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    Sofia, Bulgaria
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    Aspiring Artist.


  • How Did You Discover Nightwish was sort of an accident.
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    none. sadly.
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    Meaning the clearest in my head, so that would be the act of not-answering the below questions. Its kind of an NW memory xD..

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    Bugz -.-''
  1. Nightwhisper

    tell us about your avatar

    Mine is a boy taunting/embracing/enjoying/(its realy subjective) the world.
  2. Nightwhisper

    Anja's Artyness

    Alright! I'd love to see something that came out of your imagination. I'll keep an eye on this thread
  3. Nightwhisper

    Am I doing this right? ..

    Hello, community, greetings from the edge of civilisation. My name is George, and I... have no idea what I should write down in here. But I guess we'll get to know each other better in our time trolling those forums. I'll stick around. Oh, and happy new year!
  4. Tudum-tudum.Tudum.Tudum-tudum-tudum-tudum-tuduuuuuuum-tududududum.