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  1. I'm sorry, but her comments about communication sound like a jab at Nightwish guys to me. She herself said that when she was in NW, she tried to have regular, weekly meetings with the guys to discuss issues, resolve problems etc, which is what Swedes do a lot, according to her words (not a lie, this is also a very common work environment practice in Denmark as well), but the guys were not up for it. On the one hand, I commend her for trying to set up a good communication, and I sympathize with her frustration that the guys did not want to do that. On the other hand, it is not a coincidence she talks about music business vs normal life/work and the lack of communication.
  2. Of course lots of people in the music business do not know how to behave in the normal life and how to do a job. You know, like leaving a job in the middle of a show, or bashing the ever loving santa out of the ex-coworkers, or priding yourself of how much worse the things are for them now compared to when you worked with them. Ya know, pro stuff.
  3. The song is not bad but it needs some listens. At first I thought it was really boring and lackluster, but then I kept listening it while reading or knitting or writing, and i noticed that it helped me relax, and I guess this is one basic aspect of new age music. I feel this is the type of album that is a very easy listen. Not everything has to be bombastic and spectacular.
  4. I meant touring experience, at least on the level of NW. Or with anything remotely similar on the level of NW; schedules, rehearsals, checks, traveling, dealing with publicity.
  5. Because god forbid a woman gets a job without having an intimate relationship with a man Nah, I'll give it to the guys, they took a chance with Anette, an unknown amateur singer with a kid, who had no experience. And was vastly different in any way from the previous, iconic singer. And I believe it did pay off in a way. The next albums where quite successful, lots of fans embraced Anette and still follow her to this day, and we got a different NW. I might not like Anette but I got to give it to her and the guys.
  6. I might become a bit controversial and cynic now but I just want to say that I believe that bands don't owe us anything. The only thing a band owes its fans is putting up a good show with effort, when you buy a ticket to a concert. Aaaaand that is it. If Tuomas decides that this is it for NW, then this is it. There are other bands out there. If they turn into folk, well good news for people who like folk, the rest can, you guessed it, listen to other bands. For that matter, you can still listen to the old albums, nobody takes them away from you the moment NW becomes something you do not like. I know that each person is invested in this band on a different level, and it would had honestly destroyed me when I was 15 to hear that they will no longer make music, but nobody owes us anything. For now, I am happy to hear a song called Night 13 because it happens that Tuomas again wrote a song I like. I honestly do not care if it comes with the calligraphic label of Nightwish or the weird font of Auri.
  7. @hunebedbouwer So hi! Yeah, do you know these topics that people couldn't care less about? For some it's history, for others it is math, or politics. For me it is art. I don't understand art, I am extremely bored by art exhibitions, I pretty much admire creators (painters, sculptors, designers, you name it) because they are creative people, which is more than I can say about me, who is a boring academic who loves to read about international law and history all day. There is one type of art I am very fond of, which is retro-futurism. And whatever this is, I have been trying to find what type it is for ages and I would be grateful if someone could tell me what the hell this is:
  8. ....aaaaaaanyway, before someone felt like giving me a lecture on art and simplicity ( I meant that quite often we see complaints about music videos being too simple or basic, and when bands actually put some effort, it might come out as too over-the-top and too much. I just feel that this video expresses nicely the atmosphere of the song, and it takes the attention away from the members themselves but it directs it towards the music. Definitely not a perfect video but surely better than a lot of videos from similar backgrounds.
  9. I am looking at the songs right now. Most of them are small interludes, and some are 5+ minutes long. But if they had combined the small interludes with actual songs, the list would not be 46 titles.
  10. Ok so I am still trying to go through the new album, it is gonna take a while, but I have some preliminary comments: of course it freaking is 46 songs when most of the songs are like 2.5 mins long aaaaand I have only liked one song so far. This does not look well.
  11. I adore Orphaned Land! If one is feeling down, listen to Sapari. I mean it. There is no way it won't lift up the spirits. I am also very fond of their latest song, Like Orpheus.
  12. Oh how much I love Piotr! Not just the voice, he seems to be such a fun person as well. One of my favorite parts of that DVD. But I am not gonna lie, I wanted to see Mats. I am biased
  13. I want to add that I am liking that the video does not feature the band members, especially Johanna, because then all focus would be, even unintentionally, on her or them. We would have so many speculations about a new NW singer, so many rude comments about Johanna being promoted because of her relationship with Tuomas (they're married I think? God I have been absent for so long) regardless of how lovely her voice is. But the absence of any band member from the video distracts people from the members in order to focus on the music and the emotions behind it. Btw yes the lyrics do remind of NW some times, but I would like to express my unconditional love for the line "the skies are dark, all of them". I don't know how to explain it, but I do not think I have found in many songs the syntax something-something all of them, but God I find it unique and I love it.
