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    Too many styles to decide from.
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    I actually don't know. I stay away from sodas.
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    Alkmaar, The Hague, Amsterdam; The Netherlands (my father and grandmother are Dutch)
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    Various wines. I'm getting into mead.
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    I quit in 2005. The best way to quit is to disassociate yourself from your fellow smokers until the craving subsides.
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    True beauty is asymmetrical.
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    After Forever CD Discography
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    YTMND of all places, the Epic Maneuver meme features the reprisal melody of Ghost Love Score and a different meme featured Wishmaster.
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    Endless Tour Most Beautiful @ Marathon Music Works - 2015
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    When Floor miraculously appeared and saved the iRum tour.
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    Emppu's Guitar Pick!!
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    Ghost River (Floor)
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    Gethsemane (Best Melody and Transitions) / [Favorite Ballad] Once Upon A Troubadour
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    (album) Oceanborn, (single) The Siren
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    Storytime @ Wacken 2013
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    From Wishes To Eternity
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    Weak Fantasy

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    While Your Lips Are Still Red
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    Matthias Landes (ReVamp), Jukka, or Neil Peart.
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    Floor Jansen (Tarja Turunen and Mai Yamane closely behind)
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    Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin)
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    Geezer Butler (Black Sabbath)
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    A toss up between Tuomas, Joost Van Den Broek, and (the late) Richard Wright (Pink Floyd)
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    Beneath (After Forever)
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    ReVamp 2014 @ The Masquerade, Atlanta Georgia
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    Remagine (After Forever) & Sky Blue (Devin Townsend)
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    Yoko Kanno, Nobuo Uematsu, Koji Kondo, and John Williams
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    Devin 'Hevy Devy' Townsend! (this is aside from the trinity of Nightwish, ReVamp, & After Forever of course)
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    Anything that charts in the US for the most part. Country, Rap, and Pop. It is like free expression has been shackled by businesses that desire to melt the minds of children.


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    (actor) Benedict Cumberbatch / (actress) Cate Blanchett
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    Lord of the Rings / The Hobbit, Star Wars (Original Trilogy), The Last Samurai, too many to list.
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    Doctor Who, Top Gear, Sherlock
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    The Last Samurai - (That repeating melody Red Warror / A Small Measure of Peace gives me shivers, not going to lie)
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    Cowboy Bebop, Fairy Tail, Soul Eater

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  1. Spirit of Whiterun

    The Floor thread

    I'm a little late to the party, but I am glad we get the honor of possibly being allowed in her own created group. I'm sure it is something simiilar to the ability to drop a relevant/thoughtful line toward Devin Townsend on Twitter every now and then. Hes a fantastic follow, even got cool feedback from him a couple times. Just the other day he was talking about how he loves the Battle Angel Alita manga. Its common sense, though, not to overrun Floor like rabid fans. We are lucky for her to even want to do something like this, in this age of trolls even. I remember being able to have a chill conversation with her for a moment after a ReVamp set when she joined the crowd to watch the following acts. That sort of thing went out the window a couple months later after she kept getting mobbed when her being front woman of Nightwish really set in.
  2. Spirit of Whiterun

    The Floor thread

    I'm pretty sure Floor has her eyebrows that way for makeup purposes, if I were to hazard a guess, unless I missed something.
  3. Spirit of Whiterun

    The Floor thread

    Yes, I chose that path on my own after spending a long time studying the world as an anti-theist. It was the best decision I had ever made aside from raising a family of my own. @Figment-of-me I often try to throw in After Forever and ReVamp links in reaction video channels on YouTube to get more exposure for her greater body of work. There is a real sense of happiness seeing fresh ears enjoy her music.
  4. Spirit of Whiterun

    The Floor thread

    The bottom line is that Floor is a special kind of human being, who figured out her core talent early on in life. She did not rely on her situation or surroundings to find out who she was. She went on an adventure with no certainty of the future, pushing her limits consistently. All the important personal connections and success came out of her optimistic drive to press on despite the uncertainty and bleak failures. Because of this, she pulls from her locked potential in real time and also is aware that she is still a student in many regards. This is how incredible, impossible to replicate people are forged, through self awareness, drive, and humility. Floor is a important person to me because she shows those virtues quite clearly. That presence and her lyrics in After Forever and ReVamp pulled me out of some seriously dark times. I attribute my current positive state in life mostly from following Christian principle, but a large portion is because of experiencing the inspiring resolve of individuals like Floor. You know a person is profound when they are woven in who you are today. I have nothing but respect.
  5. Spirit of Whiterun

    The Floor thread

    I can agree with those conclusions. I do admit that having interacted so much with so many people (outside of here) that want everything gone down to even places of worship, a lot of similar language can get conflated. I still think the word 'institutionalized' (maybe even 'weaponized') should be used more often, because just 'religion' is such a catch all. With that context out of the way, yes, it does help to illuminate the current regimes using religion to keep women and other aspects of individual liberty.
  6. Spirit of Whiterun

