an Era. Signed Showtime, Storytime.
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    Song of Myself, Ghost Love Score, The Islander, Elvenpath, Dead To The World, Kinslayer, Come Cover Me, Sahara, Islander, 7 Days, Last Ride, Storytime with Floor, Dark Chest of Wonders, Shudder Before The Beautiful, Weak Fantasy.
  • Favourite Album
    Century Child. Endless Forms Most Beautiful.
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    Elvenpath, Gethsemane, Passion & the Opera, Dead Boy's Poem, Bless the Child, Beauty of the Beast, Dark Chest of Wonders, Ghost Love Score, While Your Lips Are Still Red, The Poet and the Pendulum, Meadows of Heaven, Song of Myself, The Escapist, My Walden, The Greatest Show On Earth.
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    The other one for Oceanborn. EFM
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    Sleeping Sun.
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    From wishes to eternity
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    Wishmaster and Imaginaerum.
  • Least Favourite Song
    Crownless, For The Heart I Once Had, Two For Tragedy, Bare Grace Misery, I Want My Tears Back, Storytime (with Anette).

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    Kate Bush: Wuthering Heights, Florence & The Machine: Cosmic Love. Many other favorite ones
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    Floor Jansen, Anneke van Giersbergen, Kate Bush. Susanne Sunfør. Florence Welsh, Russell Allen, Tony Kakko, Damian Wilson, Ulf Christianson, Matthew Ward, Tarja, Beyonce, Simone Simons, Amy Lee, Lana del Rey.
  • Favourite Pianist/Keyboard Player
    Joost van den Broek
  • Favourite Non NW Song?
    So many, just a few that came to mind: Epica: In all Consciousness, My Dying Bride: Sear Me III, Epica: Consign to Oblivion, Symphony X: The Divine Wings of Tragedy, Kate Bush: Wuthering Heights, The Dreaming, The Man with a Child in his Eyes, Tuomas Holopainen - The Last Sled, Opeth - Deliverance....
  • Best Concert Attended
    Ayreon Universe, Tilburg 2017.
  • Favourite Non NW Album?
    Again, just a few that came to mind. After Forever: Decipher, Invisible Circles & After Forever, Ayreon: Any album, Michael Jackson: Thriller, Christina Aguilera: Back to Basics, Symphony X: Any Album, The Gathering: Mandylion & Nighttime Birds, Tiamat: Wildhoney, My Dying Bride: The Light at the End of the World & Like Gods of the Sun, Epica: Any Album, 2nd Chapter of Acts: The Roar of Love, Tristania: Widows Weed's & Beyond the Veil, Dream Theater: Images and Words, Lana del Rey: Born to Die (Paradise), Ghost: Any Album, many more..
  • Musical Dislikes (Songs, Bands etc)
    Swedish indie music in general, jazz and big band, reaggy, generic rock, generic boring pop, generic boring metal.


  • Favourite Actor/Actress
    Kate Winslet, Richard Armitage, Alan Rickman, Gary Oldman, Lee Pace, Richard Dean Anderson, Cate Blanchett
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    Tim Burton, Peter Jackson
  • Favourite Movie(s)
    The Lord of the Rings everything, Dead Poets Society, Edward Scissorhands, Maleficent, Howl's Moving Castle, many many more...
  • Favourite TV Show(s)/Series
    Hannibal, Stargate SG-1, Robin Hood BBC, Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy, The Simpsons, Sherlock, Game of Thrones, Saving Hope, Young Dracula, How I Met Your Mother, White Collar, The Vicar of Dibley, Pushing Daisies., House of Cards
  • Favourite Movie Soundtrack
    Nightmare Before Christmas, Harry Potter
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    Tokien, J.K. Rowling, etc etc...
  • Favourite Book(s)
    LOTR, Harry Potter, ...
  • Favourite Comic Book/Anime
    Gravitation. Stardust. Nemi. Prince Valiant

