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    Modern r'n'b and rap. In any language.

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  1. Slayed Dreamer

    Decades World Tour 2018

    Same thing from the other side of the venue/closer to stage That must have been quite something!
  2. Slayed Dreamer

    Decades World Tour 2018

    Good music does not require any pyros
  3. Slayed Dreamer

    Slayed Dreamer's art, drawings and portraits - work and fun.

    Thank you so much :)
  4. Slayed Dreamer

    Slayed Dreamer's art, drawings and portraits - work and fun.

    Yea, all drawings should be online, too. I have two different lines of work: portraits made with traditional way and then these digital fantasy/whatever stuff some of which you probably see here already :)
  5. Slayed Dreamer


    I find it very good and interesting in its own genre. Influences from the two bands/artists mentioned above, yes, but not IMHO bad thing. And her singing is suberb, as always. Only one thing that bothers me a bit is the mixing. Especially the guitar – High-mid range is way too prominant. Almost irritating to (MY) ears. Bit deeper sound would have been perfect. Overall, good first release. Waiting to hear more.
  6. Slayed Dreamer

    The Marco thread

    Thank you for the compliment. I tried my best with the design :D
  7. Slayed Dreamer

    Decades World Tour 2018

    ... and Dead Boy's Poem. I really, REALLY love her rendition of that song. Gets me every time...
  8. Slayed Dreamer

    Slayed Dreamer's Covers

  9. Slayed Dreamer

    Slayed Dreamer's Covers

    Little snippet... thought I'd give it a try
  10. Slayed Dreamer

    Decades World Tour 2018

    Jukka is Chairman of the board and CEO in both NW companies (Scene Nation Oy and Oily Empire Oy). Plus he runs EMP Finland, too. Yea, for 35 years already (not surprise as I atleast pretend to be a some sort of a drummer). I haven't heard this inner ear and insomnia relation, either. And i work closely to field related to health. I have even lay out book about sleeping. Have to ask couple experts is this possible. Insomonia is counted usually as psychosomatic disorder. Main reasons being mental stress and/or anxiety. Only physical reason I come to think of is VERY LOUD tinnitus. But then it has to be insanely loud. I know one finnish drummer, Kauko Saari, that with his own words "have symphonic orchestra in my head as loud as 75dB" and he can still sleep somehow. I also know a bunch of other musicians /friends suffering from tinnitus. I have tinnitus, too. But luckily very mild one: one very high note and 40dB in my right ear. I was stupid like 7 years ago and played one gig without ear protection. After that, I got myself in-ear-monitors. I basically hear it when there is no other noise around me. No effect on my sleep.
  11. Slayed Dreamer

    Endless Forms Most Beautiful (2015) - Pt. III

    It's all about Dynamic Range (DR). In this album they gave up the loudness war and let the things "breathe" more. Like the albums use to be mixed in 70's and 80's. With better sound quality, ofc. In other words, the music is not compressed so badly in this album. Dark passion play and Imaginaerum were way more compressed. Way more. Lots of compression -> music sound "better" with smaller speakers/mobile devices, as all the sounds hit you more in the face. Listen with AAC/Uncompressed quality, through decent audio device and professional level speakers/PA/headphones, you might be more surprised TGSOE for example paints so large sound image in your head that is insane; after dozens of listens of that song I still can spot new things happening around you.
  12. Slayed Dreamer

    Decades World Tour 2018

    Wathched the performance second time, afterwards. Sounded SOOOOO much better thatn actual live (have to remember live over internet always has some broadband restrictions and data is most likely compressed anyway). Somebody has complained (atleast on facebook) that Floor would have been "off" in this performance. We can surely arque about what is "off" but personally I noticed like three small clithces. According to Kimmo Ahola (FOH) the sound was authentic mix. There was no broadcasting company or whatever in between to mess things up. From the third song forward it was such a pleasure to listen with good headphones. The "voice problems" most probably accured because Wacken had new set of PA's. Kimmo told in instagram that the new gear was so sensitive that "it was pure murder to mix": 1dB change "hit you right in the face". So he had to mix VERY carefully and tiny step with sloooow moves You can here it in the recording, especially drum mics/overhead volume changes are clearly heard in the beginning of the set. And with Floor and Marco's mic volyme levels too here and there. Maybe that is why they sounded "bit off". EDIT. And the guy behind Kai's drum kit is Ulsch, drum tech.
  13. Slayed Dreamer

    Nightwish – Decades World Tour 2018 Tuolta löytyy virallinen striimi. Katoin tuon kans uudelleen jälkikäteen. Äänenlaatu olis sata kertaa parempi kuin mitä varsinaisessa live streamissa, niissä kun tupataan pakkaamaan dataa välillä rajustikin. Eikä tää pätki. Jotkut valitti, että Floor olisi ollut pikkaisen "off" tällä keikalla. Hah. Itse bongasin kolme pientä fibaa koko keikan aikana. Suurin osa "ääniongelmista" johtui luultavasti siitä, että Wacken oli hommannut uuden PA-kattauksen. Aholan Kimmo postasi instaan, että tuli vähän yllätyksenä ja olivat niin herkät pelit, että oli miksaaminen tosi haasteellista: 1dB muutos gain- tai strip volume-asetuksiin "löi päin naama", joten piti aika varpaillaan ilmeisesti miksata, tosi pienillä muutoksilla ja r a u h a s s a. Siksi siellä on muutamiä hetkiä, missä Floorin ja myös Marcon voxut jää välillä "alle" tai kuulostaa "heikolta". Silti kolmannesta biisistä lähtien alkaa yleisesti miksaus olemaan aika kohdillaan ja hyvillä kuulokkeilla keikkan oli tosi nautollista kuunnella. Ääniraita on siis autenttinen miksaus, eikä siinä ole mitään tv- tai muuta viestintäyksikköä välissä sotkemassa. EDIT. Ah, olikin jo linkki aiemmin. NO, kertaus on opintojen serkku, isoisä ja Australiassa asuva höperö täti
  14. Slayed Dreamer

    Nightwish – Decades World Tour 2018

    Ja aina niissä kohdissa, kun Floor rupeaa innostamaan yleisöä
  15. Slayed Dreamer

    Nightwish – Decades World Tour 2018

    Wackenin lähetys pätkii hitokseen