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  1. I'm loving the new DVD. I haven't listened that much to DB in the past, I did buy their Abrahadabra record, which I really really like, and I discovered them sometime before that record was released through the song Progenies of the great apocalypse, which is amazing. But I've been replaying especially the Oslo show so many times. It's such a good performance, beautifully captured. Many goosebump moments, and I feel like I've discovered, or rediscovered this band. They are pretty amazing. I've slowly been checking out the back catalog as well. Some good stuff there. I think they have defined their own style, and in this live recording they sound better than on records. I especially like the rhythms and musical drive, and the vocals, very nuanced and quite melodic. I hope there will be a new record soon!
  2. He has mentioned Aaron Stainthorpe of My Dying Bride as an influence for lyrics, and back in the day, 3rd and the Mortal and Theatre of Tragedy, but perhaps those more musically.
  3. I would like them to play nothing from the last 2 albums (with the exception of maybe Rest Calm), and not the songs they've played to death from the others as well, only old songs, lots from AFF and Oceanborn, and then perhaps some newer ones just as encore. Just please not songs they've already played a lot. Seriously no Storytime or Amaranth or Nemo . Or Wishmaster. Let them explore the deepest part of that chest, the stuff they hardly bring out anymore. Otherwise there's no point in making it a Decades Tour.
  4. @Magnuspiraterock.se Repriser med Power Hour, Avsnitt 15 @whitenoise Yeah, I seem to recall that they did or it might have been some other media.
  5. Yeah That little ditail... Emmpu as he seems at least, isn't much one for talking about his personal life. Then again, he doesn't talk a lot at all with media etc, about anything. He might not mind that people know anything about his family. Probably not, since Floor mentioned them. Then again, this isn't a Nightwish interview by Metal Hammer or similar, this is Floor talking to someone she knows in a small Swedisg radio show. Target audience is Swedish people in the Gothenburg area who listen to rock and metal. I do imagine she might not have been quite as open in a more official promo setting. But I don't know. By posting and translating this interview, I am increasing that aduence. Though, just to the people reading this forum. Then again, Finnish tabloid media have been known to scour this site for gossip. And someone might post details further etc. Then again, who am I to decide what Floor intends to share with whom etc, she did say it, and she said it in English. I don't think the Finnish media are that interested in Nightwish's personal lives, I might be wrong. Probably they already know everything they care to anyway. Just some thoughts that went through my mind before postig this interview. I decided to post it, as you are aware. I am not Floor Jansen or Nightwish's filter, I would have wanted to read this interview if I hadn't heard it, I have a general faith in my fellow forumer, and I imagined nobody would make a big deal. It probably isn't a big deal. I figure Floor thought so too. Possibly they have discussed what to share and not. And if I hadn't, someone else might have anyway. What she shared is hardly a big deal in my opinion. Edit: There's one or two more parts left of the interview.
  6. Part three Same goes. Did this at my lunch break. T: Soilwork F: Yes T: As we speak. It's an old song. This was the first album where my old keyboard player, he went over to soilwork F: Oh really T: Yeah. So this is the first one where they had this much keyboards on it. When Sven arrived F: That might be why I like it. I'm into melodies T: Yeah! It's an amazing band. I think Actually Björn is one of the best singers Sweden have. I really really like him. F: Me too. He's very diverse too. I only knew him from Soilwork until I came to live here I guess and heard more from the stuff he does. And I'm terrible with names. T: So am I F: But the orchestra? T: was gonna say ELO but it's not F: No T: We're gonna find out and then we're gonna play that later if we have it F: Yeah, it's not metal actually. But it's really T: It's super F: Night Flight T: Night Flight Orchestra F: That's what he does as well. With some other local heroes and super cool T: So how did that come about when you apperaed with them in, it was in Finland, right? On this DvD F: Yeah, they just asked me, which is cool cause I've been listening to soilwork from around this period where As we speak, and that album came out. So to be honest I don't know how they came to me but maybe because they played in Finland and I sing in Nightwish that they were like, hm, maybe T: Because it was during that time right? Already, when you were in Nightwish F: Yeah T: So, now wehn you're away from Nightwish, for this, this was a paus that you planned with the whole band of course. I mean still even that you became a mother but it was already planned because it's such a big band that you hve to plan these things.... so what are the other guys doing, are you in contact now during in between, or it it like total radio silence F: No, no fortunately not, we are in touch, it's very different, Tuomas, the keyboardplayer and songwriter he is doing a project with his wife, and with Troy our fluit guitar eerything player, he's out English bandmember, so they've been writing music but completely diffreent, I haven't heard it yet, and he's been taking it very easy, just living the life out there in the woods in Finland basically, very relaxed, big fan of nature and calmness, so that's , that was the focus for him, and to get to other things than Nightwish, which he's been doing for 20 years straight T Yeah right F: And Emppu, I think he mainly drove through europé with his wife and kid, seeing ... T: Have to be on tour F: Drinking beer here and there, yeah, T: Nice F: And he has Brother Firetribe, his band where they its more of a hobby band in that sense, but really cool music, they released, I think an album, and T : Firetribe F: Brother Firetribe. Kaitsu our drummer he has drum school in Wasa where he's from, and he resumed teaching a lot. Troy was open to be doing all kinds of stuff actually, I don't really remember cause it's so much, he's a multi instrunemtalist, he plays all kinds of stuff but he also writes all kinds of stuff he'll just sit down and write you a , something for a string quartet or something so he's very busy, but also very busy with just taking it easy and enjoying the countryside and baking bread T: Good stuff. That's what you should do when you're on vacation , but that's what 's also hard to do when you're a musicican F: yeah aI think that that difference in life is so big that yeah , to just come home and be home and have a routine there it doesnt relly work like that, its not so black and white, it takes alittle bit of time T: Takes a lot of tme F: I call it my wolf and dog life, where the wolf is the hunter and goes out to play and be out, and the dog is the one that 's at home and like the couch and routines and I need to feed both else one gets really really hungry and uncomfortale and starts to you know bite the other T: Absolutely. I get that. Jag förstår precis. Du har ju varit med på en Evegrey skiva också. På våran senaste skiva. För då frågade jag dig, kan inte du vara med på våran skiva, och då sa du Ja det kan jag va (I understand completely. You've been on an Evergrey record as well. On our most recent album. Because then I aksed you; won't you be on our record please, and then you said Yes I will!) F: Ja gärna! Jag älskar Evergrey, jag har lyssnat på Evergrey för många många år som du vet (Yes abolutely! I love Evergrey, have been listening to Evergrey since many years as you know) T Ja vi träffades, jag och Floor träffades första gången kanske det måste vara 10-15 år sedan, jag kommer inte ens håg, i Holland nånstans. OOch då spelade du med After Forever tror jag. (Yeah we met, me and Floor met for the first time, it must be 10-15 years ago, I don't even remember, in Holland somewhere. And you were playing with After Forever I think.) F: Ja precis (Just so) T: Så jajjamän, we go a long way back. Och det är det här som r så roligt med musik tyvker jag när man lyckas att kkombinera sina musikaliska liv med varandra. It's an honor and a privilege. Det är är - In Orbit, med mej och dej. Och Evergrey! (Yep så we go a long way back. And this is what's so great with music I think when you can combine ones musical lives with each other. It's an honor and a privilege. This is: In Orbit with me and you. And Evergrey! Floor: Hey! Evergrey - In Orbit
