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  1. (Mod note: this topic was created from the discussion sparked in the Who should replace Anette? topic. Posts which were partly on that topic remained there. -- Cursarion) Actually no, there are singers out there that don't need to wear mini skirts and have photo shoots with their legs spread open, to make a career. We are on a forum of a band that made it with the singer showing minimum skin. I don't detest looks, I detest showing off looks. It's another thing to airbrush wrinkles to look good and another to have the singer crawling on the floor like a stripper. What I detest is the mere focus on looks and not talent. Btw Liv is a poor example since she has made her band herself and with Theatre her looks was not all that obvious, so the "chosen for looks" is not suitable here. I don't accept blaming it on the fanbase, simply because there are bands that don't need looks to have a career. There are men that like seeing thighs and legs and there are men who don't really care. And also there are women. Edit: Btw, I didn't say "everything I detest in female-fronted metal bands", I said "in this kind of singers". Which is, focusing on looks, wearing tiny little clothing, and presenting their "sexiness" as if we should care.
  2. Ok ok ok, let me be more specific, you are right. Now, some weeks ago I was lucky to be invited for a dinner in a very distinguished restaurant, where I tried an Argentinian Malbec. It was amazing, it was divine. A week later, I tried to buy a similar wine from a deli. It was not exactly the same, it was cheaper and not a pure Malbec. I liked it better. I could taste that it was not as refined and delicate, but I liked it better. Now, the authentic Malbec was superior to the second bottle I tried. I though do not consider myself superior for tasting and recognizing the difference, or inferior for liking the second one more. I hope this makes sense
  3. But you are also mixing two different things. Taste and recognition are two different things. I can recognize that filet mignon is definitely better than chicken sausage, but I might actually like the latter. I can recognize that wine is so much better and refined than schnapps but I can still prefer, or have a taste for, the latter, and there is nothing inferior or superior about that. I can recognize that Nicki Minaj is not Beethoven and still have a better taste for Minaj, simply because taste and preference has nothing to do with superiority. Hell, one can even like both just the same, as I do. Now, Beethoven has contributed to music, culture, and humanity in general more than Minaj, or the Beatles, or all of our contemporary artists. In this sense, he is superior. The people who like his music are not. They just happen to like it.
  4. I disagree because there is something simply called circumstances. Not every one is born or raised with the same chances for bettering themselves in taste. And when all is said and done, neither a Beatles fan or non-fan will make a difference simply by having what we decide is "higher tastes". It's all socially constructed anyway. I don't care or feel superior or inferior for liking or not liking things. I only feel people are inferior/superior for their consequential choices. Choices which have consequences in people's lives.
  5. @hunebedbouwer I have no idea what this is but he was generally not the most up-to-date person with new releases or such. I know that he liked the Beatles because his father likes the Beatles too and took him to see Paul McCartney when he was very very small. I think this is very sweet and open, to like something because it connects you with your childhood and beloved people around you. WHy did I HaVE TO deAL WITH it ps. I am making it look like he tortured me with the Beatles lol. It was not bad, but this elitist behavior did eventually invade other aspects of the relationship: my taste in films, my knowledge in history (even though he admitted I know so much more than him? And he was a historian? He still had to hear the same info coming from one of his friends in order to take me seriously?), even the fact that I freaking like chicken sausages which he considered to be "really really bad". Back to topic, elitism. Pet peeve No1.
  6. It was a good thing to fight back against elitism, you know? This whole superiority complex that people have without even realizing it. Like, you are into one of the most famous bands of all time, how unique of you. Somehow I don't see the same thing about Queen though. Granted, if you go on 9gag (is it still working? no idea) and try to say you don't like Queen you're gonna be eaten alive, but it has never occurred to me with a group of people in real life, but it has with the Beatles. ps. I do love Queen with all my might, but the observation stands.