    The Floor thread

    Okay, here is more tempered and refined version of my thoughts on the matter. I am not offended, I just think it would have been more valuable if Floor had balanced that statement. I too believe institutional religion or 'being religious' as a mindset is what causes oppressive suffering. What bothers me is a lack of what you had just noted. There is a difference between personal faith and institutionalized religion. It would be so much better to call out religion and also say that personal faith, however, is not the issue. Without that nuance, it is damaging, especially if enough people do not do this. It seems at times that many anti-theists and secular individuals don't care enough to make that distinction, since it is all made up nonsense anyway. That is eventually how public opinion is generated and laws are made when something becomes a minority in culture. I see you also skipped my last paragraph because I was also touching on points you had brought up, just not as eloquently worded. I mentioned Holy Rome as a Christian example, the difference between oppressive religion/faith, and mentioned that she perhaps it did not come to her at the time to add the nuance of faith/religion . It comes off as though you are trying to educate me on ground I already covered. I don't think that was your intention, I apologize if that in not the case, I just want to let you know how that reads. Again, I want to make it clear that it is great for Floor to mention the effects of religion, I just think she missed an opportunity.
  7. Spirit of Whiterun

    The Floor thread

    I'm glad she is doing real tangible things for women in need, not just as an armchair loudspeaker like most do. I am also glad she does not tilt the inequality issue as a overwhelming crisis, but something that is gradually getting better. It is a tricky subject, it is so important to catch individuals who are purposely pushing down women within companies. It is also important to see that women typically do not like taking positions that are acutely physically stressful or competitive. Powerful and badass women do exist that have the drive to be a CEO, fighter pilot, mma champion, pioneering female heavy metal touring singer; it takes a kind of human to do those things. It is also true that not all men can do what is expected of men in the first place. What is important is making sure innocent people who just wanting to live their lives don't get caught in the crossfire of badly weighted top-down action. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/03/04/technology/google-gender-pay-gap.html She didn't need to shy away from the subject and at the same time could have noted that extremist interpretations of religious text is the major problem. She didn't have to throw it all out with the bathwater. If she had thought of her Latin American and Eastern Europeons fans right before she said that, it makes her better somehow? I really don't understand how being critical of religion is perceived as opinionated, rocking the boat, or edgy. This is particularly true in this day and age, when anti-theistic thought and secular living is wildly popular and moving fast, it is simply redundant. Extreme Islam and other violent and oppressive uses of faith are an enduring threat and must be called out for what they are, I hope we all can agree on that. Religion, when it used as a tool for brainwashing or a cookie-cutter replacement for personal accountability, has caused incredible injustice towards women. Individuals who have come to faith by choice (at least in Judeo-Christianity) is a different story, as often it enriches their families and communities. I wish she would be more precise on the whole 'religion is bad' thing. Sure, extreme factions of Islam and the horrors of Holy Rome are real things, but don't generalize in such a way that suggests religion as a whole is a curse on humankind. I don't mean to drag this sort of discussion into this, but it irks me hear someone I genuinely admire throw an entire subject into a fire. Perhaps she forgot to add that nuance to the conversation, I would understand if that is the case. The point I want to make is that showing thoughtful fairness on one subject and smashing another in the same breath is not cool, it alienates and corrodes. I wish more people would see that.
  8. Spirit of Whiterun

    The Floor thread

    Have a fantastic birthday, Floor! Thank you so much for your hard work and passion towards your fans and music. You are among the most meaningful and inspiring figures in my life.
  9. Spirit of Whiterun

    After Forever

    I was just revisiting that track today in my collection today. Damian sounded great with Floor.
  10. Spirit of Whiterun

    After Forever

    Thats also a thing, he co-founded the band and Floor joined later. Does that still count in legal matters? Of course everything here is just fanfiction theories in a way.
  11. Spirit of Whiterun

    After Forever

    With the right ingredients, I agree there may have been an alternate future where After Forever could still be making albums.
  12. Spirit of Whiterun

    After Forever

    She certainly fought with all she could to keep the band together. Though, with no one left to write music it would have been hard keep the sound. I would love to know how willing the other members were to stick it out with Floor, surely there would have been conversations. The explanation as I know it was that the lads collectively did not want carry on after Sander left and the suffering they took from the record label problems. I wonder if Floor had the option to keep the After Forever name, but I think if she did, she would have let it die without her remaining bandmates to back her up.
  13. Spirit of Whiterun

    After Forever

    @Damian Its really cool we have a nerdy club of die-hard AF fans here. Its so crazy to be a fan of a band that so few people know about, but was legendary for it's time. Half the reason I pop in is to see whats new in this thread. That aside, does anyone have a copy of Dreamflight at ProgPower lying around? It got restricted in the US on Youtube by Warner Music Group, but not the rest of the ProgPower clips, which is really strange.
  14. Spirit of Whiterun

    After Forever

    @BakiYes, Beneath is lyrically my favorite song in the discog. The attacking questions hit hard, much like she did later with ReVamp on Sins. Putting the listener in a position to take on the subject by force, to really think. I love it, more of this. May Floor never stop writing songs. @Damian Perhaps I had missed it somehow, I don't check up here as much as I used to. Did such a high quality recording feel bittersweet when you first saw it? It certainly hit me that way. The idea that it is new to you the viewer, but this is time long gone by. At the very least, epic-quality tv stream material like this pops up and makes up for the lack of DVD concerts.
  15. Spirit of Whiterun

    After Forever

    Excellent find guys. Its awesome seeing different people perform such familiar songs. I found such a gem on youtube today!! A three song tv clip! I don't know if anyone have seen this, but there has never been a better live version of Beneath aside from this one. Man, this kind of find is like digging up ancient treasure. Incredible.