  7. Yeah, she mainly just has to look for some words/expressions, and gets sometimes endings wrong, like min/mitt =different forms of my for example. Or order of words. Tense. She's really good. And all this in just a few years really? She's nearly as good as I am in English - well, maybe not quite, but she's getting there. At least with her daily speaking level, discussing something she knows. Part 2 - please ignore the spelling again or ask if it's confusing. Don't have much time. am just typing super fast while listening through. T: Okej , från Panthera till en liten jingel, det var pantera – walk, det var också en av låtarna som tog mig in i hårdrocken egentligen asså, den lite hårdare stilen av hårdrock. (ok, from Pantera to a short jingle, that was Pantera – walk, it was also one of the songs that brought me into hardrock really, I mean the slightly harder style of hard rock) F: Ja I see. T: Men du, du har ju bott i, du är född i Holland, (but you, you've lived in, were born in Holland) F: Ja T: Du har bott i Finland (you've lived in finland) F För ett år (for a year) T:Och sen träffade du Hannes (and then you met annes) F: Ja T Och så flyttade ni till Sverige. (and you two moved to sweden) F Precis (just so) T Hur är det att vara så - jag tänkte säga fucked up, men jag menar asså spridd i hela världen och att man är (what it's like to be so... I was gonna say fucked up, but I mean, spread all over the world, and that you are...) F Ja det är väl inte som jag hade planerat, jag planerade inte så hemskt mycket. Jag började sjunga i Nightwish helt plötsligt, okej, ja nu sjunger jag i ett band som kommer från Finland. De pratar finskt och jag förstår ingenting. Så jag är nyfiken och jag ska lära mig att prata finska (yeah I guess it wasn't as I had planned, I didn't plan very much. I started singing in Nightwish all of a sudden, like, ok, now I'm singing in a band from Finland. They speak finnish and I don't uderstand anything. So I'm curious and I'll learn to speak finnish...) T: Just det (right) F: finska språket är inte så lätt att lära sig (the finnish language is not so easy to learn) T: Nä, det är ett av världens svåraste språk tror jag (no it's one of the most difficult to learn languages of the world I think) F: Ja det är det. Så jag började och ett halvår senare pratade jag ingeting, förstår ingenting, och ett år senare – också inte. Så mycket. Så jag tänkte mig jag måste flytta till Finand, om jag ville lära mig finska språket r det kanske bra om jag. Och jag var redo, färdig i nederländerna. Jag vet inte varför, men jag var uppe i finland några gånger och det var så väldigt vackert överallt och jag, det känndes bra . Så ja, nu ska jag börja ett nytt äventyr i mitt liv, så jag flyttar. Så jag planerade allt och hade en turne kvar i Amerika med min gamla band ReVamp, och det var med Sabaton och Iced Earth (yes it is. So i started and half a year later i still didn't speak anything, don't understand anything, and a year later – still not. That much. So I thought, I have to move to Finland if I wanted to learn finnish, perhaps It's good if I … and I was ready, done in the Netherlads. I don'tknow why, bt I was up in finland a few times and it was so very beautiful everywhere and I, it felt good. So yeah, now I'm starting a new adventure in my life, so I'm moving. So I planned everything and had a tour left in the USA with my old band Revamp, and t was with Sabaton and Iced Earth. ) T: alright, just det, så var det. Det hade jag glömt av. Men det stämmer, just det. (alrght, right, that's how it was. I'd forgotten. But that's correct, yeah) F: så träffade jag Hannes. Som kommer från sverige. Inte från finland. Perfekt. (then I met Hannes. Who's from sweden. Not from finland. Perfect) T: why make it simple FPrecis, Jag bodde ju i finland. Men pratade fortfarande inget finska. För, ja vi pratar engelska med varandra, pratade i alla fall, ja. Så det var lite så som det. Men efter några månader där ihop var det som ja men vi bodde i Joensuu och där är långt borta från allt, (exactly. I lived in finland. But still spoke no finnish. Because yes we speak english with each other, spoke at least. so yeah it was a bit like that. But after a few months there together it was like, yeah, we lived in Joensuu and It's far away from everything) T: Mitt ute i ingengstans. (in the middle of nowhere) F. Ja. Väldigt vacker, och vi båda gillade väldigt mycket att bo där, men det var dags att kanske välja nederländerna eller sverige. Och