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  1. suomi usa

    The art of BALLADS

    Ahhhhh...a song that I love...a song that has gotten me through life.... Metallica---Nothing Else Matters.......FOREVER TRUST IN WHO WE ARE!!!!!
  2. suomi usa


    @hunebedbouwer Yep, I googled Linnanmäki and up came the beautifully sparkly don't like sparkle I see... Hope you clicked on the link! You should take a trip to Finland...take in all the sights, visit with friends and go to Linnanmäki. Bring the kids! Same carousel in day sparkle......looks sad....needs more tulips from the NL. I like the sparkly photo better....
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  4. suomi usa


    More train videos.....plowing through the snow... Nice ride! Saving the best for last.
  5. suomi usa

    Songs You Are Currently Addicted To!

    Sentenced---RIP Miika Tenkula Love this band....playing Everything Is Nothing nonstop......
  6. suomi usa


    @whitenoise Difficult to sleep when it's living near the train tracks.....the trains humming get used to it. No planes flying is quite after 9/11. 2 airports nearby and not a plane in the sky for some days after 9/11. In my area, the only semi sacred holidays for shops closing are Thanksgiving and Christmas. The food markets are generally open for part of the day, usually in the morning. Some of the retail stores are open later in the day for big sales. 7-11 convenience stores never close. Pretty much all the other holidays--stores and shops are open for business as usual with big sales to entice shoppers. How about in Suomi? I know on mid summer eve things are pretty quiet...are any stores open? While in Suomi on mid summer night eve, alcohol sales shut down early...I was disappointed...should have planned better. Bought some cookies instead to bring to the celebration.
  7. suomi usa

    Poepmonsters Pub

    @whitenoise The pro and cons of underground power lines. Yes, add a snow load and wind during hurricanes and storms....catastrophe...worse in the winter...not bad during the rest of the year. And not sounding bad at all about the power distribution network looking adorably antiquated.....hi hi.... There is so much dissension as to what is best to do...nothing gets done. Although the US is a developed country it's hard for everyone to agree on what is the best thing to do. Too many interest groups pushing for what they think is best, throw in the politicians and the result is "not much gets done". And that scary blue light (alien ship landing) near the wow, wow, wow! From The Verge "Again, it’s still not clear what exactly caused the more recent substation fire in Queens, but the effects of this outage appear to be far more minor than those suffered during Sandy. The New York Times reported that within a few hours of the explosion, only 50 households were without power. By 12:30AM ET, only 11 customers were without power, according to Con Edison’s website. Investigators will continue to look into the cause of the fire, but there’s one explanation that has already been ruled out. It’s not aliens."
  8. suomi usa

    Poepmonsters Pub

    @The Name Of The Wind How sad that this has happened. One always wonders why. How could this happen and how could it have been prevented? @whitenoise Most power lines are on poles...some pretty old....high winds and falling trees and branches take the wires down. Sometimes you have a transformer blow causing an outage. That's always pretty with fires blazing sometimes. The most recent large scale power outage in New York metro area was during super storm Sandy in 2012..... Superstorm Sandy No power at my work location so I had a week off... Lucky for me, my neighborhood never lost power...but most people around me did lose wasn't pretty!
  9. suomi usa


    @hunebedbouwer Yes, you can call me Louise as long as you "play nice" on the forum. You did say in the post above and behave. That would be very nice! So back on topic.....Finland-The Next 100 years... Recent news in Finland-----this coming week.....possible strike.... Finland-January 2, 2019 Authorities warn of flight disruption as air traffic controller strike announced for Friday FINLAND’S AIR NAVIGATION SERVICES (ANS) HAVE WARNED travelers to be aware of major disruptions to flights across Finland this Friday, following the announcement that air traffic controllers at most airports will be going on strike. The Finnish Air Traffic Controllers union (SLJY), released a statement last week warning of potential disruption after drawn-out negotiations with their employer, ANS, appeared to have stalled. Close to Hel
  10. suomi usa

    Poepmonsters Pub

    @harvest Thanx for the Nordic weather report....must call my cousins to see if they ever lost electricity. I worry..... Downstate New York Sunday January 1, 2019~~~10 celsius~~good day for yard work....right now early morning temp 0....temp for the week 7-8 degrees.... No snow yet since winter has arrived....maybe this month but I'm not holding my breath.....usually have 2-3 good snow storms...yeah snow..... Down state winters are much different from upstate winters where they get tremendous amounts of snow and lake effect snow.....brrrrrrr Oswego County, NY Brrrrrrr and more brrrrrr and the snow NEVER goes away till spring...late spring that is..... I've seen the snow mounds in Finland in June....cousins showed me where you all stockpile the stuff...ready for snowball fights...
  11. suomi usa

    Nightwish fireworks by KebabScout

    @KebabScout Your fireworks? Your backyard? Nice, very nice!
  12. suomi usa

    animal cuteness sweet ! ! !
  13. suomi usa


    @hunebedbouwer I can see why you got a lot of those cards...have you always been so negative and cranky? Jeeze Louise.... Ok.....feeling bad about calling you negative and cranky but I remember a Mr. H. who was not negative and cranky....where did he go? Is he on vacay and his twin brother is writing on his behalf? They say we have a twin somewhere. So back on topic. Finland, The Next 100 Years! Finland moves to a more sustainable future.
  14. suomi usa

    Poepmonsters Pub

    More Trumpisms...I was hysterical with laughter.... Raking in Finland
  15. suomi usa


    Quite an array of paintings this man did create. Wish I could have a few hanging on my walls. I think he was ahead of his time.... Haddon Hubbard "Sunny" Sundblom @whitenoise US National Hoildays- 2019 Federal holidays: New Year’s Day: Monday, January 1 Birthday of Martin Luther King Jr.: Monday, January 21 Birthday of George Washington (President’s Day): Monday, February 18 Memorial Day: Monday, May 27 Independence Day: Thursday, July 4 Labor Day: Monday, September 2 Columbus Day: Monday, October 14 Veterans Day: Monday, November 11 Thanksgiving Day: Thursday, November 28 Christmas Day: Wednesday, December 25 We get 10 measly holidays off from work. I truly think we should have Ground Hog Day off as well as the birthdays of my two dogs. I should also be able to have my work health insurance cover my dogs too. That'll never happen. I think extra time off around Christmas would be nice. Some companies shut down for the week between Christmas and New Year. That's a nice break to rest and catch up from the Christmas crazy. Generally, workers here in the States get 2 weeks off. If you work somewhere long enough, you might get an extra week or not.... Union employees get much better time off. Some union employees get unlimited sick leave...that's nice. I'm a union employee and I get 4 weeks off paid leave---3 weeks vacation and 1 week personal time, plus I accrue sick leave each pay period up to 1500 hours. So I'm better off that the average worker. @hunebedbouwer You say " Sorry, but I haven't laughed once and didn't learn anything since I joined the NW-forum. But then, I'm a miserable git with an IQ of minus 442............... " I feel bad that you haven't laughed a single time in reading thousands of posts and writing 3,217 posts and receiving 809 reputation points.....Crazy that in the time between your registering on this version of the forum on 4/1/14 that you never laughed. Maybe if your Italian friend came back-you'd at least crack a smile..... So what did the official IQ test show---extra smart brain????