  14. @planet_terror I get you, although it's not supposed to be actual dancing. Interpretive dancing is more like a collection of moves. I think what we should keep in mind is that the video was made by an art school (look at the credits), so I am guessing that it was largely a student project? Please someone correct me if I am wrong. What I keep thinking though is that for this type of music, and with the names attached to it, no music video would be welcomed by everybody. A simple video of the singer walking around in a forest or something would be called too simple, too little. The band just playing some instruments would be too boring and repetitive. It is not an easy song to make a music video for and I feel it was serviceable at worst, whimsical at best.
  15. Uhmm I like it? I usually avoid watching videos of songs because I end up not liking the song because of distraction (go figure) but in this case the video made me like the song more. Like, it's a visual representation of specific emotions. The man is not homeless or dirty or a hermit, because he is not supposed to represent a man, but a visualization of specific ideas. Same with his interpretive dance, it's the same with Cathedral Walls from Swallow the Sun:
  16. @Unstrung Hey thanks for that info! I had read an interview of Chris after the break where it was made to look as if it was his decision. I am glad to hear it was not, even though that line-up was fantastic. And I absolutely see why this new style Chris had in mind for the band was not what they wanted to do. I never considered Mats to be a permanent member though, he was always one of the singers who stayed for some albums.
  17. I feel that the band has really gone downhill, and this comes from someone who used to adore Therion. After Chris basically fired every permanent band member, when the Gothic Kabbalah tour was over, the band started to become something smaller. They had some momentum to get through Sitra Ahra as well, especially because they still had Lori and Snowy and Thomas, but the decline was obvious. Thomas stayed but there's not much he can do by himself, no matter how talented and charismatic and lovely he is as a person. They also changed their style to this kinky steam-punk-with-nudity thing they have going on now, which is... questionable. Maybe the metal scene has reached a saturation point where we are simply tired of overly stylized appearances: the long gothic-y dresses, or the oooooh sooo evil black coats. I even raise an eyebrow to Floor's outfits these days. Additionally, the whole satanic-cult vibe of the lyrics has become tiresome after more than two decades. Then a lot more people started to get more info and more questions about Chris' possible right-wing affiliations and ideas (which is hysterical considering that years ago he used to make huge fun of Varg Vikernes) and started feeling less comfortable. Regarding their possible decline... I have seen them twice live, and in the second instance (right after the release of their weird fetishy cover album) they had to change their venue to something waaaay smaller because they did not sell as many tickets, and the new place was basically a bar so they played an acoustic set. Quite unique, don't get me wrong, and everybody gave their best, but still...
  18. If the rejects from Lemuria and Sitra Ahra had a baby... during a storm, with the lights turned off... it would still be better than this. Oh my god the quality is terrible, the orchestration is laughable, and that guitar... is this Therion?
  19. It came out at a wrong timing, imo. This could be amazing for Christmas season, now it just sounds like a left-over from a carol compilation album. edit: that being said, I don't dislike it. But Tuomas can't fool me with just adding drums and expecting it to work for me. ...right?
  20. @hunebedbouwer Ok that was a lovely lovely message. Ok let me see what I can do. These are some of my votes because I basically suck at remembering names, sorry... 1)Lost in cyberspace: Bee82! Oh my god huned, how do you remember? 4) Mr Socrates: Magnus I think? 5) Mr/Ms Beam: Baki, no competition. 7) Mr/Ms Knock-Out: JRA. 8) Drama Queen: Symphoniker 11) Mr/Ms Derailed Train: some_dude 16) The best thread of the year: the Anette thread, because half of the people there try to talk only about her music and the other half is failing miserably at that and would rather talk about her latest curtain drama. She must have one. 17) The worst thread of the year: the Tarja thread. Oh Jesus even after all this time.
  21. @hunebedbouwer Dude I am astounded that you consider me on the same level of big mouths here as others, but I rarely even post anymore It would be rude for me to vote when I can't get myself to post more than thrice per season
  22. I find it to be an honest effort. I have really left the "Vikings and their ships" stuff behind (except for some occasional Amon Amarth) so it was strange that I even gave it a listen, but it is not bad. If someone really likes the style of Leaves' Eyes (at least their latest albums), this will be serviceable, and some of the songs have pleasant tempo and melodies.
  23. I'm not being voted for biggest drama Queen and I have lost my identity, I don't know who I am anymore
  24. Baki said it also, workout music. I wouldn't hate it playing over speakers while at the gym. But it's like elevator music. Serviceable. That being said, it's an honest effort, it's the first album and there is room for improvement.
  25. Anybody called? Nah, I'm too busy trying to figure out what exactly happened here, but also what people like in this new album... This is generic metal-ish music and in my head, exactly like Amaranthe. But I will always enjoy Imaginaerum and Dark Passion Play. I don't care who sings on The Escapist, it could be Tuomas for all I care, that song is pure gold.