  7. @some_dude_on_the_interwebs No, I absolutely meant the 70s, which made it even funnier to see his reaction
  8. Probably one of my pettiest pet peeves: I don't like the Beatles. Which is ok, it's personal preference. BUT I go the extra mile: I just can't stand them because of all the hippie-hipster-vintage cult status they are given by guys. I swear to God you can be in a group of both men and women, and if you dare to say you don't like the Beatles, all the men will be personally offended and will try their best to convince you that you are wrong (as if taste has anything to do with being right/wrong). My ex is largely guilty of this behavior, he even had a huge poster of the Beatles in his living room (I still remember having to carry the heavy as hell portrait case he wanted to put it in) and I would go do the most to show him how much he can't make me like the Beatles: every time he would put on some 70s band, I always ALWAYS said "that's the Beatles, right?"
  9. I agree that the glorification is stupid and very potentially dangerous, but I disagree as to why people even start to take drugs in the first place. Many do so because of psychological or mental health issues, which are way more common than we like to present, or in order to cope with the burden that often comes with fame (anxiety, pressure to perform, no private life, quite often being held hostage by companies etc). I do not feel sorry for people who are too famous to deal with it, because the majority of the population is in way worse conditions (I do make an exemption for kids who became famous early and had abusive parents/representatives/whatever). Stupidity also does play some part in starting drugs, but ending up in suicide is a far road and people don't commit suicide on a mushroom high.
  10. Can we please not reduce suicide to "stupidity" and addiction? Granted, suicide quite often happens because of addiction, but this is just the tip of the iceberg, which tends to be an accumulation of years of abuse, psychological issues, and substance abuse. Or a combination of these, but it rarely happens because of "stupidity". People do not commit suicide because they want to look edgy or angsty, this is a myth we perpetuate in order to avoid dealing with the hard truth, which is that many people need help, to avoid harming both themselves and others, but they don't get it because angst sells more.
  11. On that topic, I find it very irksome when somebody makes one of those "Dear God we will give you Justin Bieber if you give us Dio back" posts. First off, wow so angst, such edge. Second, it's a horrible thing to say. Justin Bieber is a bad person but not because he does not make the type of music we have collectively decided that is "quality" music. People like Dio himself would not have liked these posts either. Or when somebody makes a cover or remix of a song and everybody is like HE/SHE RUIIIINNEEED IT like no, they did not find all physical and digital copies of that song and burned/deleted them, they made a cover which you can absolutely choose not to listen. I have especially seen a lot of that elitism against Tarja's covers, which can be bad, but in no way hinder my enjoyment of an original song for god's sake. edit: I LOVE St. Anger, the song. There, I said it. I had even bought the single.
  12. It is interested though, seeing what is commented most on women by men, and on men by women. Women singers in metal are being commented on their figures, their eyes, the ability to sing and headbang while on high heels, their long hair. Men are being commented on their awesome beards and long hair, eyes too, but figures not so much. Women tend to like men who are either funny or sweet or troubled/tortured (particularly famous among teenagers) before they mention their bodies, while women's characters only seem to come in play in terms of attractiveness when there is a reason for them to appear less attractive, if they are terrible persons. I am happy to see a shift though, with amazing and lovely singers like Anneke or Charlotte. Men seem to comment on their sweetness and down-to-earth aura, rather than their figures. Which I will not say is a bad thing, we all have types of people we find attractive and that certainly includes a person's figure, but I like to see men and women noticing people for less superficial and inconsequential things.
  13. Oh my God "all the time" to someone who has not posted here for an eternity Aaaaanyhoo... Back to the topic in hand. The fact I like to remind myself is that Anette probably does not think of herself as the bad guy in any case, especially since according to her words she tried to have group meetings with the guys to discuss problems and what not. What I am trying to say is, I do feel she is in the wrong in her reactions, but maybe not in her reasons to react. But she absolutely cannot attack fans for liking Floor or whomever, it is just not ethical and not professional. It has already costed her.