nä jag älskar att vara här, uppe i Norden, altså the northern parts of the world, so vi flyttade till... (yes, very beautiful, and we both really liked living there, but it was time to maybe chose the Netherlands of Sweden. And no I like being up here, up in the north, I mean the northern parts of the world, so we moved to...) T: Tycker du att sverige och holland är likt? (do you find sweden and Holland alike?) F: ja och nej. Språket ibland, (yes and no, the language sometimes) T: Ja språket ibland, absolut (yes the language sometimes absloutely) F: We all like rules a lot. We drive cars really differently. T:In what way. Fthe dutch drive a little bit more agressive. Really much more. But then again, we have 17 million peoplecramped up in an area smaller than Dalarna. so it.s like driving downtown gothenburg, but then people downtown gothenburg don't really drive like the dutch do still, so it'slike, man, I need to get ised to this driving style ,but it's – lugnt och fint och säkert . men lite långsamt kanske ( -||- but it's – calm and nice and safe. but a bit slow perhaps) T: that's the swedish way, you know everything in it's order F: yeah, but that is dutch too. Really really is. T: Orderly F: Orderly and we want to arrange everything in .. and we're very social and very elcoming to everybody from every where in the world, which I think is really really good. TYeah, absolutely , and the same here, people talk about lack of space, we have so much space in sweden It's ridiculous F: it's ridiculous, thereäs plenty yeah T: only if yo compare to holland you would would understand that, youk know. so yeah F: actually yes. When you drive from the north to the south in the netherlands it takes you about four hours, and then you're already in Belgium. T: that's really ridiculous yeah. F: so there's a differce as well T: that's a difference... So what do you miss the most, I giess I know the answer, but what do you miss the most with being away from music right now? F: combination of the people I work with , it's such a nice family that I have to miss now T: Of course F: and the chemistry that you have when you're aout on the road. And the shows itself. I love singing live and being out on stage and … the traveling maybe not persea so much, but I... T: Me and Hannes talked about that las week as well, and we reminded ourselves that ey, now we're sitting here and complaining, but yes the travel is a bitch really sometimes F: actually sometimes it really really really is so... it's a massive energy vampire, bot to be underestimated or you kow, made look nicer than it actually is, it's but then again, everything every job comes with it's downsides T: absolutely F: but I must say that despite the full timeness of me doing this and … I will never see it as a job job. It's a fantastic lyxury to be able to do , so that I miss. Or small things, like after the show when we do tour in a bus, when the work is done and the showers taken, and in my care atll the makeup is off, and comfy wear is back on, to drink a glass of wine, and just talk, usually bullshit actually, but just talk for a bit and drink a glass of wine, those are THE moents I'm looking forward to have again. t: And listen to music we do a lot in Evergrey for instance, do you do that on the bus or is it just silence F: it's not that much music I must admit. We talk about it, but... Iknow in the Sabaton bus it also happens, and super nice to just go through a whole playlist and hours just fly by you find yourself five oclock in the morning listening to... T: in a totally different city F: yeah, that too T: and on that note, nu ska vi lyssna på Soilwork som du har, oackså varit med på deras live skiva va (and on that note, now we'll listen to Soilwork which you have also been a part of their live record right) F: ja har jag gjort. It was an honor, I love Soilwork, so (yes I have done, it was an honor, I love Soilwork so) T: Awesome band. Soilwork and As we speak Soilwork – As we speak