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  1. It should be 2006 of course! Typo
  2. I couldn't find a thread for Swedish band Ghost, so I'm making one! Ghost started sometime in 06-ish, and has always had an aura of mystery around it with members being anonymous and performing masked. Due to a conflict between some musicians who are no longer in the band and Tobias Forge (lead vocals and main songwriter), some names were made public officially last year. Many fans had of course speculated and made more or less correct guesses ever since the beginning. (To me the magic of Ghost hasn't disappeared because we know that TF is Ghost. They have that special ability to make you want to believe the theater, because it's fun and so well created.) To describe the music you could say Ghost mix together the melodics and harmonies of ABBA with the gloom and groove of 70-80s rock/metal, black metal/church esthetics, Hollywood glamour, horror movies... There's a lot of thought put into the visuals, themes and characters. And marketing/building the hype. Beyond the entertainment, there's the feeling of a deeper message that I relate to personally. Great band, incredible songs. And there's a new single out!
  3. Tarja/Original recording - (they) C5 - (live) B4 - (with) B4 - (eyes) F# : 7 semitones up, which is a C# chord harmony she ends on. Whereas Floor, Floor - (they) Bb - (live) A - (with) A - (eyes) Eb : 6 semitones up, which creates a Cm chord harmony. (If Floor had sung it the same way as Tarja she's have been in a C in this key, not a Cm) So it's different keys, but also a different melody which creates different chords and major vs minor tonality. Which tend to be noticeable by people more than just the changing of keys. She might be doing it for stylistic reasons since minor feels more gloomy.
  4. I'm not sure if this is the correct pace for this. I have a question, let's say I want to buy vinyls of the old records that I don't own yet. (Or merch, or the next album. Or any band really and not just Nightwish.) Is it better to buy from the bands own shop, than to order through the Nuclear Blast / label website? Does it make any difference at all?
  5. Hi there, @AngelusaRequiem , welcome out of lurkmode It's a big step, but one once taken feels lighter and lighter and soon you'll be posting all about your concert experience, I hope! __ I think why Floor finds (or found) Amaranth more of a challenge is because of the vocal melody, which is very much up and down. Especially the chorus. Listen to for example Amaranth from StSt and you'll notice the parts where Floor changes the melody it's to a more straight vocal line. Which I think is a general difference between the three singers. Tarja's voice is heavy and powerful but not very agile while Anette's is the complete opposite. Floor is in between but closer to Tarja in comfort zones.
  6. I LOVED Druids during the show. Unfortunately the sound was a little bit warbled/too noisy during the heavy songs with a lot going on, but this one, and Valley of the queens were so clear and beautiful.
  7. Radio interview: http://rockbottom.libsyn.com/47-auri-vs-nightwish
  8. I love the album. It has such a great feeling to it. It flows really well from beginning to end. Great vocals, I'm really enjoying Johannas voice when she sings in English. I think my issue with her vocals when I'd just heard her sing in Finnish is that the language makes her sound too sweet. She has a lot more depth and personality in AURI. I like all of the songs. I would love to have some music written by Troy in the next NW. (And some music by the rest of them who write, because I think more musical influences are only a good thing.) If I would describe the music to someone, I'd say it sounds in the vein of Tori Amos' Night of Hunters, celtic, folk and atmospheric, pop/rock - something like that... I love the style of it.
  9. It's nice for the family that he has some time to be there now. Out of curiosity checked Sabaton's website, they are going to Australia in a few days, then Japan. Anyway, I don't need to know exactly how they solve things with the baby, but it's at least nice to know they help each other out as much as possible. They are kind of in a tricky situation, being parents, and in two different, big, touring bands. Though I think they have nice people around them who are willing to help.
  10. I like the points, they are nice when you agree with something but don't feel that writing it out would add to the conversation, for example. Or silently showing support for other more outspoken members taking the mickey out of drama queens I'd like them to stay, I hope they will?
  11. A little patience never killed nobody. Imagine how disappointed they would be if it leaked before the release date they had planned? Is that what you'd like to see? Or you just don't care maybe.
  12. Oh, goodness, I thought the character's name is Pencil... Now I realize you drew it with pencil. Facepalm at myself there Well, it's beautiful either way
  13. Your drawings are amazing!! Beautiful style. You can see a lot of character in Pencil
  14. Welcome back Calinn! I see what you mean. However, I don't think they've changed the keys as much for Floor's sake, as the instrumentalists. With the tuning and such.
  15. This is one of my favourites of their older songs. Cradle of Filth never did much for me. I don't really like the vocals either. Might have to give them another chance at some point though. I really like My Dying Bride though.