  14. Ummm I am not sure I am ok with this type of language, this is quite sexist in fact. I do not care if Last Friday Night is the most promiscuous song since My Neck, My Back, but it is disrespectful, not to Anette or Katy Perry, but to actual sex workers. Because, you know, they are actually working. You can do a lot of unprofessional things, and Anette in fact did, that have nothing to do with how many people you flirt or sleep with. Like, I understand you used it as an example, but this is highly misogynistic.
  15. @Serious Sam : Yeah I know, because technically you can give the same note sheet to everybody in an orchestra, but it will sound like a total mess. And it is not only about which instruments to choose, but also the key they should play for the music to sound good, their volume too (I mean, imagine making a mistake an asking the tuba player to go ffff in the middle of Sahara ). But even though I respect so much the artists who do that, that does not mean that I do not respect the artists who do not. I understand that not everybody had the time or even resources (music schools can be extremely expensive, and many artists are self-taught) when they were younger, and they certainly might not have the time now.
  16. I have always had a lot of respect for the artists who use big orchestras but write the orchestrations themselves. I understand that it is not an easy thing and requires years and years of education and training, but i gained a lot more respect for artists like Chris from Therion or Alex from Rhapsody when I found out that they write the orchestrations. Do not get me wrong, Tuomas's songs and melodies are very good, but let's not kid ourselves, for many people the amazing orchestrations behind big projects like Dark Passion Play (I am mostly referring to TPATP here) and Imaginaerum and the chills from Ghost Love Score- these are things they attributed to Tuomas if they had not bothered to look into the small letters of the acknowledgements, and many people do not look so much into it. I would actually like to hear a piano piece from Tuomas. LIke, a simple, no other instruments, piano piece.
  17. I agree with everything you said here, but I have to comment on this. Simone has always been a vital part of Epica, from the very start. Also she is a main composer and lyricist, and is not just the vocalist, like Anette was. In people's minds, the main image of Epica has always been Simone, and Mark of course. It makes sense that Anette on the other hand did not like the idea of being replaced, as long as it had to do with being replaced with Floor, because she knew how much respect Floor enjoys in this community, plus she knew the guys from many years ago, and she had extensive touring experience, which would only make Anette's difficulties on touring more obvious. But when it came to being replaced for a night... that was bad. Her reaction was bad, and even though I do understand some of it (she was after all, in the hospital, probably feeling abandoned by the guys), she went over the top. Sweet Anette, you are not Rihanna or Spears. You never were and probably never will be. It was not your name on the bill, it was Nightwish.
  18. If you want to get the story behind Theater of Dimensions, have a look into the booklet. The story is written down there. Also, can we appreciate how utterly awesome, epic, and deep their long songs are? The Undiscovered Land, Return to India, Salome, A Prophecy of Worlds to Fall, The Nomad's Crown (this song is giving me chills every time), Theater of Dimensions. edit: has someone heard The Sailor And The Sea, one of the bonus tracks of Neverworld's End? It's a beautiful song, they were probably going for an Islander vibe, Manuela aaaaaaaaalmost sounds like Anette.
  19. Don't get me wrong, she is a very talented singer, and I feel her contribution to song-writing has helped a lot, compared to Sacrificium. (btw I said that I can't listen to Sacrificium, but there is one exception: The Undiscovered Land. This hits me where I live.) It just happens that I don't like her contemporary style, but she is in no way bad. She is excellent and very eager to experiment, which in my book puts her up with Lisa. I absolutely adore their earlier stuff, it was so unique, but I have decided that for me, there are two different eras and I do not mind listening to them as two different, amazing bands. Nightwish and Epica do not have the pattern on symphonic metal, and I appreciate that Xandria do what they do with love and effort and they don't try to cash in on any fads. Proof, We Are Murderers. They tried to do something different, people liked or disliked it, but it cannot be said that it's "one of the same". ps. I am giving an other chance to Sacrificium, and Little Red Relish sounds so freaking much like their India stuff.