  8. I will, hold your horses. I'll translate the bits as well if y'all want Edit, Ok, this is the first part. Please excuse any weird spelling, I didn't have alot of time to do this. I'll do the rest after work tomorrow. I don't know how to make spoilers any more, oh well, here it is. Tom Englund and Hannes van Dahl are hosts of this show. They discuss various things in the beginning, and an encounter with Lemmy. Tom: Du, idag har vi celebert besök i studion (Today we have distinguished visitor here in the studio) Hannes: Mm, verkligen (Yes indeed) T: Mer snygg än dej (More attractive than you) H: ah absolut (yeah absolutely) T: Det är ju i förvisso inte skitsvårt (which, not so hard to be though) H: Nej (no) T: Om hon är snyggare än mej, det vet jag inte riktigt, men (wether she's hotter than me, I'm not quite sure, but) H: Min snyggare 70% (my better 70%) T: Mm H: Mm T: Det är 70/50 (It is 70/50) H: 60/40 T: "60/40" men det är ju ändå jämn siffra Matti Nikkanen eller, 60 /50 (60/40 but that's still an even number Matti Nikkanen, 60/50 H: sixty fifty T: Vad sa han egentligen, Matti Nikkanen, finsk backhoppare som då la ihop 1 och 1 och fick ihop det till.. (what did he say, really, Matti Nikkanen, Finnish ski jumper who then added one plus one and made it...) H: So Matty, what are your chances of winning the olympics? -Well I would say 50/60 Om ni inte vet vem Matti Nikkanen är så är det då världens mest medaljerade backhoppare genom tiderna, en finsk- (If you don't know who Matti Nikkanen is, that is the world's most medaled ski jumper through the ages, a Finnish-) T: Vi har snackat om det här, det vet du va? (We have talked baout this, you are aware, right?) H: Ah, men de (Yeah, but it) T: Jag tror att du har demens (I believe you have dementia) H: Ah det tror jag också. Men här kommer det igen (Yes I believe so also. Though here it comes again) T: Det är schysst. Vi skiter i dig ock kör clutch smack (Sweet, we ignore you and play a song) T: Oh, mäktig jävla början (oh powerful fucking start) H den är grym (it's great) T: Jag trodde att det skulle smälla till (I thight it would go bang) H: Men det smäller sen (but it does, later) T: Närdå (when) H: Tålamod (patience) T: Men det har ju hållt på hur länge som helst (but it's been going on forever) H: Nu kommer det Thomas (now it comes, Thomas) T: Men det är som att han testar gitarren (but it's like he's testing his guitar) H: ett två te fyr fem (one two three four... five) T: Tyst! (Shh!) Clutch – Electric Worry T: Det där är Peter Ivers favoritband Nej! Anders Ivers – herregud hur kunde man ta så fel. Dom är ju trots allt bröder. Bröthers. På franska heter den här låten electrique veri (that is Peter Iver's favourite band. No! Anders Iver's - lord, how could I be so wrong. They are after all brothers. In french, the name of this song is electrique verí H: Mhm och på tyska heter den (hm. And in German it's-) T: ze electriks verry T: nu får du gå ut härifrån för nu ska jag prata med din fru. (now you have to get out because now I will speak with your wife) H: Okej. Då går jag nu (okay then I'm leaving now) T: Floor! H: för er som, nu blir det lite, kanske lite blandat språk här men, ja håll till godo (Now there might be a bit of mixed languages here, but yeah, enjoy) T: Varrå, vad menar du med det? (well what do you mean by that) H :Jag tror att du, ni får hålla det här på engelska (I think you'll be doing this in English) T: ah det är klart (oh of course) H: Är väl helt klart (Naturally isn't it) T: Men hon är ju bra på svenska (but she's good at Swedish) H: Jättebra (Very good) T: ska testa och pusha henne (I'll test, push her a bit) H: Testa lite (a bit) T: I am he she it is you are they are we are you are H: fast på svenska (but in Swedish) T: jaha jävlar det är på engelska det (Ah fuck that is English that is) H: Han hon att det (he she that it) T: Men ska vi spela en låt medans hon kommer in eller? Ah det gör vi (but shall we play a song while she enters? Let's) H: det gör vi (let's) T: Du det här är Nightwish och från senaste plattan som heter, Hannes? Det ska du kunna, fan om du inte kan det här (you, this is Nightwish and from the latest recaord named – Hannes? You should know this, damn, if you do not know this...) H: endless forms most beautiful T: oh gud vad nära det var att du plumpa! Och låten heter - (oh god how close it was that you failed! And the name of the song is - ) H: Elan. Varsågoda. (Elan. Enjoy) Nightwish - Elan T: Nu jävlar har vi fint besök i studion. Bredvid mig sitter Hannes fru, och den eminenta sångerskan Floor Jansen från Nightwish. Läget? (Now we have a really damn fine visit in the studio. Beside me sits Hanne's wife, the eminent singer Floor Jansen of Nightwish. How do you do? Floor: Aa, läget, tack (How do you do, thank you) T: Floor, du bor ju i sverige nu (Floor, you live in Sweden