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  1. Lady Godiva

    Anette Olzon

    I'm listening to the album right now and I think it has some good songs, and potential singles like Falling and Shine, but when I realized the choruses of these songs are almost the exactly tempo and verses I felt a bit disappointed. This album could have been better but there's no doubt that it's very "radiofriendly", commercial, what ever you want to call it, and I think it's because it has a very good production that fits perfectly with her voice. What a pity that it's SO simple but I guess it's because she didn't want to take any risk. I really hope this album would be succesful to make her write a second album and to search for a producer to make it HEAVIER.
  2. Lady Godiva

    The Tuomas thread

    ^^I think that he keeps his humble spirit, even though sometimes i don't believe him at all.