  20. I'm loving the album as well, and I also love that they are moving towards their Neverworld's End sound than their Sacrificium sound, which I really to this day can't listen to, even though I have been a huge fan of the band. I have to say though, and I hate hate hate saying this because everybody is saying that they try to copy Nightwish, but Song for Sorrow and Woe sounds like somebody had a huge crush on Deep Silent Complete. Please tell me I am not the only one who feels that Diane's vocalizations sound like Tarja's at DSC. I also must be one of the people who don't like Diane's singing. Don't get me wrong, her classical moments are marvelous, but her more contemporary singing makes me cringe. We Are Murderers is for me an amazing song because it challenges the whole "operatic power symphonic metal" vibe, but Diane's singing is not making it easy for me. But every vocalization from her (like in Theater of Dimensions the song) is dreamy. tl dr; they are perfect for the people who want to hear what Nightwish would be if they continued with Tarja and were a bit happier edited to add something: I have never seen a singer in this genre having so much fun in a video as Diane is in Call of Destiny, and I am not talking about her fight scenes. She's so fun to look at and listen to.
  21. Oh Dear Lord this is the first Epica album where I like every single one of the songs. Like, all of them, I don't skip anything. Design Your Universe and Requiem For The Indifferent were very difficult for me, and the only other album that was so close for me to like in its entirety was The Divine Conspiracy. This album has elements from all their albums, the best from all their eras, and I could even identify some elements of Therion (although this could be just a coincidence, but the song named after the album has some moments that strike too hard of Via Nocturna kind of song). I love the balance between Simone's and Mark's vocals, and I even like the completely cinematic intro song. I even love Universal Death Squad, a song which left no impression on me when i watched the lyric video. Basically, it's an album to be listened while you read a book, in my opinion. Let it be the soundtrack of an epic adventure.
  22. This is getting a bit off-topic. I was a very vivid fan of NW when Tarja was fired (I still remember listening about it on the radio and I was shocked, but of course it was my favorite band in my teenage years so yeah) and when the samples with Anette came out. At that point I was also exploring other similar bands, and I was listening to a lot of After Forever and Therion. I remember that when Dark Passion Play came out, After Forever were a big name with Nuclear Blast, being pushed a lot and having a lot of promotion. There are videos of them playing in huge venues and festivals back then. Now add the years that Anette was in the band. Floor was even more famous then, and even if people didn't know her name, if you said "the tall chick from After Forever who can sing her lungs out" people immediately knew. Floor was not top tier when it came to fame, at that point, but she was up there with Simone, and definitely a thousand times more known than Anette.
  23. Basically Morten is a very talented composer, but his lyrics lack versatility, and the themes get very cheesy very fast.
  24. I would just like to add this: has it occurred to you that the easy acceptance Floor had, is a compliment to Anette as well? Anette proved to NW fans that a change of singer is not a bad thing, but it can produce beautiful, interesting, and fresh results. Anette was really unlucky in the way fans received her at the beginning, and it was not fair at all, but she proved that the change in itself is not a bad thing. (how she handled things afterwards has nothing to do with hiring a new singer per se, it is simply a matter of personality) So when Floor's time came around, people not only were not scared that NW will be destroyed, but they also learned their lesson of how immature it is to attack a singer just because she wanted to sing in a band. It certainly helped that Floor already enjoyed a very highly regarded status in the community, but the fanbase has matured as well.
  25. Sooooo, it doesn't matter what the two of them had gone through in their past, which one of them gave her everything since she was a teenager to become someone in the metal community (which Anette has personally insulted but yeah, whatever) , but the simple, one-dimensional comparison of how easier one was accepted by NW fans compared to the other. I will say it again. Anette certainly did not deserve the hate she received just for joining NW, but in order for NW fans to be absolved of their past sins (???), they should have received Floor with the same hatred, in order for you to appreciate her?