now) F: Ja (yes) T: Med din familj (with your family) F: Ja det gör jag (yes I do) T: Och pratar svenska (and speak Swedish) F: Lite (a little) T: Mycket tycker jag. (A lot, I think) F: Ja, tack så mycket , jag låter som jag kommer från Danmark ibland (Thank you very much, I sound as if I'm from Denmark at times) T: Du låter som du kommer från Holland ibland också (you sound like you're from Holland at times too) F: Ja (Yes) T: Men du är väldigt bra på svenska tycker jag (but you're very good at Swedish in my opinion) F: Tack så mycket. (thank you) T: Hur mår du? (How are you feeling?) F: Ja bra tack, jag är mammaledig (good thank you, I'm on maternity leave) T: Mammaledig, ja (maternity leave) F: Ja T: Hur är det att vara mamma, först och främst? (Firstly, how is it being a mother?) F: Fantastiskt, det är bäst i livet. Ja, Nightwish och Freja! (Fantastic, it's the best thing in life. Yeah, Nightwish and Freja!) T: Då har du två bra saker i livet (then you have two good things in life) F: och min familj måste jag säga (and my family I have to say) T: Och Hannes (and Hannes) F : ja han med, ja lite, han är nummer tre, nej (yes him too, yes a bit, he's number three... no!) T: "Nummer 33 på listan – Hannes" ("Number 33 on the list: Hannes") F Min älskling (My darling) T: Ja. T: Men nu har du varit ledig väldigt länge (but you have been having time off for a very long time now) F: Ja det har jag, vi hade vår sista show förra året i Oktober, det är länge sen. Så det känndes som hm, det är skönt att va hemma, men nu är det kanske dag för att åka och göra någonting, lite mer än byta blöja och prata i nederlands-svenskt baby- (yes I have, we had our last show last year in October, that's long ago. So it felt like, it feels good to be home, but now maybe it's time to go and do something, a bit more than changing diapers and talk dutch-swedish baby-) T: Baby talk, yeah? Ja precis. Och när som helt under denna intervjun, we might switch to english. Because that's how we talk when we talk among each other. (Baby talk, yeah? Yes, exactly. And whenever during htis interview, we might switch to English. - ||-) F: Yeah, precis. (exactly) T: Så det går från svenska till engelska och då får ni hänga med bara. Aja, men du längtar efter att åka på turne igen antar jag. (so we'll swtich from Swedish to English and you'll just have to follow. But you long to go on tour again I presume) F: Ja. Det är lite.. Det är väldigt skönt att vara hemma, och jag tror det är väldigt lyx att ha så mycket tid. I nederländerna har vi det ju inte. (Yes, it's nice to be home, it's a luxyry, I believe, to have so much time. In the Netherlands we don't have that.) T: Nä just det (no that's right) F: det är bara tre månader för en nederlands mamma, så det är lyx här i sverige, och lyx för mig med hur det är med Nightwish, med ett helt år ledigt. Men, ja, det känns som, jag älskar min musik, jag älskar att sjunga och gå på turne, så det är lite... det är bara dags för att ha det lite båda (it's just three months for a dutch mother, so it's a luxury here in Sewden, and a luxury for me with how it is with Nightwish, with a whole year off. But yeah, it feels like, I love my music, I love singing and being on tour, so it's a bit... it's time now to do both.) T: Ja, jag tror också det. Men det är klart att det är två passioner som man – nu har du en ny passion i livet med barnet, med Freja, och den andra karriären får stå lite åt sidan en liten stund. Men vad har ni på gång med Nightwish, vad tänker ni göra, ni ska på turne nästa år va? (yes I think so too. But of course it is two passions that you – now you have a new passion in life with the child, with Freja, and th other career has to stand aside for a while. But what have you got going on with Nightwish? What are you going to do, you are going on tour next year, right?) F:Nästa år, ja, så det blir vi har planerat en väldsturne som heter Decades Tour, som vi ska spela många låtar från första skivan. Vi ska spela musik ifrån alla skivor vi har. Så it's entire Nightwish history. (next year, yeah, so we have planned a world tour called Decades Tour, and we'll be playing many songs from the first record. We'll be playing from all our records. So it's entire -||-) T: And how many albums have you been participating on F: Bara en. (just one) T: Just one. Bara en så länge. (just one. This far) F: Ja T: Hur blir det för dig. Att göra de gamla låtarna