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  1. suomi usa

    The Marco thread

    Oh boy, is this song gonna make me cry............the title alone" isäni ääni" is enough to get me going......memories of my own Dad! I'm guessing he's going back to is birth name of Marko as opposed to a more familiar spelling of Marco as seen around the world.
  2. suomi usa

    The Ladies' Topic

    Skechers are great! Eilenna and L_Alpenglow are right. Really comfy, minimalist and in basic black. Wear them to work every day. Better than hard soled shoes.....look great! Mine have no laces....elastic slip ons.
  3. suomi usa


    Exciting game on this Sunday! Suomi vs. USA oh my........ May the underdog win big!
  4. suomi usa

    Songs You Are Currently Addicted To!

    Fuel in their younger days..
  5. suomi usa

    Funny & Good Commercials

  6. suomi usa


    More on Finnish DNA.
  7. suomi usa

    animal cuteness

    @whitenoise Callie just grabbed the floating hot dog and Echo excitedly waited and watched hoping to get a treat...she did! This is more my dogs thieves.... Callie has stolen a small roast beef off the counter, tomatoes and cucumbers from the garden, jumped chest high to take a bagel out of someone's hand (x's 2) , taken an uncooked sweet potato out of a pot of water in the sink, tipped over a pot of gravy that was stacked high on the stove, pizza off the counter, jumped off the couch, into the air across the room to snag an apple II was eating....I was faster... and many more tricks. The much younger Echo steals carrots from Callie and opens the love them.... Luna (RIP) stole a steak and ran around the deck with it but finally did give it up.....all thievery my fault as I gave them the bad! Someone (Either Luna or Callie) went on the desk to reach some chocolate that was on a high one was talking....luckily it was only a small amount as chocolate is deadly for dogs....
  8. suomi usa

    animal cuteness

    A happy ending! Patience and love for animals...
  9. I grew up hearing Rally English.....gotta laugh now that I know the name for what I was hearing. This is what it sounded like... On the east coast, the speech was similar to the Finglish from Yooper Country which is the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Lucky for me, I got to go to Finland often enough when I was a kid and thereafter so that my language skills are decent. And a big thanks to my Mom and Dad who made sure my sister and I learned Finnish. Not all the Finnish families did that.
  10. suomi usa

    animal cuteness

    @whitenoise I will test Callie and Echo when I get back home. They will surely be mad at me for teasing them. No treat and only an empty hand. Poor pups...🐶🐕 @whitenoise Back home again....did some serious dog treat observation to see the reaction. Callie is a black lab/pit bill mix--approximate age 14. Echo is about 4 years old and is a border collie mix mostly black in color. Both girls are rescued from a kill shelter in my town. I tried carrot (which they like to eat and keeps their teeth very clean). Both were equality uninterested in the whole game. Callie searched the floor in case some carrot dropped. Next came the biscuit... some more interest was show....a little licking of my hand in search of more biscuit by both Callie and Echo. The came the chicken they got really excited at the empty hand....jumping and giving my hands lots of licking...just in case... Callie is especially food motivated and will snatch something out of my hand so that her sister Echo doesn't get the treat. Echo is much gentler but will steal Callie's carrot off the floor since Callie's carrot eating is slow. Sibling rivalry! Not sure you have a dog but if you do--did you do the challenge? My 4 feral outdoor cats showed no interest at all...they sat on the deck saying we don't play any games--just feed us! PS--The other morning I woke up to discover that Echo ate all the Chinese food fortune cookies and opened up the packages of duck sauce (very sweet)....not sure why she didn't go for the hot mustard or soy sauce...maybe she was full or ran out of bad for leaving within her reach...lucky for me she didn't eat the plastic love em!.
  11. suomi usa

    animal cuteness

    Makes me laugh.... My kind of "people"! Just being themselves.....
  12. suomi usa


    Sauna like a Finn Löyly -Helsinki “There’s nothing more Finnish than a sauna,” says Jasper Pääkkönen, co-founder of Löyly, which opened in 2016 and is the leading place to perspire in a city spoiled for choice. The striking waterfront facility uses wind and solar power, as well as sustainably sourced timber; its draw is similarly au naturel. “There’s no hierarchies” in a sauna “because you’re at your barest—literally,” Pääkkönen says. A two-hour session costs $22. —Eli Meixler Now that's a SAUNA! ALLAS SEA POOL-Helsinki Skinny Dip Night at Allas
  13. suomi usa


    We are all a figment of Mr. @hunebedbouwer 's imagination!
  14. suomi usa

    PLASTIC EUKARIOTE - 2018 Forum Awards

    To answer your question..... I do not know what Americans hit each other with since I only sauna with Finns and Estonians. As for who will do the 2019 Forum Awards...perhaps you can offer some Jans Hagel....
  15. suomi usa

    Songs You Are Currently Addicted To!

    Just because...... Alter of my favorite bands.... Myles Kennedy is the lead vocalist who will be touring with Slash featuring Myles and the Conspirators. The tour will hit Copenhell....I'm ready! Can't wait!