då? (what will it be like for you, doing the old songs then?) F: Det är spännande, för det är också mycket som första, the first singer did, so the real old stuff. It's the entire history, so everything from the Tarja "days" as people would say, and the Anette days. So the whole history. And that's - det är spännande - I'll switch back! (it's exciting, it's a lot that the first singer did, -||-) T: Its fine! F: And it's – Yay! (one "dong! (ringing noice)" Not sure what that's about, I'm thinking it might be something like a timer, that she was gonna try to speak swedish för the first say 10 minutes or so - Eilenna) R: I want to – I want to make it sound like Nightwish, but like Nightwish sounds with me. T: Of course. F: So to make my own interperattion of the songs once again will be a a great challenge, but I'm really really loking forward to get y hand on the –really- old stuff and T: Are there songs that you haven't sang before? F: Oh yeah, absolut. (absolutely) T: wow. So you've got a lot of work ahead. F: ah yeah! Jag började med att plugga hemma. (I have started studying at home) T: Det är bra! Så när åker ni på turne då? (that's good, so when do yo go on thour then) F: Vi börjar i mars nästa år, så vi ska repa lite i Januari, Februari, och.. (we start March next year, so we'll rehearse a bit in Jan, feb, and...) T: Lite bara (Just a little) F: Ja! Några veckor här och där. Ah, så vi börjar nästa år och sen börjar vi i USA (Yes, a few weeks here and there. So we stard next year and then we begin in USA) T: Okej F: I sex veckor, lång turne i North Amerika, och sen kommer vi tillbaks här i Europa för festivaler, och sen ska vi se, v har många schower som är panerade som vi har inte,… that we haven't anounced yet. So. (For six weeks, long tour in North America, and then we'll be back here in Europé to play fetsivals, and then we'll see, we have many shows that are planned that we haven't announced yet.) T: Ah det förstår jag. ( I understand) F: there's a lot coming. T: cool. Men nu har du valt en låt! (Awesome. But now you've picked a song!) F:Ja det har jag! Jag tycker, kanske det är kul att lyssna på musik, så jag började med att lyssna på när jag – when I finally discovered metal, I wasn't really into any female vocal stuff, cos to be honest there wanst much, back in the days (Yes I have! It would be nive to play something from when I started listening to metal, -||- T: back in the days. We're young as you can hear! F: but Pantera, was one of the bands that really got me into metal, so I thought that maybe , yeah, go back into, into those days and listen to Pantera with "Walk" Pantera - Walk
  9. Floor was on a radio station recently, and her Swedish is astonishingly good. She's nearly fluent, has to think about some words and such but really really good. She has an accent, but is easy to understand. Well done Floor!
  10. You can't really consider people who started listening to Nightwish with Once or Centry Child "newish" fans anymore though. Over ten, fifteen, years ago... Maybe you could say people who started listening to the band after they became more symphonic. But that's a majority of their carreer. Naturally you can say and consider what ever you like, but you know what I mean.
  11. He didn't come across as very anxious to me (though of course he could have been even though it wasn't visible). Just very natural, as if he is just not fake at all, something which I really like about him. The audience were very clear that they love him Many people shouted ILY Arjen heh. He was very charismatic, very natural. Very much the way he has seemed to be through interviews and social media. Self-deprecating. I'll write a bit about the experience, I just haven't had the time yet. I didn't film much, I wanted to see it with my own eyes and not be distracted. I filmed maybe 30 sec of the Eye of Ra. I can post that later.
  12. I'm at the Dudok restaurant just beside 013 having some food, people are starting to gather in this area now, I have seen quite a few Ayreon shirts. A few people queuing already. It feels very special. Looking forward so much for tonight. Just a few hours now.
  13. I'm going on the 16th I thought I purchased two tickest, one 15th, one 16th. But it was really stressful during that short window! So I have an extra ticket for the 16th, if anyone's interested? PM me. Edit: Sold.
  14. Interesting, thank you for sharing.
  15. Yep.